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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

a fuss over my financial status.

a new sunny morning brings fresh hope. last night baby's mom, emakingir shown despise&slight over me when i tried to talk to baby son online. she is a kind of dog, too, no way to spill her sick ill of being abused by the dominating dog system in China mainland, and a heart of hurting&hurt, spreads scapegoat. i was also reminded again how far different we r, and the glory of Son which no one can compare to or with. Son simply right on everything, while sins forever from the start accompany human.

this afternoon, God rids me off the financial curiousness. met baby son, who just left the kindergarten with his grandma fetching him these months, on the bus stop. sent him to a taxi and too harsh to discuss new games i collected for him in this work week. contacted him online, but he rebuffed my suggestion to visit him in this weekends. its all time a bright day. i retreated to dorm near 2pm when tomb chill thick in office, sorted stuff in dorm, and enjoy sunshine from window. in office checked google search result of family names, posting this blog entry for the opening of baby son's real name blog at wordpress.com, so mighty a blog portal, at http://zhucj.wordpress.com . God, i now fearless and enjoy the life in ur setting.

below is benzra'd today's commments on web:

Benzrad Zhu  

Re: http://bit.ly/ds2tR3 @merriemarie strong holder of ur point. as to satellite dish, in my latest visit to my hometown village, a mountain village in Hubei Prov, central China, found satellite TV's signal so clear that can challenge cable TV. but what's disappointing, China authority banned free buy of the dish for national censorship, and bargains with its official HD channel's selling out by data encrypted. i really felt satellite TV is a cheap and working solution for distant or mountain area where cable TV first level investment amounts rocky.

Benzrad Zhu  

Re: http://amplify.com/u/49ag @socratoad the human society evolved into new era of social relative form gene.

Benzrad Zhu  

Re: http://bit.ly/dyuahx @wentzeldk China blocked the site, so i can't read it.

Benzrad Zhu  

Re: http://bit.ly/dcDHoN @merriemarie likely the rule out is far-reaching effect. i do see the rationale in large scale's sharing: for quites resource of human achievements, if not locked under Intelligent property law's protection against the poor, human as a total can be enriched by the share, with which knowledge spreads and constructive effects nurtured.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

a day without regrets.


a day without regret.^yesterday lingered in baby's mom's house from 9am to 4pm. when i arrived, baby was at home. for last night's heavy snow deterred baby in his grandma's house, while his mom, emakingir returned first with her bike. i busy with backup dvds, installed games for baby. when baby returned and asked me, i almost prepared him a working gaming environment. for this visit is the most time of free, so i tried a game, "Destruction Simulator 2010", with baby son, who also attracted by the game. later i help his mom, emakingir, learn to reuse other powerpoint template from current one, also shown her cliparts and other assets i collected from web for her courseware. the grandma brought baby arrived around 11am, cooked fried beef, then left without my notice. returned to dorm, i dined first, then dozed on bed till 8pm, slept earlier, around 10:30pm. glory of Son, that's never anything can compare with on the planet.

From first rain in lunar 2010
From first rain in lunar 2010
From baby's works update
for picasaweb&flickr blocked within China mainland, the shit&dog dominated sinful land, here some digest of photos hosted domestically.

baby son in game&refused shooting.

Qiqihar railway station in heavily snow, likely the last one in lunar 2010 spring.

baby son, warrenzh, 朱楚甲, treats his homework seriously. neat works!

Sunday, April 04, 2010

2 sunny days in sequence interweaved with snowing night: Masheng being with me.


second bright sunshine after a clueless night.^yesterday i lingered in office from 10am to 4pm, and enjoyed my works of the day. dinner was meat pies and noodle. buzzed baby's mom, who once terrified by my penniless&attempted to narrow her risk with my current poor financial status, about my visit to my baby son. she admitted to schedule on next Monday. in the night i lingered near mid night, first time skimmed lyrics of some songs by Hanhong 韩红, Stefanie Sun 孙燕姿,the love stories in it really beautiful. neighbor evils responded for several times. by the time i went to bed, its warm&peaceful. but this morning i was woke up by rain drops on the roof. i got up after 12am, and astonished by the new snow. its thicker than last time, left quite some early birds tracks on the covered ground. its just too beautiful. when i went to lavatory, 2 inhabitant closed their doors loudly to show me their animosity. such a cheap soul in them. and God let me know don't doubting more about the snow, the gift from Masheng, my Japanese Queen in crown, who lingered so long with me in this arid land where i endured for my fortune in new marriage with my beloved girls. day in and day out, i worn to see the bright that's closer and closer. my route to my hometown, which should be a glory in God's title, scheduled urgent and shining more. i miss it so much.
Ok, its a lonely moment when i blog here in the empty office. Masheng, when i can pick my new life that's fearless? i saw bliss on ur lips but distance in light a bit too far. save me in shorter journey to my destine or task from heaven here on the planet. maybe i m a bit exhausted now. God sees.


refinement on family google sites in a bright day.^refined family google sites, including google apps' sites, adjust url remapping. sorted bookmarks&exported to diigo&delicious. a bright day after series of cloudy days.


proxy working strangely last afternoon. so launched to refine new blogger blogs and google sites. ema came over to send me living expense of ¥300 after work time. i then penniless. this morning arranged to finish many delayed task since the fatally dead China surveillance a month ago, adding group profile onto family posterous blogs. lagged heavily by slow traffic, but narrowly done. it drizzled in early night yesterday, when i left office later than 8pm. in the night it continued to snow and shallowly covered ground with white. now its spring, so it soon melt, just like a miracle. its now pale in sky. praying God pardon me lingering in office all work time in this week. i really have a full load of works. praying God guard my works against spying dog, the China surveillance. visit family new member sites:
for full list of my family web assets, visit here: http://goo.gl/FPtx or http://goo.gl/5ak7 or http://wiki.be21zh.org/zhlink
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From first rain in lunar 2010
From first rain in lunar 2010
From first rain in lunar 2010
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for picasaweb&flickr blocked within China mainland, the shit&dog dominated sinful land, here some digest of photos hosted domestically.

wheel tracks on melting snow.

QRRS Dorms in snow.

melting snow&dripping water outside of benzrad, my office.

this photo gallery on posterous: