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Saturday, December 02, 2006

sunny almost all day.

i got up at 10:02 am.last night i read bible lately.i read luk.before
the night i had finsihed read john.demons left me for quite sometimes
when i read.last night near the door of my baby's mother's school,men
haunted us likely demons,they let my buttock painful but the pain
disappeared after i read.i went to see my baby after i got up.i
fetched the remain bag of rice.when i arrived,a young man sat in the
room left me doubting if he's my kid brother.then i found the kid
sister of my baby's mother's mother.they just arrived before me.the
young man was her first son in her first marriage,whose family name is
liu.i held my baby playing on the balcony soon.then his mother
returned.lunch was fried beef.then i went to shower.my baby's mother
left to hand in a form as her homework.in the afternoon the liu
babbled a lot with the eldest sister while his mother seldom
talked.later the atmospher was thick dirty and i left to surf in the
aim to modify my blog in memory of my grand father at
http://faezrland.blogspot.com but dog hamper me to open it while i can
open my baby's mother's web album.
its not bad a day for me and my baby.the old woman praised a lot on my
baby,in good and in ill.i left them quietly after kiss my baby in his
mother's arms.the newcomers in an close room leting the young son to
test his new coat his mother brought him.
bye.i love u.kiss u with snow white.

Friday, December 01, 2006

gloomy morning,sunny afternoon.

last afternoon i spent 5 hours to backup my blogs after httarck was
suggested by google blog group and in the process i knew i was hacked
to be slow to download but at least i think its working so i just
waited.then after 5:15 pm i ready to leave for dinner and i started to
stop httrack and logout of my google then the pc of the cafe hanged
and beeped,mimicing hardware failure,letting all my waiting in
ruin.dog really now lost their basic politeness and policy and
police.after returned to dorm i felt bitter with pity,and in my baby's
mother's call i commented dog fell into hooligan.i read awhile in the
dorm after dinner then i decided to see my baby after the need haunted
me for some time and challenged me.i arrived there after 8 pm,i
guess.my baby just being held by his mother playing on ground near the
cooking area.he asked for my caress at once.and i held him playing
tapwater as he asked.the old woman sat in front of the tv
watching,seemingly the owner of the house.his mother later felt boring
and went to bed,after i suggested her to play with her notebook but
she refuted.i backup my downloads to the old pc then powered it
down.my baby spared no effects to beat the keyboard and switch the
power button of the monitor.when we againt playing with tapwater her
mother lost her temper and held our baby back and demanded my leave.i
knew the old woman challenged us in silence.when i started to clean
myself while my baby was milked by his mother,he again catched me and
asked to play with tapwater.later he was calmed by his mother and fell
into sleep and i also slept.in dawn i dreamed of my second elder
brother and second elder sister,and my nephew taking drags in the
dream.my eldest sister commited suicide by throwing herself into
changjiang river in a summer night when i was at grade 2 in middle
school.that's the deepest dent in my heart for i love her so much.so
her son and daughter lived in our home for quite some years till their
father later fetched them home.my baby was put on by his mother early
for me,and we ate breakfast bought by the old woman.my baby asked for
my caress as soon as he getting up with only a shirt.i love him so
much and got up immediately.all morning i held him playing tapwater or
toddled in the rooms.when we all felt boring and i started to sing he
slept on my shoulders and later in my arms.when its 11 am we went to
receive his mother.he asked me buying him a icecream.in the afternoon
we sometimes ate nuts sometimes playing tapwater.the group monitor of
my once working place buzzed in at about 2:30 pm to let me fetch rice
dispatched by qrrs,my once working place.i carried a bag to my baby's
mother's home with my bike and left a bag there for tomorrow to carry.
later the grandmom arrived and my baby was sleeping in my arms.the
sisters talked and forced me again think in the way of god and
religion.i then know there is no way to testimony me among men,but god
and his gospels.the grandmom left soon after caressed my baby some
time while i busy with backup my recent blog to my pda.when we went to
receive his mother,some men haunted around us.we ate a stick of sugar
gourd and enjoyed it.that's our grand day.
today the 2 cafe near the dorm zone all increased its price for 1.5
yuan an hour.china likely steered into inflation now.but the stock
market still bubbling,recording high again and again and the office
media still hosting bubbling commentators to bubble it.and my baby's
mother was lured to try fund agency service.shits.i warned her but in
vain,like all my disappointings to her.she just being narrow minded
and hopelessly stupidly stubborn.
bye.i love u.the moon now very round and large.i love u in her
serenity.kiss u with coming snow.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

pale sunny morning

i woke up at 8:04 am and got up at 10:21 am.last night was not so peaceful for me.but i slept sound as usual.in morning dog still biting and i had to urined once.i dreamed my college girlfriend whose family name is liu,and left me after 1 year when we r sophermore.i dreamed she showed me her shot of movie of my being mad in unversity.so i was told even when i was mad in my 20s'.after dream i found its wrong.i was sound in my 20s'.another alumni,wenxiong(civil male) appeared in my dream and tried to relate she and me.she gave me and wangbin(king's army),a guy from northeast of china,her notes to show her fondness.after woke up and meandered in the room i doubting if i was forced to dream this by the neighbor hooligans,i always guessed one of them should under family name of liu.lius now phenotype in nowaday china,after their sibs of liushaoqi,the ccp's adhesive and kkb's(i mean secret security force) head and died after torture.they appeared among the obvious higher social ladder.
i likely had not more to utter.silence covers me with due peace when i was alone.u can enjoy ur peace so far,but only with me u can find final peace.i hope ur hair's wave can touch me sooner and i will taste ur lips with ice cold.i love u.kiss u with bright.bye.

btw,post entitled 'sunny morning,gloomy afternoon' posted Nov 29 there is a line reads:'last night in a dream my worry of my blogs was hijacked by dog was replied,i dreamed in a school or someplace in very haste i tried to test if my blogs' pages returned to me in internet cafes was from a faked website cocted by cops and redirected.' in which 'cocted' should be 'concocted'.'faked' better replaced with 'forged'.i mean cop hijacking domain of world into its cheating domain,just like many internet criminal categoried in title of 'fishing' in chinese.however criminal can only cheating user with familiar domain but in fact different domain while dog can hijacked ur page requests and returned u fake page.
another line within the post reads 'its the last day of our monthly deposit and i was told i was left one day to deposit duely otherwise missing one compensating two month.'i quite sometimes think in chinglish,so here 'compensating' should be 'penalized'.the bank ruled missing a month due deposit of fix term saving and withdraw wholesome,u had to deposit one more month to get the due profits.i guess.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

propitious night

i returned to my baby's mother's home after posted in the cafe i first
time visited.my gmail was blocked to composite email two days even i
can see its interface.when click on compositing email it popups err
messages.that's dog's show.on the way a cop car passed by me and i
know its really that all the cafe was under dog's surveilance.my baby
welcome my return and immediately asked for my caress.he played with
tapwater all the time before we went out to receive his mother.the old
woman aside urged us not to play with water for sometimes and using
her will to force me think the way of religion and god.my baby lately
also asked to play with cooking utility and i demonstrated him using
knife to slice cabbage.he refused to go out to receive his mother but
i in a haste put him up.on the way he let me haunted on the cross of
the road for some time,then he fell into sleep near the school.we
entered the school yard till saw his mother near the entrance of the
teaching building.at dinner i again full filled.i inquired the price
of apple and in doubt if i can take an apple with me.i left but
returned for forgeting fetching mags his mother needn't any more,and
his mother offered an apple for me with the mags.
dog even hacked files on my udisk.i had a larger udisk from my baby's
wife's mp3 player,which had not a writeproof lock buttom and torpark
on it failed to open any google sites and livejournal.com.but with
torpack from my writeproof udisk i surfed swiftly.they hacked me
recently heavily just before i was ready to logout.they let me paid
more by forcing the web responded slowly to my logout.they succeeded
for 3 or 4 times when i surfed in the cafe charges according half of
an hour as a unit.last night i almost lost temper and complained it to
my baby's mother when she buzzed in for daily bless,saying dog now
descends to hooligan behavior.she let me shut up and i did.with dog,u
can't expect any humanity.
bye.i love u.kiss u with moonlight.

sunny morning,gloomy afternoon

i got up at 9:21 am.last night dog's biting was weak.i read mrs Thatcher's autobiography late after 11:30 pm.politician's life was quite interesting and her road to serv her motherland was step by step led by god.god place responsibility on some prominances like an arrow on the bow.a single person's life was really short.historic steam soaring with deafing sound.after geting up and had a bag of milk from my baby's mother's home,i headed to see my baby.last night in a dream my worry of my blogs was hijacked by dog was replied,i dreamed in a school or someplace in very haste i tried to test if my blogs' pages returned to me in internet cafes was from a faked website cocted by cops and redirected.i can't clearly remember the result but i know i had to trust god.including these chase and hunting and harass like most disgusting virus and gay,all god's train onto me.god let israel suffered and let america humiliated,that just let common sense and common people more sound and selfsufficient.in the morning i help my baby playing with tapwater against the old woman's sneers.after 11 am my baby slept in my arms.his mother let me not to receive her in the phone last night.after his mother shifted him to bed i copy my blog update to my pda.the lunch with big slice of pork let me full filled.i just felt god's care and the power of my will.after lunch i secured her notebook with modification on registry and security settings.then our baby woke up.after ated some food we held him to have him vaccined.he cried likes we wrong did him and stopped cry just after his mother held him from my arms.then i held him to deposit for his graduate education.the branch of the bank,communication bank of china,was under refurnishment and we were told to another branch cross 2 streets.there 3 windows stopped service as a common phenomeno in china stateowned bank.and the rest window quened each with 2 or 3 persons but the handling process went very slowly.i waited about half of an hour to let 2 women finished.in our back under the window facing the street herds the aged,who can't find place with warming utensil and can gather,as a common phenomeno in north china.my baby on my shoulders sometimes got irritated.when my turn arrived i was told the magnetism of the deposit book turned too weak and i had to fetch my id card and my baby's id card or our residential book to rebuild our deposit book.i argued its their fault but without any effect.its the last day of our monthly deposit and i was told i was left one day to deposit duely otherwise missing one compensating two month.i hated my baby's mother's delaying,but i hated more the stagnant process of china stateowned banks.i just fed up with quene and slow process.on the way back to home i complained to my baby how chinese lived with all these dog shits.after returned i handed my baby to the old woman and fetch certification as demand and went there again.a dog in yellow coat just closely near me and biting.he was first on the farest window from the one i handled but he followed me and sat on the chair i should sit when i dealing.i intended to test my worry and found 4 or 5 internet cafes all stuffed.that only indicated how many idle young men awaiting jobs.
bye.i m timing.i love u as usual.kiss u with coming snow white.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

pale sunshine all day

after posting i jogged in the garden for some time.then i went to borrow pc magzines from qrrs' libray.after some persuading i borrowed 2 copy of computer fans magzine.i then read newspaper in the newspaper room of qrrs.a cop haunted there and left.i see religion battle in world.and god let america not to afford full damage of the disaster of islamics.may or may not its time to see the fate of dictatorship,but the nation deserted the midasia now boasting to challenge the world in peace.russia like a half died dinosaur peering to rerivify itself,letting the old man steal new energy from the updating world.the librains behind the glass wall biting and later almost gave up.i finished reading a mag in the rest of afternoon in the dorm.at dinner they didn't offer me any meat on my routine budget of 3 yuan a meal.i enjoyed it as usual for i really hunger after reading and being bited.after dinner i ate the apple from my baby's mother.i waited awhile lest missing her phone.here i registered myself an www.linkedin.com an account to have an experience of its service as refered by the mags.some wiki sites were blocked from access now,as i known,but i likely will enjoy google's soon from its acclaim of www.jot.com.i can't wait for it.life can be easier via web,but the job market in reality so slumpy that let anyone in season daunted.and world also see its stalemate in the dogged world with unease of dirty spot of outdated dicatator systems.god let everyone in the world a sincere choice to follow,to follow a brighter future with democracy entended or cogged with sand in it like nowaday zipped world,spoted with fire and torment.
bye.i love u.kiss u with coming snow white.

pale morning sunshine.

i got up at 10:20 am.dog last night bited lately,including the couples
from hunan prov.,south of china,they trying to peek into my baby's
situation.they have a baby son too.after woke up i stayed on bed
listening radio for awhile,on which elabrating ccp's cardres attracted
a lot of fishing service to let them comsume at cost of public budget
in the title of fishing.after getting up i jogged in the room and
found my murmur in silence in my heart.i was restored to silence when
i m alone.endure and hope like the firefly in summer night,waving and
blinking.i challenge nobody,except ur decision to keep mute to my
craving for u.my prosperous offspring and kingdom r right in the
reality in the future timespace as actual being now.what i enduring
and looking forward to is the pleasure u will bring to me,like fresh
water from deepest valley.i do felt frustrated sometimes,but that's
the recharging process for igniting fresh fighting will.
at lunch i sat a table with 5 girls or women.when a tall girl passed
me from my back i noticed her.i don't know if she was the tall and
strong girl i refered last time but i liked her at once.when she left
and passed by me i notice her leaving again without obvious notice.she
didn't eat lunch there,but just arrived and soon left.i need a girl,i
longing for love with girl.god know this.maybe i m no young,maybe i m
too fatigured.
bye.i love u.kiss u.

Monday, November 27, 2006

sparse morning sunshine,turned thicker in the afternoon

i got up at 8:59 am and headed to see my baby son at once.first time i forgot to fetch my pda with me.in the way i can't help doubting if my baby and his mother ok now that dogs losing to their baseline.later at noon his mother told me she attempted to buzz me last night but was interrupted by a need to shit and then forgot it.she suffered faint when went to lavatory and almost fell to ground.i know that's caused by animosity of dog.my baby avoided me in the old woman's arms and accepted me after i uncoated and cleaned my cold nose.he sat on my shoulders for quite some time and later asked to play with tapwater which let the old woman very agonized.when its past 10:40 i had to stopped my baby who intensively cried for contest not letting him playing water for he wet his clothes and let the old woman really at a loss.i in a hurry put on my baby and held him outside to receive his mother.he slept on my shoulders after i toddled some time on the road near the school,still sobbing.his mother sometimes lost temper to me and demanded me seeing my baby less frequent.after lunch we had our baby a shower with the volumn of water capable of 3 persons.our baby really enjoyed it and loathed to leave the basin,but his mother fussy with coldness.we played awhile after his mother left.then my baby tended to feel boring.so i started to sing with my highest pitch and he gradually dozed on my shoulders.he slept for about an hour in my songs.the old woman left when i switched singing to whistling.soon my baby woke up and i felt nicer to hold him haunting new place than staying home.so we launched.we visited a supermarket titled shenlong(cult dragon) where i bought him candy,sausage and jelly.we rambled along the busy road and when passing a district with baby playing tools he asked to play on the slide board.we ate sausage and candy and jelly at once and ate a lot.for its chilly we entered another supermarket where we didn't buy.both market attendants let me sensed my shabby financial position.we also ported in the grocer near his mother's school.when we played with the mirror of the electronic door of the school 2 little girls of my baby's colleagues' daughter opened the door and we followed in,but the watchdog left his room to let us leave.i quarreled with the man and stayed there.his mother angered to me when heard our story.my baby however was not seriously chilled.after dinner i let his mother know i updated her blog and picasaweb album basing shots the day before yesterday on her notebook while our baby looked aside and happy.the net was speedy and we can watch her youtube video online and i commented maybe dog avoid her but only hacking me.i asked for an apple to bring back to dorm,and 3 bag of milk she disliked.that's our happy day today.

i love u.last night i felt u r likely under deep threat for ur love to me.i love u and hope u can let me know ur scent.kiss u with snow white.
new moon represents my heart for u tonight,which i let my baby seen in the dusk.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

full sunny day.

in the afternoon just after posting i wandered in the sunshine for
about half of an hour.the sun was bright and the wind was mild.quite
some young qrrser left the dorm from the door of the dorm in qrrs'
uniform.i toddled till ill willes let me uncomfortable.so i shifted to
room and continued to toddle in it.later i listened to the radio.the
first song from a familiar song sang in japanese.i knew i had a link
with it.i wondered my family,my baby son,and his mother.i know nothing
can hinder the step of our forward.dogs biting now in the cafe farer
than starsea.they r the remain of shits on this dirty coign of
northeastern of china.
bye.i'd better do some reading.i love u,in this waste piazza.dogs
around me chatted and smoked.i really troubled by the question why
they live in this world.
i love u.kiss u with beer to cleanse.

bright morning sunshine

i woke up at 7:13 am and got up after 11 am.i busy with restoring my
pda os and reading my posts on it.after lunch,i doubting if buzzed my
baby's mother but unsure if she returned from her school and give
up.the sunshine is so bright and warm that let me felt
blessed.www.google.com and its analytic is blocked for 2 days but now
available.and i found its analystic very pwerful in offering
analyse.yesterday i first time recently visited starsea cafe and now i
again here.more or less i enjoy its lcd and cheap price of 1 yuan an
bye.i likely timed out.
i love u.kiss u with bright.