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Sunday, April 05, 2009

bright days, tour Longsha park on a day after lunar Qingming Day


praying dad and baby son

baby and his mom in hill towner.

these days r quite some bright days. also quite some colleagues tried to contact me, likely some good news on me attacked greedy eyes. i more or less still in urgency to search for my beloved, to rid my longing for change, and revitalized my life with oil and water or stream. today is the second day of vacation lunar Qingming Day, the first year with such a national holiday. yesterday i dozed a lot to avoid missing and rampant message about my concerns. this morning i again want to sleep to dream of my beloved, but baby son disagreed. his mother joined her school in morning. he can't find funs alone in pc games. i played awhile with him after he cried for being alone. devils around let he and me encountered barrage when we worked together. that's common these days, quite some occasions i was under anxious about baby's future character or personality, and his position in my Royal, with my other sons and daughters, baby's sisters and brothers, arriving. spying eyes turning thick since my Royal's growth.

soon baby's mother returned. she rushed to put on baby to join her girl friend, a fat woman in family name of Guan ( means in English gate, or cadre with the same Chinese syllabus), i asked to join but ema doubted if i will be a barrage. but baby son insisted my companion. i found they gathered in Longsha park, the biggest garden in Qiqihar. we took photos. baby rode on puppy elephant. we saw animals in its zoo. then we dined nearby. we r the first arrived the restaurant and ordered first. but an later arrived group took a seat near us took first dish and many other dishes they ordered, let us waiting and in want. they r likely dogs in revenge, but also can be the hatred family members, who at a lose upon my pride and glory when bride their sisters,  of my beloved. baby was unease with them and squadded in meals for many times. when we left, 3 girl also departing from a nearby restaurant. the guan soon left us to take her way and at once we felt better.

baby slept just after we left the bus. he slept on my shoulders when we went home. its a bright day so far. i sorted photos then also dozed. when i woke up, it turned gloomy. i know conspires against my Royal turns thick and haste. yesterday baby's kindergarten broke down. we had to find baby another kindergarten. but all after all, God seeing. He seeing and killing. that's rule the devils hated.