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Sunday, February 02, 2014

juice mixing lunar spring festival 2014.


My spring festival with my son. ^ in dawn dream I see clear in PRC's early history, each inside cleansing during its climb to state power in fact a brutal extinguishing of merited people. Then dreamed with my senior middle school alumni. My son's mom still in bitter revenge and self-destructive, lingering in her mother's home during the lunar holiday, willing retreat from mother's role her own. I told my son his mom is a mistake, step by step losing in vain, while her mother is the undercurrent deep sin in the family cursed. The ugly old woman tentatively weakened her 2 daughters to make herself indispensably before her death. She made her home house of lesbians and brothel. She really disgusts me, and any clean mind. In 2 days I hold my son in my dorm to avoid the sin. God, protect my son's little world before scattered till his maturity. Keep shape of a supporting life around my son.Dad, bring sooner my son his mother in Japan, my crowned Queen from Japan, Asoh Yukiko. Bring my Royal China sooner into my life so far praying for the change predicted. Thx for the rich spring festival of 2014.


dreamed of being among civil war.^ Dreamed first being army of CCP in civil war in 1940's. We then likely captured by CDP army of General Chiang Kai Chek. For both sides being young, we got familiar and in a mission together. We talked while marched on a hill to sent weapons or messages. it raining and slippery, and human habitat covered with shits, that let me anxious. We 2 young ladies and 2 boys. Sometimes we encountered ambush but not terrifying like war movies. 2 days will be my first real credit card payment deadline. God, that anxious me for almost 2 months. I look forward clear settlement on time. In the past week I also asked my kid brother bought me a set of download robot. My old notebook sent to repair, so I had to be idle all day long. Thx for the leisure, dad, pl in coming days allow me work loads happily and freshly. This lunar spring festival means nothing but changes.


lunar year end celebration prepared. ^ month long anxious upon lunar spring festival celebration eased, with an exceptional big loan of ¥4000 from my senior middle school alumnus, including 2100 RMB purchased an acer chromebook to replace old notebook whose independent video card, a Nvidia product, totally broke down. God, I see ur grace after these days enduring praying. promise filled without doubt, but out of plenty. In dawn I dreamed in my hometown, a long time admirer and chaser of my old family, esp. my passed dad, built an iron bull sculpture, stands in front of the village or the back hill, source of most business of villagers. my sinful 2nd brother among them to build the statue. then on a bus whose amazing driver drove along dangerously road. the road so steep that sometimes the bus totally vertical stood, or swinging to hell. later after the bus fell onto a deep slope, we found it in fact raised by electromagnetism operated by the driver aside a power lever. my 2nd brother and one of my cousin visited me in the dream but I didn't buy their phony hospitality. my university alumnus, who since graduation works in Shenzhen, southern China, appeared in the end of the dream, likely invited me to continue competition between us, say, home library, but I told him I gave up. its a mild sunny morning when I went for breakfast. God, so many witness here upon the crisis just through. God, put me deeper in ur gratitude and complacent. bring me sooner my Royal China, esp. Asoh Yukiko and my TW girl, to allow me home my children. thx God dad.


dreamed in class with my son and once colleagues. ^ my son now almost appears in my every dream. dreamed in a class among my QRRS colleagues as students and the dark souled director co-hosting the classroom. I with my son chose back seats to prepare for event changes. yesterday is happy Sunday when I played games with my son all day long in a week. I also bought myself underpants long time intended. when I handed over ¥20 to son to let him buy him a soap box, he carefully chose and left ¥15. apparently he saves from the purchase and deserves a reward, but I insisted buying cookies with the leftover. my son reluctant to buy the food and I didn't noticed his concern. after returned to dorm, I got insight my son in need of managing finance experience. he want to earn and constantly improve his financial life. God, I always warned my son anything he want, he should empowered to protect his new property. I always warned him danger in teenager with abundant pocket money against school bullying. God, my son wants financial practices. God, grant him meaningful lessons on well-being. God, dad, in the past week I experienced so many joyed glory the Son entitled. bring me sooner my Royal China to honor his land and people. thx God, in this cordial sunny morning.


Dream of infection.^ in dawn dream, I was a middle aged Cantonese businessman or doctor, likely with my son, with whom I deep concerned and recently frequently appeared in my dreams, cooperated with CCP before PRC's birth. in dark woods we had to climbed and move along reef to escape enemies. then my palm cut and infected by a bug. when I kill it and removed it, its head bolt in the wound and spore a tiny worm with many legs and quick moving into my flesh. the terrifying scenario is my nightmare. the in a rush to catch a train, likely with my son. when we aboard, I hurry to search rooms for water or sort my inventory. the destiny of the rain uncertain. we had some travelers but strange. after got up, its late to breakfast in canteen but I still went for it and ate it. God, such wonderful days recently, touch me with pure emotions. dad, God, bring me sooner my Asoh Yukiko, my girl LYu, girl TW, girl Zhou, bring me a harmonious family. thx, God.
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From 2014 admires
From 2014 admires
From 2014 admires
From 2014 admires
From 2014 admires

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

bookmark the new era, from 2014


Dreamed lengthily a start-up &its diligent owner, a women entrepreneur. ^ closely watched a young lady's profession in dawn dream. she steadily developed multimedia skill, attracted 2 or more crews, developed educational or entertainment software what I once tried 10 years ago. she is serious and not talkative. her husband also a businessman. I interviewed one of her staff, talked about programing details, and the studio. the lady sometimes watched out during my interview. later in hometown I found my passed dad's estate underwent changes, I lost my storage cabinet. a new neighbor girl directed my search near hers house but in vain. I just got shit stains when I gave up retrieving. God, I tried a career, and I now love my business online best. grant me peace in accompanying my son. also allow me contribute to world wealth if I designated. dad, God, guarantee ur son, my Royal China, a merry lunar new year. bring me sooner my Royal China to host my children now and in sight.


Dreamed academic summit with Wang Xionghui. ^ in campus, Wang Xionghui, my senior middle school and university alumnus, and his classmates preparing a visiting Russian scholar's lecture. the topic is about topography of wind. I was among audience, and talked to Wang how I understand the research: first time there is a working model to describe geography, as well as existing energy or power contained by geography. Wang listened, among his genius classmates majoring mathematics and mostly good at English. some of his girl classmates noticed me and my interest in the scientific report. God, my finance got worsen in this year end. Free me of anxiety, grant us a joyful lunar spring festival. my son's teenage arriving, while his mom and her psychosexual family is dirty &sinful. Bringing him sanitary and sound growth in the despicable environment, with angels' attendance. God, dad, u know my deep concern in hope of new & better beautiful and gracious emotional life, esp love, in my son's budding youth. Thanks in peace in this dawn dream.
PS: family finally got long time aimed domain, gotrus, in gotrus.com, under son, warozhu's title, on Dec 27, 2013. I had the namespace several years ago, for Promised Land uprising, boosted by confidence in year end celebrating, I bought it with my first real credit card issued by China Construction Bank. so nice to land 2014 with the promise. God, shines me and my Royal China, my vested Empire, with new land premium.


most detailed dream in Japan. ^ Dreamed living in Asoh Yukiko's home, with her dad and other family members including her sister, celebrating likely lunar new year. Dressed up our notebook. its my most vivid dream with Yukiko, since I claimed my love with her back to 2000 in Nankai University. Later in hometown met a retired teacher trying selling his ghost stories, on the stone bridge my passed dad built for the village. This morning I visited department director in Qrrs for help my finance. God, free me want of boarding and lodging, grant us bonus for new year holiday. present us happy time celebrating lunar spring festival. yesterday I had only one meal, but rich with my son in a Chinese restaurant near 5pm. holidays in PRC mostly means out of service, especially inconvenient for homeless. but situation changing among waking Chinese. this new year's day put me a day out of track, but coming lunar new year will lasts a week, humiliates each loner. there must one day holidays in China aligns with catholic world calendar. Dad, God, wouldn't 2014 promising?


Dreamed of being a middle aged woman manager in a print house. ^First we lived in 1930s',trying to restore a fine print skill, which makes printed images vivid &subtle. I suggested print some pokers for red army at front line. And I in love with someone in dream's role. Then the woman survived civil war and CCP's self cleanses in recent history and lives now, but that dream evaporated since then during my blogging. Its a sunny morning. I suddenly had an idea to print my son an album from our recent photo blog online. now it ordered via 163.com, a sweet service. God, grant me a Spring festival anxious free. let's embrace 2014 heartedly in gratitude. thx, dad God.


Dreamed of creation. ^ First dreamed being a common southern or southwest Chinese, witness public hero, ie. soccer superstar, how his emerging, from crowd and his family, esp his wife. then dreamed being 3 crickets, their creation on product line, and their work on the machine stream line. I wake up towards the moment of recreation of life, ie one of 3 crickets' rebirth. yesterday is Xmas, and it snowed. I got a poor bonus of ¥200 from QRRS office, my once workplace. the staff of the department must be cheating me, esp the monitor, must steal my money now and then. every time dispatching bonus, the sinful man took advantage of my absence in office ( to evade his dirty challenges and smoking), just left me bucks on desk, but never show me the receiver record. the casher woman likely also cooperating, in year end, exactly last Tuesday, she as usual took away my stamp to signature departmental dispersal bills, banning me from view how much and often I was paid on the payroll. I was only allowed to stamp on my salary sheet of 12 months which is public to me and the world. they r weak Chinese and poor quality people. God, in this gifting season I had near 2000RMB bill due to settle. grant me and my son a joyful season want of nothing. bring me sooner my Royal China to allow my work and life span. dad, God, thx for the sanity in the snow.
From baby's works update
From 2013 in gaze
From 2013 in gaze

Monday, December 23, 2013

one shot kills three barrels


Dreamed works with a honorable lawyer. ^ At first covertly compete with my 2nd elder brother for wider social relationship. then worked as a teacher or coach for a camp whose most students are from rural.the leading mentor is a diligent lawyer with a small but reliable business. I closely watched his cases management, or file system. Later suggested him digitizing database, he admitted and working on it.I also handled a girl student who handed in her mother's application for her ailment absence. there is large bright full moon in the dawn sky when I blogging. God, grant me stable work and life space. free me of duty of academic. bring me sooner my Royal China which is my business. thx God dad.


Dream to compose music.^ my son learning music for years and mentored by his mom.in this dream his existence prevails. first I was an actor, young, tall,cool and developing. I learn from others songs and gradually starts to compose hot music.Likely kind of rap and rock, I dance with it on stage.lots of skills in composition found in dream, in visual form.then the protagonist wanted to re-furnish his audience hall,remove chinaware tilts on wall.that reminded me my passed dad,God in heaven now,and his work as an architects. the hall surface decoration is decent and historical, but we due renovated accordingly. Then likely dream a professional musician, or a career of music,likely of my son's, which evading my blogging now.when I wake up its a spectacular full moon night.God,I saw my mistake under my service to my son,and I got forgiveness from my son,warrenzh, Hope of China, God of Universe, in my latest phone call last night. Thanks, Dad God, bring me sooner Asoh Yukiko, my son's mother in Japan. and my girl LYu, girl Zhou, girl TW, bring me my Royal China to be fruitful.


a surprising week. ^ this week really satisfying: my 3 tasks done in a shot. on Monday my son's mom buzzed me motorola support department informed her my broken cellphone mainboard arrived. in the night yesterday my acer notebook abrupt shutdown for overheat turns severe and I decided to fix it in local computer market. I also tracked my first real credit card, which sent me via ChinaPost, arrived. next day I waited till 1:20 PM, to allow my once workplace parcel buddy bring me the credit card as he promised, but he didn't. so I visited QRRS post office on my own, and got my mail at once. on way I can't wait to open my mail to see what it looks like a credit card I dreamed of owing one for more than a decade. Its an overseas payment card, which really fits me. in waiting room of motorola support office, I activated my credit card via phone. repairing cellphone free of charge, I love my moto xt788 even more after the accident. on way home I visited computer market and paid a smart guy clean dust in my acer notebook. I thought it would work but it didn't, and even worse. in dorm in the night my computer can't last running a quarter, but I managed restore os, backup my log book, and so on successfully before quit of frustrations. I desperate want to update my moto's android os, but I had to download os patch via expensive 3G in 4am, Tuesday. fixing overheat video card by tech crew in computer market costs me near ¥200 for my notebook, with which I hope I can rely on for another half decade. Its time to reunite my son returning from computer market. He released by his mom in her office after I informed her and waited outside of her school some time. my son joined skating kids on the ice ground in sport field nearby. its his first skate training in winter 2013. I tried to persuade my son join my larger pc games, but he instead immersed in android games on his fonepad. then we dined out, with beef noodle. I told my son I had to prepare work environment on my phone and notebook, asked for leave earlier. soon I got all done in my dorm, but I felt sorry for I put my stuff before my son's concern. the mistakes turns obvious next day, and I took action to amend it: I shopping online on my own for him, mostly snack from Japan and Taiwan via taobao, a Chinese C2C market website. God, time to leave my son alone is closer, but I won't care if I should tentatively educate he independence. I will do my best to show him ur mercy and glory heavenly, notice no private space between humans. God, dad, grant me, and my Royal China anxious free. bring me sooner my girls into my new family, Royal China, to home my son, warrenzh 朱楚甲, Hope of China, God of Universe, and his siblings, my children arriving. God, I saw cold of aging. let me stay in growth warmth, and best of all, my son's sanity of one's. thx, God dad.


my 1st real credit card with CCB. ^ in my life I usually not allowed to spend casually. so long time I dreamed a credit card, esp. buy overseas goods like domains or google services. but my hard financial situation shies me away from Chinese banks so long. after those 2 months with improved, 2700 rmb salary, I felt the need and courage to equip myself a credit card to spend cozier. so I remembered once my colleague helped us batch claimed somewhat card from China Construction Bank. I thought apply credit card from its credit database in an old card, which never used for I then too poor, would be easier. but CCB staff told me the old card expired and nothing. however she suggested her colleague, a beautiful young lady likely newly enrolled, help me apply via CCB website. I had to cheat on estate, admitted I own house of my son's mom's while we divorced in 2008. that's last Saturday. next Monday when I surfing online in dorm, I suddenly stroked by panic. In the seconds then CCB called in informing they sending a credit card to me, to my once work place in QRRS. its such an inspiration in the day! the night blessing dreams boiling long time in my shallow sleep. in dream my 2nd brother and 2nd sister, both evils in my life, in my hometown tried to flatter me upon my good news. then in university 2 alumni, YangJin and Huang Junyi, talked to me on way from canteen to dorm. Yang claimed I owed him ¥50 while I remembered before I returned from hometown I was clear of debt. but I promised to check it, or grant the debt. between the conflict of money I needed to poo but all slots in the WC in dark, I can't see any one and afraid of shits stain my shoes, an usual embarrass in my years ago dreams. God, thx for the facility, for the convenience affordable in my life now and ahead. God, dad, guide us toward peace and satisfaction. bring me sooner my Royal, Asoh Yukiko, to clear doubts on emerging Empire of China.


Dream of circus.^ Its a warm winter night. I dreamed in my hometown watching a visiting circus. I was attracted by some beautiful female acrobats and bravo in English. that caused a neighbor girl among audience talked to me. we then had nice English talk and didn't notice end of the performance. returned home I found the circus holding another event near our house. my sinful cousin's family competed with me to host them. yesterday we glad to see completing video game "how to survive", all missions in the game done. my son emphasized he ushered to the end. we also tried new games lately near 1pm to dine out and shower. my son ordered his favorite food in Dico's on his own. in the public bathroom I told him my year end bonus plan and informed him uncertainty of new dining out. returned to his mom's house, I waited for half and 2 hours before my son finished homework under his mom's monitor and joined me into digital entertainment, this time is comics online. Its so beautiful the day that I hardly complain. God, dad, pl guarantee our new dinner out plan, in happy year end. bring me sooner my Royal China to home my children in coming near year.

From 2013 in gaze
From 2013 in gaze
From 2013 in gaze
From 2013 in gaze