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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

storm in anticipation.


prepared for starvation emotionally.^yesterday narrowly a busy day. posted a blog, managed finding missing parts of web stuff. sorted stuff lately. the office was full, with all members. i lingered for ten and more minutes after work time, till Internet on corp lan down. its strange but i know China surveillance acting upon. when i left the office, the street stood thick guarding cops. i waited for baby&his mom out of his music school after left notebook in dorm. after carried baby on my shoulders, i told him our family duty: 1. bring Chinese to God YHWH. 2. ruling China as an Empire rest in 1109 years to come. i told him his dad forever in God's set, no one luckier than him in the world. accompany baby haunting KFC, where his mom brought me ¥200 for life support. my financial deficit is about ¥1200, and i want to buy a new Dell game notebook about ¥6000 in this year end, ¥1000 for domains renewal or pay back for Taiwanese friend help me registering. God, my life is meaningful but don't act mean. bring my new life to me.
with money in pocket, i dined near office, with toast beef stick&manually sliced needle. in the restaurant the daughter weeping for her dad scorned her. i taught a lesson to his dad as well as some other family member of the boss, customers there till finished my dinner&left. in the night there r many crackers&fireworks. i know God's affirmative&new landscape disclosure from fogs loomed so far.


blog upon threats from demons.^prepared a blog entry, including making a panorama of QRRS dorms, where i lingered for transit to my new marriage, from recent photos. its a bright morning, but sometimes cloudy. myspace ill responded, likely China surveillance broke between or spy hijacked my account there. praying God prepare me for looming starvation, for my finance turns poor.
read and d/l. created baby son account with radiotime. sorted portable. late night around 9:30pm, buzzed baby about perished situation around me, urged him his dad belongs to God, no matter on the earth or absent, he in God's arrangement, and never can human trap.


dog shows teeth.^read lately. then the sin on facing desk returned, half drunk. just after the monitor left&work time over, it start to curse me. i tried to dial to the high rank, a Zhou, the department director, a Wang, and finally the corporate cops. the first two absent on the other end of phone. when a cop talked with me on phone, the deputy director works locally&the hard core gay in facing room along aisle talked to the dog&accompany it left. i praying God for able to do task i like. then the dog returned&continued to abuse me. i see the plot of machine dog, China surveillance. after peacefully sorted stuff, i left before 5:45pm or so. im glad with what i gained from web. after dinner i rest on dorms' garden bench, after several days' break for lingering in office after work time. lately in dusk i roamed outside. buzzed baby earlier before cellphone battery ran out. baby claimed he likes more his mom. i congratulate his mom for baby's claim. later near 8:12pm, i buzzed again, attempting to discuss with baby my unbalance, but he refused to talk in air. i love him so much. never in the world a character can split us, the holy trinity. God, today really brilliant!


family domains expand to include more member sites.^last night has the idea to adopt short url for new subdomains under family domains. launched at once after settled in office near 6:30am, till near 3pm see dust down. new subdomain outlets more family blogs hosted on world prominent blog portals, like posterous (http://i.benzrad.us http://i.zhuson.com http://i.warozhu.com http://i.be21zh.org ), tumblr (http://t.benzrad.us http://t.zhuson.com http://t.warozhu.com http://t.be21zh.org ), or wordpress (setup finished but for wordpress charges for custom domain remapping, i laid it off). sorted bookmarks then. attending d/l let me restless. its such a great day, that i want a beer, but unfortunately i dislike it.
after all, God, save my works against China surveillance. bring me into new life toward my second marriage. save my beloved in this dirty world in nowadays China.


dreamed of disputes with baby's mom.^yesterday is a full work load day. attending d/l till after 6pm. just after i ate some fruits baby's mom, emakingir buzzed in. baby just finished music lesson closely near my dorm. carried baby son walked with ema till she complained too late to linger. in night turned agile&haunted neighbors in the dorm to watch how they made fun with computer&Internet. in dawn dreamed twice disputes with baby's mom. its a quite bright morning. refined some family google apps' sites' pages. checked family emails routinely. God, saves my works which so concrete.


a wonderful day with a raining start.^heavy rain in dawn. join office in rain. prepared&posted recent photo of dining out in a Chinese cuisine restaurant with a blog entry. delayed so far since morning for the publish of photos to web album yet can't finish with a link. read all time. later chatted with baby's mom, who prepared baby's profile photo for his music lesson. it turns sunny or cloudy since noon. God, saves the beautiful day with my works. save my Royal of China, the saint of my Empire of China.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

peace in drifting life in eye of violence typhoon.

a bright day.^recent days dogs tried to exert terrorism over my cloudless sky. prayer for Gog more frequently echos in my heart. the facing devil's abuse in fact an accurate plot in its least cost to defame me, out of work time&in drunk excuse. the next day after the show i left office 10 minutes earlier before work time over, as God lets, visiting telcom office to recharge my cellphone's prepay, also narrowly avoid the dog's second attempt to sell its dirt safely, now that machine dog, ie. China police or surveillance system promised keeping absent and worse, reward behind the curtain any humiliation&violence against me. another day passed. then in Sunday afternoon, the monitor, a gay now differentiate itself from its previous team, stayed in office to spy if i dare to join office out of work time, in face of possible abuse. i did as God lets, around 12pm&left near 5pm. the most sinful&repentless gay, the driver in facing office room, once colleague but not now, haunted my office far more frequent these days, monitor the well collectively money devised murder rolling forward. i see more and closer glory of Son shines over me.
in the afternoon, the gay on facing desk challenged me to a historical height. i just let it go&busy with my reading as God rules. its like its last day in office in a short period for its said to start its paid vacation, about 3 weeks. baby's mom, God lets me see clearer again her sin, complained my deficit&refused again to loan me to buy a new udisk to replace my wrecked one. she never risk to loan me more than 500rmb, even i bought the family a new acer notebook of 4600rmb&let her using it now. i also offered her 1900rmb to buy a e-bike but she lost it as i covered in previous blog. i treat her with baby countless dining out, wash out thousand bad debt in my financial book for exempt of what she claimed missing expense under my title. all these done with my salary of ¥1100/month for 7 years, or start from 3 month ago ¥1600/month, while she enjoy 2500rmb/month, and other gray income as a common phenomenon in nowadays China. but never she trust me more than 500rmb. she busy with tutoring every day at cost of her due housewife duty but never report her earnings nor spent a coin from it for family expense. God, never allows me to review if my mercy on her enough, she just don't deserve. let she contented with her money&burning brain for increase it, but just on the day of my glory, Son's fortune to cover&stem out solely my baby son, God of Universe, Hope of China, to the most ready&blessed young man in Royal of Holy. God, never on the earth there is a creature can stand a split of second between baby son&me, the trinity; never the shine of Holy can a human resist with bare eyes or blunt mind. God, dad, Masheng, this is my prayer, my will to shine the land belongs to me, people under my feet.
now its a bright morning. i was so enchanted by the sunrise that i shoot more photos for the moment. the sin on facing desk still lingering in office. last night later than 9:30pm i buzzed baby son, told him no matter his dad in or not in the world, he belongs to God&in the summon of God. no one in the universe can beat his dad, and the Son, his dad, forever accompany him, God. baby son apprehend it without a pause to let me don't bother with perished situation any more.
From drifting life perishable
From drifting life perishable
From drifting life perishable

for picasaweb&flickr blocked within China mainland, the shit&dog dominated sinful land, here some digest of photos hosted domestically.

bright autumn morning sunshine in QRRS dorms.

panorama of QRRS dorms in autumn dusk.