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Saturday, October 07, 2006

cold winter just over there

i arrived my baby's home almost at lunch.then i launched to register the security soft his mother's notebook adopted with sn from the web.after lunch i busy with modifying logo for my blogs.my son's grandmom and her elder sister brought him and his cousin outside sunshine.my baby's mother tutoring.after i finished she urged me to see my baby in south garden.so i headed there.my baby glad to see me and immediately led me hold him apart from them,the grandmom,etc.he asked for ball candy and let a lot of mouth water on my hairs.after we returned to home,i found something challenging.i blamed the son of my baby's grandmom's kid sister,who there to be tutored but at the moment idle.but my baby's mother unease with his cousin,who later spoilt the coca onto the ground and hide himself in the corner.i then also almost sure he counted to the dirty wills floating in the room.i then sat down to wondering my kid brother,why he left his family here,and his wife in family name zhou as u,why she left her son here and left.then the little boy asked for shitting,i held him to the lavatory and picked a towl paper aside when his mother returned and found us.then i left to the dorm.i continued reading on the biography of jixianlin till dinner.first time my feet in shoes felt cold in the room.
today u r likely returning to ur school.what i can say its that i hope god brought us closer in the holiday.day but day i roamed among my blogs just in the aim to catch u face to face,and lead ur hand to me forth.god knows how fragile the balance i had now is.
bye.kiss u with the dropping of yellow leaves.i love u in patience.patience is the another name of fortitude.i pray for u by praying to god.

windy morning even in sunshine.

i got up at 10:08 am.last night i read the biography of jixianlin,the countable human art scholar survived the new republic.he studied the history of buddism and really in the companion of god.his beloved in germany when he studied there kept single all her life,and the 2 woman accompany him in china cared his full life when he started his career in china republic.
last night i complained my google account only offer chinese content even i set my account as from a us',likely hampered by chinese watchdog,then this morning here i found again english content options and added some.thx god.
bye.i m here a cafe near my baby's mother's home.its near lunch time.i m to see my baby.kiss u.l love u.

Friday, October 06, 2006

a day of full sunshine, a day of middle autumn day.

dogs,likely 2 middle aged male in their 30s', heavily biting here now paralleling with me aparted by the corridor.a girl facing near a seat.flies stood and flied over my head.dim light covered half the the second floor of starsea cafe.that's the place i chosed after wandering about half an hour outside under the autumn sky.i don't know if its common for cafe,or just ruined by the hand of dogs,which likely manipulated most of the internet cafes in china.
today i got up early at 8:01 am and headed to see my baby as soon as the charging pda ready.my son's mother want to show my pda to her students refered by their textbook.i installed ms device emmulator on her notebook to simulating pda screen.then we started to haunt outside.his mother went to her shool and we played in the south garden.not so many children there,but we chose 2 baby girls with their grandmom and grandpa.one quick at learn and another domineering.my baby on my neck.when we leaving we met a tall and slim man from germany.we chatted awhile,while my baby constantly let his bottle onto the ground and let the man pick it for him.later the german fed up and claimed not to pick it any more.later on the way home as soon as reviewing it i can't help laughing.but he and might before him those parents there accompanying their children,let my baby's running nose running over to his mouth.till we parted the german and passed by the grocer and bought ball candy the grocer let me known.we returned home some minutes before his mother,who later claimed her lecture a success.
after lunch i went to common bathroom.when i returned my baby slept.his mother started to tutor her 2 stucents,including a new one,the son of the only doctor of her school.she bought my son a suit of sports clothings as the fee,but when she met us on the ground she said that's her gift for our baby.i left after her 2 girl students arrived.my baby then had played awhile on my neck with a tube of eye ointment of his mother's and mess a lot on my shirt.he farewelled to me gladly.
so its our happy middle autumn's day.last night i called to my parents in my hometown.my second elder sister and the son of the third elder sister,and my eldest brother and his son there.i felt glad to chat with the son of my sister and told him no matter how he endures the striving contest among his classmates,which is cliche in nowaday china,he should be at ease for he always under god's care.i tried to talk with my grand father but barely understood what he said.i just told him i want him to stay in the world for more years till i visit him with my new wife,and the old family,esp.my baby son with whom my mother asked for many times.they said my father got mind unclear for quite some time,but i believed in him as usual.he is my hero and my god.
bye.i love u.like sunflower in autumn wind.kiss u with beverage in aging mouth.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

a day of swizzling sunshine.

i arrived my baby's mother's home at about 11:00 am and start to sorted her dv.after lunch,we set out with our baby to shot the wonderful day.my baby played on the yard of the school his mother worked for and just let me alone doing shotting.all can't be more nicer.when my baby needed to mop the dust on the ground to shift dirty wills from around,his mother insisted to leave the place and i suggested to south garden nearby.just after entered the garden my baby turned to irregular and i suggested to buy him some food.so we went to the grocer and bought him a bottle of juice.a woman likely the wife of the director charging the garden leaving the grocer and chatted with my baby's mother on her daughter's study which under my baby's mother's supervision.then we started to shot again.the sun ray is strong,so the cheap dv his mother had can capture the moment when we push the bottom,otherwise it loathes to shut its shutter for insufficient income rays resulting ghosts.so i learned to capture the motive moment of my baby.some of them list below:
happy national day
Oct 5, 2006 - 15 Photos

dogs and bugs,that's routine when i read my pda after retuned and sat on the bench in the garden.
bye.i love u.like sunshine and like beshone.kiss u with straw from autumn rice field.

perfect sunny morning,in my memory the longest autumn

i woke up at 8:55 am and got up at 9:35.last night i dreamed some unpleasant things and i know even in dream u can be disturbed.i headed to my baby's mother's home immediately and lingered in a cafe in the way near the house.i tried my 2 photo blog of google with one i didn't settled last night.the sunshine is really brilliant outside of the door and i felt i can't linger here much time to waste it.
as a by-product of search u via web i enjoyed virtual id in cyberspace,just as i envisioned when i was kept in asylum this time last year.at that time my confidence was hurt and i thought i can only do what i can do,let my baby under his mother's care,with which i had been so worried that i broke down before entering the asylum.what i can do was to blog and log my routine as testimony for my soundness.now i applied it in fact.at the time when in asylum i promised my baby's mother if she treated me and my visiting relatives,including my elder sister and kid brother's family, well and i will never sue divorce as petitioner.till now my baby's mother had sued 2 times for divorce but herself gave up.i had to and abled to let her felt safe to live independently.
in a word,i really felt in god's guide and placated.no more no less i can spend time and money on the web.
bye.i love u with tears dreed after so many ready beauties around but apart from me.kiss u with berry in teeth.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

wonderful sunny afternoon.

its about 11:20 am when i arrived my baby's mother's home.his mother at home.she later in the afternoon asked me why i recently visited my baby a time a day, i replied that the sun so nice that i can't spoil it.after lunch i sort her dv and shifted shots to her notebook and backed some to my sd card so as to upload to the web.then i tried to capture more of us with our baby.when its almost time for her to her school we held our son to sportsyard to shot pictures.after my baby asked for ice stick and i bought him one she left in anger.i then let my baby played in the yard in her school till the watch dog interrupted.then we moved to south garden where we played awhile near the fountain.and my baby asked for his second ice stick and a bottle of cock,and a ball candy.when he ate his ball candy on the rim of the fountain while i chatted with a little girl in family name of sun,the neighbor in family name of liu,harrassed us for quite some times,holding her granddaughter approached us and attempted to talk to my son,that just spoilt my baby son's candy into the fountain and we left after the girl,sun.we again returned to his mother's school waiting for the exam finished.crowd of students finished their test left around us.i noticed some of the girl students quite beautiful.after we met his mother and returned to home with her two pupils,i left to the dorm.
i read awhie the bible on the bench in sunshine in the garden,till i felt rest in the sunshine more helpful to the spirit.so i watched sky till dinner time.and as soon as finished dinner i went to the front yard of the cafe,starsea,wandering in the sunset to rapt in serenity.
an hour passed in trying blogger's photo post function.
bye.dear,i know i own beauties without extending hands,but only u can fill the emptiness after my lust for girl's flesh.i looked forward to the day i unwrap u in dear in eager.i love u,under the same sky of days and nights.kiss u with sweatings.
Oct 4, 2006 - 6 Photos

milky sunlight in the morning.

i got up at 9:54 am.and headed here,another cafe between the dorm and the home of my baby.i just registered http://benzyrnill.blogspot.com .i just too much love blogger.com and can't let any one register my blog title.
my home at myspace recently errs several times likely being hacked.but god let the wonderful staff of the company of myspace.com restored it swiftly.thx all,thx god.
its the fourth day of the national holiday,isn't it?i forgot all date in the days and nights to set my home in cyberspace more hospitable.i may treat it like a business,as regard its the speedest and cheapest way to testify my being.hope u can see me
bye.i likely no more urgent to bliss.i love u.kiss u with warmth of late autumn sunshine.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

really nice day

i arrived my baby's mother's home at lunch time.so i ate lunch there.after lunch i played awhile with him and his mother aside,feeding our baby with a kind of tasty grapes his mother's school offered as national day's bonus.then i did some modification to logos on his mother's notebook.then we went outside with his mother heading for her school.the sun can't be more bright.his mother warned if i let my baby eat ice stick she will kill both of us.but we ate 2 in the afternoon.we played in his mother's school awhile,to which later his mother claimed she watched from her office and felt glad our baby played so glad there.she was there monitoring monthly exams.my baby walked on the heaps of dropped leaves and played with the dustbin.i washed his hands with bottle water.then we went to south garden,where he practised to climb the steps of the tablet.then he walked independently to the mini play zone,where he laughed a lot when played with sliding board.dogs and bugs there around but we really entertained.when we left the grocer within the garden told me my son's mother had searched for us,so we headed home.on the way an old also told his mother's search.so i speeded up to return,but my son directed me to slide to a round way till picked again the way passing the old to return home.her mother tutoring the 2 girl students at home.also there her mother and the son of her mother's kid sister.i always glad to see young ladies and sang and recited chinese traditional peoms a lot.my baby insisted to let me care him when his grandma wanted to caress him.i left when seemingly his mother's kis sister will arrived and arranged a second dinner out since last unpleasant dinner out several days ago i reported here.
in dorm zone,i read the bible on bench in the garden outside of the dorm but dogged biting.i kept reading till dinner time.after dinner i roamed under the clear sky and pink sunset, spirit let me breathe freely and freshly.
these days i haunted my baby's mother's home more frequent. but in every second u r doming in my heart.my day wasted in watch u in silence remotely in fact.around the core of ur back to me,i prepared so intently.
bye.kiss u.i love u with sunny sky.

bright sunny morning

a bright sunny morning.its beam on the curtain from the start raises me on bed.i got up at 9:47 am.and headed here,a cafe in the way between the dorm and my baby's mother's home,named xinlongyu(new dragon universe),to register my favored email account.

last night i went to bed earlier among these days,at about 9 pm.but i reviewed a lot.before going to bed i read bible awhile,so i was in the shine of the spirit.i reviewed the troubled persons around me bugging me,and settled in staying in god's dome.

bye.its really a nice morning,for the sun rays,for the peaceful night passed.these days i talked less,one reason is that i busy with signup new accounts and customise blog,the other reason is evading bugging and dogging.the third is that i settled more time to care u,rather than my bubbles.god says words let u less sense love in heart to heart,i love u in peace in serenity.

kiss u with blossom.i love u.

Monday, October 02, 2006

sunny afternnon interupted by cloud

most time spend on customise.morning in baishi(hundred century) let me surer that most customers of internet cafe haunted there just to dirty will.i intended to tell u my dream in the dawn but gave up.nowaday seemingly everyone understand to sexually exert on others by will.
this afternoon i spent in my baby's mother's home.i busy with modifying my logos for my blog and my business.the son and wife of my kid brother,who worked in guangdong province after visited me with his family and left his family here,were also there.i busy with computer,likely spoilt their lunch for its more or less a ceremony dinner but i left them all aside.the wife of my kid sister left first for her stall,then others brought the two children outside to sunshine.then i continued to backup to cd after a haste lunch,till them returned.then my baby slept on bed and his mother tutored 2 girl stucents.i watched my baby in his dream awhile.soon the return of his cousin and the old woman woke him up.i then strode in the waiting room with my baby on my neck and sang.that's all a nice afteroon with my beloved.
after dinner i read awhile 'be friend with god',from the same author of the 'communication with god' series.dogs illwilled around,urge my leaving.i left till its dark and to here.
bye.hope u happy holiday,baby.hold dear with my bless.i love u.

mild sun in the morning

i got up at 9:47 am.last night i worked lately after 2 am online to register my favored userid in google and yahoo,and customized my blog at blogcn.com.till now i almost finished it.
bugs biting now.
bye.hope u a nice holiday.love u with sunlight.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

sunny in the morning,cloudy afternoon

baby,here i m.last night the dorm was very dim when i returned there,seemingly quite some of the dweller headed to their hometown.i read <communication with god 3> lately till finished it.neighbor hooligan played even i ate some grapes brought from my baby's mother's home and its very sweat.i also drank some beer when felt lonely.this morning i got up lately and immediately went to sunshine in the garden till lunch time.in the afternoon i busy with design a logo for my blog now that blogcn offers the function of customise logo.i finished it in my baby's home till 5 pm and when went down to the ground to receive my baby from his grandmom and some relatives of his mother.i hold to sports yard for awhile and bought him a bottle of water and a ball candy.soon his mother arrived and i left.
now i m in a cafe i first visit on the way between the dorm and my baby's mother's home.doggs attacking me.
bye.kiss u with cool.i love u.
for logo picture to large,i spend 2 hour and more to edit it online but just waste time.the cafe named longjiu(dragon nine),bugs there biting heavily.it cost me 4 yuan.after i finished dinner in a little restaurant,its already 8:11 pm.i did some customise to my blog in blogcn.com in starsea cafe and now again under attacks.
the street lost its usual day's crowd.everyone have their gatherings,except me.in fact i also hurt my son's mother.she shown her coldshoulder when i buzzed in to exchange daily bless.god's know i m determined for u.
bye,the second haunt likely run out.kiss u with sweating.