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Saturday, October 21, 2006

a dry day after a wet dream last night.

when i emitted i dreamed a baby or my baby,god blesses him.this the second time when i wet dreamed with him.last time was in the asylum after a nerd man with a damaged hand showing exaggrate friendship to me and soon left the asylum with his relatives which is strange for the asylum usually kept their lamb long enough to let them never want to return,who name is ghost(gui).even last night i read 'be friend with god' in which i was told any unexpected happenings r all ur unnoticed intension and u r responsible for all the world around u,but i still surer that the stained wet dream mostly appeared under the exertion of surrounding ill wills against my baby and me.my relation with my baby under my deep soul on which i felt sure about and also sure about ours being under god's attending,but dog's spying eyes kept penetrating.i fight against it for a long time but recently i was told by holy message that i should let my bady respond independently,let soul cares over them.so i just get rid of dog's biting as soon as possible,let it go as soon as possible.so maybe i loosed my rein not to let being hit.
after all its a nice day today.i ate breakfast at home of my baby's mother.she fancied to capture my baby with her camera,and bring the shots with her notebook,likely upload to her gallery.i m glad to see her enjoying the cyberspace.after her departed for her school i held my baby outside.dogs let my baby recently so quite unconfortable that he seemingly crabbed to cry more.seemingly they almost saw their wane.qrrs,the work place i once in,operated on the concrete ground in the dorm yard,and today they laid a red papers on each well to underground drain within the ground they tore apart.they overturn the pave way aside the grass.they have machine,and their machinery head.they believed in their machinery head.
after lunch my baby's mother launch to try to make use of the rest of adsl service my kid brother's wife left.i maybe then surfed more at my baby's mother's home in the coming days.
bye.i love u.in shindy and agitation.kiss u with drip of tears in dream.
my baby's mother's works today.

Friday, October 20, 2006

sunny day.

after lunch i haunted the newspaper room of qrrs.an old man sat aside me leaned to me,leting me disgusted.but i kept on reading.i read pictorial magzines.after i finished reading and head outside to refresh,an old man followed me,probably the same man of the reading room.seems qrrs or qiqihar can't grow anything beside this kind of shits.i looked at the surface of the lake or pool in front of qrrs.the water is shollow,and i know the dusts grows quick,for my room took days to have to be moped.the factory generated a lot of black dusts.then i returned to the dorm.some machines gathered in the dorm yard breaking the concrete ground.i started to charge my pda.i listened my radio lately.
dogs in the cafe rampant and started to bite me as soon as i settled.now they deceded.but im likely timed out.today i intended to spent 2 yuan on internet.
bye.kiss u with warmth.i love u.

faint sunshine in the morning.

i woke up at 8:23 am and got up at 10:33 am.i dreamed a lot in dawn.i dreamed of qrrs,the work place i once worked and its dorm i now lived in,busy with decorating floats preparing for some gatherings.i dreamed my dream was broke by the visiting of my roommate seldom returned.i saw a rat in my dream.i got up and turning my radio and its was a boring program titled net music bar,but in fact its show of 2 woman who can manipultae their voice to mimic differet accents,most of their mimic just the ugly reality of nowaday china or the northeast china: cliech,violence,distorted sex or love.this morning they quote a news reporting a male collegian mimic Marilyn Menroe with nuked and posted in bbs.they mimic boring news reporter in the guise of authority and illwilled peeking eyes.that just mirror the surrounding dark souls around me,like neighbors in the dorm and in the cafe.i doubting my restraining to curb my expenditure on internet and till felt better to shift myself into the sunshine outside.i rambled awhile in the opening along the main street u left in sunshine outside of the starsea cafe till i felt eager to see my webcam.
bye.i m timed out.i love u.kiss u.


Thursday, October 19, 2006

morning sunshine like lamb

i got up at 8:29 am.last night i slept a little bit late,for trying wallop let the pc in the cafe hanged some times and let me stayed there.after i returned to the dorm its already 11:00 pm.in the morning after i got up i headed to visit my baby.i lingered in the cafe near my baby's mother's home an hour to adding visiting counter to her blogger .my baby received me near the door.he immediately asked for haunting outside.we wandered outside for half and an hour till seeing his mother returning.we played in the south garden where he chased after yellow leaves on the ground.a tall young mother led her boy and playing hide-and-see and attacted my baby awhile,but he soon immersed in his own play.in the grocer near his mother's school,i teased the daughter a lot and she kicked me.she can't do anything other to show her failure.after returned i busy to test building a mobile office on udisk with taango but daunted by registering online.my baby soon slept after being breast.his mother shown her anger with me for i didn't eat lunch on time.in the mid i left home to download some soft in need and being bited heavily in the cafe.after i return the old woman asked for leave to buy grocery and my baby miserablely cried for my caress when i attempted to finish my work on pc.finally i gave up and held my baby out.we peeked the large house with tree yard and sorrounded by brick wall from the gate door hole and let my baby sat on the wall standing on a bench near the wall.my baby very glad to sat on the wall and loath to left.i bought him a ball candy in the garden grocer and returned.i tried to play with him before my leaving.he felt and played with me for some time.i let him playing on the balcony and let the old woman seeing him and i left in silence.i don't know if he will cry when he found my absence.on the way the feeling let me low.
after dinner i checked my spb finance on my pda.the passed 3 month in dorm i overran my budget less than 100 yuan monthly.my salary card left 100 yuan or more.that's all my cash at hand for my living.last month i spent 80 yuan or more on internet but the half of this month i had spent 120 and more yaun on it.
bye.i likely timed out.kiss u with tears from heaven.i love u,near and far.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

ccoudy in the morning,sunny in the afternoon

i woke up at 8:23 am and got up at 10:21 am.in the dawn i dreamed elablorating the notion of vain(wu in chinese) of buddism with my alumni,chenxinjian and wujiang.the foremer worked as a staff of the personel bureau of shenzhen and the later some times ago worked as a scholar in US.then in the dorm of nankai unv. i graduated,i played with wujiang and chenjiancai,an alumnus later shifted himself to another school of nakai.after getting up i waited for my pda being charged.after lunch i haunted the cafe to customize my baby's mother's blog.last night quite some website i frequently accessed can't be connected to,like blogger,blogcn.com,sunrain.net and others,likely something underwent.today the cafe didn't require paper registry and i can access those site as usually.last night i read a computer magzine a bit lately and felt dogs biting.after 2 hours here i returned to the garden within the dorm to rest.i sat on the bench and gazed the sun.after sunset i wander around the garden till near dinner time.in afternoon i got an orkut account and was attracted by it at once.
dog's biting now.two males aound me just there dirty willed.
bye.i love u,like sunray.kiss u with bright.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

a full sunny day.

i woke up at 8:03 am and headed to my baby's mother's home immediately.i strived to constrain my desire to surf the web and seeing my baby first.when i arrived,my baby sleeping.i slept aside him on the bedroom till he woke up.he cried awhile after woke up then started to play on his own under my attendance.when its 10:30 am i held him outside to receive his mother's return from her school.we picked the path to the sportsyard first and there a large crowd of students or worker of surveying and drawing working there.my baby played and slided to one of their team but was blocked temperarily by a tall strong man but later we passed it by.then i held my baby pay the rest room of old cadres near the sportsyard.there r 3 rooms within.a room for reading magzines and newspapers.the middle room for the administration,the side room near the yard for chess and card playing.in the chess room an old man likely the worker stopped our dwelling.then we passed the old large house of the highest cadre of the area and bought my baby a bag of peanuts and a bottle of water.on the way to south garden my baby picked to play slding board in a residentail zone.the south garden swarmed with aged people,the fountain was dried and covered with tent and my baby walked on the tightened tent.then i bought him an ice stick in the garden grocery shop.we ate the stick till in the school of his mother.quite some students trained there,likely grade one students.they recently frequently trained there in the afternoon.when my baby step onto the sports yard they retreated to the concrete ball sports yard.we played for quite some time.when we attempted to leave,his mother catched up us and let my baby make water.then she pushed us leaving.my baby cried for her milk and cired till felt into sleep at home after near half of an hour.i held him sleeping for almost an hour and lately shift to the old woman to lay him on the bed and i started to copy some home video to udisk for uploading to my web account.i ate dinner there.
thats our happy day.i felt quite complacent.
the cops demanded to register id number onto the paper sheet in the cafe from today.really shitting.they worthless to be cursed.they fouled the all country till their bankrupt and collapse.every sound person liked to see the day.and quite some website can't accessed.shits everywhere and the world in china likes a dustbin.
bye.i love u.kiss u with tears for the downfall of chinese.
by the way the picture on my homepage of google from nasa really wonderful.so i linked it here.

Monday, October 16, 2006

sunshines sometimes in the afternoon

i spent 3 hours in the afternoon in the cafe.first 2 customized my homepage soon after lunch.latter spent on trying google's bookmarks and posting via email.in the mid i stayed in the dorm awhile and observing the flashing sunshine.then i went to qrrs' libary to borrow some computer magzines.the gatekeepers in cop's uniform checked my staff id carefully.later the librarian told me some team visisted here.returned to the dorm i skimed awhile but seemed not so attractive as the web.at noon i can't help my gladness to buzz my baby's mother on her feeling on her blog i set for her.but she told me she unavailable in the morning.these days i definitely spent too time on web than what i can afford.but i think its my investment,my investment on google and my virtual presence in cyberspace.i m of no regret.i hope i can stay and enjoy the nest i prepared on google for myself aftermath.wilder animals,landscapes,news,music,stuffed my homepage,awaiting my eyesighting.
i m likely to time out.kiss u.i love u with peace.bye.

rainning morning

however its late autumn.the rain likely foretell the arrival of winter.i woke up at 9:03 am and got up at 9:33 am.last night dogs bited lately and i determined to let them barking.i don't know when i slept, but i remember later dream.i brought a magzine with me with our alumni to visit peking unv.,there i lost my team and toddled alone.i then took a minibus and asked a woman taker who to get peking unv.,she let me get of the bus right the stop in a haste.then i was in a crowd siheyuan and some old women told me to crawl on the zigzag narrow tunnel to outlet,for the mordern buildings occupied most of the open space and main road,shortcuts left in narrow tunnels.heard this when i crawling and climbing the narrow steep path to opening,i gave up and woke up.after woke up i found bogs still biting.i started to clip feet nails then.the rain let me relieved and cosy now in the cafe.rain let people trenched and find their own being and peace.
bye.i need customize my homepage now.kiss u with dew,like the rain in dawn.i love u.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

a busy day with google in bright day.

in the morning i register my baby another goole account and left the cafe near 12 am.when i arrived my baby's mother's home they r having lunch,including the old woman and her mother.i ate with them.after lunch my baby's mother suggested my bringing baby sunshine outside.he lingered before a bike repairer's stall and refused to leave and asked for some thing i don't know.so i let him leave.near the fried chieken shop a tall girl with marvelous figure attracted us and we stayed there till her left.then i complained it to my baby,saying i don't know how to deal with such a good thing.my baby then asked for ice stick and a bag of fried shrimp and a bottle of water.we headed to the south garden where we first met 2 little girl,one of them with a pair of large bright eyes.i let them play my pda but my baby loathed to let them play.a strong man near blow piccolo.we played around him awhile.then my baby played with dirty water in the shallow of ground lamps,he even put his finger stained with the dirty water into my mouth.another tall young mother haunted around.in the only conversation i praised her figure but she didn't repliy.we pick the path through sportsyard to return.the cops team trained there .
after returned i went to shower.then i played awhile pc.with the cool stool and biting dogs around my bottock painful when i left.i ate dinner in the canteen and let the female administrator watch my baby's photos on my pda as i promised her.
more than an hour spent on customise my baby's mother's group.
bye.i felt quite placated with my works.kiss u.

limp sunshine morning

i got up at 9:35 am.last night i slept late.the neighbor hooligans kept chuckling and rattling lately.my grand old father from my distant hometown brought me into dream then.i dreamed my mother let my kid brother sleep with him in the house on a high land on steep slope.that settled me,for i think my kid brother likely in missing of his target.later a girl daughter of a general active in my dream.after getting up i head the path to my baby's mother's home and i picked a cafe in half way to blog.my home at myspac.com seeing its first guest,madison,and i spent some time replying her.what a chant.
for its late.i'd better to see my baby right now.bye.kiss u.i love u.