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Friday, April 17, 2009

first gloomy morning, stayed with baby since noon.blessed with a drizzle in afternoon.


these days baby under his grandma's custody in daytime, for his previous kindergarten went bankrupt. i can't trust baby's health to the demon woman, so i constantly in anxiousness when i in office. 2 beginning days started with bright sunshine, then gradually turned into pale and weak afternoon, twice drove me heading home just after lunch in office. each time i saw the devil challenged me silently. i don't know how to rid baby off the dirty, but i think my presence at home can enhance baby's strength against evils the demon can exert. today its from the start a gloomy day, cloudy since the morning. i dozed a lot in office, to be exact, almost the full morning. baby recently also slept a lot, mostly from 12 to 4pm when the demon grandma slept aside him in bedroom, unlike usually only an hour after lunch. in office i dreamed of chasing an a bit fat girl, and won her against 2 of her admirers. when i woke up, the weak sunshine alarms my cares about baby in the arms of the grandma, i tried to read awhile, then let it go and left the office to home. baby seemingly OK, and we soon gaming on pc. his mother had arranged to check his health in hospital to assure the privilege to join his new kindergarten, which previously a affiliate unit of the company i once worked for, just minutes walks from my office. baby this afternoon woke up earlier and soon picked his favorite game on my notebook, while i attending downloading recently speedy, at same time skimmed some ebook. the anxiousness left me after i saw my baby, but a drizzle started after lunch really blessed me a lot. i love rain and drizzle so much, it recall my life memory of solitary and silence in hand with the nature, when i grew in my hometown in central China.

Ok, its a happy story about my concerns. i hope my dear in Japan can see my obligation to the Sun and the God of rain. i live in the shine of God and forever in his adoration. i look into every opportunity to unite with u in the same perfume of our bodies closely attached.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

bright morning sunshine after gloomy and snow-raining day of yesterday


yesterday is a gloomy day. pale sky since the morning. its also cold in office. i busy with correcting links on my blogger blogs, after dozed enough, via colleague's Internet access when he absent. when it turned windier and colder, i left office to home to assure baby's free of the evil grandma who custody him these days, for baby's kindergarten in the process of bankrupt and its fate uncertain till 15th this month. baby slept all the afternoon since i arrived home. after the grandma left, it turns into sunshine again. baby played pc games all the night since woke up. his mom also glad when she join us from her school.

my once work place and still offers my salary from my kingdom, QRRS, now suffering insufficient orders, and had to arranged its employees into rotating vacation. i was arranged to rest since 27th of this month till May 4th. the length of time yet suffices me a hometown tour, nor the budget i now have does. but i still look forward opportunity of a hometown staying.

nothing can be compared with the brilliant and auspicious face of the sun. this morning i was so encouraged to see its OK for all i concerned. i know my baby, and my beloved girls, my fiancees, just righteous in growth and in divinity. i see his glory of God never more splendid.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

mostly bright days, trust more my concerns on baby to God

family dine out.

baby in gaze.
its a busy week. i totally immersed in the biography of warren baffett, the investment God in US. baby stayed mostly at home, under the custody of the devil grandma, for his kindergarten went bankrupt. every afternoon i felt i had to return home earlier to rid baby off dirt from the demon. i stayed mostly at noon in office, enjoying the subscribed ready food, which quite more delicious than that ema cooked. ema sometimes also stayed in her school, left baby in the control of the grandma, which left me quite unease. and 2 afternoon when i got home i found baby absent while the grandma's bike left on the ground. later ema said the grandma brought baby out. the first day of the working week the devil even brought baby to her own house, just after i broken her conspire in the last working week of trying to sleep with baby, and after the last weekends when ema told me her mother felt ill. she surely ill and from the beginning of her dirty life. dust to earth, evil to void.
this weekends i dozed a lot, to escape missing of my beloved. in fact yesterday i almost slept all day. till dinner i got active. i just dozed when i felt boring, with endless and hopeless missing my girls. this afternoon i finished reading to warren baffett's biography, there r quite wise in it. i link all heros to God's setting.
its a bright day today, even i seldom left bed and nor shoot photos. the mosting exciting season, the summer, is coming. i will see more messages from my fiancees.
dogs in China surveillance heavily hacking my pc, as long as it connected to Internet. i restored from backup several times, each time ran healthily hours, then lots of errs when ran programs, esp. the media player, downloader, favorite games, and browsers, including ie, firefox, chrome, etc. they also heavily blocking sites i frequent, let any operation online pains of lagged responses, and waiting and frustrations.
Internet in office totally down for me. i know dog barking closer. but all in end, its a dirty play of their own.