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Saturday, July 04, 2009

bright days after thunderstorm and rain period

neighbors watch pc game.

neighbors watched pc game on my notebook.

early full moon and light house.

early full moon.

these days see happier villagers here in my hometown. i also enjoy the crisp air and dry burning sunshine.but not all things went in my favor, like last dusk, the insane nephew, the only son of my eldest brother, occupied the front yard of my past dad's old house and there pretending reading on his cellphone. the neighbor girl, who was refuted by me several times when attempting using my notebook to surf, also join him and giggling a lot. i had to evade the dirt and roam in narrow back yard of my dad's house. the neighbor in back yard was a shabby copycat of my dad, and long time stealing my dad's life teaching and brewing hostile against my old family. so r the conjunction neighbors, all watching my stride there and guessed what i will bent to call to chat. i didn't chat to anybody but found the almost full moon very bright in early night sky. so i took some photos for it. some of them quite satisfying. in the night i again worked till 10:30 pm before went to bed, after some time felt sleepy. 

 recent morning i often felt sleepy, so seldom worked outdoor in the morning. this morning i started to work late after breakfast. but today sees lots of next generations in the village visiting my dad's house. the neighbor boy, a grandson of the evil dark house owner, who had frequent here, and 2 grandsons of my past uncle. they watched and tried games on my notebook.

 its a nice day, esp. mother cooked a jar of meat for dinner. i enjoy it alone, get rid of the insane nephew, in our back yard.i admire the plenty of meat in citizen life. however, i more enjoy the fresh vegetable from this fertile land. 

OK, this the end of my babble this time. i miss u, all my girls, very much. in fact, i m a bit sorry for i longing for u so long a time. God sees our fate and future of Joice in coming years.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

girl zhou, i m sorry for claiming "zhou fell" in my hardest time in this forum back to 2007.

i grand u never fell and forever proud and gifted. i grant u my Queen in crown, the same of Masheng. i grant u the third wife of mine. i grant God cares u and holy spirit in u.
i grant u r one of mine.

come and join me, sooner the better. i need u, as well as all my beloved, my girls that praying for me. original post at https://groups.google.com/group/benzyrnill/browse_thread/thread/d5982af70421ef3c https://groups.google.com/group/benzyrnill/t/c18d667046d7a571

look the site i claimed for u: http://zhou.be21zh.org or http://sites.google.com/site/gozhou .it just waiting for u to cultivate it.

a sleepless night for all my girls. allow Jiangyue join me from now on.

From Family&folks ∑ hometown journey

From Still lifes (3) ∑ hometown journey

From Still lifes (3) ∑ hometown journey

yesterday i finally got all family facebook's vanity profile urls, after a previous day's hot waiting and vain. it rained when i busy with getting enough mobiles to pass the verification a new vanity url demands. in the night i tried to join a chatroom to get more fans to my family pages in exchange i become fans to more pages i never heard in the aim to pass the limit facebook set to allow a page's vanity url. then my eldest brother knocked our door and sent us 2 slices of water melon. i went to bed eariler than usual, but a dream woke me up in mid night and stay me awoke almost all night. i dreamed of a newly got well being guy suggesting travel countryside with his car. then in a sex course woke me up i found the feeling of ema, my baby son's mother, and my own, upon sex. i got view that faith in God is in fact the longest and most passionate sex the faith owner can get. and his gifted beloved blessed with the longest and most peaceful, the most harmonious sex pleasures, the only lasting warmth in men&women's life. faith grant believers the longest and lasting warmth fails age and rigidity/mediocrity age brings. its started raining since then. how i love the rain, which always remind me of the warmth of house, mutual cares in homes when no other distractions but just gathering rain brings. i gradually reviewed all my love with my girls, esp. Lü and Masheng, for who i most looking forward to join me and care my life together. from girl Lü i started to review the girl Jiangyue, a once student of ema and got ema's tutor together with girl Lü at ema's house. i previously felt girl Jiangyue might belongs to my baby son, for in the end of the tutuor and in a occasion baby chosen her while i more satisfied by the competent girl Lü. no, i got wrong, this moment i made clear, after the drizzle and a shit release in the mid of this blogging, and worry about the security and frustrating of girl Jiangyue upon my missing love to her. i made clear Jiangyue belongs to my Royal and IS my wife. my God had and forever cares her, including her growth and career's independence, as well as self-realization. i made clear my baby son's uniting with girl(s) in family name "Jiang", can be quite late, all in God's setting which forever the best. i made clear girl Jiangyue can join me any time, and can live with my together from now on.
its a hard night for i can't sleep. i also reviewed the nighbor wives' foolish admire toward me. none of them can partake my love, nor even my warmth of faith. i belongs to the world, not the residents now in Zhudajiu, my hometown village and my past dad's sovereign.my love for my beloved girls never shake nor lapse. my love blesses all my girls with eternal and happy life. my love brings them harmony of sex we never forget nor discontent.

its a nice week, for those i got from the cyberspace, except this morning. in some flash message i worry about girl Jiangyue's falling to hopelessness, but now i felt better. God constantly cares all my beloved, all girls can join my life to share the faith for God, and my Royal to mandate the world belongs to us.

ok, now time to bye. thanks God, Jiangyue, i never miss ur love again. i took u now. follow me and join me as soon as u can. i love u.

it resumes to drizzle now, just when i prepared to wire to the net. God, save me, save my all girls need me. forever and never seen glory to u!!!