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Monday, July 22, 2013

new shiny being.


dreamed of flying. ^ my passed mother appeared in dawn dream. she likely welcomes my son. then we hanged in a library, where warrenzh tried to hide his shoes among books. then he, the hero, the protagonist in dream flying over river styx with a branch of tree. he had to constantly cut off creatures attempting attach to the branch traveling high speed. he is legendary hero in the dream, like Titan or Apollo. last dusk I didn't visit my son, but rested a long time in QRRS Dorms' garden. I enjoyed the breeze and sky and trees on the bench. I reviewed experience when I trapped in asylum, where some kind woman doctor and nurses treated me well. I saw environment for mental patients decaying and more and more mental disordered patients canned in highly condensed space, worsen their recovery process. last Sunday my son enjoyed video game, "Heavy Fire Afghanistan", with company of 2, including me and visiting girl relative there for his mom's English tutorial. we broke 3 levels, or completed 3 missions. God, hometown tour is near, grant us a successful journey as planed and budgeted. bring me sooner my Royal China, my family life after near 8 years' singling out. thx Dad, God, in thise sunny morning.


dreamed of divorced with gay. ^ last night I again exploded with the bitch, my son's mother, a cheap soul with bad tempers, when I tried to play video game with my son while his mom forced him to practice e-piano with which he always reluctant. the night is blessing, for new clothes for our hometown tour prepared by my nephew, who operates a shop online, arrived. we enjoyed short pants, son additional with his T-shirts, in great joys. after we put on, son suggested hangout, we caught in drizzle outside. I asked my son, Hope of China, God of Universe, his forgiveness if I misunderstood his ordain, and he allows it. the rain since then till this dawn. I dreamed in dawn I was engaged with a dog soul, my son's uncle who once joined PRC's army, and threaten me when I quarreled with his cousin, my son's mom, when we just in engagement, for she disrespected my wedding ring for her. his family prepared quite some fortune to bind his marriage, but I, in the dream protagonist, dissolved the engagement before wedding. the dog family all at a loss in their failure to cheat to maintain a relation. after woke up in dawn rain, I saw clear time to ditch my son's Chinese mother turning riper and riper. my nephew's help is a good start and an icon of change. my son asked to sleep when his mom monitored practice ended, just before I invited him to play game again but refused by the bitch woman. God, save my son from incompatible in his parents' marriage, keep him united from conflicts &apart. bring me sooner my Royal China, esp. Asoh Yukiko, my Taiwan girl, my girl LYu, my girl Zhou, to home my princes and princesses. God, dad, haul sooner the dirty house off my son and I was set in for more than 10 years. thx dad, in this beautiful raining morning.
napped again after breakfast in rain rhythm, dreamed my parents, esp. my mother as hostess, welcomed a world election of pongtiff among kids. I busy with something and later curious our kids, ie. my kid brother, my nephew, or my son, their luck in the election. the chosen is a kid of my other relative. when I teased my kid in my dream, he upset and throws steel lamp plate at me, which let me laugh till my sides split. I saw my hope in my son, warrenzh, Hope of China, God of Universe, in the end before I woke up. that's my faith unshakable. God, thx the plenty rain of baptism. grant us a smooth hometown tour in next month.


dreamed of being prodigy. ^ recently busy with setup my son's new smartphone and rarely nap. in this noon nap I felt loneliness as a prodigy, or my son's, being incomparable gifted son. my grandfather saw us when I or my son experiences being genius and the huge sadness of loneliness singled him out. the protagonist learned to sew with the grandma, his great findings in math, his unable to be recognized by peers. he was constrained in loneliness within his family. fortunately his dad and grandpa both sees the situation of the son and helps with his best. Its a brilliant afternoon. I'm recently so happy with our first smartphone, a moto xt778, that constantly in high mood. my son, equipped with his first gear and second cellphone, spent lots of time tried video games on the andorid smartphone. God, u see our passionate and merry in the world ahead of our pinched situation, esp financially. God, dad, grant us peaceful mind with elated emotional life, esp. in coming hometown tour, my son's first since his bare open eyes. dad, God, bring me sooner my Royal China to home my son, warrenzh 朱楚甲, hope of China, God of Universe, and my children arriving. God, thx.


dreamed of preparing a wedding. ^ in dawn dream I programed automatic broadcast of a living wedding in a TV station, like I once did. the wedding is very important and I want it perfect. but before the firework session the transition was unsuccessful. I tried to make it work correct but my workmate gave up for their clumsiness, and switched manually to let it runs. I hate manual operation but admit chance of testing run out. yesterday I first time thought about how to make use of remnant of fund for coming hometown journey with my son, warrenzh 朱楚甲, as after familiar with travel portal online like ctrip.com or qunar.com, I found in time bidding can save lots from flight order. cheap flight cost only ¥1100, comparing regular price 1600 RMB. and my another senior middle school alumnus promised offer us flight of return for free. I researched tablet, smartphone and finally attracted by motorola XT778, with which I bought online soon and prompt. then I visited son with the good news, also hoping our new xbox wireless gamepad bought earlier online arrived. but it didn't. my son peacefully accepted my gift for him, but he reveal his first consideration of wishlist is a tablet, among smartphone, digital camera and tablet I promised him in his youth. I beat him in video game "Might & Magic: clash of heroes" and he cried miserable, before his mom forced us to hangout, and glad to allow my leave after triumph over me when we returned his mom's house and retried the pc game. I offered 2 homeless men some small changes on way. it drizzled when I on way returned to QRRS Dorms. God, this week full of hopes. pl allow feast of us reaches us sooner. thx God, dad, surely u grant us a smooth and graceful hometown tour.

From 2013 in gaze
From 2013 in gaze
From 2013 in gaze
From 2013 in gaze