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Saturday, May 03, 2008

our humble Labor Day holiday

the first day of holiday, Labor Day, was sunny. we hashed to visit the only park in Qiqihar, Longsha park. we bring baby son played on mini-train and mini-tank. we saw some birds and monkey and cranes. we saw camral and bears. baby slept on the bus returning home in my arms and we relayed to hold him in sleep home after the nearest stop.

then situation went worse.last dinner ema brought baby some pears and banabas and claimed that only for baby. baby also claimed he will eat all. i felt very repulsive on ema’s all time bragging her money power and separating baby from others of the family. after dinner i took half of an apple and suggested her buying some cheap fruits for all next time. i also told her that food should be shared, not separated by people within family. ema kept cold shoulders in the coming days. i in the 2 days also felt boring and threatened. i slept in the afternoon for 2 hours each day, while ema busy with tutoring. my life likes in a cold cage, depend on other like ema’s decision. ema frequently boasts the power of money she dirtily earned by meanlessly tutoring. all time she was energetic upon it, which i felt quite wrong. she let some students, most were students in her classes, to follow her tutorial even in holiday just to earn money. most of time in tutorial was ineffective. the students likely silent lamps. she always let it clear that i earned less then hers, and made any chance to protect baby against my influence. she made situation forcing baby to ask for her help and in result let baby totally in her controls. i let baby playing pc games, which i think would be the future generation’s routine, but she constantly shown dispise. she bought a lot of packet food, just let baby eat less staple. she and her mother bought lots of nutritional and lurked baby to take and ruled to let baby eat a day one pill, but baby constantly asked her permission to take. she let baby care-demanding and under her irregular rage’s control and lack most due independency. baby frequently ask for her attention and if her in right mood. she let baby weak.

i saw a lot of poor parency and felt hard to correct it. each time i tried to mend it i got ema’s revenge in cold shoulders in coming days. i trust God my fate and my lasting life, and known God will shine on my baby. i had to fight to live with these ugly family life in peace. i trust God to bring me to peace in the end of my life.

below was photos shot on Labor Day. the movie was shot in the afternoon which was a gloomy day, just like yesterday.

our humble International Labor's Day

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

a storm rain just after noon

these days busy with lots of miscellaneous task, ranging from logo design and blog creation and customization. things lined up when i casually picked one and had to proceed to its end. the weather mostly cool these days, rendering my baby and his mother longer lingering in their cold. baby in the mid suffered heat and measles' alike ( lot of little projections appeared on his cheeks and sometimes vomiting) symptoms, let my sometimes curious and sometimes sorry or mercy. after all, the strange symptoms fading now, we glad to see more energy and liveness in our most beloved, and more cases we can treat life and things lighter as usual. his mother blamed my bringing him playing games a lot when he was ill. even i know her accusation was meaningless but i suffer no words to retort.

there is also some personnel changes in my office. the bitch woman, once sued me broke her pc and forced me to give up and let her using the pc solely, left and was promoted as a secretary of manager of a affiliate works newly built near Dalian, Liaoning Prov., the most southern end of northeast part of China, she tried to cover her gladness under complains and belittling and claim she will return if not fit. then the bully monitor changed the office layout totally, assigning the pc of the bitch to his old colleague, a blue collar previously. all dog's.

the sky turning dark now and more rain ahead likely. i will close this article in hope of grand summer's coming soon. International labor's holiday just in, and people busy with laying out tourism. i can't afford any movement now and had to be contented with the web, as usual. i look forward changes in the future, that's also as usual.

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Sunday, April 27, 2008

peaceful afternoon sun light

these days busy with logo design, for my site benzyrnill(at http://sites.google.com/…llogo2.png ) , and baby son warren's sites,ie. warwinzh( at http://warwinzh.googlegroups.com/…inzht2.gif ), warranzh (at http://warranzh.googlegroups.com/…rranzh.gif ), warrantzh (at http://warrantzh.googlegroups.com/…rantzh.gif ), wardzh (at http://wardzh.googlegroups.com/…wardzh.gif ), and forgot the time's lapsing. when uploading logos to sites, China surveillance heavily blocked me and sometimes likely just responded my web request in real time, for some proxy just worked awhile then inaccessible. this afternoon i adding pages to my google groups' welcome page and frequently being broken and locked by China watch dog's hacking.however, i almost got what i want and now enjoyed the leisure to utter my story.

my baby these days still in cold and sometime complained painful stomach. in the morning he sticked some picture to his forehead, and in the afternoon some acnes appears on his cheeks. now his mother brought him outside. last night he said my design was ok when i asked his opinion. he and his mother can reasonable stepping into recovery these days, in which they suffered so much and cost so many medicines. the grandma's house now underwent renovation and i didn't lend a single hand.

these days sunshine resumed but the weather was cold. i had to put on my suite at home. the road to summer was so long and i almost broke my neck.

its a nice afternoon, after i got enough surfing on web at home. i love at home and surfing. after all blocking and delaying, i almost got things done. i love the peace of striving.

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