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Friday, January 05, 2007

foggy sunshine all day

last night i felt enjoyable even i didn’t get workable orneta reader mobile and dog modified files on my udisk at the last moment i unpluged it.my 1g sd card was stuffed,which let me felt reaped.i ate breakfast with plaisure.at room dog bited heavily and i can only shallowly dozed.when its after 11 am i felt restore energy but i didn’t get up.when qrrsers returned to dorm i was bited heavily to doze again.i got up after 1 pm and went to renew my borrowed pc magzine.but he library was locked.so i went to read newspaper.a man ahead of me went to return book,so i avoid him and went to neighbor room to listen beijing opera.the singers were doing their best and i got understand different roles in chinese traditional social relation pattern.when a man sang in the role of female,i stayed there after he finished then left to newspaper room.a young dog with very short hairs sat in front of me biting.the librarains babbled.i enjoyed news about the changes internet brought to the world.after finished reading i again haunted the opera practise.just after a middle aged woman finished singing a man again sang in female role.i know some person distorted in soul don’t fear death,they just want to be gay and enjoyed to be gay.returning to the dorm i felt a bit relief about gay and lesbain.maybe american people right,just let the distorted persons to be distorted,let them be.they r dead,and they glad to fight with livings if condemned.so better way just let them to death.
at dinner i asked for additional amount,with adding 1 yuan as payment.a cop in uniform there already eating.
its a sad and resting day.i wondered a lot about my baby after gay push its way into my consideration.
bye.i love u.in misery.kiss u with beer.

bright sunny day again

its really laughable,cop desperately retarded my getting oneta reader mobile for ppc 2003.it modified my pda os backup and let the reader can’t go to a page more than 40 or more pages and forced me to jumped over 10 or 20 pages times after times to arrive the location of ebook i last read.it ridiculed me but also shown the dog system had ridiculed to what a redicule level.they fool people in the way fooling its dog.

its second time over night in the newly open cafe,with which last time ruin my posting in the mid.the state spent money on this kind of rubbishs,these dogs to burn the deposit of chinese.i had alternative reader but i liked to equipped my pda with two.dog doomed to fail,times and times again.the harness they adopt doomed to break and loose.china and the world waiting a long time to see its ruin so far,till the day i cover them with earth on this futile land over exploited by dog and its dog-head host.i vow to kill them on the day.
last night i posted in a cafe where i can open my googlepages.com and succeeded upload one part of the rar series of my firefox backup.i find some download links within www.pxdxa.com which was blocked for quite some time while recently free of block for me and they edit the files on the fly online and on my harddisk.with a moment after i got it,or even at the time it sat on my harddisk,the cab file was modified and ill working while other files within the available downloadable pack working.dog right near aroud biting me,turning heavily when i started to backup and retrive links to download orneta reader mobile.they monitored me everywhere,just kept barking.they modified my post on the fly when i typing and copying and pasting.shit,god know who will win in the smart world equipped with software and democratic internet.they boast their harness just like last play of pests before the autumn.not only they lose in the smart soft,but they also lose in the social network.they doomed slept with legacy warez under earth,just like as being dog doomed to extingush in the tomorrow world.

last night i wondered in the dorm after 2 am.i got up today at 11:54 am.when i arrived the lunch didn’t finish.after lunch i started to move downloaded stuff to my pc.my baby was milked but when i finished works and went to see him in bedroom he got agile and i cared him playing since then.he played awhile tap water then cooking tools.then the grandma arrived.the kid sister had being slept in the room,left to shop now.the grandma started to tidy the house and manage the stored vegetable.after the kid sister returned my baby was bored into sleep.he slept for about an hour.the kid sister kept watching,they just want to see my baby had problem with sleep and humiliate him like humilated me in my 30’s.just after 4:38 pm i shoke my baby up from low sleep and went out to receive his mother,against the sisters warns and sidewatch.when we bought ice cream his mother missed us and returned home.we stayed in the yard for his mother and left when a colleague of his mother informed us.his mother returned and got angery with us when met us and left alone to home.my baby,however,enjoyed the ice cream very much.dinner was again dumplines.i drank wine and beer.his mother also resumed to normal mood.after dinner i continued my work of customizing firefox settings after updated it to newest edition.the kid son of the kid sister returned and soon shifted to balcony to show their sepreation with me while i working in the room they now occupied.my baby haunted me sometimes but was held aside by his mother and his mother gradually felt hard to deal with my baby’s need to bump and crack to shift the evil will around him.i finished my work duely and tried to pacify his mother.we then ate the remnant of the huge orange and we including our baby enjoyed it.then my baby let me push him riding his bike with which he still too little to operate the paddle.for i worried my bike outside of the building on the ground i left in advance after 8 pm.my baby and his mother all calmed down and farewalled to me gladly.

that’s my nice day.in the dawn i dreamed of liushuyun,my nankai unv.alumni and my one year’s college girlfriend,called our alumni to visit a professor,who had 3 dogs,2 big and a small.she bribed the teacher.she was enrolled by state security bureau after graduate and trickily turned her name in alumni of www.chinaren.com into blank in display while the placeholder visible.i just wondering why she not hide her name totally,not to boast chinese secret cop’s super power penetrating popular webhost among common people.

bye.i enjoyed the wide screen lcd so far in the night.i had nothing to worry about.read or not read on my pda not a question of being.dog doomed to play with its own shadow in the wind.for the summer and for the winter,they danced in their hell day to come.

i love u.with feeling in steering light bolt.kiss u with tear.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

bright day

last night i finished update my firefox portable to newest version and also tried ftp client portable.i was charged 5 yuan a night.returned to dorm i ate my breakfast which fresh for hungery stomache.the rest of morning spent on bed dozing but can’t sleep.after lunch i wandered around the area outside of qrrs,esp.its eastern part directly connected to suburb.along the road mushroomed many small vendors,likely those lost their flat house to qrrsers’ residential zone and had to find a new living.then i wandered about an hour in the sunshine in the tree yard of the dorm area.the benches all rid,banished any open social contact method,like we saw in the summer u practised here.that’s machinery thinking,for their only interest.i met a beautiful young girl with her friend lingered in the road.the rest of the afternoon spent on bed,most time immersed in love emotion.after dinner i intended to surf but on the way a little boy playing cracks and let me felt sorry for my baby,so i headed to see him.there his mother’s kid sister again lean on the bed.she is in fact a prostitude,her most liked poise was laid herself on bed or sofa,like a sex animal.my baby was forced to try to lean against her and she just dirty willed every day.and when my baby crawled across her body she can’t help but open her cell phone.she is really evil and enjoyed being evil.she glad to show in front of us attracting my baby.my baby’s mother would rather stayed in waiting room,and i also soon left to operate the notebook in our bedroom to avoid her nasty show.the grandma and her kid sister watched aside,but the grandma soon left,likely can’t hold.the prostitude later left and proudly declared she would visit tomorrow.she felt she gained,but god know what won and continued to win.i never worry about my baby’s ability.when all challenges within the home settled,neighbors challenges let my baby bumped and made a lot of cracks,let his mother’s nerves almost broken.my baby felt a lot of joyes to strike the ears spying around in the residential building.when he tried he was milked and slept.i left in dark.his mother angery with me and slept on bed,don’t talk to me.but after i left she called me back and handed me a clean bedsheet as planned to replace the current one,and offer me 2 apples when i asked.
we r under stern challenge now.my baby especially threatened.but god’s shine forever cast on our soul and body.we doomed to brace the brighter and brighter future.
bye.i love u.i today sometimes felt ur hostility.kiss u with freer.

special bright sunny day

dog ruined my works after 2 am at which i had worked on for 5 hours.there is no way to avoid its nasty.
last night posted here a newly open cafe successfully with 3 yuan for 2 hours.after returning to the dorm i was trentched by temptations and fought with it.rotten rat rabbled lately and first time ingnored my sleep and chatting lasted for about 2 hours after i went to bed.i went to bed after 0 am and got up at 11:14 am.my grand father appeared awhile in my dream.when i arrived,the kid sister first time shown in proper mood.i kissed my baby’s leg.soon his mother arrived.lunch was rich and she told me yesterday they prepared lots of delicious foods and some of them missed me.after lunch she went to shower.the kid sister slept in the room locked.the neighbors constantly probing my relation with my baby,my god,they tried to seperate my baby from me.my baby then started to play with scattering rice onto the floor,just echoed my grand father’s ask in my prevous dream.when his mother returned and catch sight of the mess she got angery and demanded my leave or cleaning the floor.i didn’t acted upon,but started to sort files on my udisk and sd card.when my baby and his mother woke up from bedroom,i started to clean the floor with air cleanner.then i emptied the stuffed cleaner and let his mother happy.then the grandma arrived and started to wash.the kid son of the kid sister also returned and cooked with his mother.later we ate dinner,including a soup.we drank wine.i felt in mood to share and turned talkative with them.my baby finished his dinner first then the kid son.we couples and the old sisters chatted on the table on balcony.then i visited my baby and found he was fed by the kid son peacefully.i stayed awhile and let the kid son unease and laid himself to bed.my baby later played with standing onto lofty stacked mats and stepped down and found lots of joyes.his mother or the grandma bought me a new thick trousers and i praised it.we all enjoyed  a huge orange his mother bought.my baby ate quite some.after returned to the dorm,i felt again temptations.i reviewed my love for the girl fang(square) when i there in nankai unv. preparing my entrance exam for master degree candidate.i don’t know if she got married or kept single,had a child or not.i had reiterate the process of my broken heart with love for her and the process of my can’t live with her after returning to my hometown and finally got sleeplessly and refused to trust anyone and being forced to be treated in asylum.in my view,each time i got mad was in fact i died in heart and can’t live with the routine life and still can live with losing all the settings i beset,to escape for freedom.i also told my story with qrrs,my once working place in the process of my second falling into asylum.dog clearly knew why they ruin my blogging in the mid.
i even more assured i m near my kingdom to reclaim and to recover.temptation never can hide the reality that the highly enjoyed now threatening me,and my threat to they,who had judged others’ lives so far so scar,for they r not the judge,but the object of judge.
dog in this new cafe allowed me accessed more warez stuff within domestic ftp sites,while foraign sites heavily blocked or retarded.they allowed my uploading a clip shot today of my baby with his parents but defied other 2.its liked a bargain but it didn’t start from tonight.temptation was one of its harness.
bye.i love u.in sunshine,in this overnight,in the bright moon light these
night.kiss u with beer.
my baby today.

Monday, January 01, 2007

sunny day till dark

posting to my blogs costed me 2 hours and more in the cafe at noon,till after 12 am.dog blocked my uploading to google and forced me haunted far to find a cafe in their casual absence to upload.so far i uploaded my user data to my yahoo account.but youtube.com still blocked.returned to the dorm i had to eat lunch at the nearby pub,costing me 7 yuan for 2 fishes.in the room i rest myself on bed and started to tired a pdf reader just got from the web on my pda.then dog nearby via wireless hacked my pda heavily.i tried several ways including registry editing and reinstallation but all in vain.they likely modified the installation cab on my sd card within a day.after i started to customize my pda’s connection setting in the aim to falsified it flocks of qrrser in the dorm launched to leave.i waited on bed till dinner time.i ate dinner in the canteen with a bottle of beer.then i walked a mile to a new cafe to upload.now dog blocked groups-beta.google.com not to let me upload while groups.google.com accessible previously.they just lost all their means and basic politeness to guise their ugly appearance.on the way a minicar of cop blocked my way and i spitted to it and cursed.in the cafe a cop in uniform sat right near the entrance.shits,what a laugh.they want to know their presence but also know nothing can change me,change my cling to my kingdom and my god.nothing can change the rule of heaven.what they can do,beside this?they just marched like a shadow gay around me and they did shadow me sometimes.that’s all the Sun witness on my march toward my brilliant future,my unity with u in near timespace.
i likely got what i needed.bye.i love u.kiss u with beer and fear.
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bright sunny morning

last night the cafe charged me 5 yuan after i surfed 2 hours exactly according my record,but the clerkwoman of the cafe claimed i surfed 2 hours and 5 minutes.i didn’t nothing but post.posting via post2blog or addons of firefox problematic,while quite sometimes succeeded without any problem.the only problem likely the dog captured my posting data package and modified it before it was sent to the world web.most of my google service blocked,esp. googlepages,and gmail where i can upload my files.youtube.com and bloglines.com blocked to death,never displayed a single line after times refresh.dog just need a play before its death.after returned to the dorm i wondered till 0:30 then read ’terrorism between vietnam war and 9.11’,an ebook i got several days ago from ftp stuff,till 1:20 am. i dreamed a lot.first lots of concernings about the health and safety of my baby son.then on the open yard of my hometown village near its entrance i met my second elder sister who arrived to let me know she want to let my baby join a tv baby show or make a solo show of my baby.i strongly opposed it for its would bother my baby.but she left to persuade my baby’s mother.then on the cross of the residential area of my baby’s mother’s home and the railway station,where nearby there is a islamic restaurant farer and a supermarket titled ’kanglefu(healthy marry and wellbeing)’ nearer on the northeast district the cross divided,and where there is a bike repairer whose owner is a thin middle aged man,and on its farest end of its northwest district of the cross divided sits the ’junzhengzhaodaisuo(hotel of army politics)’ where i with my baby and his mother ate once in the summer,i holding a little fish in my palms and tried not to spilt it onto the ground.but it did slipped from my hands to the ground,where a team of building gathered and spoke.the officer asked me about my house but i didn’t reply and walked toward the main street to the center of the city.then i laid myself on bed in a house just on the northwest district where the hotel of army politics sat,and my baby’s mother entered with a woman,i let her near me to tell her my dream but she just want to let my baby show public.the woman followed her likely busy aside to boast a real estate.so i lost my temper and started to chase to beat her,my baby’s mother,like each time she stupidly opposed me and after beat she just lived well with what i ruled.then a crowd of workers marched on the street on the east to west direction of the cross,and i found i sat on a lofty tables stack against the wall of the supermarket of ’kanglefu’ and tried to eat some pickles from a jar aside.the chairman of the workers’ association talked to me.then i searched all rooms for my parents in the old house when its still new in my hometown and only found my grand father weak on the bed of the room where first occupied by our newly married second elder brother’s couples,then where me and my kid brother grown up in the room,i found my grand father almost faint in the quilt and cried.but he ruthly demanded me offer him 1.5 kg rice,or 3 jin in chinese unit,if i can’t find it right hand i can borrow from the wife of eldest brother of him,or of his second elder brother’s eldest son,or of my eldest brother’s.i cried loudly and asked why he suffered starves so long even i remit to my hometown with 1000 yuan or more and my mother told me that’s enough,but he told me that’s not enough.so i hurried to borrow rice from the wife of the eldest son of the second elder brother of my father,her facial express was dubious but she offer a cup with countable rice particles in water.i intended to leave but i asked her why 3 jin rice results so few rice,she replied the rice her family cooking was not ready.that likely all i can remember about the dream in dawn.its my first time crying in dream in front of my grand father.when i open my eyes i found its 9:45 am.i put on and headed here to log it.
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Sunday, December 31, 2006

ordinary sunny day

ordinary sunny day.these days dog energetic to show their utilities.www.youtube.com,previously seldom blocked,these days also banned my access.my backup of blogging tool and firefox portable on google error-prone after downloaded.dog now even modified my working on my desktop at the same time i working with.the ftp addons within firefox lost its configuration just after i finished setting passwords for my ftp accounts.their play just evil as they sensed it.
last night i spent 3 hour in the cafe far than starsee cafe,heavily hacked,just to finished posting to my blogs.i left there after 0:30 am and still a man waited on the way near the dorm talking with his cell phone.the neighbors of my room all turned off light this time,for i turned off light before i left there after 10 pm and intending spent overnight in cafe.before went to cafe i also read awhile an ebook about intelligence work in vietnam and 9.11.the night before yesterday also wasted 2 hours additionally to post being hacked heavily in the cafe i with a member card.dog just need some taste to its blood and corpse.
last night i went to bed after 1 am and till 1 pm i woke up and got up after 2 pm.i dreamed luyongxiang,the former dean of china academy association,visited qiqihar as the vice president of china,to collect survey and criticism on government works.i also dreamed witnessing a consulting company’s operation process.after getting up,i washed my bedthrob and went to computer market to buy a sd card for my baby’s mother’s camera as planned.i haunted the workshop i dealt with for quite sometimes but the clerkwoman seemingly unhappily with me.after returned to my baby’s mother’s home i also found newly pasted vendor token half ripped and can’t identify the date it sell to me,so its 5 years warranty will had problem to satisfied.its speed claimed 60x,when i tried on the pc within the workshop,coping 125 MB files costed 4 or 5 minutes and copy a single file of 940MB costed 8 minutes at home computer.it casted me 115 yuan.i really doubting if i should buy another sd card for myself for download.
my baby’s mother glad to see the new sd card.her kid sister again there watching movie on her notebook wrapped herself in the quilt.i really disgusting her.and my baby slept on bed,likely threatened by the evil kid sister of his mother.in a moment i strongly felt my disappointment to my baby’s mother for her being as lazy and mediocre as her kid sister or her family.she never knew how to make good use of her notebook or computer,except watching movie and find courseware for her teaching demonstration.chinese education doomed to lose,and the teachers doomed to meanless.
my baby’s mother again sneered my delaying there for dinner.and she prepared my baby to shop with her mother and her kid sister.she complained my baby suffering cold now,and asscrible that to my holding my baby outside without enough clothes.but i know its just the evil and cold the nasty her kid sister brought.after they left,i busy with customized settings for blog tool and firefox settings.and till 6 pm i left to dorm and ate dinner at the pub i seldom visited.its boss was a middle aged man from hunan prov. neighbor prov. to my hometown.thats the only meal i had today.then i visited the cafe i enjoyed surfing without serious hacking in the 2 overnight and got know it charged 7 yuan for overnight as usual,even on its reception desk there is a notice saying the cop demanded increase its fee to 10 yuan an overnight in weekends,and 2 yuan for an hour in weekends.then i returned to dorm to rest,to ready for overnight surfing.
bye.i love u,in near and far.i just can’t see the direction u working.holiday near,and i don’t know if u care my loneliness.kiss u with tear.