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Thursday, October 30, 2008

my video gallery now has new face&url

vodpod.com, a video collecting and blogging site, informed me about their new feature this morning, they now offer a new domain with customizable template to publish ur video collection. i instantly like the new namespace and launched to claim my frequent subdomains at once. its smoothly, except at first dog in China surveillance blocked my login several times. 2 corporate lan admins visited my office, to check my ip and mac address to identify lan problem, i guess they r carrying task from China surveillance, ie. the police's assignment. i love the new sites of my family. owning a domain with .tv is so nice a experience. here r my achievement after 2 hours fight:

dabbog, God dad ☆ ○ http://dabbog.vodpod.com/http://dabbog.vodspot.tv/

benzyrnill, set to fly, like dragon fly... ☆ ○ http://benzillar.vodpod.com/http://video.be21zh.org/ .

benzyrnill, set to fly ☆ ○ http://benzyrnill.vodpod.com/http://benzyrnill.vodspot.tv/ .

faezrland, fatherland under angels' feather ☆ ○ http://faezrland.vodpod.com/http://faezrland.vodspot.tv/ China Democracy ☆ ○ http://chinad.vodpod.com/http://chinad.vodspot.tv/

be21zh, bring China a breast 21 Century ☆ ○ http://be21zh.vodpod.com/http://pod.be21zh.org/

emake, dream to fly, like firefly in the field of children's dream ☆ ○ http://emake.vodpod.com/http://emake.vodspot.tv/

imakeit, shoulder the world ☆ ○ http://imakeit.vodpod.com/http://imakeit.vodspot.tv/

emakingir, dream likes fly, like spirit shadow the unknown ☆ ○ http://emakingir.vodpod.com/http://dabbog.vodspot.tv/

emagarten, dream that flies, like sunshine in the dawn on babies' faces | emagarten ○ http://emagarten.vodpod.com/http://emagarten.vodspot.tv/

emakeit, my dream of fly, like boundless air encompasses my child's dream ☆ ○ http://emakeit.vodpod.com/http://emakeit.vodspot.tv/

wardzh, treat China in its longest nightmare ☆ ○ http://wardzh.vodpod.com/http://wardzh.vodspot.tv/

warranzh, China under war fire-baptism ☆ ○ http://warranzh.vodpod.com/http://warranzh.vodspot.tv/

warrantzh, arm China to safeguard the world ☆ ○ http://warrantzh.vodpod.com/http://emagarten.vodspot.tv/

warwinzh, save China from war fire-baptism ☆ ○ http://warwinzh.vodpod.com/http://warwinzh.vodspot.tv/

warrenzhu, worrior of God's biz ☆ ○ http://warrenzhu.vodpod.com/http://warrenzhu.vodspot.tv/

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

bookmarks daily 10/28/2008

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

first snow of 2008 in Qiqihar


i felt peaceful after blogged yesterday. today its bright in the morning. i dreamed of God's way and baby echoed me in dream. i launched the pc, let it download then dozed again. the sky outside soon covered with dropping snowflakes. i busy with pc till snow stopped and sunshine melting snow gathered on the ground i started to shot it. its a nice day, even downloading speed let me boring. ema's pupils, including baby's cousins in law, arrived to student, and later played games with baby, including pc games. i dozed at noon and had no problem slept in daytime.

these days my throat frequently itches and let me cough a lot. i don't know what's wrong in it, but i guess its likely caused by drought in it. its very sensitive, each time i ate food with hard edges, like date i recent ate and liked, i can be in danger of let food sliding into breath channel and cough a lot. ema suggested i visit hospital but i still loathed.

its a nice dusk. baby suggested to dine out. even our purse is mean, we live in hope and harmony. that's my life here so far.

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