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Monday, December 23, 2013

one shot kills three barrels


Dreamed works with a honorable lawyer. ^ At first covertly compete with my 2nd elder brother for wider social relationship. then worked as a teacher or coach for a camp whose most students are from rural.the leading mentor is a diligent lawyer with a small but reliable business. I closely watched his cases management, or file system. Later suggested him digitizing database, he admitted and working on it.I also handled a girl student who handed in her mother's application for her ailment absence. there is large bright full moon in the dawn sky when I blogging. God, grant me stable work and life space. free me of duty of academic. bring me sooner my Royal China which is my business. thx God dad.


Dream to compose music.^ my son learning music for years and mentored by his mom.in this dream his existence prevails. first I was an actor, young, tall,cool and developing. I learn from others songs and gradually starts to compose hot music.Likely kind of rap and rock, I dance with it on stage.lots of skills in composition found in dream, in visual form.then the protagonist wanted to re-furnish his audience hall,remove chinaware tilts on wall.that reminded me my passed dad,God in heaven now,and his work as an architects. the hall surface decoration is decent and historical, but we due renovated accordingly. Then likely dream a professional musician, or a career of music,likely of my son's, which evading my blogging now.when I wake up its a spectacular full moon night.God,I saw my mistake under my service to my son,and I got forgiveness from my son,warrenzh, Hope of China, God of Universe, in my latest phone call last night. Thanks, Dad God, bring me sooner Asoh Yukiko, my son's mother in Japan. and my girl LYu, girl Zhou, girl TW, bring me my Royal China to be fruitful.


a surprising week. ^ this week really satisfying: my 3 tasks done in a shot. on Monday my son's mom buzzed me motorola support department informed her my broken cellphone mainboard arrived. in the night yesterday my acer notebook abrupt shutdown for overheat turns severe and I decided to fix it in local computer market. I also tracked my first real credit card, which sent me via ChinaPost, arrived. next day I waited till 1:20 PM, to allow my once workplace parcel buddy bring me the credit card as he promised, but he didn't. so I visited QRRS post office on my own, and got my mail at once. on way I can't wait to open my mail to see what it looks like a credit card I dreamed of owing one for more than a decade. Its an overseas payment card, which really fits me. in waiting room of motorola support office, I activated my credit card via phone. repairing cellphone free of charge, I love my moto xt788 even more after the accident. on way home I visited computer market and paid a smart guy clean dust in my acer notebook. I thought it would work but it didn't, and even worse. in dorm in the night my computer can't last running a quarter, but I managed restore os, backup my log book, and so on successfully before quit of frustrations. I desperate want to update my moto's android os, but I had to download os patch via expensive 3G in 4am, Tuesday. fixing overheat video card by tech crew in computer market costs me near ¥200 for my notebook, with which I hope I can rely on for another half decade. Its time to reunite my son returning from computer market. He released by his mom in her office after I informed her and waited outside of her school some time. my son joined skating kids on the ice ground in sport field nearby. its his first skate training in winter 2013. I tried to persuade my son join my larger pc games, but he instead immersed in android games on his fonepad. then we dined out, with beef noodle. I told my son I had to prepare work environment on my phone and notebook, asked for leave earlier. soon I got all done in my dorm, but I felt sorry for I put my stuff before my son's concern. the mistakes turns obvious next day, and I took action to amend it: I shopping online on my own for him, mostly snack from Japan and Taiwan via taobao, a Chinese C2C market website. God, time to leave my son alone is closer, but I won't care if I should tentatively educate he independence. I will do my best to show him ur mercy and glory heavenly, notice no private space between humans. God, dad, grant me, and my Royal China anxious free. bring me sooner my girls into my new family, Royal China, to home my son, warrenzh 朱楚甲, Hope of China, God of Universe, and his siblings, my children arriving. God, I saw cold of aging. let me stay in growth warmth, and best of all, my son's sanity of one's. thx, God dad.


my 1st real credit card with CCB. ^ in my life I usually not allowed to spend casually. so long time I dreamed a credit card, esp. buy overseas goods like domains or google services. but my hard financial situation shies me away from Chinese banks so long. after those 2 months with improved, 2700 rmb salary, I felt the need and courage to equip myself a credit card to spend cozier. so I remembered once my colleague helped us batch claimed somewhat card from China Construction Bank. I thought apply credit card from its credit database in an old card, which never used for I then too poor, would be easier. but CCB staff told me the old card expired and nothing. however she suggested her colleague, a beautiful young lady likely newly enrolled, help me apply via CCB website. I had to cheat on estate, admitted I own house of my son's mom's while we divorced in 2008. that's last Saturday. next Monday when I surfing online in dorm, I suddenly stroked by panic. In the seconds then CCB called in informing they sending a credit card to me, to my once work place in QRRS. its such an inspiration in the day! the night blessing dreams boiling long time in my shallow sleep. in dream my 2nd brother and 2nd sister, both evils in my life, in my hometown tried to flatter me upon my good news. then in university 2 alumni, YangJin and Huang Junyi, talked to me on way from canteen to dorm. Yang claimed I owed him ¥50 while I remembered before I returned from hometown I was clear of debt. but I promised to check it, or grant the debt. between the conflict of money I needed to poo but all slots in the WC in dark, I can't see any one and afraid of shits stain my shoes, an usual embarrass in my years ago dreams. God, thx for the facility, for the convenience affordable in my life now and ahead. God, dad, guide us toward peace and satisfaction. bring me sooner my Royal, Asoh Yukiko, to clear doubts on emerging Empire of China.


Dream of circus.^ Its a warm winter night. I dreamed in my hometown watching a visiting circus. I was attracted by some beautiful female acrobats and bravo in English. that caused a neighbor girl among audience talked to me. we then had nice English talk and didn't notice end of the performance. returned home I found the circus holding another event near our house. my sinful cousin's family competed with me to host them. yesterday we glad to see completing video game "how to survive", all missions in the game done. my son emphasized he ushered to the end. we also tried new games lately near 1pm to dine out and shower. my son ordered his favorite food in Dico's on his own. in the public bathroom I told him my year end bonus plan and informed him uncertainty of new dining out. returned to his mom's house, I waited for half and 2 hours before my son finished homework under his mom's monitor and joined me into digital entertainment, this time is comics online. Its so beautiful the day that I hardly complain. God, dad, pl guarantee our new dinner out plan, in happy year end. bring me sooner my Royal China to home my children in coming near year.

From 2013 in gaze
From 2013 in gaze
From 2013 in gaze
From 2013 in gaze