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Monday, December 31, 2012

door bell of 2013 sounds so crisp.


all about spouse dream. ^ yesterday I had good time with my son, after broke by his sinister mother so long. we lunched together, and showered, too. I recently introduced son my love story with Asoh Yukiko, back to 1999 in Nankai Univ, and her motherhood to him. my son listened carefully. in dawn dreamed cozily. in a piece with my Nankai Univ alumni, esp. Chenfeng, a guy from Huan Prov, southern China. he with his spouse, an alumni of Nankai 2 years later than us in same school of philosophy. they treated me well and I likely saw my future wife among people in the party. then dream of some guy from QRRS, where when we lived in QRRS' dorms we got familiar. Yushunde, likely so called a gentle young man, also kindly introduced me to their party. and finally I was in a school with a girl classmate, she asked my help to make note with teacher's lecture. the later teaching how to use "look into something in team", or so. my cordiality likely won the girl's heart, at least I felt love between us which is a kind of emotion long time no see in my waiting for reuniting my girls, girl LV, Asoh Yukiki, girl Zhou, my Taiwan girl, for my Royal China. God, this morning I woke up earlier, pl see my girls my concerning, my praying every moment to join them. God, thx for son's new kindle paperwhite, for which we want so long and gained it so quick. thx, God dad.


odd dreamed of campus friend. ^ this dawn I had a long dream, in which first time one of my best friend in youth appeared. He is Qiu Xiaolin, now a literature professor in Shichuan Univ. likely at first we gossiped as usual. then my nail clipper infected with virus. i brought it to visit Qiu in campus dorm. the virus on the clipper turns huge and dangerous, like eating flesh. then dreamed among air combat teams we piloted jets and enjoy raids. this week I too busy with setup my son, warrenzh 朱楚甲's 3rd domain, woz.fm, and never buzzed him. his mom, disabled mentally like her body size, jealous freakishly upon my son's good time with me in video games, so now more and more deprive my son from computer, including surfing online. this week my son likley banned from going online. the dirty bitch really go mad. God, save us good time in video game, free my son of anxious &burden of Chinese education, esp in PRC, which draining and killer of originality and curiosity. God, bring me sooner my Royal China to home my sons, esp God himself, warrenzh 朱楚甲, Hope of China, God of Universe.


dreamed of local mafia.^ yesterday when i ate lunch before showering with son, in the restuarant we frequented a table occupied by 3 males likely gangsters, around the other table a team gossiped about mafia in Qiqihar. I had good time when dining there, for son enjoyed the feature dish, souped dumplings. in public bathroom, i felt faint after a sudden stand up when crouched to bath my son. this dawn I dreamed my son outperformed in family gathering. his mom and me, his proud dad, felt so glorious being his parents. in guests, likely mafia appeared. at least in half consciousness I reviewed a mafia stemmed from QRRS, where I still paid and lived. It shallowly snowed last night, God, clear world of Royal China never arguable. God, thx the gift, son's new kinder paperwhite, in year end. bring me sooner my Royal China, esp. my Crowned Queen from Japan, Asoh Yukiko, and allow us 2 additional sons in our prime time.


dreamed of competing.^ son, warrenzh 朱楚甲, due to complete his frequent heat treatment yesterday. I didn't visit him the day, but busy claiming him new domain online, as a promised wishlist. recently many dreams scattered when i got up. but this late dawn I had something notable. I dreamed with my passed mother, and my son's mother, accompanied son in competing social circle or career avenue. my childhood friend in my hometown village, Zhudajiu, with whome last year I found deep hatred after a heartedly chat online, my cousin there who works in bureaucracy in bloody hatred, and some other challenges all stemmed from jealousy. now Its a sunny morning, after bright new half moon night. the seasonal gift, a kindle paperwhite, cheered us so much! my son brought it everywhere like what I encouraged him. God, u see our thanksgiving, we obliged to u so much. God, free me of anxious about my entrepreneurship, esp in broadening family cyberspace. God, bring me sooner my Royal China, bring me my crowned Queen from Japan, Asoh Yukiko, to setup my new fmaily sooner, for her due motherhood with warrenzh. God, see me my prayer!


a week in moving.^ this week almost all spent accompanying my son, warrenzh 朱楚甲, Hope of China, God of Universe, in hospital, where his heat after skating in a snowing day treated. my son finally ordered a Kindle paperwhite ebook reader aid by my Nankai alumni, thx God. so good so far. in the hospital in-patient department, i tried all means to help my son being busy or meaningful, likely playing video games, ate KFC i bought, massage and lots of chatting. in Tuesday night i buzzed to curse his mom for again let my son x-rayed, after read a tweet online that x-ray photography harmful to kids and shouldn't be used as regular diagnosis method while in corrupting PRC its widely adopted. this dawn i dreamed a lot, my son appears and so concerned in my heart in dream and in recent dreams. Its a promising sunny morning, God, dad, thx for the blessing week aside my dearest son. thx for gifts in the gift season. bring me sooner my Royal China to allow me home my son, God on earth now!


dreamed of my passed parents. ^recent water heat in QRRS Dorms, esp in night, frequently chill me to woke up. last night a Taiwan love TV show again concerned me lingering in front of screen lately near 1am. this afternoon i dozed, and dreamed of my grand dad, God in Heaven now, and my mother, my aunt's husband. both men cordially while my mother first encouraged my hobby of carrying a camera everywhere, but later anxious about photographer's life's impact on me. then in half-consciousness the story of the Taiwan TV drama interacts with me. God, blessing me anxious free about my aging and future family life. grant us season gifts and fulfill us hopes in surprise. God, dad, thx for the warmth when i napped.

From 2012 on the way to rejoin
From 2012 on the way to rejoin
From 2012 on the way to rejoin
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Tuesday, December 04, 2012

seemingly a cozy holiday season.


a strange dream. ^last night I visited my son &had good time immersed together in video games. this dawn dreamed with my cousin, Zhuwusong, in our hometown village, Zhudajiu, voluntarily donate blood. then I visit a digital tech company, impressed by their digital door keeper gears, inc computers managed card reading, and 3D animation workstations, which is my previous job. then with the cousin leaded by teachers or group, we voluntarily donate sperm. we dissected fields and choose woman in it. I managed to pick healthy and attractive woman for breeding but the cousin let me hurry. the dorm's water heat again less satisfactory, chilled me up. Its a peaceful sunny morning now. God, bring sanity to my son's living environment. bring sooner my Royal China to allow me home my son, and my sons and daughters arriving.


warrenzh's first skate in 2012. ^ this weekends reunion sweeter in our hearts, for I told my son, warrenzh 朱楚甲, Hope of China, God of Universe, that I prepared to live him alone with me, away from his mom's dirty and poisonous seductive home life. last Friday afternoon I visit my son when his school is in break. my son was arranged by his mom to do homework while the bitch grandma, herself a dummy stone intelligently, supervised my son. I so picked to busy on my notebook away till found the cheap grandma selling sexually to my son. so I hauled &scorned &cursed. my son soon quit his homework and played pc games with me and made proud progress in it. in the night in my dorm, I saw my son's dirty environment, so I made a decision to allow my son choose if live under my custody, in my shabby dorm room. in the weekends we ate beef noodle warrenzh chosen, showered in the public bathroom he picked. I urged times and times that in God's world he obliged to nobody, liable to nobody around him serving him. he several times let me shut up but God knows its clearer those freaky women back to what hell they from. In Sunday afternoon it starts to snow again so warrenzh went to skate as his mom suggested. he had good time on the ice ground. God, isn't it saved and blessed?
these days I also dreamed of my kid brother several times, reviewing our brotherhood in dream. this morning I again dreamed of Nankai Univ, where I attending a seminar and trying present my thesis. quite some alumni appeared there in my dawn dream. God, grant us a happy Christmas holiday, enrich our life with due season gifts. God, bring sooner my Royal China.


memorable weekends reunion. ^ last weekend descended after I looked forward it for more than a week. my son, warrenzh 朱楚甲, descended to visit my QRRS dorm, first time after salary's shrink. we dined in KFC, also a toast stick from nearby restaurant where I last time rebuffed for loan to eat there. of cause we played video games. my son, Hope of China, God of Universe, shown likeness to stay with me, which let me sorry, and his mom's short of hospitality. last night I watched a Taiwan loving idol TV episode lately near 1am, burningly touched by spirit and inspiring faith of love in the story. God, u show me the merit of American and Japanese girls. God, so many meanings in the show for my concerns. God, allow me do more things i liked to make life better around me and people in my life. God, dad, thx u for this brilliant morning sunshine, and bring sooner my Royal China, so as to allow me home my son, my sons and daughters to arrive, in ur shine&grace cozily. Thx dad.


dreamed of sky-skiing with son. ^ dreamed my grand father eyes on us all time, with love. I fought in team of my dearest son against pests, like the video game we played last dusk. then we damaged something of my neighbor's, likely in my hometown, Zhudajiu village. then we skyskiing with hot air balloon. son steers while i hanged under my son. near before landing I was allowed to pilot it, and landing near our town. God, son's mom plotting against my weekends reunification with my son, God, thrust the evil, deflate it. grant me new shoes in the winter, son's ebook reader before year end. thx, God dad, bring me sooner my Royal China and show my son the true family life we deserve.


2nd snow in winter. ^ yesterday I enjoyed video game with my son so immersed. on way to dine out, I told him why girl Lv will be my first wife: the first girl, LvSongya, descended to honor me by visiting my family in my life back to my junior middle school. after showered, we found 2nd snow shallowly covered the ground. so I told my son, warrenzh 朱楚甲, story of my eldest sister, ZhuXuezhen (means essence of snow in Chinese), who committed suicide when I was a junior middle school student by jumping into Yangtze River in deep dawn, likely after dispute with her husband. I admire her so much and proud of her, like our grand father did. in the night in dorm, my favorite TV series, "The good wife", telling a law suit of suicide. God, u know how I gracious I am in ur arms. God, dad, so many people, esp ur first kid and ur 3rd son, witness and benefit from ur Goodness. God, this morning I again dreamed with my son, warrenzh, so harmoniously. he covered me again in dream lingering. God, bring me sooner my Royal China in shine of God!


dreamed of genius. ^ yesterday admitted to my son its my fault to unease with him who under God's guide, for after compared myself, grateful &intact even after dishoner God put on me trapped in asylum 4 times and a pare of infectious eyes. son likely welcome it heartedly. in dawn dreamed of a proven kid genius, who calculates big math question easily. later found the young genius in fact my dearest son, who turned so friendly to me and protected me with his smartness. its a pale morning, but God, I look forward ur promise, grant us a ebook reader, bring closer my Royal China.

From 2012 on the way to rejoin
From 2012 on the way to rejoin
From baby's works update
From 2012 on the way to rejoin
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Thursday, November 08, 2012

shiny start over decaying delay.


pale morning. ^ this dawn I had a long dream, in which my 2nd elder sister gossiped with me, teasing daughter and son of our eldest brother's. after getup, I reviewed 2 professors, both dog, still in Nankai Univ, where I was abused when I sought degree there. this week I first time in the winter put on woolen pants and felt well. yesterday Obama won his 2nd session as American President and today sinful CCP open its 18th national party congress. God, u let us endure and see through the devil's play. God, we all look forward to ur choice, no matter how harsh it was. God, grant me let go my worn out shoes, grant my son a Kindle paperwhite ebook reader in year end 2012! these days I was buffeted by foreseeable weakening economy in PRC, God, save my Royal China among blizzard upon sinking PRC sieged by ghost of Marxism, or spies of Russian. God, bring me sooner my Royal China!


dreamed of Asoh Yukiko, my Crowned Queen from Japan. ^ I blog it at 4:49AM: I clearly dreamed of Asoh, my 2nd wife from Japan, with who we study politics in Nankai Univ together for a year back to 2000 or so when I pursued master degree there. Asoh in dream very kind to kid, esp our son. she really got me home in dream. God, u witness how I honored. thx, God dad.


dreamed again my troubled campus. ^ dreamed in dawn I got already passport for master degree. for discreet I didn't bring it with me when I was accompanied by my good friend (my dearest son? ) and my kid brother visiting Wuhan University, where I was enrolled. the campus quite big and crowded and I inspired by my campus life in veiw. but unfortunately we blocked by administrator of master degree candidates dorm, who asked to check in my passport. that was quite frustration, but better than my haunting nightmare that my academic record went bankrupted. Its to be a sunny morning. God, thx for the vivid dream.


dreamed of playing harmoniously with son.^ recently too many beautiful moments with my son immersed in pc games, also more exhausted on bed before getup. this dawn dreamed in my hometown village, zhudajiu, where son of my cousin's wedding ceremony holding. our family blood related even but hatred &disgust thicken between. the bride insisted counting on me and my kid brother while the bridegroom resentful to us. later dreamed my son with me trying tighten loose cogs with toolbox I gathered from online shopping and reward of a voluntary blood donation, with my lead. Its almost first time my son so harmoniously accompanies me without my notice. we really enjoy our gatherings more and more in the Autumn and winter. God, bring me my Royal China soon, grant my son a ebook reader. in this early morning I bestow ur promise, dad.


dreamed of the new Nobel literature winner.^ last afternoon I saw my son returned from his mom's hometown journey and fine, after waited near 2 hour outdoor. we played games. I told my son my salary decreased this month and urged him to be prepared for coming hard time in Chinese economy. we showered and relaxed. this dawn dreamed of the first record Nobelist literature, Moyan (means no say or no disclose literally in Chinese), the disgusting bureaucracy and star propaganda of CCP, from lying and shamelessly conceited PRC. in dream he chased & threaten crowd, likely inc me in dream, in aiming not to uncover his dark records or history of his life. Its a sunny morning now, God, grant us an elegant life, esp. enjoyable food &dinner, grant my son, Hope of China, God of Universe, a Kindle paperwhite ebook reader. God, bring me sooner my Royal China and prosperous Royal China!


dreamed of Asoh Yukiko, my Crowned Queen from Japan.^ son's mom this noon brought him to join a marriage celebration in her hometown. I felt sleepy, and dozed after trying busy some time. dreamed of Asoh Yukiko attending me. she is so courteous. her mother and my mother also appeared in dream. the dream last quite some time but when I setup to blog it, its vivid avoids me now. its a sunny day, esp. the afternoon when I napped. God, grant my son a kindle paperwhite ebook reader. bring me my Royal China, and my sons and daughters.


1st snow in winter 2012. ^ It drizzled since last noon. I ate full in QRRS canteen &satisfied. then I visit son as scheduled. his school breaks in Tuesday afternoon. the rain wet my shoes and baptized me. my son and me made proud progress in game "borderlands 2". in the night returned to my dorm, I thanks given in reviewing, from Heaven, from my son. the night I enjoyed watching American TV series, in which sound American law system demonstrates so detailed &clear. in dawn dreamed my family and my passed father, God in Heaven now. I likely at least have 4 daughters, 2 sons & a grandson in the age in the dream. we had a business, selling something on the street. my grand father cared my grandson, who is so lovable, kindly. &this morning when son's mom called in about her wireless mouse, I found snow covers roofs outside. last night I peeked through window, found snowflake but can't image a snow weather, nor 1t snow in Oct, 2012. It's harvest season, God, bring me sooner my Royal China, grant my son a kindle paperwhite ebook reader. God, see me my girls praying for me, for our promised future!

From 2012 on the way to rejoin
From 2012 on the way to rejoin
From 2012 on the way to rejoin
From 2012 on the way to rejoin
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Saturday, October 13, 2012

winter 2012 now.


dreamed of hard career. ^ dreamed with son and his mom, talking about hard career arena in sinful PRC, where her relative managing to promote herself in a restaurant she worked for. dreamed my son worked with me in a restaurant, and we slept outside, likely in hot summer night, together, like villagers in my hometown village, Zhudajiu usual do, with my once department leader, a Sun, who once befriended me then hurt me by putting me into fear of gay more than 2 years until I defeated it and moved to seek master degree in Nankai Univ where I met Asoh Yukiko, my Crowned Queen from Japan. also there I broke my heart for a girl collegian and later first time trapped by asylum in my hometown, for I can't accept dead/ending love with the girl collegian, likely a Fang. I and son's mom deeply concerned with our son's career in future. last night after I played pc games with son in his mom's house, we touched the topic of son's performance in his elemental school, with which so far son didn't excel. God, free my son anxious about future, nor his earthly life this world. guarantee his pleasure staying, and needless to say, his being future of China, God of Universe. God, grant my son his long time wishlist, a Kindle paperwhite ebook reader. God, bring me sooner my Royal China.


a pale dawn. ^likely due to last dinner, I wake up early this dawn. then dreamed in charge of a company which produces network equipment, like switch or router. fought against office politics, encourage staff communication and International market. Its cloudy now. yesterday I stayed in dorm, in the end of this long national day holiday. I had to ask a local restaurant loaning me 2 meals, for the canteen still close. now working week starts, and I see promise in air. God, bring my son his long time wish, a kindle paperwhite ebook reader. grant us a flight to visit my hometown in Spring Festival 2013.


dreamed of hometown after chill night. ^ last night brutally cold. I got up to pee 3 times in an hour after went to bed. this morning dreamed of witchery in my hometown. dreamed some young men from Zhudajiu, my hometow village, returned for traditional lunar holiday, Spring festival from their working places scattered in China. I paid sympathy to a guy named Zhucaixue, whose career is training new workers from peasant, but gradually lost his work for the labor market in sinful PRC losing quality step by step, and now likely selling sick spiritual materials. another pal, Zhuchunlin, a lame driver also appeared in dream. some elder women gossip over us when we returned to Zhudajiu village. God, grant us a successful Spring Festival hometown journey in year end, equip us a flight tour and an ebook reader for son in journey.


looking back our national day holiday. ^ congrats! my 163 blog visitor hits archieving 22255. this long national day holiday brings us more time to play pc games together. my son, warrenzh 朱楚甲, and me deeply attracted by "borderlands 2". even his mom's frequent scorns hindered us much, but we made proud progress in the action packing game! 2 raining nights I risk darkness to commute to my QRRS dorm lately delayed by gaming with son. God, bring me my Royal China, grant my son his ebook reader longing after quite some time.


dreamed of the royal. ^ recently I watched some movies about English Royal family. this dawn dreamed of my Royal. my parents appeared in my dream. I asked my mother help cross a wall of our house by a pole to fetch some clothes. later dreamed fight and cooperation between my little brother, the prince, and me, against our cousin, a Mei. Its a sunny morning. God, this National Day holiday I penniless. please help me live the coming week well and happily. God, grant my son a kindle paperwhite ebook reader. Thx, God dad!


a lengthy dream about new PRC's founders. ^ last night I went to bed earlier against chill. dreamed a lot about early years in PRC's emerging, when they settled in northwestern China, training, campaigning and producing. witness those generals, ie. Zhude, Mao, Pengdehuai, etc., their family, esp wives, and foreign friends. among them, my International coach, likely a Japanese, kindly introduced me the strength of Japanese force. It's second cloudy day. God, free me anxious upon coming holiday, bring complacent between my son and my life, our livings. God, see soon my Royal China in changing river of eternal life.


dreamed of killing. ^ at beginning, my hovering nightmare, academics life endangered me. then with my son, warrenzh 朱楚甲, we enjoyed life. then dreamed in adversity I killed enemies with bullets by jabbing around their neck. recent sunny days likely pulling out: It's cloudy in the morning. God, aid me passing the coming national day holiday productively. the canteen is close during the time, pl allow me living anxious free. God, bring me sooner my Royal China, to allow me home my son. thx, God dad.

From 2012 on the way to rejoin
From 2012 on the way to rejoin
From 2012 on the way to rejoin
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Saturday, September 22, 2012

original sunny Autumn.


weekend reunites.^ son visited my dorm on Friday night as usual. I just successfully connected our 2 notebooks via lan and played "borderlands 2" in co-op mode in his bedroom, so exciting. we ate KFC and toast beef. this dawn dreamed with son, warrenzh 朱楚甲, likely lives in Japan. son so cool &stylish universally and constantly. then situation turned adverse for us. we managed to trade colorful threads as our business. we got up early after i first woke up by pee. son played game after watched animation online in the morning. then we had breakfast in KFC. on way returning to his mom's house, he is anxious about how long i will stay there with him playing pc games. that's not clueless but evident. soon after we picked game, his mom burst into scorns on us, as the usual bitch. I left after gamed about an hour with my son in co-op of "borderlands 2". God, rid my son off unease with games load. show us more freedom at leisure. God, grant my son a ebook reader sooner, bring my Royal China to allow me home my dearest son, Hope of China, God of Universe.


among PRC mob.^ these days covert paid violent demonstration in China against Japanese shocked me. when i jogged last dusk i even felt killing thirst in face of personal threat from mobs, not to be victimized. till connected shameless PRC with world scope Islamic raid/surge, the desperate and last wade of darkness before void, I resumed peace in God dad. this dawn dreamed Chinese government, esp the Hu, manipulated more dark tools to harm my Royal China, which in brilliant destiny. I equipped my son new widgets, inc new namespaces, to defend our gaming and warring field. God, peace is the sunshine outside. bring my girls in those sunshine, God, bring our union in blood linkage upon deadlock I was beset. God, thanks for harmony so far in my life.


dreamed of ethnic life style. ^ Its all of bliss since I visit my son in last Friday. in dawn dream i witness an ethnic group in civil war or WWⅡ, their strange custom, inc sex and marriage, dream and death, their loyalty to their royal court. I dreamed their spiritual life moved me. God, son, warrenzh 朱楚甲 now in grade 2 and his mom, even herself a Junior English teacher of more than 10 years in the smothering orthodox Chinese parish, felt helpless upon our son's English study. empower son with confidence and independence in mastering English and Japanese, shed enlightenments in his school life with pragmatic or real life practice and engagement, with which i reckon as the most efficient way to learn any subject in referred, coincides with joys. God, let son staying with the Holy every moment! God, bring me my Royal China sooner, to allow me home my son, warrenzh 朱楚甲, Hope of China, God of Universe.


dreamed of home front defending with son.^ dreamed closely watched Hujintao, the leaving President of PRC, and his wife&'s living, inc a scenario on highway. then building defending poles/turrets with my frequent domain names, like faezrland, riveryog, etc. to defend our Empire with my son, warrenzh 朱楚甲 in the war. I also dreamed of campus canteen. It drizzled since dawn, adding more chill in the early Autumn. I find bliss in the rain again. God, bring us closer to family good news u promised. God, grant us an kindle ebook reader sooner!


dreamed of offering a preach.^ dreamed living in US, esp a twin city like Beijing&Tianjin. a community church invited me to join their carnival and arranged me to make a speech about my finding home in God, to believers mostly American Chinese. I then introduced my fight against adversity and God's help always in the way. It's a pale morning that's peaceful. God, bring my son, warrenzh 朱楚甲, Hope of China, God of Universe, his long time wishlist, a Kindle paperwhite ebook reader. God, bring me sooner my Royal China, my girl Lv, Asoh Yukiko, girl Zhou, and my Taiwan girl who evade me so long.


dreamed of irrelevant or rampant.^ yesterday visit son for sunshine in dusk after 3 days' cloudy. I played "borderland" with son's companion and made great progress. son's mom kept driving me in debt of her, blaming gaming costs son's study time. i returned in drizzle and ate some toast on way near QRRS Dorm, thanks the holy. in dawn dreamed witnessing a genius professor, who ignore common social behavior to maintain his originality, when i worked in German university in the dream. God show me rich or plenty in rampant and irrelevant, in irregularity. I at once know the gift, the bliss among my examples regarded as challenge for mob in these chill days while my bare clothes still welcome the leaving summer. God, bring changes to my life so far praying. bring my girls, my sons and daughters in coming Royal China! God, u see the thanksgiving.


a long dreamed about handling ethnic worship. ^ yesterday I first time tried to fix a Clavus on my left smallest toe with hot water, in aim to play soccer with my son in the coming Autumn freely. this dawn dreamed being in heavy ethnic area, like Xinjinag, northwestern China, co-worked with a kid and his parent, witness their worship & magic. in the end they prepared and migrated their idol, like a huge white cake, to new mosque, after many curses, condemns against interference by PRC, and during many dark spells. also dreamed in my hometown new hospital built and lots of witchery in local community. a middle school alumni, likely in family name Tao, and a QRRS colleague once worked as Communist Youth League secretary, appeared in the dream. the secretary attempted to promote the Tao to a new position on social ladder in another big city. I managed to rescue my storage in QRRS' hostel while the Tao along me among guests of the hotel, whose dinners always rich for foreigners . Its cloudy now, even likely drizzled. God, yesterday I lost temper when my son, warrenzh 朱楚甲, lingered and loathed to leave pc game. God, save our happy time in games, save my Royal China among adversity. God, u see the promised land in title Zhu's under ur shine. thx for ur grace, Dad.

From baby's works update
From baby's works update
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Friday, August 31, 2012

mild late summer sunshine echoes complacency in 2012.


son, warrenzh first time played soccer for more than an hour. ^ yesterday is a full sunny day. I, the proudest father, visited my son, warrenzh 朱楚甲 after lunch in QRRS in-factory canteen. I bought him his favorite KFC food. we tried again our new xbox wireless gamepad with a new pc game, "Damage Inc", and enjoyed flying in jet. later we hanged outside, joined a dad and his son playing soccer on nearby sports yard. son never ran and kick so long but still energetic in near 2 hours. I myself enjoyed body practice rarely in decades. this morning i dreamed bringing son visit somewhere, and introduced son's teeth rotation. when warrenzh opened his month, i found the only front teeth hanging lonely and dropping anytime. God, allow me sports more with my son, equipping him a new sport shoes. God, bring change to my life with my girls!


dreamed of sex tour with girl Liu, my once Nankai Univ. girl friend. ^yesterday I visit son celebrating harvest of new pc games from web. my son, warrenzh 朱楚甲, told me the xbox wireless gamepad we ordered online together in my dorm last Friday night arrived. we narrowly tried 2 games after i fix driver problem &settled the gear. when i returned to my QRRS dorm, Its 9:02pm. in dawn dreamed of my Nankai Univ. alumnus Liu, a girl with whom I had been in love for more than 2 years before broke up when we graduated. we traveled and made love in the dawn dream. finally we visit an American family whose the mom absent, but a father and his son. i dreamed making love with the Liu there till woke up. Its a sunny and peaceful morning. God, u know how I longing for love and making love, bring me rich rain and tender love in my life so long praying. God, bring me Royal China sooner!


our game experience will enhanced by new xbox wireless gamepad. ^ we had bought a cheap xbox gamepad which cost ¥90, but it soon ill-working. even recently our gaming desire wading in growth of years, but I, the proudest father, still suggested to equip us with a new wireless gamepad. my dearest son, warrenzh 朱楚甲, Hope of China, God of Universe, admitted it. It's a hard month, for my pinching finance hardly support it. but last night we narrowly settled the order online, and hopefully we can find funs with the new gift among our pc games. It's sad to hear from web news that pirate pc games deeply hurt game makers, who brought us so many happy time and I even encouraged my son's career interests in the industry. God, merits save itself. world plenty and meaningfulness in the beautiful binary domain, digital games. God, bring prosperity into the educational while entertaining product, sustain smart minds in the industry and their good fortune from fruitful workload! God, let's witness ur glory and grace in my son, warrenzh's childhood engagement or activities. God, see me my Royal China, my girl Lv, my crowned Queen from Japan, Asoh Yukiko, my girl zhou with which I still linked with the company my nest inside so far stable, and my Taiwan girl who evade me for more than half year. God, u see all these.


dreamed of being in love with a girl in my hometown Zhudajiu village. ^ the girl named Zhufengtao. when I studied in elite Huanggao senor middle school, in vacations my mother brought me to visit her at her parents' house in Zhudajiu village. later she also graduated and worked in Shenzhen, made good fortune and help her parents rebuilt their house in the village, while her 2 brothers likely less fortunate, both cargo driver and one even kept single in his 40s. her father once a worker in the county town, and befriend me when I was a student. in dream I had warm heart in chasing his daughter. Its a peaceful morning. God, u see how I prepared myself for my coming Royal China. God, bring change into my life so far fruitful.


dreamed of alumni of my senior middle school. ^ in dawn dreamed of Huanggang senior middle school alumni gathered when our brotherhood still strong. dreamed they help each other among the meeting. late dozed, dreamed along a cargo team from southwestern China, battled with road troopers. also dreamed myself fought with young beast extorted on my privacy. It's a sunny morning. God, bring changes to my life so far here praying for my girls and my bestowed land from my ancestor with glory.


dreamed travel with son against his grandma. ^ dreamed mother of my ex-wife plotted with her daughter against my intimacy with my son, warrenzh 朱楚甲. I, benzrad 朱子卓, insisted touring with them. in a hotel they prepared dinner while kept eyes upon us, I led my son and his dozens pals exploring tunnels of the hotel till returned successfully to the dinner. God, u see my struggle to father my dearest son, warrenzh 朱楚甲, Hope of China, God of Universe. God, bring my Royal China sooner and allow me catering to my sons, esp my first son warrenzh, a better life. God, see me and my girls our being intact among adversity exerted by enemies of new China Empire that will live 1109 years under title of Zhu's. God, thanks for ur promise allowing me visit my son with great gifts, in these days and future.


dreamed of teeth rotation. ^ dreamed with son visit a car show, where we take part in eating hamburger contest. when I comparing teeth with my son: his teeth grow mature, while one of my teeth, very small and young, dropped upon shaking.

From 2012 on the way to rejoin
From 2012 on the way to rejoin
From 2012 on the way to rejoin
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Wednesday, August 08, 2012

sing among sino-Pacific.


a timely rain in dawn.^ China surveillance recently likely hacking my stream when i watch a Taiwan episode, let it lagging heavily. that reminds me hungry dogs, ie. local mafia, among the society desperately challenging my Royal China. last night i reviewed my situation, and wish list of loan for a new xbox wireless gamepad. in dawn i dreamed of erotic and got spermatorrhea, a sudden rain follows that, brings down recent sultry. Its so auspicious. dreamed in my hometown village, Zhudajiu, we gathered to buy bacon. the owner of the pig insisted offering me a favor, I adopted and buy more to improve my living. God, if I can do, I will do it better. God, aid me improving son's gaming experience with a new wireless xbox gamepad. God, bring me my people of new China Empire of 1109 years under my title in ur shine. God, bring my girls sooner in my Royal China!


dreamed of alumni gathered to fly.^ dreamed 4 of my alumni, likely my senior middle school, privileged Huanggang middle school or Nankai Univ, all good at study, bought themselves jets. they fly into sky, enjoy chasing wind, then gabbled on ground while their single seat jets damaged by chills outdoor. so one of them, the smartest on academy, failed to return to sky and crashed his jet. on the crash site I met one young man from my hometown village, Zhudajiu. his family competed with my family long time, he has 4 children but still aiming outracing us by offspring.


lasting rain. ^ last night is the coolest night in this summer. with quilt cover i was turned to urine 3 times by chill in the night. dreamed of roommate when i studied in Nankai Univ for master degree, a native Tianjin boy. also dreamed of my colleagues, esp the current department director in my previous work unit, with which i still gain support. the rain, mostly drizzled now, continued all night, out of my expectation. God, u see how I was contented so far, pl improve my life with my girls, inc Asoh Yukiko, my girl Lv, girl Zhou, my Taiwan girl, all my Queens, in our prime time. grant us offspring in ur blessing! God, u know how close my fate's breakthrough is ahead!


dreamed of death chase by gays from previous office again.^ dreamed once close workmates turned into walking deads. they hunted me for death. the gay gangsters of my once colleagues, esp the facing desk resolved to murder me in the dream. Its the most beautiful raining night, after a sunny dusk when my dearest son visit my dorm and played soccer with me in the dorms open space. he ported here as scheduled monthly, we tried pc games till near 10pm. in the night i felt so full of holy spirit. he woke up for thirst mid night, with some water we woke up in dawn rarely at same time, then he watched an animation before we headed to KFC breakfast, where i bought a tart for a poor elder man there. returned to his mom's house, his mom banned us to play pc games and urged son to practice e-piano, so we went to shower in public bathroom. we then lunched in a nearby restaurant whose operator is a gentle young man. his mom lazily as usual laid herself on bed to gabble with him after practiced e-piano, so our son busy with kissing his mom while i busy with computer for disliking my ex-wife being failing sick against a kind or mature parent. at last i held my son on my shoulders before his mom soon felt into sleep, talked with him about old history of my hometown village's living, also common scientific knowledge he listening till the grandma arrived. in dusk after i settled in dorm in front of my notebook, a rain storm arrives. It turns so sustained and persistently that i deeply touched. i know the bliss in air. God, bring me sooner my Royal China! guard my son and his sanity by my wives' tender love. God, trinity is us secured.


dreamed of fucking Islamic founder, an elder woman.^ yesterday I dozed a lot, regret for son's loathing to play pc games with me like before. re-dwelt about the laziness of son's mom, who can day long reading cheap erotic novels online motionlessly. visit son in dusk and told him my anxious about his passive reading seduced by his mom's magazines after we two dined out together. my son listened carefully, like his smartness in most cases. also urged him sleep alone sooner when his mom listening after we returned to her house. in the night dreamed of founder of Islamic, an white haired elder woman in middle size. It rained shortly exactly the moment I disgusted by her. in later dawn dream, I worked for film or publication company, and held important photos, for which many young men risking life together help to protect. I woke up many times while the dream continues, till felt urgent to blog it. God, guide my son grow healthily, among the dirty family of his mom's, protects my son in my wives' tender love. God, bring me sooner my Royal China.


dreamed of my passed mom hosting her nieces&my sister.^ dreamed in my hometown, Zhudajiu village, in lunar Spring festival, my cousins, all my mom's close friend's children, came to visit her. their family, mostly girls, enjoy prosperous and fortune increase and built new houses. I tried to congratulate my closest friend, one daughter who is tallest among my cousins and who still regret don't married me, for her new house as well as improved living standard. my best beloved sister, also built a house near their village, whose most residents under family name, Mei 梅. after woke up, i found all my efforts to make my son's life easier, like pc games and LED TV, in fact trying do that for myself. God, see my son and guarantee his life he likes most. God, bring me new family that changes my situation. God, let me see my Royal China sooner.


dreamed of being a manager of 赵本山's company. ^ in his enterprise's leading meeting, closely watched the laugh-making star. i had 3 or 4 important innovations or breakthroughs in the dream and Zhao obliged to me, so I can see pros and cons of the legend entertained Chinese more than a decade, with his mostly ill appetite in humanity. last night still felt Mafia's threat to me and my family, but a thunderstorm makes the heat calmed down. God, bring me sooner change in my life, with my girls! God, see danger of my family beset and killing offends in time for grace and glory untouchable.

From 2012 on the way to rejoin
From 2012 on the way to rejoin
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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

shines over the river of summer times.


a lengthy dream of Empire court. ^ dreamed detailedly about the structure of a dynasty, likely Ming dynasty, a treasure of my ancestor in family Zhu. dreamed a lot about different rules among Empire cadres, social experts, as well as the Empire himself in the foundation of the early dynasty. and the different of proposal, 奏 and another of court document format i now don't know how to describe in Chinese. later i busy with improving my computer with 2 input and 1 output wire to allow seamless switching from source of Internet and cable TV to output to my computer. i visited the first graduate of my hometown village, Zhudajiu, and found he at home and allow himself helping me to make the connection wire. God, bring me sooner my happy life with my girls, in my Royal China!


dreamed of migration. ^ dreamed of migration with son. then with my relation in hometown, later also include figures in Chinese traditional literature, "The Legend of Three Kingdoms", on migration or movement in war. yesterday my son, warrenzh 朱楚甲, consoled me he still finds funs in pc games, among my anxiousness that improved living standard will cost more, esp social interactivity. Its a cloudy morning, cozy weather among summer heat. God, free me with more happy time with my son while maintain his healthy growth, including independence, sovereign, cautiousness. God, bring me my girls and new family sooner!


dreamed of surviving mafia surveillance with son. ^dreamed co-operated with son to defeat challenge of mafia in harsh surveillance. Its a sunny morning.
yesterday we had a good time. we scheduled to have bimonthly dinning out with toast buffet. i had to borrow ¥140 from the canteen operator to support the event, even this month I spent more & didn't pay back my debts like previous months. son felt too hot on the bus, but resumed joyful soon after we served in the buffet restaurant. its the hottest moment after lunch when we waiting bus to haunt shore of River Nen, western Qiqihar, near 1 pm. but playing among crowd aside the river totally rewarding. warrenzh had great laughs during dabbling waters. God, its such a brilliant day that exceeds our expectation. God, bring sooner my Royal China. killing on time offending happens. God, u see it!


dreamed of threat of mafia. ^ dreamed my sons and myself composed clock fingers with our body among local mafia's threat, and the composed time, says 12am, is blessing. then dreamed visiting my hometown, where my 2 sisters help me clean louses in my hairs with comb. lots of cooties were ripped and falling onto ground and we extinguished them with joys. It's a bright morning. God, bring me sooner my Royal China. kill the offending always on time the event. God, bless us happy time on coming dining out toast buffet u promised.


dreamed of passing exam. ^ dreamed in dawn passing a hard exam. I scored 32.5 while the line is 26 or so. in the exam i almost gave up in physics, whose teacher is a plain middle aged man. but fun in English subject encouraged me to continue. my English teacher, a sweet tall girl, congratulates me with my exam result. magpie's diligent singings outside of my window reminds me to blog the good news. God, brings me sooner my Royal China.
Ps: dearest son, warrenzh 朱楚甲, just returned from his mom's summer vacation tour to Jilin Prov, northeastern China. in the week, i retrospected lots of sins among the grandma and the mother herself during son's growth. I made a choice that time is ripe to make even. in those photos shot by my FujiFilm, son steadily passed through the swarm of dirts and dark. God, save us from revenge. God, i see clearer the sky and land we bestowed.


son due to return from his mom's summer vacation tour. ^ yesterday i dared to visit his mom's house without notification of their location, till found they still in Harbin, last scheduled city among their travel plan. this morning QRRS dorm's gardener using lawn mower outside, the noise let my sleep unease. dreamed my son worked with me to fix our programming of printing. we r so focused that his 2 cousins entered our house and stayed till leaving caused our attention. i so scorned my son for insecurity. Its a bright morning.


dreamed work with a vice Primer, Yao. ^dreamed working for a vice Primer of PRC, 姚依林, one of the notorious 4 gangsters, inc 张春桥,王洪文, in dream. It rained cats and dogs in dawn.


dreamed of my nephew&his sister loaned me. ^ dreamed in my niece's or my sister's house, where she loaned me. the amount satisfied me, even her brother loaned less.

From warrenzh in 2012 summer vacation tour
2012 summer vacation tour to Jilin: son, warrenzh 朱楚甲 extends out to scenery mountains and lakes with his mom&grandma aid by his mom's school. shiny star in fog & forest calling home of the inaugurator. there are children and elders, of his mom's colleagues', in the group tourism led by professional tourist guide. son, warrenzh, had fatigues among the week travel 2 provinces, from lake to mountains, but we was not brought down. in the week his dad, benzrad 朱子卓, me, missing in retrospect of sins in son's mom's family, missing in countless naps for sorrow. now we have great plan to hometown visit this lunar year end, from northeastern China to central China where benzrad grew. we will enjoy first time flight, hopefully aid by loans from my social relation, esp. of my alumni and work place. God, u see the graceful sky.
From warrenzh in 2012 summer vacation tour
From warrenzh in 2012 summer vacation tour
From 2012 on the way to rejoin
From warrenzh in 2012 summer vacation tour
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Friday, June 29, 2012

raining season drinks source of love.


dreamed of defeating urine problem in my hometown.^ dreamed in dawn I got heat in penis root in my hometown village, Zhudajiu, and have problem to release bladder. my sinful 2nd elder brother aside, also my cousin who long time a shameless bureaucracy. later my father, God in heaven now, appeared there near my uncle's house where villages gossiping. I suddenly peed 3 times and the volume is large, the spraying speed is strong even with sharp siren. I woke up with peace. God, save my works online. let my son, warrenzh 朱楚甲, witness his summer vacation tour with his mom safely and joyful. God, bring sooner my girls with my coming Royal China! in the hot and beautiful season now. Its wet and cool when i blogging, turning raining till I posted it. God, grant my blog more vivid memories including photos.


dreamed of roaming in Nankai Univ and evading alumni.^ dreamed toddled among classes in its main building in Nankai campus. met some classmates, esp. a Huang who now a social science researcher in Hebei Prov. a lecture is live but I carefully avoid to sit in the spectrum nor listening or ran into familiars. a teacher of philosophy school, of my major, urged me to join but i continued to aimlessly search among classrooms on different floors. campus life always my nightmare since my trouble with the education system under PRC. napped again and dreamed visiting a cinema with my son, but we didn't take part in watching.


dreamed of primitives and their Gods. ^ last night lately around 10pm my son, warrenzh 朱楚甲, Hope of China, God of Universe, buzzed in, just after finished his homeworks. when i visited him several hours ago after dinner, he miserably complained to me his pains upon heavy homeworks, with which his mom cold-bloodedly sticked to scorn and punish him. KFC, his favorite food i bought on way, even can't let him happier. the sinful grandma also suggested my postponing my yearningly yelling my son as usual when i entered the house, first time to show her brewing envies burst. before went to bed in QRRS dorm, i roamed lately till dawn, reviewing Chinese painful education overshadows my son. this noon my sinful 2nd elder sister buzzed in to sniff foul in my life. the dirty woman tried again to shamelessly fix my broken first marriage, just for her incurable jealousness. i tried to contact my son if he is in vacation, but he yet refused my companion the moment. napped on bed, i dreamed of living among primitives in hard life in early history, and their belief in God or Gods. i saw living spirit from the beginning among human. its all time a sunny summer day.
God, u always kill the moment the offending. God, save me, your son on the earth, and my son from sinful blood link which drained in envies. God, bring my Royal China sooner!


dreamed in guest of France court.^ dreamed of being close friend of Emperor of France. visit his or her dinner with another close friend on 2 seats facing the Emperor and his or her spouse alone table. God, bring me sooner my Royal China, esp my girls when our lives as young as early birds.


dreamed of co-hosting a provincial Nankai alumni party.^ dreamed in sunny dawn holding a alumni party for all years students from Hubei Prov, my hometown in central China, in Naikai Univ, with 程超, my only county alumnus when i studied in Nankai Univ, Tianjin. we treated hometown folks with chestnuts. i spent some time washing myself before join the party where gossip and speech going hot and listening in crowd. its so bright outside now, with a new pc game harvested on my hard disk from over-night download. God, save our pleasure in entertainment softwares. save my Royal China from lapsing prime years in our lives bound together.


dreamed of family party when dad was young.^ dearest dad, God in Heaven now, held a camp party at home for his children. I have my Tibet artist friend, 边巴琼达, who shows his stylish sculpture there. my elder brother and sister also invited their friends. dad in his middle ages. Its a pale morning now.


benzrad's comment on the day.

no strange, the ever revolting/revolving monster of PRC's communist as shameless as sinks world with its zombie bots, the ghost/remnant of its massive murdering. only collapse stops the steam and dirts of it.
Solidot | 中国碳排放量比以前预计的高出20.


prayer in surrounding darkness.^God, my son warrenzh 朱楚甲, u r so weak and enduring. save us from dirty and dark environment we were set in. let the monster in his mom's family killed and disappear. God, bring me sooner my Royal China and shelter my son warrenzh, Hope of China, God of Universe, more readily.

From 2012 on the way to rejoin
From 2012 on the way to rejoin
reason that's hot in summer.
From Life's monument in Royal of China
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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

prayer in rain more earnest.


dreamed of being a young researcher in university.^ in dawn dream witness some young scientists in campus, with their couples and their social content. then dreamed a couple of Germany, also likely doing research. Its a sunny morning. God, bring me my Asoh Yukiko, with whom my university life becomes golden memories, sooner. save my son from any insanity from the dark environment he stems from.


dreamed living with Asoh Yukiko in Japan.^ last night watched movie, "Beowulf" lately, and trying interpreting its message of life. in dawn dreamed again worms in my wound, on rim of my left foot. during powering pc and retrospect glimpse, i knew the dark taste of son's mom, ie. lesbian. to escape the idea, i slept again. dreamed living with my Crowned Queen from Japan harmoniously. her mother welcome us with pure kind heart, like most Japanese women. she cooked for us and left her daughter with me then. we enjoyed the dinner, which is delicious likes my love with Yukiko. then we went outside to wash dishes under nature stream or pool on a hill. there were other Japanese there, but it doesn't make less tender loving between Yukiko and me while we washing. It's pale now but Asoh with me now. God, bring me my Royal China sooner, inc my Crowned Queen Asoh Yukiko, my girl Lv, my girl Zhou where I closely waiting years here for, my Taiwan girl who evades me since my body language telling her my persistent love with her and family with her. God, save my son, warrenzh 朱楚甲, from the dark in his mother's family, save Hope of China among rotten and riot.
napped after lunch, dreamed visiting ZhuDe's home. the Father and Marshal of PRC, and his loving wife, treated me with delicacy they cooked. i felt anxious upon visiting my son in the dusk. his school rearranged schedule and set off next 2 days as weekends.


dreamed of being a tribe in China.^ I was a tribal member or worked among them as a county community cadre. closely watched the wife, husband, elders, etc, and their roles in routine life, as well as their emotional interactive, inc love. felt the pure and harmony among the tribe.
yesterday is Int' Children Day. I prepared to treat my son, warrenzh 朱楚甲 with KFC holiday pack. several days ago on his 7 years birthday, he asked a birthday pack but refuted by me for orders already proceeded and he seemingly frustrated. i borrowed ¥100 from QRRS canteen operator. It's a bit embarrassed but i survived, for the Holy directs my behavior. when i arrived my son was brought to hospital to check his worsen eyesight for over-used, and i waited near an hour outside under a raining roof. i supposed his mom did that against me, for i already equipped son a new glasses, his 2nd one, days ago. i envisioned his mom's sinful plot and cursed her twice via phone calls. my son enjoyed the KFC holiday pack greatly. we also enjoyed pc games, showers in public spa in the rest of the day. there were drizzles on the day, but its too blessing. God, brings my Royal China sooner! equips me adequate life to allow my son living gracefully!


new moon in the month, and son's birthday.^last night new moon in the month first time appeared. I visit son in dusk among rain prelude but in fact risk free for the brilliant day and bought him a new power rack to replace the one sometimes flashes during power on. in the night i reviewed my sorrow of not enough time accompany my son lately till 23:32, God shows me deep soul of solitude and creative mind in western culture, and counterpart of Chinese massive entangles or harass in relation. in the dawn dreamed chasing a girl with the presence of a kid, likely my son. my parent also appeared, for they were assigning heritor to share their large house. I got the deeper part of the main hall. i woke up till bright sunshine outside. God, bring my Royal China sooner.


dreams. ^ dreamed in campus arranged beds in dorm. then dreamed competing with 2 sisters to be more friendly and open to my kid, likely my son. its a brilliant morning.


dreamed of my passed university alumni.^ dreamed visiting my campus roommate, a Xiao, who committed suicide years ago, with companion of another alumni, Luofeng, who now a college teacher in Henan Prov., neighbor province of my hometown Hubei, central China. in dream Xiao survived hard life and lives with continue study, also our major, philosophy. our once major teacher in Nankai Univ also lives there in my dream. Its sunny now even sometimes clouds slide.

From 2012 now stays unbeatable
From faezrland, 天下主家 Geo-Album
From 2012 on the way to rejoin
From homeovie2RoyalChina

visit son, warrenzh 朱楚甲, Hope of China, God of Universe, among threats from mafia and sinful PRC authority. Qiqihar recent cloudy and drizzling days, likes God brings my hometown, Zhudajiu 朱大九, Hubei Prov., central China, weather here now. I, benzrad 朱子卓, managed borrow ¥100 from a colleague in QRRS, my longtime and once employer, when i roaming around QRRS Dorms and ran across his way home, after my dorm canteen failed to loan me amid threats from local mafia. God, surely I'm the most affirmed testifier of ur Holy message, ur Holy road I striking to forge, China reset for 1109 years of an Empire ahead. God, bring me sooner my Royal China. God, u see.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

season in rain among global warming.


taught the sinful woman a lesson.^last dusk visited my son, warrenzh 朱楚甲. God allows me meeting him on way when his grandma leading him leaving from his calligraphy class his mom arranged. we played awhile in the nearby southern park, where he didn't find pals, so shot some photos with my camera. i promised him playing pc game he likes as long as i stay. but that postponed by his mom, the dirty bitch. she is really cheap, blocking my son's independent free time by checking frequently our son's homeworks and demanded amend, driving our son busy around her aimless and useless. her whole life is cheap and usually spent accompanying her so call students writing rubbish notes in her house, as a way to earn dirty money. before leaving i found her put her hand under my son's shirt and likely that's her usual habit. i warned her that would be bad for kid. the rain started when i prepared my son his favorite old pc game while waiting his mom return. the grandma laid lots of pressure when my son trying his old game, urging he eating dinner where she forced to feed my son herself, as a way to gain from my son's buddy life. how sinful the woman's family! God, u see, pl save my son from dirts and insane!


historical heaviest rain in decades.^ God, i see familiar raining scene in my hometown, Hubei Prov, central China, in recent rains which last more than 2 days in series. in rhythm of rain, i felt lonely, sorry, praying, warming heartthrob of memories of my loves. in this eccentric city of Qiqihar, where i yet found my rooting nor seeding, my longing town-sick cured by recent weather changes, esp. sunshines and rains. God, my life so far is drifting, until my Royal China surfaces the sinking torrent of PRC, where turning riots and rotten. God, please bring my girls sooner in our prime time.

these days sees peace again after our son, warrenzh 朱楚甲, Hope of China, performed less brilliant in his mid-term exam in elemental school. his mom, urged by even spiteful grandma, both losers with bitter and biting heart against my joys with my son in pc games with improved hardware, blustered/outbroke scorns upon us and demanded ridding my son off our game gears, ie. dell notebook, 32' LED TV, gamepads, etc. i also burst to blame son for his loose management over his own matter or stuff, a bad habit stemmed from his mom's enzyme, like scattered items, dependent task implementing. his mom is totally a bitch, messy and fur(r)y little beast, I knew it. after an enduring work week of silent reckon&plot, they waded and my son resumed to play pc games with me in his mom's house in weekends. God, i see ur promise in our joys, and our glorious way on the scary land of eastern Asia we bounded to. God, promise me warrenzh's road of graceful and joyful and fruitful. promise us our vested Empire from ur Heaven message. God, thx for sunshines now outside.


almost wet myself.^ these days I spent more time outdoor in the garden of QRRS Dorms. at noon after lunch i will enjoy sunburn till those mean young beasts in the dorms leaving for work. in dusk i will jog in solitude. last dusk during the jog when i watched a bug walking on a vertical wall of lid of underground water, some young male beasts tentatively loudly talking about how large a cunt and passing me, trying leaving dirts in my mind. returned to dorm and went surfing the web, i felt the drive to watch erotic video online. but soone calling of grace welcomes me and I quit to movies of love. in the mid night, i dreamed of sex and almost half wet myself before i halt. its nice to know I'm ready for my girls, my Royal China. God, u see how close we are in the web of connectivity. It's now a sunny morning.


dreamed of python and persuade my family to feed it.^ dreamed of in my hometown village pested by large pythons. the male one killed by villagers before i knew it. the female python partially lingering in my house. its so large that my house can't space its whole body. it's spawning and its bite leaves iron sticks planting on the ground. my wife, likely my son, warrenzh's mom, tried to kill her in fear, but i managed to cure it and feed it. then woke up. its a brilliant morning.


family 2nd scheduled bimonthly dinning out, the dad and his son alone. ^ the proposal by benzrad 朱子卓, the dad, in May, thanks God for stable and improved salary, executed yesterday. son, warrenzh 朱楚甲, these days frequently felt sad for no more time with his dad with pc games. I, benzrad, also immersed several chances insight the deep love in warrenzh's pour and sanctified heart. so we look forward to cheers. his mom felt misery in her life more and more, but again hide it in posed easy angry and aggressiveness. during Int' Labor Day holiday, i accompanied son with pc games for 2 days, but 1st, May summoned by the mother, who refused my visit on the day and also defied to tell where she brings our son to. near 3pm she buzzed in when i busy in my QRRS dorm, said she already brought our son into Qiqihar peace square, where as I told her we will haunt around. she always want to prevail us, or my treats for son. lately she embarrassed to inquire me if she was invited for the dinner i arranged 2 month ago when she narrowly joined by suggesting herself, I told her nope. when she brought our son from the square to the buffet, I found she didn't take bus but by her poor bike. I knew her cheap at once but no cure for her usual self-possessed. my son and I had a nice dinner, even the restaurant likely in loose management and failing in discipline, like most Chinese corporations, esp in PRC nowadays. after we returned to son's mom's house, his mom monitored his doing homeworks all time, refused allowing our son trying pc games as he planned. I left with empty hand and sorrow to son. God, my sailing toward Royal China already launched, no once can break in midway. save the poor woman, and dearest son's good will for his mom, in ur freedom, ur boundless freedom abound ur Mightiest!


warrenzh first exam.^today is a wet day, mostly cloudy, dripping awhile at noon when I walked to join QRRS canteen. from the dawn i felt sleepy among chill, then restless after sleepiness waned and aimless. now sunshine appears again, allowing my sorting recent photos. dearest son, warrenzh 朱楚甲Hope of ChinaGod of Universe, didn't excel as should in his first exam, a mid-term one, and his anxious mom warned to ban our gaming time on his new notebook and 32' LED TV. God, I know it's a long while short in glory road in front of us, esp. of warrenzh's. God, u see how smart our son is, how evil plots ahead against our Empire emerging. God, trust us smooth way our son bestowed, put peace and joys in our gathering in this corner of stormy China under failing PRC. God, save us from anxiousness and live aboard and broadly.

From 2012 on the way to rejoin
From 2012 now stays unbeatable
From 2012 on the way to rejoin
From 2012 now stays unbeatable

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