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Friday, February 01, 2008

bright sunny day,like early spring

these days haunted like a criminal.the China Internet cop worked even harder to worsen my surfing experience.speedy downloading previously worked well in early morning now broke into crawling speed,in addition frequent programs quits and system reboot or hang in the mid.then in free time in evenings surfing can be a waste of time:one or 2 hours cost just finishing a simple web manipulation,broken pages were common scenes, submission led to failure,just let ur password in the submission leaked into stealth.the China watch dog must monitored my computer screen real time, for quite some occasions it just broke my traffic after i included my personal information into web submission, or acted a major changes to my web presence.they showy let me know they shot the point behind the scene.

last night we bathed our baby,as i suggested.i was lagged by the pc which downloading games for awhile and let ema angry.my baby again refused my bathing him.but when he refused his mother washing his head with shampoo on it,i forcibly bowled water and spilt on his head and let him in a panic for water covered his face and smoothened him.he was more or less spoiled by his mother,who always treated him with feminism fussy over cares.after bath i busy with pc again and let ema even angrier with me.on bed she pretended sleeping,and i talked and played with baby for some time,till she burst and told me she will carry our baby celebrating lunar new year in her mother's home and asked me to care myself in the holiday.i didn't comment,for its a real sore for i had not a home so far.i m homeless even i shelter myself under my baby's home.

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