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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

beams that's warm, in the light season.


dreamed of my being Israeli and contesting with Bill Gates family.^ last night visit son even his mom want it next day instead of the brillant day, for her duty in her school. I told son I changed my judge, claiming visiting him is my best gift from Heaven and the brightest moment in my life, not previously urged him waiting for my good news of arriving presents. in dawn dreamed my family, inc my parents and dearest son, warrenzh 朱楚甲, is an Israeli family. we traveled and competed with Bill Gates' family in showtime. then in war time and we fought hard to survive the war field. lots of loving moments of team in the march in dream. Its a sunny morning even sun ray not so strong.


family traveld&dined out.^ thx God, with improved salary, I proposed son to dine toast buffet locally bimonthly and he admits. I think it will meaning we stay together alone from his mom's companion as commonly from now on. but as its first implement this time, and his mom help us seek group coupon online, so we invited her. son, warrenzh 朱楚甲, ate less in the popular restaurant but in happy time. we managed to shoot photos there, with aid from a kind woman on neighbor seat. before the lunch, we traveled Qiqihar Peace Square, exactly other on the western part of the city from my QRRS dorm. son giggling a lot, even his mom got angers as usual after I held no brief upon her clumsily using our camera. this week I can't rid myself anxiousness with my pinched purse, but faith from Holy saves me from upset the gathering when dearest son enlightened so much. his mom likely strikes to re-zip the family, but that doomed to fail. my sailing out for my girls, for my Royal China, on solider concrete than any before. God, bring son his kindle reader sooner, and enrich his holy spirit even more!


recent extended morning sleeps.^ recent weekends enjoy more satisfying pc gaming with son, aided by his new powerful dell notebook. the air in this season really refreshing, we also enjoyed happy talks when we hanged out at noon. I also enjoyed movies made by BBC adapted from classic English literature. they really the potential limestone that brings forth recent world history full of mercy and glories influenced by English. I saw God's deed and Holy message reflects among the epics consists of real life of English society. however, recently I felt more exhausted on bed, and late sleep in mornings. I dreamed more in these lingerings on bed in dawn. I also felt more sex drive with bare sleepcoat on bed alone. God, isn't my girls approaching closer, isn't my new family emerging solider? God, my son, warrenzh 朱楚甲, Hope of China, God of Universe, recent referred several times that promised gift, a kindle reader with color e-ink, in his passionate expectation, bring us the gift, grant sooner my Royal of China on the scary land under title of my ancestor half millennium ago in shape sooner. God, affirm tender heart of my son, exactly yourself, with broader view of ur universe, ur galaxy. God, dad, put prayers in our family that forever grows, esp in this growing season. thx God, in ur grace! God, its now a milky pale morning, but I know bliss in every mouth nodding the Son and his family this beginning of day.


happy weekends as usual, but not without anxiousness.^ last Friday night my son, warrenzh 朱楚甲, Hope of China, God of Universe, ported in my QRRS dorm. we gamed on my acer notebook and snacked. next morning we ate breakfast in nearby KFC, which so nice. the following weekends we immersed in pc games till his mom pushed my departure. this night in dorm, my heart full of bliss and thanks. Its second night with newest moon in the month. I praying smoothly next weekend we can dine in toast buffet restaurant, Golden Hans buffet. son, warrenzh 朱楚甲, really didn't enjoy delicacy too much, I hope surprise him in the western style restaurant. God, my ancestor, Emperor of Ming Dynasty, bless us the joyful moment.


dreamed of passed mom in dawn. ^ last night went to bed earlier. got up later this morning, after lingering dream in which my passed mother managing our old family. its sunny now, but missing my son, who also want more gaming time with me. God, let's us reunion more meaningful! let our coming dinning out richer!


dreamed of death hunting in asylum.^ dreamed trapped again in mental hospital, plot of murder including doctors, state intelligent agents, against me and my son. a Uygur girl wardmate, also in the exile or jailbreak. God, thx for the Holy message. pl see my visit next month to the hospital peacefully.

From 2012 now stays unbeatable
From 2012 now stays unbeatable
From 2012 now stays unbeatable
From 2012 on the way to rejoin

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