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Saturday, November 25, 2006

snowing in half day but didn't entitled a snowy day.

last night after posted in the cafe,i wondered in the dorm.till i felt
quite sure about myself and my previlege to see my baby at my will,i
headed to see my baby at once after 8 pm.before i went to the cafe,
his mother buzzed in inquired me about her problem with her
notebook,she didn't let me know she was alone with our baby.when i
arrived there she was breasting our baby and the old woman left for 2
days to see her relatives nearby.i felt very sorry for her loneliness
at once.my baby got energetic and played some other time before went
to sleep.we had a nice night.in the mroning her mother arrived to see
our baby as arranged in advance and i still loathe to get up.my baby
let me get up and i found his mother had left to her school.i held my
baby played some time and when his grandmom wanted to play with him i
turned on the notebook and tried awhile surfing on the web.blogger.com
was accessible but google.com and gmail.com inaccessible.soon i fed up
with very slow surfing speed and gave up.his mother returned awhile
and left again to her school.later i held my baby going out to receive
his mother.when we looked at the mirror of the electronic gate the
gate opened for a male staff and the man on his back talked to me i
can enter with an accquaintance with the watchdog.so we entered.soon
we saw his mother leaving.we asked by phone order a dish from the
neighbor restaurant for lunch.after lunch his mother milked him and
fell into sleep.so did my baby, with his mother's nipper in mouth.so i
went to public bathroom to shower.when i returned home,the son of her
aunt there studying.the grandmom returned and loathed to cook and
suggested to eat out but my baby's mother wanted to be economic.we
finally ate dinner at home with needle.my baby's mother tutored a girl
student lately.before the grandmom left i suggested to my baby's
mother let the grandmom stay there a night but she refused.but my
baby's mother also refuted my suggestion i stayed there a night
instead.she said now that it will be routine in the future so i
needn't worry about them.i respected her independence as her shown
many time in our marriage.after dinner she tried to work on her
notebook to prepare test paper for her school as homework and i held
my baby trying killing time.my baby wanted to play with her notebook
but he is always considerable and let his mother finished her
work.then we reunited to play games for about an hour.i left at 8:58
pm even i felt sorry for them.
the snow,as i know should be the scond snow in this winter,finally
didn't cover the road,just let the rim of the road white.i felt glad
to see its attempt,and hope it arrives more tonight.
bye.i love u.not matter how far u r now from me.kiss u with white.

Friday, November 24, 2006

weak sunny day

its a busy afternoon for me.after posted at noon i went to the libray
of qrrs to borrow 2 pc magzines.then went to the newspaper reading
room in the workers' palace to read world reference digest (in chinese
'cankaoxiaoxi').its very informative but dogs biting heavily.i felt
china in the path steadily leading itself into world war while its
head spare no efforts to boast its earnest hope for 'human
coexistence', just like many powder barrel in the prelude of 2 world
wars.there r some problems in the world concerning offering and
giving.china, like many inresponsible seeker after fed up with too
much taking while without thanksgiving.the fruits of democracy, of
god's leading, of western culture, were shared but the primitives took
a pirate and rober's stance.china sees its fastest improvement after
opening to the world but just crying for breedings without
feedback.its its problem.its bussiness pattern got bankrupt,got
insustainable.western world can't afford such a tumor under his
belly.god can't see sand in his eyes.the swallowing freak and monster
itself can't live in itself peace.its consuming more and more living
spirits and living spices in peace.it destroyed its most arable land
and dirty its most river.it squeezed into its most young bones and
destoryed its most vivid inspiring of the nation newly
fire-baptised.its now attempted to leak its troubled water into the
world.it bragged its good will all over the world under the title of
'human something' while in its backyard sparing no efford to arm it to
its teeth.it sells its responsibilty for expendience anywhere any
time.it can't hold its laughable shortsighted desire to sat in
limelight and babbled like shits.that's china in today's world
bye.i love u.kiss u with coming snow.

weak morning sunshine

i woke up at 8:37 am and got up at 9:59 am.again i felt loathe to get
up.last night i can access blogger.com and blogspot.com without proxy
and now its also accessible directly.it lets me in doubts for quite
some moments in the night in the room.i even review my point and
position this morning.in the morning i listened to the radio after
getting up and dog around let my chest painful.so i launched to haunt
around the area of qrrs.i visited its sports stadium whose door now
was narrowed to allow a man to slide in (the fat even need to slide in
with turning his or her shoulders from 2 sides to a side
foreward.).and its field underwent innovation,covered totally with
clothes.then i went eastern of its part,where near the suburb and now
the cross over road was larged boardened and house aside the roads
enhenced with refurnished or rebuilt.a quite large house of qrrs
turned into the policestation of the municipal gov. ,just behind its
hostel.i doubting what's the deal,qrrs,a former stateowned enterprise
with some social functions under state planning mechanism,now strived
to extend its hand into municipal function.all those in army rank or
state plannying hierachy now shift themselves into civil service,but
in core still a dicatator,a rober and a stealer,in guise of public
service,like cop.it acting both public service and state force.but in
china they never can hide their brutal use of force to keep common
people from its dictating interest group.china in most history owning
powerer domestic force than its defense force against hostil foreign
nations,cops more than arms.that's the source of pressing and robery
and dictatory, and source of humiliation in china's fall in neoteric
history.no civil right,no nationality harmony,but prey of the
reined.they r in fact the biggest enemy of china and they indeed
defensed themself at cost of china,then and now.
after returned to the dorm i again felt unconfortable..i was deserted
in the dustbin and fight to live in rubbish in soundness.
bye.i love u.kiss u with coming snow.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

sunny day

i got up at 10:55 am for my pda charging.when i fetched my bike the
gatewatcher insisted asking me how i will deal with the rice qrrs now
dispatching.and i knew its near time for chinese company to dispatch
their wellfare.they with this way to hole their staff tight and mute
to their blacksmith.almost there is no way for chinese company to
survive with legal methods and so every company,no matter how tiny or
how large,had to deal with theft and any other abnormal means against
the its counterparts and high level or low level counterparts to
survive.that's china's reality.dogs push anyone into need to
entrenched themselves with dogged method.that's dog's plot to turn the
world into dog's rein.from the basic ethic dog claims anything without
its admision is illegal,and its admision changing at its will,in no
place of a vow or a cord.that's dication in china,as prc's
foundamental rule sovereign the mainland.
my baby received me near the door of bedroom and he avoided me as
usual in the old woman's arms.after i took him he didn't left my
caress in the morning and afternoon.we went out at 11 am and we ate an
icecream and some soft candies.his mother seemingly not so happy with
me.but we reunited after lunch after she complained surviving priority
to a better life and i persuaded her leting mind overview the reality
and after she breaded our baby and i teased my baby aside.her mother
later arrived in the afternoon and i at once felt her hatred and even
dirty will.my baby asked for playing with water then,against the
sisters' scorns.i had to let my baby go out to receive his mother in
advance,for my baby got irregular.in outside he peacefully sat on my
shoulders.we went to the south garden where 3 little boys playing
under a tree while a man stood on the rim of a circle round the root
of the tree and talking with his cell phone.we avoided them and after
turned a round my baby still felt the group of playing little boy and
girls attracting him and let me followed them some distance.when we
approached the door of the school i asked about time with a woman
aside and we chatted in english.after received his mother we returned
and his mother told me today is thanksgiving day.i had complained
missing the tasty hunan dish in these day so i suggested we can
gathered for a taste to hunan dish.after dinner we played awhile with
our baby and let him very happy.his mother let me fetch 2 apples and 2
bagged milk,comparing yesterday she pretendingly refusing me fetching
an apple.
on the way to dorm,i met a lot of middle school students on bike or
waiting for bus.i really felt holiday month is near.so i headed to
dorm directly and buzzed my hometown and talked with my mother.on the
way here i felt this year very swift,for i still can remember last
spring festeval's merry atmospher.a cop car ported near the cafe and
when i arrived the boss laid one of his leg on the reception desk and
immediately 2 cops in uniform entered and one of them asked to talk
with the boss closely.they looked quite familiar.last night before i
left i felt heavily bited and a middle aged man haunted around,and my
torpark slow to respond.
i love u.kiss with with snow and bright.

btw,the torpark in rar at http://benzrad.googlepages.com/or.rar was
password protected against cop's unauthorized modification.its
password is 'shitdog',but still its likely broken.there is likely no
way to avoid surveilance now that they can manipulate byte flow and
remote control all internet cafe within china.torpark is freeware,but
quite some time i can't download it from its homepage or from any site
in the search result of google.i even can't download from my
googlepages as refered above.dog showily domineer.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

bright sunshine all day.

in the afternoon i read pc magzine till 4 pm.dogs in the dorm bited
heavily and sometimes forced me notice their plots.after finished both
the pc mags,i left to see my baby.my baby avoided me in the old
woman's arms for awhile.later i held him playing.he played with
tapwater for quite some time and let the old woman very annoyed.i was
told his mother will leave her school after 7 pm for night lessons.i
felt very longthy.my baby dozed awhile on my shoulders when we toddled
in waiting room and bedroom,but he soon woke up.we ate pinenuts and
nuts.we left home to receive his mother after 6:30 pm and dogs in the
street let my belly painful.the lamps was bright and parents receiving
their children herd.my baby made some loud voice and i screamed to
echo.soon we saw his mother.i copied a soft to make gif file and then
ate dinner.dogs modified the anonymous surfing soft,torpack,i uploaded
to my googlepages at http://benzrad.googlepages.com/or.rar and let it
illworking,hardly open any officially blocked website like bogger.com
or blogspot.com,while i used it on my udisk to surf blogger and
blogspot hadn't encountered any problem.they broke my account into
midifying my documents and blogs at will,they enjoyed tracing and
stealing and messing as their pleasure,they born thief and
hooligan.and failures after failures they still bug me for their host
can't afford its losing,its collapse and evaporing.
its a quite nice day.it telling me nothing went wrong.god training me
to be patience and fortitude.nothing out of landscape.
bye.i love u.kiss u with coming snow,the white washed the dirty
black.glory to god.

uncompetitive morning sunshine

i got up at 9:51 am.these days in dorm i sometimes felt loath to get
up,let me doubting dog's biting in silence costly for my energy.in the
dawn i dreamed something but now i forgot.after getting up i listened
radio awhile then i went to borrow some pc magzines.more pc magzine
seeing absence there these days than when i first time haunted
here,indicating someone competed with me to borrow them.after retuned
to dorm i started to read one of them.at lunch i ate a fish but still
felt partly filled.the canteen full of qrrsers so i ate my lunch at
i had not too much to utter now.at noon 2 songs in the radio lyrics
missing and i don't know if u r missing me.
bye.i love u.kiss u with the unbeatable sunshine.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

transparent sunshine morning,turned thick in the afternoon

i got up at 9:11 am and headed to see my baby at once.last night i
dreamed a lot,but the sunshine told me nothing special.my baby turned
back into the old woman's arms when caught sight of me.and i
forcefully held him back after uncoated.i accompanied him playing all
the day.he slept when i reciting chinese traditional poems in the
morning when its almost 9:45 am.the old woman had left to shop.my baby
slept on my shoulders and in my arms for about an hour.after woke up
we went out to receive his mother.the door of the school locked.when a
man on his bike entered we followed to enter but the man on the bike
let us left.i didn't move.then the watchdog went outside of the
outpost and poised to let us leave.so we left.that really disgusted
me.it let me doubting the reason why all chinese organizations liked
to enclose their territory and set watchdogs.for china was dominated
by dog,they fighted for prey,they divided china society into their
properties.they cleaned all livings alien to them,except their
prey.they r born inferor and they have no way to cooperate with other
living spices and enjoyed the plenty world together.so they r so born
to fight each other,to tear,to bite around.they r born to starve.they
r born to fear,and exert their fear and fright to anything in their
view.they deserve as a tool as a inferior product of human.opening is
their hate and their biggest enemy.human is their second hate and
their second biggest enemy.they r doomed to fight against human in the
end.and its hight time to extingush them from earth from now,as i
claimed in a post within google group,sci.language.
when we saw some of teachers leaving,we sat in front of the door
waiting.2 cops haunted 2 circles.and a car ported near the door block
our view partially.we soon saw my baby's mother.after lunch i sorted
my pda awhile.then his mother left.i held my baby playing.we both felt
a bit boring.after 2:30 pm he slept on my shoulders when i sang in my
full pitch.first he slept sound near my left ear.after an hour he
partially awoke but loath to open his eyes.i shaked him up and we
started to eat pine nuts.we had a good time eating while chatting.we
went out to receive his mother after 4:00 pm.we ate a stick of sugared
gourd.when teachers leaving my baby directed us slide in.but a tall
watchdog murmured behind us,likely saying their boss warned not to let
us in.so we left and his mother catched us just near the door.i ate
dinner there.my baby pretended to watch tv concentratedly to ignore my
leaving and let us both smile.he now showily kept distance from me.he
really emotionally smart.
today is a nice day as anticipate.the weather forecast in the radio
let snow for two days but its warm and sunny both day.but the night is
cold.maybe next morning i can see white.
bye.i love u as usual.kiss u with bright.

Monday, November 20, 2006

pale afternoon but sometimes the sun is clear with clouds.

the cafe charged me 2 yuan even i just used 1 hour and 7 minutes.i
felt sorry for myself for exceed budget.in the room i felt had to rest
awhile,likely being bited heavily in the cafe which is very hot and 2
boys later aside me let me quite unconfortable.i read my post on my
pda till 2:30 pm.then i went to the libray of qrrs to borrow 2 pc
magzines.i went there on foot.a young man arrived there just before
me.i started to skim the encyclopedias when the man chatted with the
librarain.then the librarain let me wait her awhile for she had to
leav e for a moment.then i read a pc mag there and felt being
bited.returned to the room in the dorm,biting even heavier when i sat
facing the window to read.however i finished one copy.i just sense a
new wave of challenge launched after some peaceful days of break
no matter how illwilled the surrounding things,i had no worry to
hindersight.i know and stand in my position.the world in my view rests
on my shoulders.i had the id to respond to it,as the bible says,my
bread is the task my Father set to me.
bye.i love u.kiss u with the pure white of coming snow.i love u like
the roll in rolling.

pale morning sunshine

i got up at 10:55 am.last night likely dirty willes thick and i almost
wet dreamed.in the dawn i dreamed attending the funeral of the eldest
brother of my dad in my hometown.the music for the funeral very coarse
and loudly.then the watchwoman of the dorm knocked my door to let me
receive a phone call.its from the group mornitor of my once working
place,saying last time i admitted to attend work time why i didn't
attend so far.and asked me to call the department director.i returned
to dorm to continue my sleep.till 10 am i turned on my radio which
elaberate if grandparents caring their grand child should charge for
the parents.i knew a new web plotted by dog aiming trapping me into
machinery dog system launched for years in the short history of
prc.the group mornitor,a graduate once boasting his coorperation with
the nasty local hooligans within the organization now has a taste to
his descend.all the graduates now chose the pits set by the gov. to
let him temporarily partake the state power or public service left
with the same outlet,the same dustbin.they doomed to live in
humdrum,in mediocre.china now manipulated and monopolied by dog,which
refute any inprovement and progress except its biting teeth to steal
and prey,its dirty spying eyes putting anyone into foul or
criminal.anything original can be stained,anything with grace can only
be withered with the dominant dirty around.that's the fate of prc.
bye.i love u.kiss u with mops of pale cloud.
dog hindered my download of anonymous surfing soft now.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

pale sunny afternoon

in the morning when i surfed in the cafe,it turned to be slower and
slower to return a page from the net.dogs these days determined to
show their unabled to afford to lose.soon after i arrived my baby's
mother's home his mother returned when i just prepared my baby to
haunt outside.then i want to show my blog update within my googlepages
at http://benzrad.googlepages.com ,and i launched to set my
googlepages on her notebook.the all afternoon spent fruitlessly
attempting setting it but dog hampered my googlepages to
published.each time when i attempt to save modification and publish it
it let the page popup windown saying can't save while its
disconnected.but it in fact online.it even let the popup window
showing from google.com.it really can shame anyone with its foul.
after i finished my shower in the public bathroom,my baby's mother
held him went to see her mother.i tried again.after again being hacked
i gave up and left.on the way i met my baby and his mother so we
returned her home.there i ate dinner.i drank a bottle of bear to let
go the dirty after dancing with dogs.
returned to the dorm i listened awhile radio.and i felt better surfing
with crowd to avoid concentrated hack when i single out in the few
cafe users.
after all ,it s a nice day.i did what i can envised.dog's hacking and
blocks only remind me how far yet the reality under dog's surveilance
lagging me,lagging the advance of china,and urged me to fight with
more energy.
bye.i lvoe u.kiss u with the pure white of the coming snow.

limp morning sunshine

i got up at 8:41 am.last night the dog's bite is faint.i fell into
sleep after some waits.the cafe in which i lost its register card
finally didn't return the key money i handed in of 10 yuan by delaying
to deal with my problem and let me trying to find back.it can be
safely to claim that in nowaday china dogged by dog there is no grace
anywhere anyway.every vendors compete to be bitchy.for there is no way
to warrent common people,common cusumers' interests.social gathering
banned or under tighten surveilance.individule complains directed to
cops or civil department where to detain.
in the dawn i dreamed one of my college alumni,chenxinjian,handling a
task of dispatching and returning a form in which likes a population
survey to fill in ur name detailedly.then i envisioned a web service
to let people register their name online and write down their tour to
tourism on web and let the web constructs the virtual map of the
landscape,maybe a bit like google earth.in the end of the dream i saw
a chinese .com titled shushen(learner) or shutong(pupil) strived to
offer this kind of service.
its a ordinary sunny morning.last night i worked here for 4 hours to
modify my googlepages as well as my baby's mother's.i will see my baby
after posted here.
bye,i love u.kiss u.