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Friday, November 28, 2008

encountered China surveillance realtime, dogs unveil its mask

today i dozed first time in this week in office. i dozed in the morning and afternoon, each time woke up by moving or visiting person. dog in China surveillance spying my pc and blocked my exporting my blog at blogger.com right the moment i clicked the download button, returning a blank pages and cut off any access to blogger.com, while Internet access still allowed. i continued to read online in my google reader, till finished all my favorite feeds. just after i dropped the pc for a refresh, dog cut off my Internet within the corporate lan. later i tried changed my ip and i surfed again, but the pc under hacking responded very slow and painfully to do anything. 
today's event clearest indicating cop now assigned individule dog remotely monitor my pc every moment, they surely found fun more than face to face. the gay, the shadow, the dark under cloud, surely enjoy spying in cloak, that's their habit.
this week not bad for me, even i finally decided giving up hope on qq mail, whose shabbily handicapped funcation really disappointed me. i also see clear no replacement of service or product domestically. China, nowadays, to its most extend just a poor mimic of the western, and that's their all proud to be so.

another busy day

today again most of time sat in front of the office pc. first, sorted portalbe suite to include web confidentials so as to avoid repeat login input. then tried to setup posting via qq mail to my livejournal, or utterli, or google groups. third, sorted contacts and migrate them into
warren&ema's gmail&qq mail, group contacts in each account. now any family member can ready to post via email.
ate lunch later than 1:30pm. returned to desktop, launched to talk to a gtalk pal who appeared in my gmail contacts while i don't who he is. he likely cheating, or even worse, a cop in guise, so i deleted the contact. from then on Internet access got very unstable, frequent jammbed and slow response.
ok, no matter how dogs in China surveillance heavily spying me, i live in open and share what i have with the world. dog recently frequent made changes on my settings, like avatar, or other personal profile, and lots of time wasted on cleanning the messup and lagged returning pages. they surely had bundle of time to shit around.
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Thursday, November 27, 2008

a fruitful day, with ema&warren's qzone, and ema

another busy day. in the morning i tried to setup warren's qzone, a Chinese mainstream im community, but heavily been blocked by China surveillance. Internet access down for 2 or 3 time in the corporate lan, and the pc was hacked to respond very slow. till 3 pm the situation changed a bit, i finished task swiftily, including failed countlessly posting first blogentry onto warren's qzone. the qzone yet been recognized by qq mail, the bundle from the same csp, tencent, resulted in i can't post to warren's qzone viahis qq mail, saying the qzone don't exist. however i can access the qzone from its universal url at http://737466003.qzone.qq.com/ .
after work time i launched to claim ema's qzone and qq alumni. warren's qq alumni too early to open, ruled by the csp's service term. i finished it till ema almost finished her dinner. she today got angry with me for i worked lately at noon to inform her that i want to linger in office. however, she glad to see the works i brought about, even didn't bother to complain about her privacy as she frequently cared about cyberspace i boasted to her usually. the first phrase of claiming ema's qzone&qq alumni also painful, lagged heavily by Internet traffic with which dog in China surveillance likely gated realtime manually, but later dogs in China surveillance likely permitted the operation, let me accomplish in time.
its a nice day. the weather is clear and hot. i enjoyed the neaty space on the web of my family.
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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

baby son, warren zhu, now has his own qq im on Nov 25th, 2008

a busy day again today. i finished setting up my livejournal blogs to let me
email to post. dog in China surveillance spied my operation and stealen my
baby warren's qq user id i assigned in advance. when i returned home i
launched to register warren a qq account, and the disignated id, warrenzh,
reported occupied, while warrenzhu, which more common in Chinese, on the
contrast availabe. shit!
in this half of an hour, after 10pm, Nov 25th,2008, i finished setting up warren's profile
on qq, and account safety issue. now i can more easily publish our message.
now i have formal blogging blogs, microblog blogs, and in the mid, dairy
blogs. life just too bright with these publishing tools.

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

a day of satisfying.

today is a bit at leisure. i finished reading all feeds i subscribed accumulated in the weekends today, and updated my avatar on chinaren.com, including post routine comments as well as link of the classes i created on qq alumni. few alumni of mine enjoyed the freedom and loneliness like me. i also updated my profile on myspace.com, with which i first time got contact with foreign website. its all rosy, except facing the reality of China surveillance every moment online. my post on qzone the day before yesterday still kept in censorship and constrained in black box none sees. that really upseting.
all these counted its still a nice day. i fear nothing and let free all the troubles exerted on me. peace in heart can never deprived by anyone in dark. God sees his kingdom in sunshine.
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