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Thursday, January 24, 2008

the second snow in the winter(yesterday)

after a chill day the second snow descended silently in the night.it shallowly covered the ground and let the world cleaner awhile.after a morning the road had been cleaned mostly and the road worked well for curise.<br>

these days i contented with reading news about the technology,esp. of web.China surveillance had prevented my enjoying haunting most of the sites abroad i had account with, i tried to got their feeds via my google reader,so as to track updates in the world.these days i slept less,and worried ema about my mental status.my baby, with best offerings from his parents who tried their best to cater to him,still refused my kissing him,while he abundantly admitted his mother do.but in every occasion he cared about me and love me the same as he did to his mother.he liked to bump,just for his fun and sometimes i had to scorn him or even beat him.his mother spent a lot of time to accompany him to play and now he was used to occupy his mother's time wheneven she was free or almost was free.i was busy with pc and online these days,only after getting to bed then baby can play with me and sat on my body and jump and crawl.we these days slept after 11 pm and his mother really annoyed by our late sleep and sometimes slept soon in the mid.<br>

after all i enjoyed my life.without the harrass of China surveillance i would much gladder.

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