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Saturday, October 28, 2006

another pale sunshine,cool but bright

i got up at 8:25 am and headed to my baby's mother's home
immediately.my baby's mother was said going to have her self-test exam
for secondary bachelor majoring chinese literature.my baby received me
near the door and refused my attempting to kiss his leg.i held him to
let him play what he liked,usually homehold materails or cooking
utilities.the old woman had some complains about my baby messing her
works.near 11 his mother returned.she want to go to shower for she
missed it last week for too busy.but our baby just refused to sleep.so
we ate lunch.his mother then went to shower.just when his mother
complained my kicking little thing to make cracks to let my baby agile
, my baby felt to sleep on my shoulders.so she left and i started to
play with her notebook on the internet.the dogs heavily hacked me and
i had to suffer a lot of time waiting for the pc and the net to
response.later the son of my baby's mother's aunt arrived and i
started to gave up net and played with my baby.at 3:00 pm i held him
outside to wait his mother return.my baby directed me to enter his
mother's school even the door was locked.but 2 cars leaving and let us
enter by the way.my baby kicked a lot of dusts on the sport yard and
felt happy.soon his mother found us and we left.then i went to
bath.after returning i started to fix his mother's heavily infected
notebook.i ate dinner there.and now i m here.
dog's hamper me to download google free software pack now.in my baby's
mother's home they also block my downloading norton av included in the
pack.witht the installed part of the pack 160 more infected files
bye.i need some time to read my google homepage.i love u.kiss u with bright.

Friday, October 27, 2006

pale sunshine afternoon

i spent 2 yuan in the morning and doubting not to haunt here in the night.but my pda hinted me that much reading without thinking will loose mind.so i felt a play on the web can be helpful for me.in the afternoon i went to listening beijing opera practise in workers' palace of qrrs.the chinese gong and drum really doming,it reminds me that traditional chinese old parents can be really harmful to their offsprings.in addition in beijing opera man sing in the role of woman also a strange phenomeno in world opera.a man in disgusting manner did that and left some musicians emptied their seats.i also in the idle to want check my pda for the meaning of vain and void.i did it after the man left and a man in high pitch to sing.after a young woman practised i left after 2 musicains left.i went to the libary of qrrs to borrowed 3 copies of pc magzines.then i went to the newspaper room to read 'chankaoxiaoxi'(world reference digest).the woman libarian insisted on standing near me to do her work,she and a man facing me on the other side of the table let me unconfortable.i read magzines in the dorm till dinner time.there r quite some girls including tall girls let me relived.i attempted to buzz my parents in my hometown but they r absent on the other side of the line.
bye.i love u.kiss u with dry lavendor.i want to do some reading within my google reader.bye.

sunshined as usual.

i got up at 9:25 am.last night i continued to read the works of zhutianwen,a taiwan novelist.her readings to 'A Dream of Red Mansions (hongloumeng) .she is in fact quite far-sighted on society of china and the perspective of china. of course, she didn't think  she can make a reality on her own. in her early years she was under influence of hulancheng, the scholar worked for wnagjingwei, the coworker of japanese authority once in china deeply. his father in faith to christian. i m glad to see and hear another patriot under my family name.
i can surf the internet via a fake name in a farer cafe and let me more or less relief.one of my subscription of google groups discussing china intending adopting real name blog and regard it a backward in web history.i agree with him.china spare no effort to learn after south korea.i don't know much about south koreal but as to real name everywhere its stupid. to cure a unfair society need  deeper insight to its structure but not with a expediance.chinese media always boast the inconvinience of new trival social
bubbles to urge mindless chinese people (they can't be mindless now that all around them r filtered messages,faked messages) hand in more supervision to the hand of authority,esp, cops. i think its lazy and intended by power interest group.i hated it.democracy demand liberal minds.sound mind must to be independent.
bye.i love u.kiss u with my warmth in love with u.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

pale sunny day,however its winter now

i got up about 8:47 am.i dreamed of the former german chancellor,Gerhard Schröder ,visited china and i asked him some questionS in english.he crossed the crowd and talked to me his puzzle about the setting on the path likely set by cops.i dreamed i had to tiptoed not to stain my trousers for shits all round the ground.so i knew gays around.

my google and blogger almost blocked. i don't know when i can blog freely from now.internet cafes now demand showing ur national id card published by cops, liking probating criminals.hope the dark day been sunshined soon.

bye.kiss u.i love u with temders.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

bright afternoon

after returned to the dorm i wandered awhile then went to the libary of qrrs to borrow some pc magzines.the libarian limited me 2 copy,one copy less than previous,and i took it for granted now that the dogs biting everywhere.they more and more losing all their power to keep peace within china and losing temper not to bite everywhere,that's reasonable.i read one of the magzine in room till almost dinner time.then i listened to radio to refresh.after dinner i wentt to starsea again and again they demand id card,this time with a man likely its boss asked for id card first.i left without a word.they likely hacked my baby's mother's blog again,for its logo again ill working even i checked it well before i left at noon.
nothing special,the long winter awaiting dogs to play around indoor,now that their host can't find anything more meanful.they doomed to focus their poor sights more and more onto pin in dustbin.that's their potential.
bye.i love u as usual.like star in the dry winter nights.kiss u with cool.

sunny afternoon

i got up at about 8:48 am.the morning spent on bed listening to music and review the book of 'be friend with god'.i felt there is a god of buddism of female,of vain,and there is a god in bible which demand owning and loyalty.
qrrs,my once working place,now laid down 2 large old tree but 4.the cafe of starsea demand a id card to use internet.who can i say about it?
now im in another cafe and likely surrounded by dogs(cops).they modified my baby's mother's blog and let its logo missing.i had to spent half an hour to correct it.shits stained china,foul its land and its people's mind.
bye.i want to obey 2 yuan a day.kiss u. i love u.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

pale sunshine

yesterday i read a lot of 'be friend with god' and found myself missing.in the night i laid it off and doubting its holy message that to be is quicker than to think to be or to do.then i felt the world i encountered before my 3 times falling into asylum sieged me.but i m surer that's my being,my being as Man's Son to survived myself like wild beast,fight for mates with teeth and paws.and the harsh rule to judge myself with the world i took and offer earthly.the situation i viewed for more than one time,and i know its not kidding.i can't live with love for all human,like god in buddism or in the book of 'communication with god',rather,i chose my god as christian,stern and demanding obey.i lived with rule,with oath and base,i only love my being,my own being,my owning and being.i love my family,like love myself,for only by this i know i m son of god.discipline and simple,that's the way i follow my god.i can judge nobody but my fellows,my family member.i love them with my loving method.in the night i restless and even want to go to the asylum and stay there for refuge.fate justfied me merciless and i just felt left so lonely in dark,i brewing for help but i can't ask for.then in a rush i pick the quilt of my baby and headed to my baby's mother's home after 11 pm,i guess.i slept there sound.in the morning my baby cried for my cares woke me up.i cared him playing all the morning till 11 am we went outside to receive his mother.his mother seemingly glad.but at noon after lunch she asked me to stay in the dorm.i admitted.i held my baby outside toddling for about half and an hour then we returned.on the entrance of the building a road cleaner frequently acquainted us sat aside the road and i let him picked some candy i bought for my baby but my baby felt wrongdid onto him and cried in anger.then i promised i wouldn't did it forever.
qrrs,my once working place,offered me 200 yuan as holidays' bonus.i suggested my baby's mother leaving me 100 yuan for my expense on internet for my baby likely won't let me use pc there but she prefered to store for needs.i admitted.the project of renovating the tree yard of the dorm zone still underwent and they laid down 2 big and old trees and let me cursed at once in my heart.sure they r beast,or insect,but now that i myself love the living and spirit of beast so i won't comment more.battle field among human and beast and evil and alien not alien in games, i think i can see it in real.
bye.i love u.i know u r interacting with me.kiss u with moist.

Monday, October 23, 2006

milk morning sunshine

i got up at 8:22 am.last night i dreamed a lot and being probed a lot.penetrating eyes let me open my eyes in dark for sometimes.i dream i with my wife living on the highest floor,our reef, like my old house in my hometown,covered by tile,leaking all over a lot of rain to our house,wet our bed and floor.a team of drain worker repaired in the neighbor house.i let my wife to leave to eat something first.when i attempt to leave,the team enter my house from window.so l wait to let them repair.then my old father appeared in my home.my wife seemed not happy with him.then i played glass ball with some kids of my hometown and won them three 2 times.a young doctor of my hometown named zhuhongshu(grand technology) chatted with me and let me have some medicine to assist my recovery.my mother also in the dream,but i now forget what she did.most vivid was the rain pouring from the reef to our home,to our bed and floor.my baby seemingly also in the dream weak and let my wife burning and me sorry.when i woke up i felt i had to write it down on my blog.and i m eager to urine.
so its a working day.i probablely will go over to see if my baby's mother's adsl working.last night i read awhile 'be friend with god' and really relieved by god's grace and open love.i felt its the process of breaking barrier.i look forward to my living with soul and freedom.
bye.i love u.kiss u.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

sunny but windy and cold.

i woke up at 7:03 am and got up at 9:03 am.i headed to see my baby at once.my baby was sleeping when i arrived,so i left to register my kid brother's adsl service shift to our phone.yesterday afternoon i was hindered by the demand to hand in a copy of my id card.when i returned,my baby playing in the waiting room.i picked him and laid him on my shoulders and let him played indoor till her mother returned. i lunch,the old woman distracted me sometimes and my baby asked for my accompany with him to see or fetch him something by dragging my hand.his mother also glorified by his charms and glad.i told her i had now 2 blond friends on web,but she didn't comment.after lunch she soon started to receive her pupils at home.i let my baby playing around them.the telcom told me my registery had to wait work day to hand over to workers to handle,so i can't do anything on web.so i left even the sunshine very bright outside of the window.i consoled myself that we have it in our hearts and have not need to bath it every times when it shine our eyes.when i left my baby was breast by his mother and he waved to me to farewell.
in the dorm i charged my pda.i laid myself on bed silently.i dozed awhile till felt cold.i rambled mindly in the peering eyes around.lately i listened to the radio.loving songs sometimes touched me and i know our reunite at our will.changing days and nights left me in changing mood,god save my love,save my restless longing for u.
bye.kiss u.i love u with torn heart.