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Saturday, February 10, 2007

blunt sunny day

last night in the cafe was gliding of time, at a cost of 4 rmb.returning to the dorm its near 0 am and i read awhile my blog on pda till 1:30 am and went to bed.dog around spying concentrating and let me cost some time to settle down.i stayed awake for some time before i got up at 2:22 pm.then i walked around the front open space of qrrs,there were still sunshine on the ground.returning to the dorm i listened radio music.the topic of one of its program was jealousness.i reviewed my time with the occasional contacts with the girl fang (square) when i was in naikai unv. and later my time with my baby's mother,and look forward to the time with u ahead.spying eyes thick in the dorm and let me restlessly.the canteen received less customers when i ate my only dinner there.on the way returning to the room i met 2 girls leaving with packages for their home,likely.i again listened radio awhile till my baby's mother buzzed in and told me its little year (xiaonian in chinese),i refuted her according to the calender on my pda that tomorrow was.my baby at the time around 7 pm was said just slept.i came here to blog soon after and tried seeing why thunderbird ill working after packed into portable suit.dog now heavily blocked me,hindering me operating on www.diigo.com ,on which i created 2 groups under title of benzyrnill at http://groups.diigo.com/groups/benzyrnill and faezrland at http://groups.diigo.com/groups/faezrland and declaimed democracy of china and my royal of china.they also block quite some proxy of australia,most of them usually working and speedy.maybe they now need a boost of their loot to bargain with their host for bonus bone.
bye.i love u, in tear in dear.kiss u with beer.love u like the sunshine tomorrow.

Friday, February 09, 2007

sunny day, inspiring sunshine in the mroning

last night in the cafe was worthy even dog finally blocked out my p2p download after all these temptations and taking away just to upset me,letting me getting about 200 mb stuff.i find lots of addons of firefox and enjoyed them very much, esp. the addon of google browser sync,with its function i had envisioned some time before i knew it.i just can't wait for google's network operation system and online office.the addon of deepest sender,dog again hindered me getting it,long time handicapped and some of its form box abnormal.hacker in dog team sure had some knowledge on these warez and just can't help showily harnessed it.the only vacant likely a plot,for from the moment i picked it the keyboard and mouse were remotely controlled and just after i took the seat quite some empty seats appeared and soon i was besieged by babbling hooligans bustlingly till after 4 am.they smoked as their usual dirty trick to disgust me.after all who can save their pitiful fate of being buried with dust and shit?no longer than the life of a fly.

after returned to  the dorm i ate my breakfast in the canteen.then i headed to see my baby.he was walking in the waiting room when i arrived,while his mother tutoring the 2 girl students and the kid son of the aunt.then with my baby in my arms or on my shoulders i hummed and sang and murmured to my baby,who played with caps of bottle on his own.when his mother started to tutor another girl student and held my baby to breed him i started to rebuild my portable suit on the pc.i reinstalled the os to prevent infection but sure dog around can harness wireless gadget to hack my operation again.but i don't care more about it in the process of my operation.they infected my files can only had one advantage they can benefited,in my view, to inform them actively to hack me online when i surf ,via the spyware embedded into my file to server to  search its client.other thing concerning privacy had all being in god's view, and thief eyes in god's set.i didn't eat lunch when i operate on the pc,for i didn't felt hungry.my baby was cared by the aunt for some time and was bore into sleep in his mother's arms.i slept aside him when the pc let me free.but he soon woke up when i just felt into doze.after lunch his mother held my baby outside.i stayed at home to do my task.the liu and the aunt watched tv and severely attacked me.when my baby and his mother returned i merely finished my work,but yet to pack to my udisk.after finished my task and turned off the pc i cared my baby and sang a lot.the aunt and her elder son started to cook and before the dinner the grandma arrived.dinner was pie with potato slice and onion.i enjoyed it for i was very hungry.after dinner my baby played with my pda and thrown it twice onto floor but intact.when they chatted i felt sleepy and his mother suggested my leave and i admitted.in the dorm i dozed for an hour and here write u.i just so anxious about the fantasy of the newly added addons.

bye.i love u, in the turning corner in front of us.longest dark had faded its way.i saw the brew of our love.kiss u with beer.i love u,like beer in transparent light brown and green.kiss u again.

sunny day,stained snow melting,day light longer

last night in the cafe was a mess. i merely blogging while cost 3 rmb.later some men and female sat around me and bit me.turning to the dorm its already after 0 am.i read awhile my blog and slept at 2:10 am.i dreamed a lot and remembered some but now after busy with let emule to download and finding some firefox addons i forgot them.i got up at 11:18 am and went to have lunch.after lunch, i rested on the bed for some time then haunted outside.there r quite some boys playing basket ball in the yard.i sat on the swing for awhile, then walked around the open space in front of qrrs.on the way returning to the dorm i visited the free cafe of qrrs and trying to download some firefox addons to prepare a clean reinstallation,but just after 3 or 5 minutes the internet connection was cut off,i reset the pc and being force offline again after several minutes.the cafe administrators persuading me leaving for several rounds,including bodily poking.i then left and found dinner ready and i ate it.then i rested on bed listening music.after receiving my baby’s mother’s phone call i decided to surf overnight to download and prepare a fresh rebuild of portable pack.my baby hummed in the phone and let me glad.i also in peace reviewing my years and times with his mother.and i can envision we can have a better way to live with ourselves.after 7 pm i listen news from radio of beijing,in which the premier talked about the power of people.i sensed the bless from my ancestor and more peaceful to accept my baby’s mother as part of mine and live with trust each other in the long run.i also felt surer that i will trust u from the start and all the time in our life together.after 8:30 pm i launched to the new cafe.all lcd occupied.i waited till overnight service launched.then there was a young man left,and i pick the seat in a rush.the pc was immediately controlled by dog,hanged after i tried online security scanning.after reboot i tried a domestic av soft to scan the pc.my emule downloading also started.there r some complains about the lagging of speed, letting me sorry for my downloading costly for internet traffic,but i m surer that dog more responsible for the slow internet speed.they monitored all my activities online and the passports of all my cyber existence, in god’s view, what they desperately hampering my getting a clean portable pack and a clean os at home was likely just waste my time and upset me,and harnessed hacking tool to let their monitor more automatic.after all what’s the worth of all these worthless wrest?only god know when and why i had to enjoy my working scheme with my own pleasure.
bye.i love u,in every silent moment.i felt even readier for ur descending in front of me.love u with beer,which tasteless without u at lunch.kiss u with peer.
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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

ordinary sunny day

last night in the cafe was terrible.dog again practice its dirty trick to control the keyboard and router data package filter to trouble my posting and surf a lot.the pc hanged a time.they likely got mad in method these days,after times and times failed against me.returning to the dorm i read my blog on my pda till 2 pm then slept.i dreamed of 2 interpreters, a man and a female.after 1 pm i was alarmed by the phone from my baby's mother,to imformed me to register our divorce to the civil office.i left at 1:10 pm.i rode there by bike and my baby's mother alone waited there and we moved to its new office location near the district government.there we were rebut for we didn't bring residential book.when we returned the home our baby just held by the grandma and the aunt playing on the ground.my baby rushed to his mother but seemingly ignored me.i waited in front of the ground door awhile then upstairs to meet his mother and met her just outside of her door.there we registered our divorce and my baby's mother made note on the document that i gave up all property and my baby to her.i was let to fill the form first but when i reluctant to write our accord she pick it up and i told her that i left my house deposit within qrrs,my once workplace,to her,and all my owning except my monthly expense of 300 rmb.she weep when we waited for our divorce registry,which numbered like "0100700100" or "00100700100",etc. on the way home we shopping grocery.i bought my baby some candy of worth 7 rmb.returning home i moved some missing files onto my pda and imported family email list to the thunderbird of my baby's mother's notebook,as she once inquired.then we played with our baby.i sang sometimes.the liu kept watching tv as usual.the old sister busy with cooking.they first time cook steam bread,with which i ate 4 without any dishes.my baby's mother ate 2 aside me.on dinner the liu ate after we finished and he insisted eating rice,which was remnant of lunch and there was few.after dinner the aunt family gathered in their room and my baby played there for some time,sitting on the back of the kid son laying himself face down.later we played in our bedroom,his mother played with him with hide-and-see in the curtain.my baby laughed a lot and i kiss him a lot.his mother got angry when i sang but later rejoiced.after my baby milked to sleep,i kiss my baby's mother's forehead and told her to be sure of our bright future and left.i told her i will take an apple with me but i forgot it when i coated and left.arriving the dorm i headed here immediately and busy with correcting my blogs till now to write u.www.diigo.com did batch posted my posting,but dog likely invaded in with their messing and my blogs missing some posts and i had to costly amended them.

bye.i miss u everyday. i need u in every moment when i was alone.i love u like the sheer right.kiss u with beer.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

sunny son before lunar new year in new clothings.

shot by his mother.

no words can express my love for him.

sunny day

the morning in the cafe was just make use of a pc, not the internet.p2p download was heavily tempered.a man in my age likely a cop nearby biting heavily.i merely prepared thunderbird for my baby's mother,and that cost me 4 rmb.when i left its near 11 am.i went to see my baby at once.my baby was in the waiting room when i arrived.the aunt today very domineer and ordered my baby to eat a lot.my baby's mother had lecture in the morning.when she returned she looked glad.my baby rushed to pick her her slippers.my baby ate less for lunch.at lunch i told what i valued email client and suggested her keeping good behavior to make good use of email client.she likely half accepted.i also told him how cop in the morning stole my domain of email with yahoo and gmail and 163.com of a speedy domestic hostsite.she agreed to let me operate on her notebook to move thunderbird portable onto it.but the backup made in the cafe likely infected and i spent a lot additional time trying to avoid it.in fact the whole afternoon i busy with rebuilding a portable working environment for myself.downloads from the cafe infected heavily and let my pc hanged quite sometimes.my baby and the kid son of the aunt and the grandma all urged me to eat dinner but i just busy with finishing it before dinner.when i ate my dinner they finished and my baby's mother got angry and refused to offer me meal.after dinner i soon finished backup of download and shut down pc.the aunt family gathered in the room they occupied now.i waited for my baby playing with the kid son.later we moved to our bedroom and my baby first played with his mother hide-and-see in curtain and laugh a lot.later i laid him on the pile of quilt and let him sliding to ground.the risk let him laugh quite a lot and let his mother uncomfortable.she told me she will file divorce tomorrow with me and let me waited on the ground of the home building in the afternoon.she even inquired how i care my baby if she left my baby with me.i admitted her request.after my baby slept i also dozed on the edge of the bed.i kiss her forehead and left.she also shown her care for me.its a painful moment,but i m afraid more severe pains to arrive to tear our hearts apart. i rested on the bed in the dorm for awhile then i arrived here.

today quite some graduate employees of qrrs leaving for their holiday.in the morning and in the night people leaving.but i saw the wife of the hunan couples with their child son.i don't know what a pain ahead but i know god's training just sweat and meaningful.

sunny day,eaves dripping yesterday.sunny morning

last night i surf overnight in the new cafe.i registered myself and my baby with some other email account with google,netease and yahoo.dog kept close monitor and stole one of my account.they bit heavily in the process.i spent most of time on setting webmail account within thunderbird.when dawn descended i barely finished letting thunderbird working.returning to the dorm i ate my breakfast and rested on bed for awhile then returned the cafe to write my blog. the night before yesterday i spent 3 rmb or 4 in the cafe to blog.when i surfing i heard the wife of the boss likely saying it indeed charged 1 rmb for an hour.if so the boss had guilty to accept my expressed obligations many times.indeed i knew all these under dog's arrangement,but also in god's set.i needn't care anyone on the earth after all.returning to the dorm its already after 0 am.i read my blog on my pda till after 1 am.i dreamed the pave way around the lake of qrrs covered with plants and grass.i was asked to bring some boxes of book to the library and on the way met one of my once qrrs colleague,wubaohe,a girl graduate from beijing normal unv. .i was blocked by the gatekeeper of qrrs.i got up at 2:24 pm.i then went to the library of qrrs,there i read some mags not lend.namely china garden.then i went to read newspaper.but the newspaper "cankaoxiaoxi(world reference digest)" was taken by an elder there,so i read pictorial.then on bed i listened radio till dinner.i asked for 4 rmb food but was allowanced 1 rmb.on bed in the dorm i started to doubt if i can surf overnight and felt right to do it.after 8:30 pm i walked about a mile to surf the cafe allowing me to down with emule.ftp now blocked deadly,let my ftp client downloaded some files but all of them broken or incomplete while the ftp client was cheated to have finished.dog likely manipulated router's filter rule to maltreat my internet traffic. bye.i love u,in these new year in brink.love u like candy in mouth.kiss u with beer.


Sunday, February 04, 2007

Pale sunshine, chill day

last night i spent more than 5 hours in cafe to try to let my thunderbird working.dog likely blocked localhost's some ports needed by web mail function of thunderbird and let my all attempt failed.when i left its after 3 am.dog bit heavily during the time i surf.they besieged me after i chose a far seat.they r dog or gay from cop or arranged by cop.they let me irritated and felt cold in my leg.dog now bit again heavily around.
after returned to the dorm i read my blog on my pda till 5 am.i can't sleep but just dozed.i got up at 8:10 am and ate breakfast in the canteen.then i went to see my baby.i ran upstairs and my baby was in the arms of the aunt when i arrived.his mother tutoring 2 girls students and the kid son of the aunt.the elder son,the liu reading in the room they now occupied.i told my baby how tasty a breakfast with pickle and porridge can be and soon the porridge was served.my baby ate some.after breakfast i murmured to my baby a lot,till his mother lost her temper and almost slam onto my face and startled my baby into cry.i got a view why she preferred to tutor students at home,just let her being on center stage of the family,in the guise of being busy and earning and righteous business and also avoid herself engaging anything of chores.its a long time tradition of her family life,and she succeeded to bring it to my family,let her dominating and sustainable,but all her did just in fact rubbish,like the rubbish system of china nowadays.dog ran its way everywhere and felt assured.robber and thief felt they doing the most common job on the earth.her dominating role over the students she tutored just as boring as what she taught and earned, and fragile as she sensed it,that's why she so dependent and crabbed.dog in nowadays china beset in the same situation,inevitable,they doomed to lose for themselves losing the ability and inspiration to sustain the boring its exerted on the whole citizen.there is nothing new ,nothing original,nothing productive.they bankrupt the world with their rotten corpse.that's their fate,till they bing buried.
when the grandma arrived,my baby's mother felt glad to let me to fetch some package of washed clothing the grandma brought.the grandma surely empowered with something recharged and her presence quickly let me doze and slept.i slept till after 2 pm,or so,at least i missed the lunch.my baby's mother glad to let me sleep and covered me with quilt of my baby's.my baby approached me sometimes and wanted to play with me but i can't woke up.after i got up the grandma chatted with her sister family in the room for my baby.i soon decided to bath my baby.his mother opposed it and my baby also disagree with it,but i arranged it.his mother then enjoyed to bath him while i busy with holding the water jet and shot with camera.after bathed our baby,his mother showered herself.i played the shot on the tv to let the grandma and other member at home watch.then i went to shower in the public bathroom.there i enjoyed the whole bathroom with my own alone.returning to home,dinner soon started.after dinner i asked for my baby's mother's permission to operate on her notebook to backup shots and the os again.when i busy with pc,my baby played with the kid son of the aunt and bit him.his mother lean aside the aunt.after i finished backup,we played with our baby in our bedroom.my baby turned more and more to be less agile,but i felt dozy,so i left.and just arrived the dorm i came here to write u.here i updated my youtube and picasaweb.
bye.i love u.in dim and in dream.lunar new year can be ur shopping march. i will spend my holiday with my god.kiss u with beer.

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