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Monday, December 26, 2011

season that ignites kindle of light.


last monday before 2012. ^yesterday Christmas gathering's happiness exceeded my expectation. i previously hope inviting 3 guests, the grandma, 2 pals of warrenzh's, to dine on the eve. but baby's mom, tentatively shows her privilege of inviting the 2 students in her school, namely a boy in Liu surname, a girl in Tian's, refuted and rearranged on noon of the Sunday. the pinching budget also drove me unease: i looking hard forward to equip my son a kindle touch and promised him the benefit of the gadget, while i already due to clear 2 debts amounts to ¥4000 for my family 5 domains holding and my sister's loans for my latest hometown journey back to 2010 spring. the morning i felt sleepy while waiting for the toast buffet lunch. when i arrived the buffet via bus, my son in good complexion cheered me up at once. i ate a lot toasted meat, for in my recent canteen meals, meat was scarce. near the end, the girl, a Tian's, left for her tutorial. on bus back to son's mom's house, i babbled a lot about new stage of PRC confronted by homeless farmers who can lead the downturn or revolution long due and more and more heartedly welcomed by most open mind-eyes among Chinese worldwide, as well as western watchers. warrenzh, my dearest son, played pc game with me in the afternoon, till i felt boring. in the night when i surfing in QRRS dorm, he buzzed awhile in to praise the grand event of gathering in Xmas. there is only holy spirit can describe my feeling to his grand insight and Heavenly love, and laughs like gold ring. God, u see how i prepared myself for my new family with my beloved girls. God, bring us together sooner in brilliant wedding. and facilitate baby son's reading with a kindle touch! God, let us sing in ur name for glory above the cold and starvation threat in world, esp. China ahead.

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dreamed of being target of capture for zoo, or caged. nightmare after Xmas lunch dining out.^Xmas is perfect with son, warrenzh 朱楚甲, dined in Qiqihar Golden Hans buffet. son buzzed in lately for celebrating the wonderful gathering. in dawn dreamed of traced&fought with a couples of post Doctor degree holder and their professor, who want to capture me and target me as experimental object/subject. the plot ran a long time before executed in daytime in my dream.


a working Xmas before dining out with son. an early wake up after anxious dream in xmas 2011. ^thx God, google new ui descends to me this dawn. dreamed again of my life out of shape, till found life has to be drifting among the earth and humble. God, bless my son his seasonal gift, u know!


God shows me his way in darkness. shines over profaning attempts nearby. ^God, dad, in ur title and holy anger, i contacted our old family members. thx, God, show us the right way.


a free day away from heavily jammed Internet. dreamed of wartime.^dreamed commanding warship in a lake, combated with knives and other weapons. dreamed of once colleagues in QRRS, a Jiang and a Bai in family name. got up&filed additional small nail. most of the day sunshine, if any, is pale. dozed in afternoon, dreamed my ancestor, founder of Ming Dynasty, fought his way in forging his Empire of China.


dreamed living with son and my wife, in Royal China. dreamed of son and new family. ^warrenzh, my dearest son, and my 2nd wife, Asoh Yukiko, crowned Queen of Royal China, appeared in my dream about academy. found clear full moon covering my bed in dawn with its saint milky light falls. dreamed of my endeavor to survive my loving family among mob&rat race. God shows me closer change in my life&fate shiny.


dream of living with my girls and their family historical settings. dreamed of historical disturbance between my Queens of Royal China, my girls' family background.^these days more dreams in dawn, likely preparing myself for coming new family with my beloved. dreamed of living with my girls. their family friends and foes in our blood linkage, esp Jews' and Islamic. God, bring me sooner my new family, Royal of China, under ur blesses.


dream of new budding life of mine. ^first time dreamed of raising my infant baby son, till see the rewardingly smartness in baby's social intelligence. Its next day of lunar Large Snow Day. God, see me my new family with my girls praying for me, for Royal China.

From snow&winter 2011 among the growing global warming
From snow&winter 2011, among growing global warming