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Friday, January 15, 2010

pray in hard. songing in&last.

bright day.^last night slept in time around 9:20pm, after prepared a blog entry enhenced by Holy message 3 times. woke up before 6am&got up before 7am, went to office at once. posted the blog entry first, then read within my greader. Its again a bright day. read after posted daily tweet. my girl zhou don't appear in QRRS noon break. the department summoned to collect fund for charity, i submit 40rmb but don't attend the meeting. the facing dog also mimic me, stayed in office to espionage me&shit around. when i again spit to the floor, the gay barked upon me. i retorted for the sake of my family, as God lets. soon the monitor returned&mopped the floor. also at noon fine tuned baby's blog&wiki, ie. url remapping, sidebar, etc. China surveillance since then blocked my gtalk&google reader. the department director also visit the office&watched my operation on baby's google blog custom domain redirection. returned to dorm, went to receive my girl zhou in front of QRRS HQ directly after dinner after 4pm. there r 3 men playing kites there. my girl didn't appear all time. 2 girls look like her&i tried to follow, but i felt more likely my girl evading me this moment. returned dorm right 6pm, and when i launched logging today, the nearby senior middle school break for dinner. God promised me its an auspicious day. roamed out at 6:30pm, found several QRRSers returning to its HQ, so likely some departments, including my girl zhou's, overclocked in this lunar year end for audit or other financial reason. bought myself food, partially in memory of my Guangdong girl Feng, and enjoyed in dorm. re-read my last post wrote in Holy message last night on my cell's wap access, roamed out again when body response told me my girl missing me, reach QRRS front gate then returned to dorm, where when i picked to log, the nearby students finished their day work&flocking to their home. its all so bright! so vivid and living and meaningful! my girl zhou, pl relax urself if u tired, pl drink when u thirst. i will dream tonight in ur arms. the stars scatters in the moonless sky attending our breath together in sweet.i tasted ur sweats u scattered daytime, and smell ur body perfume in floral garden we own in mid night Heaven. i love u so, my dearest girl, Queen of China, of my Royal. seas pacified when u on dream land, mountains arrest wind wolfing like a shallow of dripping leave from moon under ur closed eyelids. bye, my dearest, bye from this lonely night we r separated temporary by God's red wire. bye and sweet in ur heart, bye and fresh when dawn light wakes up. bye for now for the blessed, bye for God's love among us. bye, i love u, my angel, my heart&soul.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

love of father, love of son, love of girl.

sad dawn dream.got wired via QRRS.^in dawn dreamed of baby less happy with my living my new life, a bit part from him. God, never let me live apart from my baby son, God of Universe, lives me with live source from him within me, live us together forever in one. live us the hardest likes diamond in Trinity. got up at 7:33am, after wondered on bed in early wakeup. arrived office around 8am, QRRS' lan wire already installed, but ip await granting Internet access. visit the director&express obligation. read ebook of Germany philosophist Heidegger while waiting for Internet. got wired to Internet finally aroud 9:45am, now its my works to compliment delayed posts in these days waiting for new working environment in my QRRS office after got assurance from the high rank of QRRS. greet my girl zhou in noon break as usual but with especial new start, she also first time leaps when she passing my office on way returning to QRRS. nothing can express my thanks and being beloved from my girl zhou's envoy. i admire her sooooo much. surfed all time in office, fine tuned my 163 profile&homepage there. clear half of feeds that unread within my google reader. the dispisable China authority hacked google's server farm in Shanghai office&spying their patanted codes, threaten all Chinese google admirers now that google considering postphone their operation in China for evil in China mainland is against their corporate moral. shits! when gone the dirty and really freaky China authority? the numberable darks on the earth, likes shits that humiliate global civilization? yes, its my family's duty to overturn the dark and evil on the scarry land of China. its me and my family, Royal of China, to overtune the sick and ill mind of China as a periphery of my grand ancestor sice Ming Dynasty. left office on time at 3pm. roamed in dorm talking to my girl zhou, who want me picking her indifference her pose. dined on time at 4pm&went to receive my girl at once. its an early spring, as i was reminded when i jog in front of the QRRS headquarter, where hosts quite some evil eyes, likely including high ranks. there is no respct among the elder on China mainland, the dirty porter brewing any fresh into rotten&foul, except my God, my passed dad, the Founder of coming Ming dynasty lasts 1109 years. when its time for QRRSers leaving for home, a girl in white with similiar figure as my girl zhou attracted my sight for quite some time, let me doubting if my girl changed her coat mid way in afternoon and picked the other way as the alien girl chose. but i waited till the radio of QRRS broadcasting songs, of which the first one is a male singer sings misery of love, after finished news of QRRS, i was touched immediately&prepared missing my girl in the so likes unlucky dusk, but then my girl zhou, tearsbreakingly&weepswipingly beaming appeared, among her male colleagues. i stood till her was almost packed by those male QRRSer into a car, and haunted over and around till sure she left the mini-plaza of QRRS front gate by car. on the way in dark lamps, i murmured in heart, my dear, i never closer to u than this moment, for God let me show my wines of persistence, God shown me how u attending me, attending my appeal for u. on half way i originally tend to choose the half way i route between office&dorm, but God let me straight to the cross way and look out if my girl she left the car and drop me there herself alone first time. in office review the scene when i waiting for my girl in front of the QRRS HQ, reviewed my love with my girl zhou. haunted out on 6:30pm as Masheng lets, visiting the cross way my girl can appear. bought myself canned fruits, susage&wine on way to dorm. enjoyed the food&buzzed baby son to suggest them to him. he gladly allow me to buy him the food in next gathering. its so nice a day. i missing my girl so much! in this lonely night and this lonely room. God, don't i live in arms of my bride now? live now in my girl's dream tonight? don't i tear my beloved all night in every silent and single moment? don't i own the whole world of the continent thats beautiful? don't i m ur only son among the human? don't i talk with u in last night dream in ur Heaven, my hometown? don't i live with u, my dearest son, my grand passed dad, all u in one, as my own? God, don't u touched by my thanks with wilder joys in ur the Holy? don't u assure me and my followers mirage exactly in my arms? don't u laid bliss on every scent of my beloved girls, esp. my girl zhou's pillar? God, don't u picked the brightest star and decorated my girls' hairs with its starry? God, let me cry for ur love, cry for being in ur love, cry for the Heaven i saw and felt so far in the love of and with my girl zhou.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

New year on new horizon.bleeding with hope and missing.

So many hopes of family and new family upon the new year of 2010. i will see my new marriage in the beginning of 2010, while baby son got his first International domain, warozhu.com, which now running with a simple but informative homepage based on my domain, be21zh.org. its all bright days, or white days in snowing, recently. i talk with my second wife, my Sun, from Janpanese Royal, in every pulse of coherent, while my forging blood bound with my girl zhou, for whom i searched on the web so long, and our new family turning clearer and sounding. new year of 2010, belongs to the Holy, belongs to the Royal of China in my title.

today again a new bright day, with so many hopes and missings loaded me bleeding. i look into the sunshine, sea's bubble wade and wax in my heart. i see my girl in praying for me, including my first wife, girl Lü, and the Taiwan girl, who will has my 3rd son, and girl Jiangyue. life with so many promises, from the Heaven, form God the Holy. life in moulding the new China and east Asia.
all of all, girls, come, come and join me, with the morning sunshine on her hairtop, with Heaven dews on ur lid, come, and come into new horizon under our steps. the world never more promising than we see it, than we say it.

below is my daily tweets in this transitinal life:


full of joy&hope.^last night busy in office sorting family sites in sidebar against China surveillance frequent blocking my logos on different hosts. slept lately after 10pm, for memory of such a great day. dreamed a school girl succeeded in college entrance exam with her firends. dreamed managed a restaurant in US&in China. dreamed of coming love even under cops' espionage. got up after 8am, and its a blazing bright morning again, with so many lucky fortunes ahead. roamed outside in the aim to meet my girl zhou. sms baby's mom who in last night's chat in low not to swing with rumors of me from dogs'. lunched outside with meat&pies. roamed again in bright sunshine, met a girl in her 16 years old or so with brilliant figure. missing my girl zhou very much. sorted family forum hosted on GAE in dorm, correcting titles&links, also in songs of Daolang, a western Chinese singer. some road cleaners, likely employed from suburb residents, made noise just under my window, while i recharged my cellphone. roamed outside after it finished, picked office to check manual to modify cell's lock key. really missing my girl zhou.


my girl bullied me last night, but its a new gifting day today.^last night lingered in office surfing till 7pm, to avoid the bully my girl zhou exerts on me. the night on bed restlessly, sexual desire turns strong in dawn, woke up first time before 7am. waited in dorm till 8am. refined sites' images in office. dog in office turned agile&foamed of babbles, likely espionaged last night my girl zhou refusing me by picked a man's bike&left before i trying but unable to reach her. the another dog, the monitor, tentatively moved the empty chair to his close territory, trying to ban my using his corporate lan wire. but after all, its a bright morning&God's brilliant gift for me just to unveil. sorted recent photos&prepared upload. greeting my girl zhou in her colleagues' companion. she is just too bright in her white short coat, strides with her long legs. greet her again when she return to QRRS, too perfect to own her as God Holy shines me. felt constrained upon myself yearning for her, for i love her so much&need her in my arms so cravingly and so meanslessly, but after all again, my new marriage with her will commences soon in the beginning of 2010.


a blessing day, with magpies croak over me.^finally baby's site, warozhu.com, running, and my site, be21zh.org, updated, with the help from Taiwan friend. also got the forum of the 2 domains working&refined, after so many errs in source code&blocking from China surveillance. its really a hopeful day, but missing my girl zhou in rush time of work over. i worked lately but managed in position in time to wait for my girl, a girl with the same coat&height mistakened me&likely my girl behind her passed when i retreat to roaming. bought a new basin, for the old one broken last night. fine tuned my cellphone. snowing night makes it a time to pray for saint love. God, kill dirts&evil rumors&loads of pressure around/on my girl zhou, let my love with my girl zhou grows&melting into peaceful&colorful&lasting full joys of family, let my girl in my arms&pulse together.
help baby's granny fetching coupon from QRRS just after got up, for she lost the coupon first time trying to fetch. on the way some magpies croak over me. bought myself tea, a long time wanting, and taste it at once in office. the world all brightly white in last night's snow. read awhile in office. dogs there espionaged closely. the monitor long time in the morning absent, but just after i connected to web with his wire, he appeared&complained about unabled to connect at once as usual, likely informed by the gay on facing desk, trying to find a rent. the facing dog gamed online all time&bet death to challenge me. so call to the high rank in QRRS, about my Internet need&invited him to celebrate my new marriage. he let me dwell more with my girl to know each other better. missing my girl zhou in rush time of noon break. read newspaper to kill time while waiting the director to settle my corporate lan access, among the facing dog's heavy dirts. returned to dorms around 3pm, listening radio. dinned earlier to wait my girl zhou. she walked with her colleagues while i trying to follow her. first time closer to watch her, whose eyes clear&legs long&fit. later she went alone&look back to me, so i tried again to follow her, but she took a man's bike left. when i closely follow her, i felt so rich to own her. God, u never misleading me, i straightly ask u for my girl zhou i persued so long, i directly ask u leading me into my new life with my girl zhou, in the most romantic house in the world we will nest&make love that's saint&breathtaking. God, i m a determined mind, and never losing or dwelling in burning of shame any time any place, for my glory of Royal of China, exactly ur glory on the earth.


a hopeful day.^last night met my girl zhou in QRRS rush time, follow her till cross road, peaceful&hopeful. then returned to office to contact Taiwan friend to upload source files to my family domains, ie. baby's warozhu.com and mine be21zh.org. dealt routine stuff. Its snowing all night, so auspicous. sms girl Feng in Guangdong. tried wap access my favorite portals on my new cellphone, went to bed after 10pm. went to office at once getting up. sorted os in office. met my girl zhou under my office where i talking with the department cadre for my missing coupon, tried but can't see clear my girl's face. customized baby&my 163 account with my cellphone authentication. refined forums of family domains. handed in fee for baby's kindergarten. finished updated family 2 domains' hosting via Taiwan friend.


busy with fix my win7 on acer notebook.^last night met my girl zhou just under my office. the dog in the front office stared me when i waiting, so i shift to another place. my girl tentatively stopped by a icecream vendor aside the road, i picked up&first time closely watched her eyes. its almost our first direct eyes' contact. after she left, baby's mom, emakingir arrived to bring me my medcines. i had visited the hospital but it moved to a new place. so i adopted ema's suggestion several times to make use of medcines at her home. i bought it again from ema, costs me 200rmb as admitted. in dorm contacted my facebook girl who now in her hometown Guangdong, after sms her twice without response. emotional upon re-gaining her message. the dorm's porter, an old woman with her old husband washed in the toilet, the male beast even washed nakedly there when i heard the noise&went to wash clothes. dirts around in QRRS deserves a kill, which descends since last night&shallowly covered the ground this morning. i returned to baby's mom's house first time since my step into my new life, and busy with building bootable udisk, then restored os from backup. migrating data cost me about 3 hours, after last night i found all my works previously done, esp. data syn, all lost. baby was fetched to skate on ice with his first new skateshoes by his mom, who had a half day vacation. returned to office lately after 4pm.


pc crashed when i copy to udisk. tried all kind of bootable disk but failed. got insult from a doggie gay in neighbor room for my borrow his notebook awhile to fix remission problem with my Taiwan friends who just got me my baby's domain, warozhu.com. killing snow since then.


bought my first cellphone, &under clothing&showered near baby's mom's home.^last night restlessly, longing sex with my girl zhou. got up lately&heading to office immediately. retouched family sites while the 2 once colleagues staying in office. tried to upload to my domain registaar but failed again. then gathered with baby&his mom in supermarket, bought baby foods he likes, ate in KFC. then i finally first time buying my own cellphone. also bought under clothes&got showered&haircut. tried to remit Taiwan friend who help me getting baby's domain but out of service. Its so nice a day.


finished logo design for warozhu.com, baby son's first domain.^last night busy with logo design till 10pm. this morning woke up by tractor's engine again. finally retouched the logo, with Chinese slogan. the haunted computer market to buy 8gb udisk, to prepare migrating acer notebook to my usage, while hasee notebook left to baby as he wanted. migrated data between notebook in office from 2pm-8pm. also prepared warren's site, but China surveillance blocked file upload all time. buzzed baby's mom&know the bonus from QRRS likely 7000rmb or so. bought another wine. some porn photos reminds me my girl zhou painfully.


sound sleep. woke up in vital engine sound of a tractor outside.^last night thought awhile on bed, talking to baby son in heart. woke up around 8am. a porting tractor's healthy engine's pulse accompany reviewing some time on bed. preparing baby's site since then, based on my site of be21zh.org, design warozhu's logo. then join baby son&his mom at Golden Hans buffet, where i tried to fix acer notebook but all bootalbe udisk failed. great time with baby, let him know his domain. roamed after returned dorm, present 10rmb to a chair-bound man. review the problem with os on acer notebook. design baby's site's logo all time, finished it at 10pm.


buy baby son his domain, warozhu.com, with help from Taiwan friend.^dreamed of a sportman in family name zhu. his sport is double swords. after his performance, i picked his swords he shot&returned to him. the dorm's door keeper, an old fat woman, behaved evil: last night she with an other woman washed clothes lately from 8pm-9pm, and this morning again did&made noise around 5am in the nearby lavatory of the dorm. such a dirt! busy contacting Taiwan friend to register baby son his first domain, warozhu.com, the second domain of our family. finished the deal till near 2pm. my girl zhou didn't appear in rush time. got several bonus from QRRS, my once&long time employer. busy with setup baby's new domain, as well as google apps in the domain near 5pm. met my girl on the way as usual, but really a surprise for her absence at noon rush time, when i doubting if she don't join office today. she peeked at me but lowered her sight when i contact her eyes&felt assertive. as a punishment she shorten the way with which i can follow or company her, but directly walked to the other way, separat me with a main&busy road of the city's entrance. hard to compel the high mood, but i managed to buzz baby&his mom till 7pm as usual, told them the bonus, gift for baby(but keep it a secret till tomorrow's gathering), got timetable of our dining out in Golden Hans buffet where we haunted last month&greatly enjoyed. roamed outside. tried to contact a homeless old man sheltered in a harmful corner near a electric station outside of the dorm area, but can't find him outside of his locked fence. its my second time trying to help him with some money but failed. the full moon tonight from my ancestor has the best wish upon me&my Royal in new year of 2010. prepared baby's site after settled in dorm.


dreamed of Nankai alumni.^last night slept in peace&sound. dreamed played soccor in Nankai Univ with schoolmates, like Sunbo, wangbin, wenxiong, etc. later all about books&magic. care my girl zhou. live long to see through. post recent tweets in an b og entry to my blogs, including domestic blogs. finally touched my forums, including one at http://zh.be21zh.org, ie. correct google analystics&friends connect codes correspondingly. greet my girl zhou, who this time alone when leaving QRRS, while talking with 2 male QRRSers when route to QRRS. the monitor in office chat with me about my marrital statues&try to persuade me to retired now&return to my hometown. God sees how rubbish a man can be. read ebook on cyberwar. peaceful light in my life now&to come. girl zhou, hold me right now, right this auspicious moment God grants. roamed in dorm thinking family domain. met my girl zhou first time face to face, even obscure in street light, in peace. the corridor of dorm lights all 3 bulbs to welcome me&i do felt blessed. review my love in my girl zhou, then continued planning baby son's domain, all time in music.

From New Year on new horizon
From New Year on new horizon
From New Year on new horizon
From New Year on new horizon

for picasaweb blocked in China mainland, here parts of the photos hosted domestic.

benzrad, me, with baby son, warren zhu, in Qiqihar Golden Hans buffet.

baby son, warrenzh, whose domain at http://warozhu.com , dining in KFC Fu-mart franchise.

baby son, warrenzh, on skating ice ground with his first new skateshoes.