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Saturday, December 16, 2006

slightly snowed last night,full sunny day

last night i roamed in the room for quite some time.after finding neighbors hacking on my mind i let the door open and continued to strode.then quite some guys leaving, passing the tv room facing my room and picked their heads into the tv room around 10 pm.i stayed wondering till 11:30 pm when i started to read 'thinking on the web' and rested on 0:01 am.dog let me almost lost sleep but finally i fell into sleep.i got up at 9:17 am.before i uncovered the curtain i suddenly sensed it might snowed,and after seeing the sunshine from the window i saw slight snow on the ground.what can i complain about?god let me know i only need do what i liked and responded and left rubbishes all aside to be cleaned by the superpower.

when i arrived the grandmom there already.my baby walking on the waiting room.after i uncoated he approached me and soon i cared him playing with tea pot and tea cups of his mother's,as the presents from her once students.he broke 3 tea cups.we ate pine nuts.he received the nuts i broke for him but later spitted it out and i ate them instead.we left the home for his mother after 11 am and i sang loudly qianbaihui's 'cafee cafe' along the road for hundred times while my baby slept on my shoulders outside of the school in sunshine.when the students leaving some of them shouted and let my baby wake up.we entered the school to receive his mother.after lunch the old sisteres left to buy winter clothes for theirselves while i backup logos i designed to my pda.my baby's mother urged me speedy to hold our baby to have vaccined.she left in advance to fetch the log book she left in her office.my baby in the way asked me to buy him an icecream.when we met his mother she got annoyed and demanded my leaving.i left but in half way returned to the hospital for i think that's better.my baby cried shortly,but on the way home he seemed crabbed and cried a lot.after getting home his mother again abused me and demanded my leaving.i retorted to let her be well poised.then i started to back my blog to my pda while my baby sent to sleep after milked with his mother.when i left to shower in public bathroom,my baby woke up and i saw him awhile while his mother milked him.when i returned to the home the old sister started to cook.a girl student tutored by my baby's mother leaving.my baby tightly in his mother's arms.i drank a tin of bear.his mother busy with tutoring the kid son of her aunt and a boy of her colleague.after dinner i waited awhile while the old sisters urged my baby played with me while his mother eating.for them time is ripe to seperate my baby from me and set my baby under their affiliation.when i left my baby didn't see my leaving against the old sisters urging,with his back to the door.

its a nice day after all.i likely had to spend more money on the canteen,and likely had to hold a more tightened budget on the web.maybe that's the dog's plot.last night they close conbatted with me.they let my gmail via http error-prone,and i switched to https of gmail,adopting secure channel of http against surveilance my gmail content.then they cut off gmail connection,let both http and https of gmail inaccessible.then i google proxy list and tired 3 or 4 proxies,some proxy tunnel displaying arriving contents of my gmail then being cut off.they domineering to its brutalest.then when i logout my google services and all went losing response.then i reset the pc and left.dog just need a way,no matter how tiny or trifle,no matter how shabby and barely,to conpensate their losing and failing feelings to proof their inferior.

bye.i love u.in tear and in seal.kiss u with ties.

Friday, December 15, 2006

sunny afternoon

at noon i got what i wanted for some time but were blocked so long: the lyric of 'beiguozhichun(spring of north country) and zoundery blogwriter.after i got them dog gave up blocks to www.goolge.com and proxies.i even surfed the www.zoundery.com which was blocked for several days even its appeared in the results of various searching engine.what can i comment all about it?

after posted here at noon i meandered awhile in the sunshine then went to renew my magzines borrowed from qrrs.but the libray was locked.i went to the newspaper room to read.the librarains put some of them on for a show and soon i heared rehearsal in the stadium.a worker behind the glass wall pretending sleeping on the table kept dirty onto me,but i finished reading to 'world reference digest' in time.the president of iran claim israel wouldn't exist in the future,american finance ministry to visit china and world ,esp former high ranks of german praised china a lot and look upon china's continuous rapid growth driving world growth.that's skepticism and opportunism.old europe long time used to be gambling on both sides.that's why they ignited the 2 world wars and they tended to seduce the third one.us had trouble to calm down momies' cries for their lost sons,even the sons died worthily,and let the world retreat to accept its bitter and bitter output.that's the failure of insanity of tribe cognation via uncontroled immigrate.

returned to the dorm i roamed in the room for about an hour,leting the radio on.at diiner i was offered 3 or 4 picecs of meat and i enjoyed my meal.after dinner i buzzed my hometown and want to talked to my grand father but my mother told me i needn't talked to him,who had been on bed for several days,for he is too old.i felt a little bit hostility in the tone of my mother.

that's my day today.boring and trifle.but i counted it for our bright future,like cat bite his paws in unrefrained thirt.

bye.i love u.near and far.kiss u with tear and bear.

sunny morning

its sunny however.last night in the cafe i first visited i finally got the lyric of beiguozhichun(the spring of north country) just before i left.i skimmed it awhile and elapsed extra 5 minute and was charged 0.5 yuan in addition.right i got zoundery blog writer now and write within it to post.dog already let the pc popup a err box to threaten my blogging via it.

last night i read my blog and later 'thinking on the web' till 1:47 am.rotten rats nearby again urged me to rest in advance but i kept at guard.in addition the book quite informative.i got know in searching engine design domain there r quite some battle concerning the artificial intellectual techonogy,and likely lazy chinese dotcom to lose,no matter the official how to promoted it via blocking google and other searching engin.this morning i woke up at 9:41 am and got up at 10:30.and i was under attacked before i woke up.after getting up their force let me sat in silence.they sued me my relation with my baby.dog's eyes set everyone foul licker,that's nothing specail.at lunch they again offered me dirty dish of stuff of belly of pork or bull or sheep with a lot of spices to hide its smelly,even i spilt several times.i know the male administrative likely in family name of sun,gathering ill willes against me for some time.and they just challenge their boldness to death.

bye.i love u this morning.i love u in still.last night my pda told me by quoting shakespear's, all true love run no smooth.i was assured so much.kiss u with bear.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

a straight sunny day.

after posted here in the morning i went to renew my borrowed pc
magzines.i boroowed a copy of pc magzine and 2 econoic management
magzines.then i went to see my baby.on the way near the kfc store i
bought him 2 fried chiken legs,for i want to present him a
surprise.they costed me 15 yuan.my baby in the arms of the kid sister
who is watching cop soup.my baby started to eat the chicken
happily.but he didn't eat much,for he and me all suffered thirsty
after shitting waterily.today i shitted 6 or 7 times waterily.i ate
less but felt thirsty constantly.my baby's mother refuted my suggetion
to shot outside,blaming the snow was cleaned.she suggested shot indoor
but i didn't act upon and just played with our baby together in
bedroom while the kid sister (her aunt)cleaning dishes in waiting
room.i felt the kid sister at a loss in her attempt to build a closer
intimacy with my baby than mine,so i suggested my leaving and my wife
admitted.my baby asked me to hold him to the corridor but his mother
urgent to leave so she let him played with the doorring and let me
after returned to the dorm i read awhile magzine then dozed on
bed.till 4 pm i woke up in the dark.i farted a lot in the mid.being
sick now distracted me from ill wills around which had troubled me so
much so far.i know god putting us into a new training course now and i
look forward to it.
the snow was the thickest among the 3 snows in this winter,even
so,workers let it clueless on the road and obvious open space.so i
admire now the heavily snow recently haunted the western america,via
tv reports i seeing its beauty and mighty.
bye.i love u.in this cool early winter.kiss u with snow white.

white morning after snow

its just to auspicious,so propitious.after uncovered the curtain i was totally in a bewildering joy.god presents his favor to my asked.i woke up early and turned on radio on 7:13 am.i got up at 7:29 am.last night i waited in wondering after 0:07 am.i first time in near 3 months to have a fresh breakfast in the canteen.then i shitted,partly waterily.then i stamped all my food steps on the snow on the volleyball yard till full covered it.i will likely go to see my baby at noon.last night when i parted with my baby i felt sorry and said to him i couldn't see him tomorrow and he asked him to held him into the corridor and played ball with lots of laughs in his mother's arms.now god accomplished me by letting me surprised by another chance to be with my baby.in fact,hard time in animosity let us more banded.i love him so much.no matter how his mother's relatives envious on it,nothing can distract my love and holiness onto him.
last night i spent 2.5 yuan here.a dog near me likely a cop,hacked me heavily before i ready to finish my work.it again let the ie responded very slowly and let some bottom of pages ill working and links redirected.i just doubting how they can delayed my pages requests so long and delayed the arriving pages tentatively.i guess that's all what they can do now,to mess up,to shit around.
bye.i love u.kiss u with this holy bright white.love u in chill.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

withering sunshine

last night i read in the dorm till 0:13 am.dog around bited furiously.i lost sleep all the night.i had pills and urined as usual,but just after i settled on bed i had need to urine.i guessed that's not real and i thought i'd better endured it for my baby.so i sleeplessly.in late night the neighbor hooligans still made cracks with their chair or something,likely stayed there sleeplessly.in the process i saw the plot of dog to weave a web to trap me into the asylum and there they took full control of my life,from eating to sleeping to medicine to communication,in which they can plot and execute evil onto me without obvious obstacles.their aim was to whitewashed my mind and my name from the world.but they just unable to do as they liked.i got up at 7:13 am and went to see my baby at once.my baby vomitted in the mid night and let his mother restlessly these days.when i arrived he was held by the kid sister feeding while watching tv.my baby was motionless to me.so i went to the room wondering if i can do some works first on pc.but my baby asked for my caress and let the kid sister at a loss.the full day my baby didn't leave my caress.he just loathed to walk or play with his own.he shitted 4 times with watery shits.he suffering.his mother let us not to receive her at noon.so we stayed at home in the morning.at noon the kid sister of his mother arrived.i disliked her for her behavior since i engaged with her elder sister.she seldom ate at home while her financial position was shabby.i mean,she likely frequently accompany some rich men to eat outside,at least those can afford her a treat.her last visit,dated the day before yesterday,brought some grapes with which i tasted some and likely so did my baby.and i shitted waterily last night,too.in my view she just too wicked,like her mother's family.the afternoon she slept in the quilt in the room for my baby and now occupied by the kid sister of my baby's mother's mother,watching movies on her elder sister's notebook.later the kid sister of her mother also slept on the same bed.i had to admit she was not nobody,she let me felt in the hell for unconfortable and sleepy.my baby played with tapwater and cooking utensil and grid frame of window and torch,but he also finally felt boring and slept.i slept aside my baby.my baby woked up 2 times with cries.after finally got up i still felt faint and lack of energy.my baby also loathed to play on his own.after 5 pm the kid sister left.after another an hour i held my baby to receive his mother,against her warn.my baby directed me visited a grocer shop along the road where we haunted a lot in summer but seldom recently.we chatted with the boss couples.my baby asked me to buy him a little bag of dry beef and we entered the school for a lot of persons likely students' parents entered by their bikes.a cop card ported outside the door,it my second time seeing it ported there.my baby got energetic and talkative in his mother's arms.it really let me happier.

dog likely weaving its web to trap me into prison or asylum,same place to let me disappear.i had not worry or hindersight.my sleep can be ruined without routine pill which now in my open drawer in the dorm free to replace,but i had long time waited for god not to let me live with it and its in fact the cause of my second falling into asylum for not taking pills for i think its unnature.maybe i lived with less time to sleep,like Nash,the famous physisist survived mental disease without taking pills.

tonight,no matter how distorted by the unnamed unease,or just can't sleep,i live in god's sight and ready for god's call.that's absoluteness.

bye.i love u.kiss u with bear.i hope i deserve a snow tonight.kiss u with baring.

a old shot uploaded.

Monday, December 11, 2006

sunny afternoon

in the afternoon i spent 3 yuan and 3 hours to modify my googlepage at http://benzillar.goolgepages.com to let it show my blog update with date but failed.dog's hack and maybe busy internet traffic (less likely) let the surfing a torment.and dog biting nearby.i felt more or less upset when i left.i didn't expected so costly.then i went to renew my borrowed pc magzines.new issues arrived and i tried to borrow 2 copies.i read newspaper in the newpaper room of qrrs.people of taiwan surely didn't echo mainland's media's distorted reports,and they chose to support localized party.no one favors the outdated dictator system of mainland of prc.when i returned to the dorm its near dark.i read a pc mag till dinner time passed.dog bited heavily in the dorm.in the canteen i was offered meat and full filled.here i registered my family members to http://clipmarks.com to enjoy its bookmarks and clips sharing service.my account at http://clipmarks.com/clipper/benzillar .i need more time to full explore it.
bye.i love u.kiss u with bear.

home movie of my baby in his first winter.

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bright sun,clear cloud in pale blue sky

last night i read my blog on my pda till 1:03 am.dog bited heavily
before i went to bed.in the morning i dreamed riding a double seat
bike with my wife and watching a teacher painting on blackboard to
pormote a lecture will be offered by a chinese study 'master'.i woke
up at 9:50 am and got up at 10:39 am.dog started to bite before i woke
up and it forced me to rest in silence after i got up and sat on bed
motionlessly.in the canteen there r quite some girls i don't know
where they r from.a cop in uniform picked to sit aside me and drank a
bottle of soft drink and left.
in the cafe farer than starsea cafe,i powered 3 pcs but all hardware
failed after i login the cafe's register interface.dog recently likely
bargained with me.i can't access https of gmail but http of gmail
workable and i can compose email in it even err-proned.www.google.com
can't access directly from input in url,but accessible from ur login
gmail service.my personal homepage of google was blocked for 2
days.logout of google's quite some service lost response,likely cut
off by dog or stealing cookies from login pc.torpark on my writeproof
udisk also set to fail,and proxies i tried some were set to fail.dog
still felt they r charging all and allowed to work around within their
broken dog machine.
bye.its not a bad day even sunshine sometimes white washed by unclear
cloud around the sun.i hope i can hear u around the new year.i love
u.kiss u with bright.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

sunny day

last night i read till 1:13 am.dog in the cafe farer than starsea let me dogtired after returned to the dorm.i even felt dozy after read awhile 'thinking on the web' but gradually i became agile and stayed lately.in the dawn i dreamed i walked in my hometown and passed by a woman carrying shits as futilizer and was stained by shits and felt anger.then i went to a countryfolk's home whose husband was a cardre of ccp to ask for the skate the wife promised to my baby free of charge.but the wife sneered at us and i got blank hands.on the way to see my baby,i felt gloomy.after i arrived my baby in the arms of the kid sister of his mother's mother.she avoided me when my baby asked for my caress.the grandmom busy in the lavatory.soon i started restored old picture of my baby from our backup cds and moved to my udisk intending to shift to google web albums.my baby asked for my cares.i let him drink milk against the kid sister's warn that he suffer watery shit.the liu left in the dawn for his hometown to find himself wife,i heard this later by the kid son of the sister.my felt sleepy but can't fall into sleep so he coutched on my head and was induced to vomit.he vomitted several times.the grandmom fetched a towl to map the floor and let me aside while my head full of dirty.
after my baby's mother returned i started again to the unfinished work to move my baby's shot onto udisk.we couples later to have lunch.on the table i introduced my work last night lately to add all my family members' google web album into each favorite.i also designed a logo for my google group in memory of my hometown at hubei prov.,centual china,at noon there at http://groups-beta.google.com/group/zhudajiu .the logo at http://zhudajiu.googlegroups.com/web/zhudajiulogoani.gif .welcome ur comments.i also changed her google groups' icons.she admitted my works.the sister listened aside.the kid son of the kid sister also there.after i finished my shower in the public bathroom i cared my baby to play while the sisters left to shower.soon the kid sister of my baby's mother arrived.my baby now open to show his kindness to newcomers and he leaned onto the kid sister and the kid son for sometimes,let all of us glad.his mother went out to buy some dishes and we,all young persons,ate our dinner.the atmosphere gradually turned unfavorable and the kid sister of my baby's mother locked herself sleeping on our bedroom.the kid son and a little boy of my baby's mother's colleague's son,just arrived there to be tutored,both slept on the floor while i sang loudly with my baby on my shoulders.my baby later turned boring.i know energies got conflict.so i soon left.my baby waved to me.the sisters of my baby's mother yet didn't returned from bathroom.
that's our happy day today.i still felt laughable on the way home,reviewing 3 laid themselves down around us.my spirit was considerablely promoted comparing that when i left the dorm.
bye.i love u.like morning star and sunset.kiss u with quice.

btw,last post there is a line 'for the reception girl at starsea dispised me by the excuse of no charges,i haunted a farer cafe and was told its fee lowered to 1 yuan
an hour again.'here 'charges' should be 'changes'.

my baby son in his infantile

when he was in his 6 months on the earth