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Saturday, December 30, 2006

perfect sunny day

last night i went to bed after 0:17 am.i dreamed a lot but after my baby’s mother buzzed in inquiring my password for my salary book from icbc i forgot them totally.the salary book with icbc again lost its magnetism,likely another plot of dog to hide their evil.i got up at 12:29 and headed to see my baby at once.outside of the entrance of the home i met his mother leaving,telling me she had carried my baby visiting the bank once and the password i told her miss working.she returned to home with me and left again after i told her right password.my baby welcomed me.i ate some banana with him and he played some time with tap water and torch.the kid sister slept in the room for my baby.after the grandma arrived i left to shower in the common bathroom.a piece of paper pasted on the door of the bathroom saying the association of bathroom of the city demand bath price increased to 4 yuan per man.but i was charged 2.5 yuan as usual.returned home i soon held my baby to haunt outside to buy him candy as i promised.my baby directed me passed the sports yard where we stayed awhile and talked to 3 little girls who rested on the rim of the ice ground.then we headed to the supermarket nearby,likely a affiliate of islamics and hostile toward us before.on the way my baby asked me to buy him a stick of sugar gourd and enjoyed it at once.he also played awhile on the sliding board within the residential area.i bought him 3 kind of candy costing me near 20 yuan,knowing i will gain 700 yuan from qrrs,my once working place.then we returned.my baby enjoyed the candy and jelly very much at home.soon his mother returned and condemned candy harmful to his teeth.the grandma prepared dinner and her second daughter buzzed in and she left.the kid sister complained a lot about her medcines and let my baby’s mother to read the readme of the bottles.under my urge,they started to dinner.2 dishes,including a soup which i liked.my baby’s mother made a lot of demand to let me leave but i didn’t.she also read the bonus dispatching sheet from her colleague and at a lose finding some of my once workmates earned 5000 yuan this time and sneered at me.when we started to watch tv on 2006 review the kid son of the kid sister returned and watched aside me and challenged.my baby laughed a lot with playing with standing on the lofty mat and stepped down.i really love him.when his mother started to scorn me again,he was milked to sleep.i waited till he slept.
its a nice day.the sun perfectly bright.the sky is blue.the moon appeared before it turns dark,in the mid sky,faultlessly.my baby pointed to her quite sometimes on the way to the supermarket.i love her the moon.
bye.i love u.in peace and still.kiss u with bear.

Friday, December 29, 2006

bright sunny day

this morning i ate my breakfast after surfed overnight.i tried to doze on bed but challenge around let me awake.till 11:13 am i got up.after lunch i jogged in the sunshine in the yard for some time till dog let me felt cold.when i turned on my radio rotten rat in neighbor room stroke the wall to let me notice them ,as they kept on doing so to boast their ugliness.later i went to renew my borrowed pc magzines.i read some time there on the magzines not to lend.then i read newspaper in the workers’ palace.a lot of digests committed to brag china’s improved influence onto the world,to satisfy the trapped head of china in the problematic situation within china and to avoid right evaluation.china nowadays really a paper tiger.its dependence onto us and western world far less recognized.and if us stopped to grow,china will suffer serious backslash.

in the dorm after returning i read the mag i borrowed.rat busy with challenging me.they sometimes babble,sometime silenced and stick out their ears to spy.they plotted to fish in my overnight surfing and want to ruin my sleep.that’s all laugh in god’s view.

bye.i likely will enjoyed warez stuff again,now that my firefox equipped with ftp function.i love u.kiss u with bear.

bright sunny day

its my third night surfing all night in the cafe.the cafe was my secondly visited overnight.so far i was lightly hacked,i mean i likely did what i scheduled without serious problem,including a reboot.i backup my firefox with addons i needed and got some stuff from my old pastime warez forum.its sultry here, but i felt placated without dog's pesting.
last night i spent 2 more hours in cafe to blog and tried to backup my working environment.i stayed late in the dorm after 0:40 am,just wondering.in the dawn my baby's mother buzzed in and let me go over to care my baby for the kid sister need again to see the doctor.i don't felt sleepy so i headed on.there my baby just welcomed me from the lavatory.after the kid sister left,i gradually felt very sleepy.my baby slept around 10 am and slept for about 40 minutes,at the same time i still can kept awake,holding him in arms to wander.when his mother returned i didn't eat lunch but slept on bed.when his mother left my baby cried for my care and refused the kid sister's care.so i got up and cared him but still sleepy.my baby soon bored and asked to haunted outside of the door.so i brought him to the corridor but he demanded to downstairs several floors then i lost temper and beat his button and he cried.later he slept and the kid sister suggested to lay him on the bed and i did.i slept aside him.i worried him to wake up in the dream frequently.but he finally woke up when i shift my head from the pillar less to bother him.so i got up to care him.soon the grandma arrived and she let me continue to sleep and i did.i woke up later than 4 pm and stayed on bed wondering how to operate in cafe tonight.lately the kid sister cooked.i at that time busy with sorting my firefox with addons on the notebook and my baby approached me and bumped on the keyboard and let his mother can't afford.i ate 3 bowl of rice at dinner.the kid sister likely first time recently cooked 2 hot dishes even including a hot soup,which very satisfied me.after dinner i put on my feather coat,replaced the suits i worn so far.i also put on wool trousers. l left after kissed my baby and let him kissed me.i love him so much.in the dorm i laid myself on bed waiting for time to spent overnight in cafe.the room i lived was likely just seperated with neighbor with thin paper wall,any sound can be clearly heard by those on the other side of the wall.its just a plot.the day i returned to the dorm the administrator insisted my living the room,without any alternative offer.its previously a canteen.and the canteen also a product of change of usage.its original wall should be as thick as others,likely all old style thick concrete wall under the influence of the former soviet.when i lived here the left side neighbor room near the entrance of the dorm was empty,occupied by tools and materials,then the hooligans lived there. they not only hooligans as a common phenomeno all over the organization of qrrs, but had complicate background to exert dirty and spy onto me.the two buildings facing the dorm zone all 8 floors while other buildings parallel to them all shorter,the obvious ill will was to conquer the graduates ,quite some not of local offspring but the prc's citizen,with the local hooligans here rampant.its gate of the dorm zone was also a huge block,all refurnished as a pack with the dorm zone and its other efforts like memory hall to boast locals' contribution to today's qrrs but in fact all product of central planning system of soviet pattern, that's a miniature of northeast china in today china tried to bargain with south and other parts of china and its gov. to save its bankrupt,to show qrrs' dominating.i long time regarded its a dead place fading to obscure.
bye.i love u,like sheer light.kiss u with bear.

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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

a pecular sunny cold day

now i spent more than an hour in the cafe farer than starsea.god blocked firefox from access its addons website.but with ie i later download some addons i needed.some recent posts in my blogs missing,esp. the day i drove 4 or 5 miles to find a cafe to wrote my blog and set my blog clients but almost in vain.these days really in a mess,being hunted by dog.this morning i arrived my baby's mother's home before 8 am.the kid sister soon left to see doctors.my baby asked to play tapwater and spoilt some water on the floor and let me angery with him.he really now in a struggle against evils around him.in the mid pains just under my chest very serious but my baby let it disappeared after some time.i love my baby,and worshiped him,but today dog let me review my stance.he was said didn't slept in daytime for 2 days.but today he slept about half of an hour in the morning and so did in the afternoon.at lunch i felt lack of energy but his mother in high spirit.at noon i dozed awhile on the bed with my baby's quilt covered me.i started to care my baby after his mother left.the kid sister slept and in the afternoon left to see doctor again with the grandma.we had a good time in the afternoon.when the old sisters returned,we started to receive his mother.we entered the school yard but my baby let me stayed near the watch dog's outpost for sometime,less the watch dog sneered us.we played with some children of the teachers.a middle aged woman kept talking with her cell phone nearby and let my baby unconfortable.my baby directed me left the door in advance but his mother soon caught us from back.my baby asked for a stick of sugar gourd,but his mother want to refute.my baby cried for it and he won.lunch was not ready when we arrived home.his mother shown her best hospitality to the kid sister,with her mother.so i left and had my dinner at dorm canteen.
dog now desperate for a show of their power.i don't know how problematic my blog publish got involved,but i will stay.
bye.today its quite bright sunshine,even very cold.the moon appeared early and caused my baby pointed to it when we went outside to receive his mother.snow nearby.i hope a cleaner world in vision.
i love u.kiss u with bear.

pale day.

tonight i spent worthilessly in the cafe titled starsea, which doomed to lost its shape in near.i was hacked heavily and failed doing anything except uploading a movie clip of my baby in his second summer on earth.i previously intended to work in the cafe i first time surf overnight but it locke its door before i arrived there around 12 pm.its totally rubbished now.customers countable.its lcd and usb port just wasted.it charged 5 yuan a night.its totally failure of dog put its fingers into service.
last noon after i posted in the cafe i bought a member card,i went to renew my borrowed pc magzines.new issues rare and when i found a new one i was told its belong to a department and can't lend out.so i read there.a middle aged and a young man haunted there and dog let me buttock painful in the rest of the day.after reading mags in the dorm after 4 pm,i launched to see my baby.i bought him 2 hanborgers from kfc on the way at a price of 15 yuan with a coupon,but my baby ate less even its the warmest one among what i bought for him.my baby late asked to drink gaoluogao,in a large jar for quite some time since the old woman's arrival.i guessed its hard to comsume to let my baby frustrate,so he just spoon the powder from it and scattered in the cup and the floor.the air was tightened and i lost my temper and scorned my baby and he started to cry.then the kid sister praised my scorning onto my baby aside.i immediatley held my baby on my shoulders and he stopped to cry.after his mother returned we enjoyed the hanborger and left one for the kid son of the kid sister.the kid son later returned after his night class and enjoyed the kfc food.we couples played with our baby in our bedroom and let him laughed really a lot.when his mother stopped my throwing my baby onto the mat of pillar and quilt,he started to bumped around and haunted the room the kid sister and her son lived.when he scattered a stack of burned cds onto the floor,his mother can't sit aside and forcily held my baby returning to bedroom and milked him.my baby soon slept,in animosity.and i left to the dorm.in the dorm i went to bed after 1:30 am.i woke up after 1 pm and got up at 3:44 pm.then i visited my once working place for the monitor buzzed me about 8 am to inform me to hand in fee as a labor association member.there the only female colleagure talked with me about the bonus and increase of salary.she let me see the document of bonus disperse sheet and i caught sight of my share of about 700 yuan.after dinnre i wondered awhile in the dorm doubting what i should do in night cafe.then my baby's mother buzzed in and let me go over to care my baby earlier tomorrow for the kid sister had to see doctor for her pains in stomack in tomorrow morning.i admitted and told her about the bonus as she was told by her colleagues whose relatives worked in qrrs,my once working place,and urged me to inquire about it for some times.then on bed i listening readio.dog neaby challenged heavily and i felt dozy.i reviewed my hometown and her changes since my growth there.a lot of water and stream disappeared now,likely a common phenomeno globally.
this morning i dreamed a lot.i remember in a scene i with my wife carried a long fishing shaft passing a narrow corner gate around a lake and had problem.then her mother catched us.then i saw a army officer let his men with forklifter move pacels of beers onto the roof of his grocer shop.and nearby was a hotel,one of its servant was an abnormally short woman.she was tidy bedsheet.
since 2 or 3 am till now,i was blocked from most of sites i usually surfed without problem.2 addons of firefox with a size no more than 200 kb lasted 1n hour yet can't donwload.dog sure spent the night with open eyes,seeing its fate and freight.i know a night wasted here and that's the reality of nowaday china,rubbish stuffed.
bye.i love u.this everning on bed in the dorm i recalled u.kiss u with bright.

Monday, December 25, 2006

pale day

i spent an overnight in the cafe near my once working place busy with register my baby and his mother their blogs synchoron with wordpress.com and livejournal.com .i also tried a blog client,post2blog,which very handy,more powerful than blogwriter for its can support proxy setting for individule blog account.i added all my family blogs accounts to its account manager and found its working.so great it is that i saw my struggle with speedier blogging leading its fruits.dog hacked me first and even let all of my net connection failed and force me backup my working and restart the pc.when working more time on it,i enjoyed normal surfing speed and my works benefited a lot from the absent of hacking.however,when its near 7 am while its still dark outside i didn't noticed the warn to be time out and lost my work after forced shut down abrupt.the overnight costed me 10 yuan including 3 yuan for a bottle of cola.i enjoyed its 19 inch lcd.when i returned to the dorm qrrsers heading to their working place.in the dorm i felt dozy after wondered awhile so i went to bed,but dog bited me heavily and let me alert.i finally gave up to sleep and got up and wandering in the room till lunch time.
last afternoon i spent 3 hours in a cafe about 4 miles apart from the area of my baby's mother's home.it costed me 6 yuan.when i returned a cop car followed me.i rode my new bike with bare head and bare hands.when i arrived my baby's mother's home they had finished their dinner but there were food left for me.my baby cried a lot when i first busy with sorting the configuration of firefox and later with copy some multimedia for baby onto his mother's notebook.he later glad to interrupt the kid son of the kid sister,preventing him from shut the door.his mother complained i spoilt him and i a time also felt he was troublesome,but i finally spent time caring him.when he settled with milk his mother let me left and did.
bye.i felt in high spirit even the weather remind me of dangers.i love u,like sunshine over the sky.kiss u with bright.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

pale sunshine

last night i spent 6 hours in the cafe where i bought a member card,at
a cost of 10 yuan.dog nearby let me unconfortable but i stayed.dog also
stealed my bike outside of the cafe.i finished backup my working
environment within firefox eventually.after i returned to the dorm,its
already after 3:30 am but the rooms neighboring to my room still stayed
in light.they bited me heavily after i went to bed.i backup my password
book on my pda and dog let my pda hanged a time.i went to bed after
4:30 am and fought with dirty willes some time then slept sound.i got
up at 11:21 am and went to see my baby at once.i bought an old bike
from a bike repairer and promised paying him next day.i bought my baby
a cup of cola and an hanbergar with a price of 10.5 yuan with a
coupon.when i left the kfc,a cop car ported outside to remind me i was
under surveilance.my baby gladly received me and demand instantly to
drink the cola.they almost finished their lunch and the kid sister
recooked dish,motton with vegetables as usual for me.after lunch my
baby was milked and slept,and so did his mother.the kid sister locked
herself inside the room.when the grandmom arrived,i left for
surfing.the nearby cafe was stuffed and some guyes waited there.i
haunted very long distance and found a cafe and started to work.dog
bited as usual.and the net connection under surveilance likely
bye.i love u.kiss u with bear.