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Friday, December 19, 2008

God bless us with a new snow, the 4th snow in Qiqihar, China

its just too perfect, dad, my God, u let me wilder in joy with my first google adsense account last afternoon, and now the 4th snow in Qiqihar, the northeastern corner of China i lingered for near 20 years, scattered everywhere. the sun still in near mid sky, while the tender snowflake gradually paves the sky, and the atmosphere, left the almost cleaned snow ground again covered with white. dad, its too perfect, nothing can compare with the deed u made
this morning again a busy time for me. wordpress, on which i want to add my adsense ads, being blocked by China surveillanc, only let u logon to base site athttp://wordrpess.com , while u can't comply any operation on ur blog hosted on the respectable platform. i never in rush with it, i see the result i want just too soon. then i migrated my publish channels' feeds from old feedburner account to my new adsense account in junction with new feedburner under google, with all my favorite namespace. again just too good with google.
this morning i especially at leisure, in Tuesday i finished most awaiting reading feeds. this afternoon before the coming weekend also likely will witness my reading leisurely, seeing all dust down and my online studio neat and ready. that's my life, my blessed living zone under God's shine.

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God shown me the way

last night i busy with adding my adsense onto warren&be21zh's google

knol till 10:20pm. on bed i again a bit sleeplessly. in the mud almost

unconsciously, when i focus reviewing my kid brother, God, my dad, u

again clearest show my ur way. u clearest shown me all the truth i

peeked, and incomparable conformed me i was the gifted, the chosen,

the Son. God, i know i don't miss anything i own, or i need, and don't

miss any holy message i want to know.

God, i now in a circumstance where most common people or evils don't

in belief, or even constantly profaned the spirit in me. i fight any

time and any way, i look forward to full integrate with u, in one

spirit, in the utmost determination. but, God, i don't complain, i

here just a process to experience the suffering and the business of my

ancestor with glory.

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

dad, its ur best gift for me now, adsense account!

its so nice to have an adsense account, and right now i own one! after 3 or 4 round of exchanging email about verifying my ownership over my domain against China surveillance blocking my domain, i finally got my google adsense account near the end of work time. nothing can compare with the feeling of complement at the moment when i received the email and swiftily activated it. i worked in office till 7pm to finish first step setup on my google blogger's blogs, and my google knol. later when i attempted to add adsense to more sites of mine, the Internet within lan down, and i had to left. after dinner and accompanying baby playing some pc games for some time, i launched again, trying to add ads to my wordpress blogs, but China surveillance heavily blocking, resulting lagging returning pages. my homepage at registrar, http://be21zh.org , and on google page creator, http://www.be21zh.org , all inaccessible now, even via proxies i tried a lot. dog really hurt, maybe. 
with the adsense account, i felt i was a real content provider. i now live with cyberspace and will on cyberspace. i love google's service so much, its just too beautiful.
today is the second years since my grand dad, my God, left me, exactly. i prayed for the adsense account in afternoon when i wrote a blog for my dad's memorial day, and i at once got it. dad, i never demand u offer all what i want, but u never fail me.
its a wonderful day, since last night i felt sleeplessly. i got all i want, except the kingdom of my dad in view. i never miss anything i owns. i will pick u, surely,my best beloved.

benzyrnill, set to fly - do it, make it.
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dad, u left us exactly two years today

these days i busy with site building as usual. last night i felt a bit sleeplessly for i too anxious about coming google adsense account. this morning i continued to fine touch my homepage on google page creator, adding google friend connect and modifying layout, correcting forms' errs. dog in China surveillance blocked my domain since yesterday, for they hate and terrified by our sight over the world. i determined to get my adsense account, expanding our means to penetrating the world of our sight and message for the bright and in Chinese, Ming Dynasty. i had waited for the messaging method for months. 
this noon, after our grandson's mother left at her house, i checked my cellphone and found its ur memorial day. grand Dad, i didn't attend ur funeral ceremony, but God let me pick ur land, and ur kingdom from outside of 2 thousand miles, in this northeastern corner of China. i do enjoy the task u left me, and engaged with it all my life. dad, where can i find u again? those golder years when u attending my growth? dad, i cared my baby like attending u, i took the world onto him just like u attending me aside forever, rid the need of phisically. dad, my God, i forever attending u, forever listen to u, that's my vow in front of God last year when i in crisis. God, u know, and u forever know.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

met linkbun.ch again for my alumni links on qq.com

i enjoyed the service of http://linkbun.ch since a year ago. i liked it so much. i had a all my cyberspace presence link bunch at http://linkbun.ch/0im , and my google readers' feeds at http://linkun.cn/0il , and recent my google calendar at http://linkbun.ch/3gui . today i tried my best to trim my alumni links on qq.com, which restrict alumni description within 50 letters. so i resort to linkbun.ch again. now its the precious answer from the golden service, at http://linkbun.ch/5tyd .so nice it can be. i longing for more usage of the service.
so u can click on http://linkbun.ch/5u7n  and direct to my alumni at qq.com. on description page there i said "天下主家,河山易岁,祖统移信,天子天尊。http://linkbun.ch/5u7n   ". that's it. that's my holy message for my visitors all over the world.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

a day of trifle

i finished most awaiting feeds in my google reader. dog in the office

biting all time, including within the whole building. i dozed in the

morning for about 2 hours, till the girl colleague interrupted me for

help fixing her problematic pc. last night baby&ema attempted seperate

me from enjoying family life, esp. my parentship. i also sensed ema in

need of me, while i wondering my beloved. in the dawn i dreamed of in

the camp of Bush, the leaving American President, and played with his

children, including his daughters and sons(?). we played in the

forest, and in his house with his wife received me. baby didn't join

his kindergarten all day, for he claiming he don't want to spread his

coldness to his classmates. i also let pc runing in the moring,

downloading and catalog vector clips i got yesterday. pc now much

stabler than before it was upgraded. in fact it now seldom hangs or

reboots irregularly. i enjoyed it quite much, even my baby now

deprived me most of time in front of it when i at home. he even

demands leaving his game open when he left. however what i owned is

meanable, comparing my peers, for example, today i saw one of my peer

in the company offering me salary driving a car, he is a deputy

dirctor of sale department, i surely should have more capable office

to make full use of my time as well as my life.

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Sunday, December 14, 2008

boring weekends. timeless waiting for download t

this weekends i slept a lot, unlike when ema engaged with tutoring in

past weekends. baby bored and asked his mother to take him to skate

ground about 300 meters near ema's house. i queued a lot to download

and the lagging speed bored me into sleep. waiting for download

finishing really frustrating, i even lost interests on other matters,

such as my sites building. this afternoon i managed having myself

haircut and showered. its not a bad journey, even in the past

sometimes it let me at guard in public bathroom. i bought baby some

food he likes, like candy and ice cream. and i decided to afford them

with my own purse, including personal cares like shower and haircut.

baby now sleeping, before i left to bathroom. he got haircut and

bathed at home. these weekends he started to learn skating. last night

his mother asked my opinion on if buying him a pair of skate shoes and

i rebuffed it. he likely didn't complain me.

its a bright day today. even i slept a lot indoor, i stil felt blessed

by the sunshine out of the window. my boardband likely heavily

deteriored by China surveillance, rendering usual download speed of

two digit kb, while quite some time ago i experienced 3 digit kb

speed. i gaveup 0day stuff for about a month, but some games'

trainer/patch i badly needed let me picked it again. p2p downloading

already deteriored, rendered it as nothing workable. i likes warez,

but i don't think it time to give up it.

that's my recent life. these days lots of pragmatic views flashed into

my mind. i know God leaving me more time to experience the reality

common people encounter. in faith or not, just a time sooner or later.

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