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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

yes, its history, i chose it.

yesterday its a cornerstone. the bright morning sunshine turned into snowflake at noon. the Moon sits in the between of 2 stars on night sky. the tv irritated about 800 more years history of Zhou KingdomGod's message pushed me into wonder since the night before yesterday. i know enemies and cult persons discussed my situation and their viable response. i know God shown me lots of options and evils' bets. i know my most beloved gazing me and some of them begs for my second son. i know some evils in plight in urgency to push me to choose. they seemingly in charges, but they in fact got nothing. my fate in God's set, and i shown all my choice, from then to now. my brain burdened with their reckons and bets to let me gamble. but i from time to time didn't change. i shown my beloved my choice in the past days, and i don't need to blow my head against hot airs from the redden eyes gamblers in the crowd of hopelessly. i live with my God, my grand father. my God. i live in the hope to reunite with my all beloved, for in my kingdom to come i can shelter them and live a happy life with our children with my beloved. that's my message, from then to now.
the coming chill in snowflake really caters to me, for the dirty will around me really need a freeze and tomb to let down them to their destiny. i in need, sometimes the need so strong let me moved, that i miss ur warmth and softness, in ur blossomy face and aromatic hairs, in ur firm caress and ur silver voice. God sees how far i was from u.
Best regards,
benzyrnill, set to fly - do it, make it.
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Monday, December 01, 2008

refined ema's site logo. she also got her avatar

these day busy with designed family members' avatars. the photo-based avatar first requested by icq, with which i reclaimed some weeks ago. then i designed avatars for warren&myself. i quite contented with the results. yesterday ema shot some photos in her school activities, in which herself also got 3 profile photos, which suitable to make a avatar. so i launched this morning and after more than 2 hours i got what i felt satisfied. the backbone software is titled realdraw, its powerful function let designing logo a breeze.
now u can find our family member's avatar everywhere on the web, that's us.

i also retouched ema's site logo, emagarten, at http://emagarten.blogspot.com ,its design years old, in the period when ema want to build her site for her multimedia courseware, or any course teaching demonstration at that time popular in her school, and long time i felt need to refine it. now that i refined my site for my grand father, faezrland, this time i paid due attension to repolish ema's logo. ema now seldom interested in e-teaching, her school turned foolishly focus on cramming and scoring higher in exam. whole China undergraduation education deteriored to a rat race, which forever decreases the level of China education.
ok, now see my works for ema's cyber presence.

ema's avatar:

ema's site, emagarten's logo, version 2:

Sunday, November 30, 2008

a bright day

this weekends i slept a lot in day time, esp. when baby using pc to

game. i just felt too boring to be idle. baby now sometimes demanding,

but he always cute and loveable. i don't know why i felt to so sleepy,

but i m sure the animosity in ambience surveillancing and conspiring

new evil against my life, that's part of my business in God's set. as

to sustainable development, i beg no idea from others.

today is a bright sunny day. and also a peaceful morning outside of

the window. i love to see the shine as a mean of God's favor. i live

in his glory any moment.

all my friends watching me here, pl leave me some notes. i need ur

join to echo God's complacency.

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