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Saturday, December 29, 2007

snow scene after first snow

the snow in last night cover not so thick on ground,but severe enough to let riding a bike hard in the morning.i spent noon in office to surf,against the bitchy woman's order not to use the cable of the pc she was assigned.in the afternoon we were informed to fetch bonus and i reached the headquarter and fetch my share amount of ¥1800,which indiscriminal my poor status in the team.all glad,and i more or less touched.i need it to return the medical fee my elder sister paid for me,and upgrade our ill working crt monitor.i was also registered for appeal for economic assistence.i was inquired about my marriage status and my support amount for my baby and his home.last year i used part of the finance assistance and this year i intended do so again.i was contented with the gift.hope all in the world under God's shine a better perspective.i love the life in the world.

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Friday, December 28, 2007

first serious snow in the winter

the first severe snow finally descended.from near noon to now.tomorrow it likely will cover thick on the ground.i seldom felt holiday's atmosphere,but being busy with my fun on the web.blocking from Chinese net cop was severe but still i can read most contents i interested about dotcoms from feeds reader.life in dictation need enduring and tolerance.final stroke need time to accumulate its full strength.comparing with the countries in war torn,we were lent peace temporarily.The Japanese PM visited Peiking Univ. today and offer a lecture,i regarded it that all the world waiting Peiking's opera spreading and unfolding gradually.peace after storm which itself after peace.i m sure about it.China, with its ancestor's full glory, need time to pass a way far from straight.

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

first frost in the winter

sunshines lasted so far.the weather was crisp and dry.the first heavy snow in anticipation lingered on the other side of the northeast province.i got my home pc wired to internet as scheduled but Chinese internet police deprive most of my pleasure by blocking lots of US-based websites,including myspace,facebook,vodpod,mashable,technorati,wordpress,livejournal,stumbleupon,diigo,plaxo,mediafire,omnidrive,buxfer,feedburner,to name a few.i had to adopt variable proxy methods,most ill working under heavy surveillance on key routers.life in China like in a cage in zoo.surveillance upon the company traffic was a bit loose but the woman in the office bitchily plotted to block my access to the only internet-equipped pc, by manually deleting files to let the pc down and let me hold the shame of breaking it down.its an echo of laugh from God's setting, i lack nothing to find fun in my own.i read news from US and hope the day of reforming the Chinese political system sooner, under the environment of world democracy.i never withered the belief that China's destiny is true representative politics,real democracy.God's shine even cast over the heavily exploited land.

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