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Thursday, December 14, 2006

pale sunshine.

last night i went to bed early just after 10 pm.i slept sound and got
up at 11:29 am.in the dawn i dreamed my best friend of
alumni,qiuxiaolin,and his once girlfriend,longhanjiang (dragon pertain
river) visited me.qiu told me their relation now breaking.i tried to
use our poor camera to shot them but Ms long constantly changed her
poise to challenge the poor camera which had problem to capture moving
object.all my sickness disappeared after the extroadinary long
sleep.so i hasted to see my baby.my baby almost didn't sleep in the
moring.lunch i almost eat less.i had a quarrel with my baby's mother
who echoed the kid sister and frequently blocked my baby playing
objects he liked to play,in the case a bag of suger,i told her she
should do her best to allow my baby to play what he want to play.the
afternoon spent playing tapwater,pc,grid frame of window and powder of
body smother.the kid sister left for shopping some time.after she
returned my baby got sleepy but he just can't fall into sleep,likely
at guard.the kid sister babbled persuadings aside frequently and after
the grandmom arrived she claimed even i can't let my baby sleep.but i
know just her ill will let my baby alert at sleeping.the grandmom
brought some cold dishes,likely remnants of a banquet.they fed my baby
with some and i launched a quarrel to urge the kid sister not feed my
baby many times except 3 meals with his parents.they didn't
rebuked.then we went to receive his mother.my baby asked me to bought
him a stick of sugar grape and a stick of fried susage.when children
of the teachers entered the yard of the school we slided in.when my
baby stepped on the dusty track of the sports yard his mother fetched
us.her friend,a woman whose husband was a cop and had a 7 month baby
girl watched aside awhile.dinner i again almost ate less,for i
disliked greese food now,even disliked any remnant of other's meal.the
old sisters chatted in low volumn on balcony while i watched tv for
some time.my baby haunted me sometimes.
its a nice day after all.my baby also in steady recovery.dog plot a
lot but they trying hold water with grid basket of bamboo.if tea is
sweat,if dog not to search for foul,the thing maybe can change.but
that's impossible.impossible is the dog not to bite,the thief not to
steal.for several days i can't access www.google.com,this time i
surfed in the cafe i first time visited,and i open www.google.com,but
just after searching result of blogwrite.exe's download returned,and
when i search for the lyric of beiguozhichun,a japanese song,with
which i tried many times all blocked just to let me upset,it again cut
off online with www.google.com.dog even block search.yahoo.com from my
access,just to let me upset.what they can do beside this,they doomed
to death and before that they can let anyone smell its rotten smell in
the underwater.
bye.i love u.like pourest snow.kiss u with bright and shrine.

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