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Saturday, February 03, 2007

sunny day

last night i spent 3 more hours in the cafe ,costing me 4 rmb.i tried to post to www.digg.com .returning to the dorm i read the biography of Russian president Vladimir Putin then read my blog awhile .i went to bed around 1 am.i got up at 9:52 am and went to see my baby at once.i ran upstairs and his mother tutoring a girl student when i arrived.the aunt held my baby playing on the edge of the window of the bedroom.my baby immediately asked my caress.then with him on my shoulders i sang and recited memo.later his mother rebut my performance and let me calmer.when the aunt and his elder son started to cook,i powered pc trying to retrieve my email accounts book from dreammail to thunderbird but failed.i delayed awhile to have lunch when they were eating.i ate a lot of bone of the brand "quanjude" duck with its juice.before i started to eat my lunch i asked for pickle,and my baby asked a lot and ate a lot of pickle,let his mother and the aunt in a fuss.they tried to stop but i let my baby eat what he liked and drank sweat milk his mother bought to dilute the saltiness.after lunch his mother suggested haunting outside,and we haunted the cult dragon supermarket nearby,where his mother bought a barrel of edible oil and some grocery.i bought my baby some milk candy.his mother suggested to transfer surplus in my salary book to my baby's deposit book and she did with my admission.she transfered 1000 rmb while my finance book indicating only 900 rmb left while i had to spend another 200 rmb as my monthly expenditure.returning to home i soon decided to fix the notebook which can't play movie fluently as result of being infected by virus and malware.later i decided to reinstall the os and working environment.his mother constantly opposing my operation,by delay or refusing to care my baby.she also urged me to leave before dinner.after dinner i continued installation and backup.the system surely infected,whose symptom including undeleteable folder in the recycle bin.however,this time the movie can be played in normal speed.dog also changed the logon avatar to a dog into my backup, just boast their hacking utilities as their used behavior.the aunt family went to bed early,and played on bed.my baby don't want to sleep and asked me to hold him to hang around when the notebook let me free.i finished backup near 9 pm and his mother seemed happier.we played with our baby awhile on the floor in bedroom.she checked my finance book.i waited my baby milked to sleep and left. i also picked an apple. the road connecting to suburb decorated with string of lanterns.holiday atmosphere everywhere.the couple from hunan prov. lived temporary in the dorm also absent when i returned the dorm,let me even lonely.i felt i was ditched in the eccentric corner on the earth.however,i don't lose my hope and my faith in my responsibility. bye.i love u, in near time and far coincidence.the moon night so clear and cool in the universe.kiss u with beer.


Friday, February 02, 2007

cloudy day as i saw

last night i spent 3 hour and spent 3 rmb in the cafe near the dorm zone.a chinese girl within facebook.com blacklisted me let me at a loss.i registered my account with www.digg.com and found its attraction mainly on the news voted,not handy tool for personal posts management.returning to the dorm i read my blog on my pda till after 2 am.in the nightmare i dream something crept onto my bed from what it hide under the bed and i can’t speak or scream even startled.then in a building likely in a campus,there r some bed berth only with a layer of straw and some shit on it.i was in a corner and felt threatened heavily.later i found a group of young muslim in a near building snipper me through the large window of the building i stayed.an alumnus of my senior middle school,raojiawang(family prosperous), appeared and slept on the bed adjoin mine.then i was in the campus of the senior middle school,huanggang middle school,where i stayed temporarily in a small cabin used as the radio station of the school.my elder brother appeared in the campus.and the building where i was taught when i was a student there was ditched and its ground floor was supported by wood.i woke up at 2:58 pm and got up at 3:02 pm.then i traveled through the open space in front of qrrs.after returned to the dorm i listened to the radio till getting up for dinner.qrrs now hosting a birthday ceremony for its graduate employees tonight and set up a huge balloon outside of the canteen.i ate 4 rmb food without any meat as my only meal today.then i jogged some time in the room.then i buzzed my baby’s mother,less her buzzed in when i was in the cafe later.when the qrrsers leaving for the party,i arrived the cafe i had been charged favorably to surf.ftp again was set to unable to download even its connection with servers succeeded.some pests around me bit heavily,including an by appearance boyish person just aside me murmuring all time,but i just wondering if he is normal.
the atmosphere of celebrating lunar new year turning thicker now,but i still beset in the misery of missing u.i need u,in every meaning it can bear.love u like a cheese in the cold basement.i love u.kiss u with beer and feel.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

bright sunshine all day

last night i spent 3 more hours in the cafe to blog,and join some friends with www.facebook.com. i was charged for 3 rmb with favorite price.i saw some beautiful faces in facebook.com and tried to make friend with them.returned to the dorm i read awhile my blogs on my pda and went to bed after 1:00 am.i slept very sound till 1 pm,and forced myself to got up at 2:08 pm.when i arrived my baby and his mother went outside.the aunt and her sons watching tv.i busy with sorting what i got from the overnight surfing in the new cafe the night before yesterday.his mother asked where i was when they returned,but my baby later approached me and was held away by his mother.his mother threatened me to shift the pc out of her home.after i finished backup,i asked if i should install media player on her notebook for her recently complained a lot about missing the soft to play movie she got from her colleagues,and i was told did it.near dinner time and i was told by his mother i’d better eat dinner first for yesterday they ate the brand ’quanjude’ toast duck the liu brought from beijing and i was left with some.i enjoyed it and made some appreciations.after dinner i played with my baby while his mother started to tutor the son of her colleague and the son of her aunt.i talked to my baby to let him stay on the pivot.when he asked to play with tap water his mother came to care him and let me continue my work broke by dinner.when i tried to find a backup cd to restore some baby songs my baby got impatient with his mother’s care and being kept away from the notebook,and soon milked to sleep.after i found the cd lost i quit my task and slept aside my baby to accompany him in sleep.her mother urged me to leave.soon my baby woke up and want to play.his mother got anger with me, complaining each time i was here my baby got agile,and i accompany my baby when he is sleeping is absurd.i held my baby watched the city night landscape on the balcony with window open.when i found the mops laid on the rim of window to prevent water leaking from window all sucked,i shift my baby to his mother and squeezed out water of the mops.my baby still don’t want to sleep sometimes when i slept aside him on bed,even i sometimes felt sleepy.when his mother got again anger i left.the aunt and her sons kept babbling and giggle on their bed.the liu went to waiting room watching my leave.
its a nice day.i don’t know why i recently slept so sound.but i saw more girls with their mates.when i leaving the dorm to write u here,a tall girl washing her hairs in the washing room of the dorm,let me felt so near and so far from what i can and privilege to have with u.
bye.i love u.like sheer bubble on the seashore of the south china sea.kiss u with beer.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

snow overnight and morning.shine in the afternoon

last night i first time tried peer downloading in cafe and even dog's pest hindering me getting quite some enviable warez,i reaped almost 2 gb stuff.they resolved to prevent me getting any av soft or its definition database file,so as let its terror on my pc prevailed it way.the left side neighbor first play some music and let me felt quite relaxed.but he soon left.the right neighbors likely a couple engaged,kept babbling and later the male read loudly what he typed in instant message cursing from time to time.they let my right leg chill.when i left around 7 pm a car ported outside just launched to leave.i ate 2 rmb for breakfast,and rest on bed for 3 hours dozing.after 10 am i woke up but don't want to get up and stayed on bed after 1:30 pm.my brain today full day stuffed in dorm.then i went to renew my borrowed mags.only a new issue there,so i read some mags don't lend there.the sun was bright and large in the sky when i left the front gate of qrrs and went to read newspaper.the 'cankaoxiaoxi(world reference digest) always left few pages there,tentatively avoid my learning more about the world.returned to the dorm i finished reading the borrowed mag and again rest.there r likely a couple in neighbor room,chatting,even its working time for qrrs.they let me cold and dozy.i ate my dinner some time earlier,with 4 rmb for additional food.a guy left qrrs for his master degree ate there,in his vacation,acquainted me.i ate an apple my baby's mother offered yesterday.then i again rest on bed listening radio.when i turned awake after 7 pm i reviewed our relation and felt proud and touched on our own.i was weak in front of u,otherwise i should took u directly as my wife,but i always regard u resourceful than me,i don't think u should be more experience in love,but i think female nature plenty than men.so i entreat u to pick me,to ensure me that u choose me,follow me.i might insecure in front of u,but i always value trust and pledge more important than anything in love and in marriage.i lost in love before i headed here to write u.
bye.i love u.like deer in grass slope,without any shelter.kiss u with beer.

by the way,my web chat available now these days,even sometimes unstable under pest of dog.on any blog of mine with meebo im box,u can leave me message or chat with me if i m online.i will kept online when i write u.

snowing all day,the longest snow in the winter

last night in the cafe was merely bearable.i spent 3 hours there and should charged 5 rmb but was allowanced 1 rmb.after returned to the dorm i read awhile my blog on my pda and slept after 2 am.i dreamed played with a python and half wet dreamed.the night before the day i dreamed of one of my once qrrs colleague,lixiangjun (finding the emperor),who once was a cop worked in qrrs and lived neighborly in the dorm but later gave up his career and went to beijing,said worked there as a real estate salesman.i woke up after 10 am and got up at 10:23 am and went to see my baby at once.the snow likely continued since last night,and snowing all the day.when i arrived my baby was striding near the door in the waiting room,while the aunt and her elder son cooking.the kid son learning in the room he lived.my baby on my shoulders playing caps of bottle.the elder son want to stand on the football and fell to floor and damaged his arm.his mother accompany him to the hospital.my baby didn't want to receive his mother outside,so we stayed.his mother bought some apples and bananas.the kid son left to study.we started to eat lunch,but his mother refused to sit aside me,but on the opposing side around the table.my baby ate less.after lunch i prepared hot water for my baby to bath,but his mother opposed it.my baby soon bore into sleepiness when we watched tv.he slept soon,so did his mother.i doubting if i should went to surf,but felt dozy and later slept aside my baby.my baby first woke up.then the kid son returned.we went outside after his mother suggestion.we visited the sports yard,where we took some shots.my baby asked me to push him sitting on the ice ground to slide and later i even push him sliding with his back and head on the ice.his mother had to let her shoes repaired,so we headed.but a girl student of the school reminded my baby's mother her tutored schedule,and we returned home abrupt.at home his mother urged me to leave.i backup shots to her notebook and left.the aunt and her elder son had returned and slept together.i played my pda awhile in the dorm and had dinner.then i waited in the dorm for overnight surfing.i listened radio and dozed awhile.i departed for the cafe newly open at 8:54 pm.here i busy with finding some torrent seeds to download,now that http downloads frequently hacked by dog and can't run in windows,including 3 different av soft's definition files and some tools i needed.they also let quite some pda warez can't run on my ppc.i don't know what they intended but they had not too much options to adopt against me.
bye.i love u.in this saint snow white world.i love u with my simplicity and my soleness.kiss u with beer.

Monday, January 29, 2007

thickest snow in the winter last night,sunny day aftermath.

last night in the cafe was under pest of dog.they controlled the keyboard and the hardware package filtered the internet traffic.my ftp client can't download even can connected to the server.i cost 3.5 rmb but with an allowance of 0.5 rmb just to post to my blogs.this night i watched the traffic monitor hardware modified my ftp client's requests and let it bypassed downloading to finish or kill a download queue.they likely can modify files on my write-proof udisk,and let wrote it after my file operation finished.they hijacked and modified my submit package to www.diigo.com to let it batch posting err-prone.in a word,they blocked the way to the world within china,which fatally deemed them into death,or no freedom in china forever.

when i arrived the cafe, a cop in uniform sat on the nearest seat in the room and his car ported outside.what else they can do,except licking around with their dirty and infectious tongue?

last night i slept early,just after 11:47 pm.i didn't woke up till 11 am but can't help continuing to sleep.i got up at 2:40 pm and went to borrow pc mags.there were 3 kinds of new issue but i can only borrow 2.so i finished reading one there.then i passed the front open space of qrrs and its workers' palace.i doubting if i should go over to see my baby so i didn't enter it.but as soon as i picked the pc mags,i enjoyed reading them in the room all the afternoon,till dinner time.i ate 4 rmb food as my only meal today.turned back to dorm i finished reading to another pc mag.in the mid my baby's mother buzzed in and my baby was held by his mother to the phone to talk to me.then i visited the cafe.here i tried to let ftp client download but its ill worked under hacking.the 5 cafes near the qrrs all fatally blocked me from now.my blog posts,some of them err-prone,likely under their unauthorized modifications after posted,not merely under hijack and modifications before the moment my submit package through its way out of china,the dog pest land.

bye.i love u.in this saint white world of winter snow.i love u in every piece of my message in the cyberspace.i love u with my tear and soul.kiss u with beer.


Sunday, January 28, 2007

warm winter day

warm winter day

  • last night was an enjoyable experience in the cafe.one of my neighbor left in the mid and 2 of other side slept but threats lingered on me for quite some time.my 2 sd card capable of 2 gb was stuffed and i had to ditched some ebooks downloaded.i returned to the dorm to have breakfast,then rested on bed for 2 hours.then i headed to computer market to buy myself another sd card.this time the vendors of the booth i dealt for some time all present,including the manager i earliest dealt.a 2 gb sd card cost me 135 rmb while just a month ago 1 gd sd card of the same brand of apacer cost me 115 rmb.i returned to my baby's mother's home and there i immediately sort what i got last night to hard disk.i noticed my baby and his mother not in waiting room and i thought they haunted outside but likely they slept in bedroom.i till lunch time paid attention to them after i almost finished my sorting.after lunch we played with our baby awhile in the bedroom while the aunt chatted in the other room.my baby's mother unease and frequently urged us to hang outside,but my baby refuted it.then the aunt and his eld son leaving.they three likely had slept together on the narrow bed for 3 nights,even her sister's home were spacious.soon my baby's mother decided to haunt outside.we went to a supermarket on my bike.my baby asked to stride on his own in the mansion,looking around here and there without any daunt.his mother again frequently urged to leave.my baby later touched the glass wall with his hands and 2 of his fingers bleeding.after we found it his mother complained me a lot and cold shoulders to me.on the way home we shopped in the grocer shop.his mother again and again urged me not to stay her home and sneered to me.when we just arrived the home a phone call likely from the grandma arrived and i left without farewell to my baby and his mother talking to the phone.in the dorm i tried some time on my pda then dozed.after dinner i read awhile my blogs on my pda.then my baby first acquainted me in the phone.his mother just want to square me out,to save her insult to me in the afternoon.i gladly talked with them.i also buzzed my hometown to informed my mother i had remit her 700 rmb to support her life there.i dozed till 7 pm and then i here to write u. the moon was round and large but unclear.my baby's mother told me in the afternoon the weather was turning.i love u,like the coming snow.in the supermarket a girl with a woman in front of me reminded me of u.i love u,in every corner i search for u.kiss u with deer.bye.  - post by benzillar

warm winter day


bright sunny day

last night in the cafe i registered my baby and his mother another account with www.diigo.com ,for i valued it.after returned to the dorm its near 9 pm and i read the biography of philipine's president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo till 3 am and when i laid it aside i can't afford to miss any time i can be with my baby,my god,and felt deep sorrow for my baby and his mother.so i headed to see them.the bike area was locked and i went there via a taxi,costing me 8 rmb.when i entered the bedroom his mother was awake.i kissed my baby a lot and let him woke up and again milked to sleep.i slept aside my baby against the room the aunt lived.in the morning my baby approached me and touched my eyes but i just want to sleep.till near 9 am the breakfast almost finished my baby approached me again to let me get up to breakfast.i got up and found the grandma and his kid sister's family there around the table.i picked the inner seat and eat.my baby soon asked for my care and i barely drank a little bowl of bean juice.even i want more the table and dishes was cleaned.then the old sisters went to shopping.the kid son went to study.our baby played with bottles of cosmetics with tap water and later was took away by his mother.lunch was cooked by the liu,the first son of the aunt.the kid son also returned.lunch was merely a dish of eggs.after lunch the liu washed dishes.my baby was held by his mother.the challenge from the liu let me dozy.then he asked me some question about customization of win xp desktop icons.my answers likely faultless and let my baby's mother glad.when his mother started to tutor a girl student,i left to shower.i also had a haircut.on the way home i met my baby with his mother haunting out and we entered the sports yard.my baby played with 2 basketball for some time in the clusters of boy players.his mother urged to return so we did.his mother bought him a cup of ice cream and i bought him a stick of sugar gourd.they enjoyed the gourd at home.soon the old sisters returned and they busy with sorting the refrigerator,which lower closet frozen.i accept my baby's mother's urge to leave before dinner but his mother discussed my expense log book till dinner time.dinner was a large fish,cooked by the liu.before dinner i spent some time swiftly move my download to hard disk.then the sons went to shower.my baby and his mother lingered some time around the bed on which the aunt lean.i felt boring and intended to leave but at the time the sons returned.i lingered some time with my baby and his mother in our bedroom and i intended stayed there for the night,but his mother drove me away.in fact last night i told her i wouldn't stay in the dorm any more.i just want spent any time of my own with my baby.but now after a night and a day i felt my baby can live well without my sorrow for him.i kissed my baby several times before leaving.the liu rightly stayed in the waiting room to watch our parting.on the way i decided to spend the overnight in the newly open cafe to surf and download.so far i found some ebook to download from ftp servers.but 0day stuff was blocked by dog.dog periodically cut off the connection to internet. bye.i love u.the biography of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo let me know life was short and tender,while responsibility was straightforward as gliding.i felt i need more mood to enjoy the passing history around me,including my beloved.love u in the sheer light.kiss u with deer.

some shot of my baby today.