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Thursday, January 01, 2009

2 bright days. over 2 years

hello, 2009!
today is the first day of 2009, and a big brightly sunny day, adjoined with last bright sunny day of Dec 31,2008. last night baby played game 'strike ball 3' i just got from p2p networks all night and lots of funs, and today they gathered in his mother's relative's home to lunch. all things went bright, except this morning i again felt the pain of lacking a camera of my own. that's a long time wish list of mine, i like shotting and blogging, but i don't equipped with a considerable satisfying camera for my work. i also want a smartphone, with which i can browse websites for mobiles, and check my email and adding new apps from download. but that seemingly too early for people within China like me, where iphone and G1 with google's mobile os likely both under negotiation with China telecoms to settle deal, to comply with China surveillance as well as the telecom's monopoly. but this day. or this beginning of the year, i especially felt sad, for years i can't afford to buy anything to celebrating the holiday. i still live in the standard just fitting for food, i can't afford to travelto electric gadgets, to house, to budget a plan to improve my skill. i live and only living for hope, in the wanting. i was constrained for years here this pitfall, and likely had to wait to see my best beloved to gather around me to make fun, to make love, to make living and lives. God let me endure so long, i hope i can also entertain myself with gadgets, like camera, pmp, or game socks, or larger lcds, or even a notebook or netbook.
oh, yes, i still in seat and belt. i live for reclaiming my kingdom of my ancestor in glory, and i see closer and closer the horizon. i do need ur highlight attentionGod.

ps: attached is photo shot yesterday with my poor cellphone camera, and today's sunny scene outside of ema's house with her also outdated camera.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

a night of peace and turbulence.

its a cozy day, first, i enjoyed western music, esp. sarah Brightman's song so immersely. they r from service of google China. second, i got another bonus since the day before yesterday from my long time employer, QRRS, its a box of milk mixture drink, which i hope can let my baby son, warren zhu, the God of the universe, more happier. the other stuff also not bad, i enjoyed reading 2 longthy article about a game, and embeded system programming. the latter related to the secret of universe, which attacted me so much, that all system embeded in a larger hosting system, and so on forever, until God, i should added. and the embedded system always left something unknow itself to be used by hosting system. that's really a nice article, since my subscribed the blog, i first time settled to scan into its deepth.

today also a looming day for me. at noon when i remit to support my mother in my hometown her living expense, a cop stood close aside me. on the way home, a car from the crossing way challenged me and followed me after i pushed my way home before it. on the corridor of ema's house, i saw lots of notice likely from police that recently some strange persons frequent the residential building, on the wall of each floor. in the night baby asked to play a lot shooting and wars. he also complained a teacher under family name of lan, in English means blue, which i always hated, upset him and let him loathed to join the kindergarten. he lately left the pc and now i reported to u, God, u sees the conspire and cut the sticky necks without mercy.

its a auspicious night, esp. the snow last night. God, u don't see blood, u see the clear of sky and clean of earth in ur kingdom ur son to reclaim. that's nothing surer than it.

benzyrnill, set to fly - do it, make it.
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Monday, December 29, 2008

fruitful Monday morning

  1. retouched logo of be21zh.org ;
  2. adding logo of forum onto the fourm's footer;
  3. post about my problem with blog export with blogger.com, likely due to China surveillance blocking;
  4. post my problem with adding google friend connect to my GAE;
  5. post errs of exporting my feedburner feeds on its google group, which likely due to China surveillance;
  6. started to burn feeds from my GAE( google app engine), subscribed them within my google reader.
  7. post 2 blog entries, including this one, which just after lunch.

all of all, it finished within the Monday morning. isn't it a nice morning?
it starts to snow now. so auspicious. no better can it be. last night i read a site from google ads under my adsense account, http://www.lifesgreatestquestion.com , and refreshed. i know its kind of new birth. i know God's biz on earth has the largest followers or team. yes, i ready for pals and followers, on the way home to God.

QRRS dormitory where i twice lived
photo above is shot by my shabby cellphone, in the dorm area of QRRS, my long time employer. i lived there for near 10 year before i got married, and the second time 2 years ago after i divorced with my baby's mother. its a place of insane now.

retouched logo of my domain, be21zh.org

v3 ,edit last night. this post edited on Tuesday, Dec 30th, 2008.

its a minor change, laid the .org vertically. i also added the new logo for

my forum, rainform, at http://app21zh.appspot.com/ , or

http://forum.be21zh.org/ ,to the footer of the forum, to let it clearer.

now trying to add google friend connect to my forum and other appspot sites

of mine.

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