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Saturday, November 18, 2006

ordinary sunny afternoon

the cafe i surfed in the morning banned modifying its ie settings so i
can't use proxy.my email blog to blogger.com was blocked or captured
while email to post to googlegroup succeeded.when i arrived my baby's
mother's home his grandmom there.i soon held him outside to receive
his mother.on the way he fell into sleep on my shoulders.when his
mother appeared in the crowd of the students he woke up.we ate some
croakers at lunch.after lunch i busy with boasting my work last night
for making her googlepages ready and she admitted it.then the two old
sisters went to shower and my baby was held by his mother haunting
outside,leaving me alone trying to do some final touch to her
googlepages.but i soon fed up with slow speed and gave up.then i
operated on pc offline to sort my sd card of my pda,and attempting to
find my heading works when i worked for qrrs cable tv but in vain.time
glides and then all members returned.my baby slept sound in his
mother's arms and till i finished my dinner he woke up from bedroom.we
ate dumplines at dinner.then i docked a cafe far from qrrs dorm zone
but near then the cafe i surfed in the morning.i tried quite some pcs
but most of its front usb port was disabled.and in the process i lost
its registry card.it took me 10 yuan as key money and likely a dispute
awaiting me.
bye.i love u.kiss u with jeer.

heavily hacked.proxy mostly blocked.google logined but returned a
interface without due logined information while open www.gmail.com it
open ur email box.dog captured and manipulated byte flows.

ordinary sunny morning

last night my baby's mother asked for net storage for her video file
in our daily bless and i felt she now become enjoying cyberspace.so i
felt encouraged to went to cafe again after 9 pm to publish her
googlepages and registered her another youtube account.i finished
after 11 pm.before i finished some persons haunted around my seat and
i was heavily bited.however,i felt accomplished on the way returning
to dorm.in the night i felt weakest bite on me,but i however still
fell into sleep a bit late.i had to get up to make water before i fell
into sleep.in the dawn i remembered i dreamed first a man determined
to improve railway's efficience and offer people a cheaper and faster
railway.but he was hunted by a laidoff of railway,likely a foremore
watchman.but the determined man finally succeeded.then i was brought
into the western area of china and there an old woman whose hometown
was eastern of china collecting a lots of old coins of ancient china
and with a woman caring her.she had a nice sword and won anothe young
woman by only a poise in their compete.in the end we r on a train to
eastern china and its aftermath i can't memory now.
its peaceful cafe till now.i first time enjoy the widescreen lcd of
brand acer.gamers babbled but that's the pleisure of digital life.i
will saw my baby after posted here.i can't see the width and depth of
surveilance of dog but i enjoyed the peace by now.last night in cafe
after i posted my email to my blogger successfully via proxy and just
when i browseing a political group within google group the web was cut
off.and i had to switched to surf without proxy.so the surveilance
penetrating the proxy,through the byte flow.every internet cafe's
registeration card seemingly serialized in the united number
series,indicating from a centual monitor.
bye.i love u.china never can seperate from the world.the brutal
surveilance system by dog and its dictated host never survived a
century.changes underwent unnoticeable.i saw the world under god's
united kingdom all over.
kiss u with bright.

Friday, November 17, 2006

clear warm sunny day.

last night after returning to the dorm,my baby's mother soon buzzed in
and in our talk she was very cordial.then i do some reading to the
autobiography of Margaret Hilda Thatcher while leting the rodio
on.after 10 pm i wandered awhile in the room and fell into deep love
and deep sorrow for my baby.i sorry i didn't choose the internet cafe
near his mother's home when i knew i had choice to pick a closer cafe
with a more possible to visit him after posting, but i chose a near
cafe to discipline myself and my baby.in a moment i decided to visit
my baby and stay there a night to compensate my sorrow.then i headed
on when its almost 11 pm.when i arrived the house was dark and after i
turned on bedroom lamp i found his mother breasting him.i held his arm
and felt so dear.after i settled his mother spent quite some time to
let him sleep.and i had a very sound and consolidated sleep.in the
morning his mother got up early to put him on but i just felt
sleepy,for recently i never got up so early.when they ate their
breakfast my baby approached me to wake me up to eat,and i got up
immediately.the morning spent holding my baby playing in the rooms.he
just like to play with all the household materials.when its 10:30 am i
held him outside to receive his mother.just after we got to the ground
he slept on my shoulders and he slept about an hour outside.thx the
sun so bright and warm,he slept very sound.when we turned around and
found the door of the school open and we entered.just a few steps we
saw his mother coming on her bike.at lunch i turned on tv and watch
cctv news and commented the most thing i like to do with cctv was to
dissect it,for its really smothering,quite some original provincial tv
like hunan tv and zhejiang tv,all fade into humdrum for had no access
to independent news under the nowaday censory.then i talked about a
topic detailed last night radio about some universities limited their
students from using their pc by cut down power supply after 0 pm or
even 10:30 pm,i commented dog always likes biting.then i suddenly
recognized at least one of daughters of the old woman married a
cop.maybe her own husband also a cop.i laid aside the idea when i let
my baby playing most of the afternoon,but when its near 4 pm i took a
glimpse into the possiblity of the spy of the old woman and possible
plot concocted by cops around my baby and my old family.then the old
woman urged me to leave.she warmed up some bean juice with mahua(fried
needle) for my baby,when i commented its tasteless she replied my baby
liked it.since the old woman arrived the home was stuffed with all
kinds of biscuits and fruits.i never fed my baby soon frequently daily
with those boughted packed foods.she also seldom cook a changing
diet.most of time in winter our dish was carrot and cabbage sliced
into pieces.my baby sensed my leaving and asked for the caress of the
old woman in advance,leting me doubting her silent exertion on my baby
in these days.
however,she was leaving.my baby's mother told me last time she will be
replaced by the kid sister of her mother.no matter how the evils
brewing,none can harm my baby in fact and indeed.that's my
understanding to the final.
bye.i love u.in these days i also felt hatred toward u and sometimes
indifferent to ur presence.but quite sometimes i felt ur message,ur
love to me must be under deep distort by the animosity and i sure we r
the loved and the coupled with their fruits.
kiss u with bright.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

weak sunshine afternoon

i finished registering my account at www.livejournal.com at
http://benzillar.livejournal.com then left.before i finished a dog
seated aside,likely a cop in guise.the cafe titled freedom cafe but
still its very slow when i open a web page,indicating under
supervision of dog.afternoon i laid on bed listening radio but later
the power was cut temperary for about an hour and i stayed in
silence.dog hunting around and let me uncomfortable.sometimes i felt
feeding up with dog but i calmed myself that they just let me remember
my responsibility to cover their corpses with earth on time the day
they doomed.the three cafes near the dorm zone all likely wired to
monitor me, and i lost most of my time on web these days to read my
google contents for i had to fight for a viable proxy to post to my
blog at blogger.its a hunting but i was just bugged to unease.the day
they lose seen by all foresighted people.
bye.i love u.kiss u with blossom.

sunny morning

i got up at 11:09 am.last night some illwishes lingered on my body
indifferent directions let me doubt if they r from women.i fenced it
lately and had to get up to make water in midnight.all the dawn i in
dream seemingly doubting if and where i should find myself another
blog site against the possible blocking and pretension by chinese
cops.my blog at myspace.com never blocked but any members of myspace
can't be open for quite some time,indicating hacking or hajacked.my
blog at blogger suffered blocking and hajacking.my only blog within
china at blogcn.com,likely under censory for posting had to wait a day
to display.dogs extending their tent to the most of their ability to
trap me.
bye.i love u.no near no far.kiss u with bright.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

clear sunny day.

i woke up at 8:23 am and got up at 9:00 am.i dreamed the ceremony of
the prc's foundation,in which mao acted as a crabbed host and zhude
offer a lecture of reciting his poem in traditional chinese poem
form.i went to see my baby son at once.my baby again hide himself in
the hug of the old woman when caught sight of me.but he immediately
approached me and cried when i insisted kissing his leg.all morning i
held him playing at home,till near 10:30 he slept on my shoulders.i
tied him with a carpet of whose two side i held tight to keep warm and
rest his wrest when he slept on my neck.his mother's return woke him
up and his mother busy with let me restore her os and installed again
the domestic antivirus soft titled rising.after lunch we played with
our baby awhile while continuing installation and backup.then we
haunted outside.his mother headed to her school and we toddled on the
street toward the school.when we arrived there and found its door half
open we slided in.a class there having sport lesson and we played on
the yard and gradually approached the teaching building.some students
on the corridor cleaning the ladder and stainless steel bar of the
ladder.my baby stood motionlessly there watched them working.some
teachers acquainted with us.even i felt we r venturing to enter the
working area but we finally retreated to the outer yard again without
any retardment in the building while some men and women busy around.in
the sports yard we played awhile a ditched football till his mother
catched us and urged us to leave.my baby cried awhile after left the
school and i bought an icecream and a bag of inflation food for him
and he demanded eating the icecream at once and we did.he liked the
icecream.i bought some dates(zhao) from the fruit shop on the way,in
memory my search for u.we again played on the waiting room and when i
started to sing loudly my baby slept on my shoulders again.from 3:30
to 4:30 he slept sound on my neck.when i attempted to shift him to bed
he woke up.and i returned after my baby peacefully farewelled to me.

at dinner i sat a table with 3 girls likely middle school students.i
drank a bottle of bear for the dish is greasy.when i let out bubble
from my belly,the girl facing me responded and let me smiled a lot.

last night in the cafe i was heavily hacked.a website of www.pxdxa.com
was blocked for quite some time and let me doubting if its shut.so
when i surf with proxy i checked it and found its well working.so i
started to download my pda a doc editor but dogs not let me having it
to correct my blog they frequently modified within my account they
broke in and let the pc hanged.i reset two times but it still
illworking,so i changed a pc but it again being hacked to err and when
i killed some suspectable process it rebooted itself.then i left.dog
really saw more and more their losing.

bye.i love u.kiss u with warm heart.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

all day sunny.

the air is warm.the sky is clear.i went to the library of qrrs to
borrow 3 copies of pc magzines.i read one of it thoroughly in the
sunshine in room.dogs bited around when i read.the cafe's boss likely
a dog.last time he pretending sleeping on the chair on my back and
laid a leg on a stool pointed me.that and other dogs in the cafe let
me unconfortable for all the time i surfed there.this time he peeked
his head around me and retreated when catched sight of me far from the
sight of the recept desk of the cafe.dogs just out of their track.

its a busy afternoon for me,for i kept reading till dinner time.in
fact i almost forgot the time to dinner.but i m also at leisure,for pc
magzine entertained me.at dinner there r quite some young girls likely
lodged middle school students of qrrs' middle school.i don't hesitate
a second to sit aside the table they sat.they r just so eyes

dogs biting now.i had not so much to utter now.i just felt its a long
time in today and felt relaxed by tomorrow's visiting my baby son.i
love life like this,no matter how lonely my heart in search for
girls,in searching u.

bye.i will do some reading on web.i love u.kiss u with lightened heart.

beautiful sunshine.

i woke up at 8:03 am and started to listen radio when its just to 9:00
am.dogs let me urgent to make water but i held it till after 8 am.the
economic channel of beijing's centual radio reporting iron demands
slumping and retail price of agriculture and house increasing.but the
stock market soaring.i always felt puzzled when the cpc claimed from
their sovereign the country was a whole unity and all property share
and all member of the people r workers of the country,how can it
breeds so many stockholders.these interest groups or blocks or dots
within the unity or outside of the unity and bargain with the unity?if
within the unity,if the one unity died?if its outside of the unity
then from the start the unity was not a unity,but a dominating one
with other unities.if the prc was a mighty master with arm force,how
can its servants,those high rank cardres with well salary,hold their
restrains not to steal the property of his master,esp. when now they
earn high salary and bargain in the stock market with stateowned
enterprises' stateowned shares,ie the master,and those free
enterpreneurs and foreigh investors, with their salary as their
capital? or if the new products as surplus of the unity and dispersed
among its members including the master and its servants according to
their contributions,as the marxism claimed the source of the commence
of private property,who will judge the distribution righteous? i
always felt the china stock market just a unreal cheating arena to
money laundry the stealing cardres' theft.i only know russia dispersed
all stateowned enterprise equally to its people and after that can be
a free market to be found,and i think that's probably the only way to
deal with china's stateowned property.
bye.i love u.kiss u with bright.

Monday, November 13, 2006

started to uncomparable sunshine in afternoon.

i got up at 9:13 am.i dreamed temporarily lived in a family with a son and a daughter and their parents.my elder brother and our once old bull also appeared in my dream.after woke up i knew my second elder brother and my second elder sister endured the hardest time in our grand father's youth as well as the new republic and they had the will and reservation for a boarder dream not paler than mine.
when i arrived my baby received me happily.but he cried to refuse my kissing his leg but i did on my own.i held him playing the basin in which there r some used water.he messed up all cook utensils available.he slept on my shoulders when its near 10:30 am and woke up when his mother returned at 11:30 am.after lunch we haunted outside as i suggested to shot.we went to sports yard where a crowd of elemental school students there and watched us shotting.after returned home i busy with sorting the sd card while his mother milked him.when his mother left for her school he approached me to ask for my attending him.all afternoon he insisted my caress him to play.we really had a good time even i frequently want to continue my work on pc.he slept when its 3:30 pm on my neck for an hour.i sang a lot when he sleeping.we watched tv peacefully after he woke up till his mother returned.then i busy with backup shots to my udisk.after dinner i left and ported here to write u and published our shots.
bye.i love u.kiss u with bright.hope the snow bring u clean and clear mind.

btw, the post titled 'pale morning,now snowing. ' posted on Nov. 12 including a line reads 'who shown the caligraphy of his father,likely named xiaqing(summer cyan),who experted at handwriting and crave and also a worker's model medalist as being a middle school teacher for qrrs' school as i known.',in which the 'crave' should be 'carve',i meant seal carving,in chinese zhuanke.

for blogger was blocked by chinese dogs.u can still read it via my google doc.
my blog from 2006.8.10--11.9
my blog update after 20066.11.9

baby in the first serious snow in the winter

baby in the first serious snow in the winter in nearby sports yard.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

afternoon snow finally let it like a real snow of winter.

when i left the cafe at noon its snowing and continously in the
afternoon.i roamed in the snow in the tree yard of the dorm zone.some
little students there attending class there sliding on the ice and let
me befirended.i toddled for about an hour.snow gathered on my suite
but it didn't wet it.then i returned room and wandering and
wondering.later i listened radio on bed.then read autobiography of
Margaret Hilda Thatcher,the former primer of uk.till 4:20 pm i laid it
down and ready to left for dinner.after dinner i sorted my family
email list within my gmail and most of the an hour passed.now i m
ready to leave.dog's biting restlessly.
bye.i love u.my seat near the lavatory which is smelly.so i wouldn't
kiss u.the white snow blesses u.its so refreshing,so ehchanting.thx

pale morning,now snowing.

i woke up after 7 am and started to listen radio at 9:18 am.in the dawn i dreamed one of my once colleague named xiaxiaodan(summer little red),who shown the caligraphy of his father,likely named xiaqing(summer cyan),who experted at handwriting and crave and also a worker's model medalist as being a middle school teacher for qrrs' school as i known.the grandson and granddaughter busy practising handwriting under his influence.then i in a sports yard and i jogged on the track and found soccor training team.then some young men playing poker on the yard.they r likely offspring of wellbeing and gangsters,both have lots of leisure time.then their wifes replaced them to playing there and they shifted to a table farer the side of the yard to play.dogs biting while i stayed on bed listening radio and then i recalled ur possible interaction with me.i got up near 10 am.
after lunch i here busy with sorting my contacts list,mainly my own and my son and his mother's email accounts.i likely to exceed 1 hour here this time even i felt sorry.but in fact with the 50 yuan from my once working place i didn't bankrupt my budget of lodge and board.
the snow likely stopped.i hope she can help me clean my hot brain with contnuous snowing.
bye.i love u.kiss u with cool.