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Friday, January 26, 2007

dry clear sunny day

dry clear sunny day

last night i merely posted to my blogs in 2 hours.my ftp client can't connect to its servers.and dog in the last few minutes cut down all connection of the pub not to let me operate on my diigo.com web service,showing how they ruthlessly treating public interests.returned to dorm i read my blogs on my pda after 2 am.i woke up at 9:10 am and got up at 9:17 am and went to see my baby at once.my baby was striding in the waiting room near the door while his mother washing in the cooking area.when i kneeled down to receive my baby, he avoided me and retreated to the lavatory.after uncoated i held my baby in arms and he immediately asked to play with bottles of comestics and later played with tap water.her mother soon can't bare and took him away from me.i then tried to backup her notebook's newly installed os but she refused me by taking away the notebook.soon the eld son of the aunt arrived from his hometown.he talked loudly and soon left with the family to eat out.i suggested to my baby's mother to eat out but she said she wouldn't enjoy my treat.my baby sleepy and was milking.i decided to wait my baby ready for lunch.i dozed siting on the mat in the waiting room while my baby and his mother slept in the bedroom.after my baby woke up,i asked his mother's idea about lunch but she refused.i then went to the restaurant near the railway station to buy dumpling (baizi in chinese).the process was quite long,as routine in chinese state-owned enterprise or collective company.i bought 0.6 kg,or 1.2 jin in chinese measure unit.my baby barely ate 3 bites.my tried my best to eat more.the rest was left aside.i cared awhile my baby then his mother again took him away.later she tutored the girl student.then the grandma arrived.she chatted with her kid sister's family in the room for my baby after the later returned.i silently started to backup the os of the notebook and till they finished dinner i finished the task.the notebook likely surfed yesterday and heavily infected,resulting slow response and an 1.6 gb folder of quarantined files within the av soft.in dinner time the kid son of the aunt called me and i admitted it.my baby's mother soon cleaned dishes.my baby finally approached me and played awhile with the notebook and shifted it to the bed the aunt occupied.he felt glad to play with the notebook till he picked the heap of my burn cds.his mother later forcefully took him away from the cds and i rushed to pack them.then i farewell to my baby.he followed his mother to the waiting room and didn't kiss me as usual.

that's my day today.the sun really loveable in the morning.the moon high and clear in the mid sky after i finished my dinner in the canteen just after returned from my baby's mother's home.i was in a surprise to find its still at service and i partake some beer with the resting worker of the canteen.

bye.i love u.in every corner u can hide from me.i love u like the most peaceful moon light in front of ur door way.kiss u with deer.i love u.



Thursday, January 25, 2007

a day i didn't even observe its face.

last night i spent 3 hour at a price of 4.5 rmb to post and adding my family members blog accounts to www.diigo.com respectively.dog knowing my trying to get rid of the handicapped post2blog, which ping to technorati automatically was disabled even u can set in the setting files to default to ping ,and proxy setting of individual blog account was locked to direct connecting even u can set proxy, hacked by hacker in dog team,and www.diigo.com offer a blogs management function to batch post via its web service, totally get rid of the control of china dog in the shit stained mainland,tentatively loose its hacking last night and my posting via post2blog exceptionally succeeded to post to www.blogger.com and most of my blogs accounts.dog now hacking heavily hampering me to download post2blog and my other work.they just a prostitute in male.there r many disclose of the character of dictators,like former iraqi president and former soviet secretary general.they just bitch and prostitute in mantle of power.
last night i returned to the dorm after 1 am and read my blogs on my pda till 2 am.then i wandered in the room till 5:02 am.on bed i still felt hard to sleep but enjoyed on the bed.i heard the leaving of qrrsers.i woke up at 5:01 pm and went to dine.the canteen administrators all urged me to support my baby when he was infant.i had a 4 rmb food without any meat.after dinner i dozed on bed till after 8 pm i woke up and sometimes caught the reckons of dog and the family member of my baby's mother's.then i ported in a cafe with which i first time experience overnight surfing.
i had not too much to utter now.i need some additional time to reinforce my cyber existence on web services.bye.i love u.every time i caught mind of u.kiss u with tear.love u on the sea bed with blue water.kiss u.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

bright sunny day

last night i spent 4 rmb to post and register my baby and his mother their accounts with www.diigo.com .i read in dorm till 2:41 am and finished "from vietnam to 9.11:on the front line of national security" and some of "thinking on the web".in the dawn i dreamed again i held my baby alone and left him with my absence for some time and when his mother found him his body covered with some swells.i faced the accuse of ignoring and i tried to settle with god’s care and tested it with my ears but just woke up by babbles from the female administrators in the corridor.so i hurried up to see my baby and found he was in the close arms of the aunt who watching tv with his kid son.my baby almost immediately asked for my cares.he immediately asked to play with the shampoo newly bought by the aunt.the kid son was in a fuss and attempted to take away the shampoo several times.my baby later played with water in the lavatory and the aunt finally took away the bottle of shampoo.then i bathed my baby.this time i finished bathing my baby on my own and my baby played with bailing out water from the basin to floor without any notice of water projecting onto his head.i wrapped him with his towel and later put on him.after lunch i started to burn 3 pirate os onto cds.his mother soon left for her school.i sang a lot with my baby on my shoulders and the kid son learning in the waiting room.i against my baby’s mother’s warn started to reinstall os of the pc and the notebook and tried to reinforce the security settings and backup them.the grandma and her sister went to shower.i didn’t finish my work till 8 pm and missed the dinner,even my baby called me for quite sometimes.i just want to let pc busy so as let me had free time to eat my dinner.my baby was forced to challenge their side watch with his brave deeds.he also attempted to use the computers for several times but mostly held aside by his mother.when i finished my work on pc and read to eat my dinner, his mother,who was tutoring a boy student first time,cursed me for i let her ms powerpoint missing and can’t open some ppts.i finally lost temper and beat her.the boy student left, and the aunt and her son mingled in the mid and i almost threatened the kid son when he attempted to stop me.my baby cried loudly but later slept on my shoulders.when the aunt and her son let my baby’s mother into their room and lock the door i kicked the door and let it broke down to the floor and scattered the glass.when my baby woke up i open the window on balcony and talked to him and sang for him.after shift my baby to his mother with milk she just bought,i left for dinner and kiss my baby.
in a restaurant near the dorm i turned talkative and shown my pda to the boss couples.then i was here writing to u.
its not a bad day today.i just sorry for my baby for i didn’t accompany him more time.i love him exceed what can expressed in words.i love u.with my tear and beer.i love u from the heaven.kiss u with fragrance.bye.

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

yesterday was a sunny day.today the sunshine is enviably bright

last posting in the cafe i with a member card was painful.dog block most of proxies and interacted with me in the process i switched proxies.i finally gave up to post to my googlegroup at http://groups-beta.google.com/group/benzyrnill and clipmarks at http://clipmarks.com/clipper/benzillar after 2 hours,in which half and an hour spent posting times and times failed.returned to the dorm i read "from vietnam war to 9.11: on the front line of state security" till 2 pm,then i read awhile my blogs on my pda.i went to bed after 3 am.i felt agile even on bed and in a dream or in reality i watched the dawn sunshine on the curtain of the window.i also dreamed doing homework with one of my childhood friend in my hometown overnight in a empty building.i dreamed luxun,the notable modern chinese literature author whose real name was zhoushuren,taught us in a narrow classroom.he wore t-shirt and sometimes bared his chest.i got up at 11:37 am and left to see my baby at once.my baby just walking near the door when i arrived and held him till his mother and the aunt finished their lunch with mutton with vegetable.when i started to eat,the mutton was few and i ate some rice with pickle.his mother demanded me swallowing the soup and i rebuked,against her sneer.then his mother suggested haunted outside with our baby.we went to the supermarket near qrrs.we haunted awhile then entered the adjoin kfc.his mother wanted to buy 3 kind of food but only got 2.i bought a hamburger with my own purse to feed myself.my baby glad there and lean himself on the back of the chair for kid.after returned home,his mother want him to sleep and i also dozed awhile but they gave up sleeping soon,left me alone for some time.after woke up i launched to reinstall his mother’s notebook’s win xp,as her current one was hacked to unable to connect to internet.the os i got several days ago trickily,let me failed many times to install from hard disk,for there were not blank cds to burn the cd image onto cd.my baby wanted to watched me for sometimes but carefully held aside by his mother,who turned more and more impatient with me.my baby even cried when he attempted to push the power bottom while the ghosting process running and i stopped him.i finally gave up after 10 pm.at the time my baby busy with stack books from the cabin and stood onto it and stepped down and laughed a lot.his mother with the kid son of the aunt watched tv aside.the aunt previously watching but now close herself in door.i held my baby played awhile then uncoated him and he accepted to play with his mother and ready to milk.i left them when my baby likely to be fed and slept.in the dorm i read "from vietnam war to 9.11" till 4:01 am and left only a chapter on 9.11 to be finished tonight.i enjoyed the updated information on the development of tactics and air power of modern war.i got up at 2:07 pm and want to blog.on the way i bought 5 blank cd at a cost of 6 rmb.the cafe with which i had a member card was stuffed so i returned to a cafe nearer to dorm zone.the stuffed cafe really indicated the abound idle young men.
bye.i love u.day and day i counted ur steps apart from me.i need u,no matter how far the distance was.kiss u with tear.

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Sunday, January 21, 2007

2 sunny days

the night i got what i needed.i walked to my baby’s mother’s home in the dawn.my baby and his mother just got up.i asked for porridge and his mother cooked for me then left to shower.soon the aunt got up.i murmured to my baby how tasty a breakfast with porridge and pickle can be.my baby ate some porridge first but frequently asked to idle awhile.later i ate 2 bowls of porridge and ate out of what his mother cooked.the aunt cooked some other porridge for herself and her son.my baby’s mother returned with bean juice and pies.i sang and recite chinese traditional poems a lot.my baby slept for about 40 minutes.then we went to receive his mother.i ate an ice cream on the way.the door of the school open so we entered.we roamed in the yard for some time.then the students left.finally his mother appeared with her notebook and we returned.after lunch i dozed.when i woke up finding my baby and his mother and the kid sister of the aunt absent at home i started to sort my downloads last night and backup them to my mobile hard disk.dog let the virus definition file of norton av ill working and they likely infected all files i got,but i didn’t mind them,virus and spyware just no way to escape av soft’s chase after time.after my baby returned with his mother i cared him playing.his mother left soon again.when the grandma arrived i started to transfer my browser’s working environment to my baby’s mother’s notebook,to let her adopt the convenience of bookmarks and addons of firefox.backup and migration of her old cookies and remembered password on her notebook to the firefox portable costing me the rest time of the afternoon till dinner,and finally password book within firefox incompatible with firefox portable and i had to give up migrating memoried password .dinner was dumplines.after dinner i went to shower,there only me washing,but the man served there to clean bathers’ body clean himself side me near and let me felt cold.when i returned home my baby and his mother stayed on the bed the aunt occupied.my baby played with the kid son and sat on the back of the kid son who laid himself face down.i felt sleepy and returned.his mother let me fetched 3 oranges and 2 apples.in dorm room i dozed an hour then went to sleep around 11 pm.when i arrived the dorm the rat in my neighbor room just met me in front of his room.i woke up after 1 pm and got up at 1:52 pm.i roamed in sunshine in the open space near the front gate of qrrs,then explored the newly built qrrs’ residential zone,where it just separated itself from flat houses area.i got a view how city residents in old time can be poor except the land they occupied before technology made building house so easy.i returned to dorm after 3 pm and started to read the ebook titled "from vietnam to 9.11:front line of terrorism" till dinner time.the canteen shut,so i had to eat my dinner in the near pub,at a price of 5 rmb.i ate an apple after dinner and headed here the cafe with it i had a member card.
in the afternoon before i got up i reviewed my love to u and my future with u.i don’t know where u r and how u think of me,i m in need of u.god sure guiding us front the upside.
bye.i love u.kiss u with tear.

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