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Monday, September 22, 2008

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baby painting with software on pc

he gradually likes to spend time on pc, first with games, now with painting softs. he is so smart. last night his mother played with him in bedroom. i went to see them after i felt contented with my logo design and want a break. we played catching and wresting and kissing. when i felt enough, i told them i'm to quit to pc. i stayed awhile in the room, when he said he felt sad. at first we thought he meant burning throat, but he insisted he meant sad. that's his first time so clearly claimed his emotion, and that really broke my heart. i then accompany him and tried to explain him that anyone can't always accompany him and every one has his leave, except God, who knows everyone and stayed anywhere at the same time. he didn't comment but went to play game on pc again. his mother accompanied him playing a game of jumping frogs from a game series titled "holy kid games", i love him so much, that only can compared to love for God. i hope he can pardon me for my absence, if there is, in his childhood for busy with my emerging kingdom of China vested from my ancestor.
last night he woke me up several times and repeatedly cried for ema's approval not to join kindergarten today. i don't know why kindergarten so hurt him, i only hope in kindergarten he can be more social, i here prey for God let him less pains in his kindergarten and everywhere he is. i know God sees my baby's need and stay intact holy everywhere. i wouldn't do anything against his will.
God, let my words run.

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