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Monday, October 14, 2013

shepherd pays.


an Autumn night drizzle. ^ yesterday full of joys with my son, warrenzh 朱楚甲. I visited him on time in sunny morning, after the annoying drill noise waked me up when the dorm recently under refurnish. we played video games and made proud progress. we dined in Dico's franchinse original from Taiwan. we showered. we bought dates, oranges and plums and enjoyed them very much. I also offered my son's mom a favor by enabled wifi access point for her students get tutorials there. I also saw beautiful females I concerned. I first time in this Autumn put on a long johns and felt comfortable at once against chill. when I roamed outside of dorm, I saw pale half round moon in sky. after I settled in front of my notebook in dorm, it started to drizzle in dusk. most of the night I rambled in dorm and reviewed the wonderful day with my son, in the rain rhythm. God, u know why lucky my life with girl LYu, my love for rain and raining. God,bring sooner my girls to allow me satisfy them, enrich my life with love with my girls. God, dad, in bizarre and humming drizzle, my Royal China under ur shine. thx, dad.


my birthday. ^ Dreamed living in a Japanese home, in surname Koda 倖田. I was likely the son, talking with mom who in kitchen while I watching in waiting room. I found an undisclosed sex book or tape of a celebrity, who in a trade for convenience. When I tried to copy those erotic photos the book gone. But after some time or years the copy reappears. The dream likely related with Asoh Yukiko, I sensed my longing and dependence on her more and more stronger this years. Then dreamed in our hometown my brother-in-law's nephew competed smartness with my son, warrenzh, Hope of China, God of Universe. Then dreamed with my cousin leading kids in village on our Hill, search gravestone to break. It's about 4 am. I tried to blog & memorize to blog. 2 later lofty dreams evade me. one haunts again but finally evaporated. my son and my grand father appears in the dream. my son likely unsatisfied with our current situation but my dad inspired us with steady hope. its my birthday today, I will bring my son ate toast buffet for dinner. God, recent weeks it got colder, my heart also weighted with old clothes and insufficient heat in dorm. while I enjoyed so much video games with my son, God, dad, please allow me more time to accompany my son's game play, not inverse. God, so splendid our life has been, please don't spoil our expectation ahead. bring me sooner my Royal China, my girl LYu, Asoh Yukiko, my girl Zhou, my girl TW, bring me home to attend my son and my children arriving. God, dad, thx for this hopeful sunny morning.


Busy days. ^ these days busy fixing son's notebook which recently virus infected. This dawn dreamed I try to invent 3 something. One for my work, the 3rd for the dorm canteen operator, a woman with her son first appeared in my dream. In crowd of a hall she invited me demonstrate the selling machine I invent. I also likely dreamed my Tibet friend, Bianbaqiongda. It's getting cold, esp in coming national holiday for most residents left the dorms and canteen out of service, let me starve or spent more in restaurant. The bitch, son's mom, accuses more and scorned harsher, a shame over my Royal China. The insane the little woman brought not insult me but my family. God, you know my situation and its history. You know what's for all these cheap persons in my life. Bring sooner my girls into my new family, God, let my life easier with beauties! ThX God.


prepared. ^ Yesterday is blessing, my salary reach ¥2327,which allows lifestyles we planned. When I handed in deposit for canteen dinners & lunches, I felt healthy relation between those operators & me. I also treated myself fruits I always liked. This dawn I dreamed on heel of a professor who tried to design a teaching building in camps alone while his ability too green-handed for the task. he burned brain to copy others blueprint and I in the dream finally got insight on originality stems from knowledge. Then dreamed with my son, warrenzh, Hope of China, God of Universe, learning something together. It's a due post & in days I prepared it. God, such a bright mooring during my blogging, ThX dad, bring me sooner my Royal China, esp Asoh Yukiko, my Crowned Queen from Japan. Last night I reviewed our days in Nankai University in 2000,God, since first encounter we belong to each other. God, these days gays surround me, block my sight of beautiful. Dad, save me from insanity, home me with my girls praying me so long like I did so long in my blog. Today I will be with my son, who in break on Tuesday afternoon. Grant us holy spirit in gathering, in video games we enjoy so much. ThX God dad.


strange dream. ^ in dawn a lengthy dream till I got up to pee. I saw the dream protagonist with his large relatives married Ma yun, founder of Ali group (www.alibaba.com) and a billionaire now, the wedding ceremony is very luxury, Mr Ma also spent lots of attention to make it a special spectacle and gorgeous. Then dreamed of my campus friend, Bianbaqiongda, a Tibetan and graduated from Tianjin fine art college where we got familiar with zealous on western fine art. I dreamed we enjoy staying, while actually we did not contact each other for more than 20 years, soon after I worked for QRRS, thousands miles from Tianjin. Yesterday was great, I talked with my son effective as usual. We spent more time in Dico's franchise in railway station before went to shower. There among travels he played video games on his pad. I asked a neighbor girl shot a photo for us. Before I left his mom's house, I persuade the woman leave our son alone to do his homework, for her companion & monitory is ineffective. It is so nice a day. Thanks God dad!
From 2013 in gaze
From 2013 in gaze
From 2013 in gaze
From 2013 in gaze