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Saturday, January 13, 2007

sunny day

last night i spent 2 more hours just to post my blog,hacking let it problematic.in the dorm room i read my blog on my pda till 3:13 am.rat in neighbor room first mute then turned on tv and later again silent.i dreamed in dawn a woman creates a kind of characters,or a kind of language,and tried all her means to promoted it.in a printed demonstration i read it rewrite a chinese traditional poem ’heng kang cheng ling ce cheng feng,yuan jin gao di guo bu tong(likes lofty mountain from the side view while likes mountains from front view,different scenes from different distance and height views)’ in its characters.their house was in a rainy mountain village.i woke up after 2 pm and got up at 2:48 pm.then i wandered awhile in the garden of the dorm zone then visited a cross near the main street of qrrs where sunshine was still bright on the road.after sucked enough sunshine,i returned to dorm.i listened to the radio till 4:30 pm.then i ate my only meal today,with 4 rmb for additional food.rested on bed for a while,then i went to see my baby.the kid sister of my baby’s mother there,with her mother.she,the prostitute,again laid herself on the bed and crawled around like a sex toy,while her mother stood aside,teasing my baby.i then sorted bathing tools intending to shower in common bathroom.my baby insisted played with the soup.when i left they started their dinner.when i returned the prostitute and her mother left,and the dinner also finished.i cared my baby awhile then i told my baby’s mother i needed a quarter to operate on pc with my pda.she urged me started at once.so i used the pc.my baby and his mother played on the bed where the kid sister of his mother’s aunt laid herself on and reading.my baby haunted me for sometimes but was held away by his mother.when his mother can’t hold him calm,i finished my work and started to play with them on the bed with the kid sister,who exerting her will to let my baby restless and later asked his mother’s milk.his mother milked aside the kid sister,who kid son watching tv in the waiting room.after we couples shifted our baby to waiting room and eating some fruits,the kid sister also watched tv in waiting room.they watch an old war theme tv series movies titled ’liangjian(show ur sword)’.my baby was bored and milked.i waited he fell into sleep.after his mother shift him to his cradle,i stood aside the cradle and again felt strong dirty will from the southern neighbor.his mother urged my leaving.so i left after i felt enough.returned to dorm i tried awhile team one reader and found it can read pdf files well and let me glad.
its not a bad day today.last night when i read my blog i found a lot of plots happened.but god let me still slept sound.in the afternoon,a song from radio told me u want to be assured by me i love u.i do love u.here and there,now and then.kiss u with beer.feel u with winds.bye.i love u.

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Friday, January 12, 2007

two sunny days.

the night in the newly open cafe was almost endurable,even dog frequently delete my ftp download list and make files within a remote folder less in local folder after download finished,by modifying my ftp clients downloading list on the fly or deleted downloaded files on my hard disk,or cheat the ftp protocol and let downloading broke.however i got some pda warez from pda forums.gangsters around me rabbled for quite some times but later they lost their engergy.later also arrived another group of gangsters,including middle aged,they can be cop in guise.they left about 6 am and then my neighbor seats turned empty and some far seated player slept.on the way to dorm i felt in right spirit.the administrators of the canteen all claimed i turning slimmer,the female admin even warned me that i shouldn’t leave the world before my baby independent in the world.i knew last night i was encountered by violent threats.i asked for addition porridge at a price of 2 rmb.returned to dorm i just watched if my sd card was sound for in the last minute before the cafe locked the pc i was copying.my files copied all existed on the sd card,so i launched to see my baby at once.my baby was slept when i arrived.so i started to sort my downloadings.before i almost finished my work my baby cried and the kid son of the kid sister of my baby’s aunt went to hold him up.then my baby saw me in front of the pc and asked for my caress.i held him wander a moment then i told him i just need some extra minutes to finish and tried to lay him aside.he cried at once.so i picked him up again.later he let me finished my work swiftly.i sang a lot to fight against the challenges around.then he slept near 10 am and slept for an hour.her mother returned before we left to receive her.at lunch i was open and commented that the cook was poor.after lunch my baby asked to haunted outside.so i held him to the cult dragon supermarket.we picked goods then waited his mother to arrive as she asked.i bought my baby some milk candy against her opposing.then we went to the sports yard.i pushed my baby sliding on the ice ground with feet,with his back,with his bottom,all tries let my baby happily.a little boy about 4 or 5 years old can skate kept babbled with us and refused my offer of a candy.he likely from a islamic family.then we sent his mother to her school and his mother insisted standing along the way in sunshine.we met some of her colleagues and most of them were friendly to us.his mother insisted sending us back to home.then my baby was milked by his mother and slept.so did his mother.and i dozed aside.after his mother left,i wondered aside my baby.my baby woke up when i started to review the son of my kid brother,who let my baby in his life on earth first time encountered cold just after my kid brother’s family with my elder sister arrived,and my baby was medically treated by his mother,at the time when i was trapped in the asylum the third time in my life,and the second time in qiqihar.then i held my baby playing with what he liked.later i sang a lot,just felt challenged and joyful in my own.his mother returned home earlier than usual,just after a meeting as she said.then she tutored a girl student.lunch was rich with a dish of fried fish and a dish of pork with Garlic bolt,and a soup with tomato.we all enjoyed the fish.after dinner my baby and his mother lingered quite some time in the room the kid sister and her kid son now lived.my baby insisted played with notes of the kid son but he refused.then my baby’s mother read the note as homework.the air turned thick dirty so i left the room and meandered in the waiting room.soon his mother left to see me and asked why i don’t leave.i replied i want to see my baby slept.then my baby asked for my cares.in the time i started to review fathership and parentship.his mother tried to milk him and let him sleep,but my baby insisted to play.so i held him to play cooking utilities and flavor powder.he slept when his mother secondly forcefully milked him to sleep.i left after 8 pm and on the way felt freely to think in my way toward my destiny.
in the dorm i wondered after 11 pm,tried some pda warez i just got.i slept sound in the night but in the morning my sleep was unstable.i got up at 2:11 pm.then i was surrounded by nomen about my baby.i decided to get rid of it and went to renew my borrowed magz.there is no new issues there,so i read some new magz don’t lend.the woman librarian let my nose running.then i passed the workers’ palace but left to dorm when my pda told me its near 4 pm.i headed to see my baby at once.on the way 2 taxi challenged me.my baby was in her mother’s arms when i arrived.and his mother started to milk him and want to let him sleep.then 2 girl students arrived.i held my baby eating pine nuts,kidding the girl students,and sang.dinner was again rich with two dishes.but i just before dinner started to operated on pc and when i finished it the kid sister with her son finished their dinner.that’s my only meal today.after dinner my baby again don’t want to sleep and insisted throw slippers onto the head of the kid son of his mother’s aunt.the kid son didn’t show reservation and thrown the shoes far away quite sometimes.when my baby slept with his mother,i first stood then kneel then sat in front of his cradle to prevent neighbor’s threats.i did felt the threat and fought against it for some time.threats from the upper floor and lower floor ,whose own was in family name of liu,an officer of city management bureau,with whom we dealt once for my family’s tap water forgot to lock and leaking water spoilt onto his newly furnished floor and we spent for the damage for 3000 rmb and more,in their claim of favorite price.threats also came from the neighbor on the south direction,who had challenged me for a long time before i fell into asylum third time.the family likely a high rank of cadre,esp. secret cop.it monitored me for quite some time,in very late night.it also hacked my pc for a long time.i later some time before i left my baby’s mother’s home with only an underwear in rain on the day i was sent to asylum found its evil.its doomed to death,on the day we say.its a theft and a slaughter.its just an blocking stone on the way of our raising,like god’s all training in front of us.my baby and his mother slept very sound and snored.when the challenges from the room of the kid sister woke my baby up,my baby kissed me when he was held to urine and returned to bed and found me with his mother.his mother constantly demanded my leaving,before she slept.my baby then asked my holding him to the room where the kid sister slept and fetched a picture of the son of my kid brother.his mother fetched him and tried to let him sleep with milk.i left when its 8:53 or later.the kid son of the kid sister had been watching tv so far.
i wrote my blog in a nearby cafe near qrrs, but far than starsea.some dubious men lingered around me.they r just barking upon me to try to coward me.god knows who they r and where they will went.i won’t linger in cafe overnight these days now that dog let my downloading problematically.
bye.i love u.near and far.i sometimes besieged by the sense of ur hostility toward me,but i know that’s not real.dog tried all means to separate us but they doomed to fail.i love u,like sunshine,like rain in spring field.kiss u with beer.

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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

bright sunny day yesterday,sunny today

last night dog bit heavily in the cafe very jammed and its front usb port was disabled.however i got my sd card full.dog blocked my getting softimage from the ftp server.it also tempered me getting another pdf reader,after i tried 3 copy of it all ill working.at dawn on the way to the dorm i felt glad.after breakfast with which i ate an egg and some extra porridge at a price of 2 rmb,i sorted downloadings on my sd card and immediately shifted some programs to my pda,risking wireless hack nearby.i didn't doze at all and visited my baby at once.my baby fetched me my slippers to reward my earlier visit and i held him in arms without uncoated.later his mother told me he recently suffer choked sleeps and worked sometimes in dreams in nights.the sunshine was quite bright outside and on the wall indoor,like a spring sunshine.i sang a lot with my baby on my shoulders.the kid son of the kid sister watched tv with volume high.later i open the window on the balcony and sang loudly against the noise produced by a working drill in the nearby factory,till my baby shift me about to shut the window.we left to receive his mother after 11 am.i bought an ice cream on the way.my baby insisted holding the stick of the ice cream himself.his mother glad to see us.after lunch i started to sort and shift downloadings to pc.the kid sister and her son chatted on the bed nearby and sometimes my baby joined them with his mother.when his mother leaving i halt my work and saw her leaving with my baby.in the afternoon,i again sang a lot,in high spirit.i held my baby a shower,as i was told he didn't have bath since suffering cold and when i urged his mother to bath him she refuted me several times.my baby a little bit sleepy and felt anxious to water covering on his head.i hugged him when he needed.the kid sister first kept watching,then hurried to mop my baby's eyes with her towel while i thought its better to let my baby see its safe with water covering head and face.after putting my baby an suit of underwares i wrapped him in thick quilt and he soon slept.he slept for more than an hour in my arms.i saw his nose was clean and his breath was smooth.near 4 am he woke up and asked to see the grandma arrived for awhile and busying in the lavatory.so i shifted my baby to his grandma and started to copy my backup of my pda os including orneta reader mobile to my sd card from my mobile hard disk,before we going out to receive his mother.just in a few minutes i sensed dog controlled my pc via wireless gadget i didn't recognized within my pc and infected my pc and my mobile disk.his mother returned some minutes earlier,before we launched.she bought again a huge orange and in high spirit.she let my baby hanged it to my front to let me praise my baby and the orange.the dinner ready.my baby was let to urge me to eat and he did well with his rabbles.i tried in hurry the reader mobile and found its yet ill working,likely i had to endure its being handicapped for some time or ditched it with alternative readers.dinner was mutton with vegetable.the grandma or with her kid sister dirty me and let me in solitude.after dinner my baby's mother asked me to leave with her for a short trip on the way to her mother's home to fetch some books.so we headed.her mother left in advance.i told her about the hacking of cop onto my surf and we departed near the cross heading different directions.in the dorm i again felt doze among threats and loathed to blog outside nearby.near 11 pm i turned clear mindedly and wandered in room wondering the blond,jamie,about my longing for her,till 0 am.i then wondered my situation.i prepared to sleep when its 1:03 am.i slept sound and in the morning the monitor of my once working place buzzed in,as he did yesterday to my baby's mother's home just before i arrived there to informed me visit the office.i admitted it but can't help sleeping till its alarmed me again.so i put on and visit the office,where the monitor handed me 100 yuan as member of technocrat association of qrrs,and let me registered myself as an applicant for aid of financial problem.the former was meanless,just a way of chinese educated group to differenciated them from the labor workers to fool themselves to contented,and as a way of bureaucrat to manage all strange interest groups constrained themselves within financial interests.the monitor had stamped instead of me,against my disagreement once i explained to him when he asked for my stamp in his hand in my absence.the aid application also a concoct,or even a plot of dog,without my permission in advance.i just did what he suggested,registered my baby as my dependent applying for aid.i needn't the aid and on the way i wondered if i can handed it to charity but i m not sure if i bother the all process.i dozed in the dorm till 3 pm on bed.then i listened radio and wandered in room till dinner time.dinner was my only meal today, and i paid 4 rmb for extra food.then i rested on bed,waiting for cafe to allow overnight service.i sensed hostility and spying around trying to penetrating me.the host of a program titled ' college pioneer ' really mediocre,but they can't be smarter and cuter in nowadays media for young people.when its near 9 pm i walked about a mile to the newly open cafe where i avoided last overnight.this time lcds were available and i picked one.dog bit nearby heavily but later some near me left.but babbling gangsters lingered and one of them approached my neighbor seat.
that's my two days.i will stayed here tonight,no matter beseiged with threats and spies.i enjoyed working on my schema and the fresh dawn in sight after several hours.
bye.i love u.in night and in bright.ur figure even dim in the view forehead.and i don't know how u get along with ur task currently,like academy and job perspective.kiss u with tear.i love u.like the surest star in dawn sky,qimingxing(the star to tell dawn) in chinese,or Phosphor in western.kiss u again.

Monday, January 08, 2007

2007.1.7:snow overnight,bright sunny full day.today is a pale day.

after returning to the dorm i tried to rest some time in the threats of dog nearby.after 11 am i launched to see my baby.the grandma and the kid sister there with my baby walking at the waiting room.the lunch including a large fish,and i drank beer with it the grandma open to add flavor to cook fish.i also let my baby tasted some and the rest was taken by his mother not to let me fed my baby with it.soon she felt faint with its alcohol.she had to attending her school for its students now taking term exams in weekends.i commented china now use illegally the children labor of students overtimely.after lunch i busied awhile to sort my downloaded to pc and my baby hampered me.the old sisters left to shower,so i gave up pc and cared my baby.my baby slept in my songs and slept for more than an hour,which was overstated by the kid sister.after my baby woke up after 3:30 pm i felt very sleepy,likely threatened heavily,just before the sisters arrived.then the kid sister prepared my showering tools,including the mop and teeth brushed and towel she used.i ditched teeth brush and the mop,just picked the soup,shampoo and towel.i bought a mop at the common bathroom,costing 2 yuan.the bathroom increased its price to 3.5 yuan now.just when i uncoated myself,a doggie was let into the room and sniff around me.i strode to drive it away and know its a plot of dog.when i started shower,the dog of the nearby independent large house of former high rank ccp carder of the railway station barked for sometimes.after returned home i held my baby went out to receive his mother.we ate a ice cream,suggested by the grocer in response of shortage of what my baby asked type.its milk with dry grape in.my baby didn’t eat the grape each time he met.his mother almost miss us and we called her back.at dinner i drank wine and let my baby tasted it.after dinner threatens around let my baby irregular and his mother tried to attracked him with multimedia for baby,but he just bump onto the lcd of the notebook,and let his mother cluelessly.i watched aside and doubting if i should left to alleviate the ill wills cast by dog around in the residential building.his mother finally let me leave,and my baby farewell to me,likely not so welcome.when i arrived the dorm,its a quarter to 9 pm.and i felt so sleepy and i finally didn’t went to cafe to blog.its likely my first time missing a day without blogging it after my adopted my current life style.i turned agile near 0 am and wondered till about 0:47 am and then went to bed directly,with pills taken. i dreamed a lot.in a scene i beset in a daguanyuan (titled after hongloumeng,chinese classic literature)(garden of marvellous views) built by corean.i woke up after 12 am and got up after 2 pm.i wandered awhile in the room then went to renew my borrowed pc mag but the libray was locked so i moved to the workers’ palace.i read some magzines there and a newspaper,’world reference digest(cankaoxiaoxi)’.there r some reports about china’s out-extended activities among africa,to laundry its bubble money.when challenges turned thick with more dogs beseated around me,i finished my reading and haunted the beijing opera lounge.this time less women and man distorted.three old man sang,in the role of fortitude and lonely and enduring heros.the final likely sang in the role of emperor himself.in a moment i felt chinese tradition of history oriented and felt trust onto it,including common people’s witness all seasons as parts of history in the form of opera and folk story.after returned to dorm,i jogged in the yard with fresh snow for about an hour.a girl leaving with baggage and i followed her outside of the gate and felt she was blessed with her hometown,while i had idled for more than 15 years without my hometown.esp.after my grandpa’s leaving i was deserted on this earth.dinner i asked for additional food.that’s my only expense of 4 yuan today on board.in the dorm i just waited for time for cafe overnight.neighbor room started to introduce female.when i arrived the cafe i recently haunted a crowd jammed on the reception desk.i waited for some time.when i peer around and found its lcd was all occupied with 2 near the reception desk was declared booked i shifted to a nearby cafe.its space was highly utilized,very jammed.its front usb port was diabled but i tried the back usb port which working.but my ftp account can’t connected with the servers.so far i busy with blogging,and don’t know how to kill time without warez stuff to play around. bye.i love u.in the afternoon and night i heard lots of songs of goodbye to love.but i insisted getting u,i needn’t a love without u exactly being aside me in my life.i need ur hands in my hands.today is the memory day for the leaving of zhouenlai,the former premier of prc.and the sky was decorated with some clouds and blunt sun.and i know its a merciless day under dog’s threat. kiss u with tear and beer.
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Sunday, January 07, 2007

after first real snow in this winter,smart sunshine all day

last night i posted for more than an hours and charged for 2 yuan.my backup uploaded to my google group at http://groups-beta.google.com/group/benzyrnill succeeded after the last minutes in this cafe now i will spent my third overnight in it tonight with its enviable 19 wide screen lcd,but what i downloaded from the backup files on google all different in size of the original and can’t be unpacked,2 times from different cafes,likely dog broke in my download byte flow.now i registered myself an domestic web disk service provider and my upload now speedy.i also published 2 home movie of my baby today on the skate ground in first real serious snow in this winter and some pictures of my baby onto youtube.com and picasaweb of google.that’s satisfying.
last night i went to bed earlier,after 10 pm.i slept sound and missed urgent in love emotion.i got up at 0:11 am and went to see my baby at once.they had already finished their lunch and my baby insisted my holding him for some time before his mother accept him to let me eat my lunch.after lunch we played the cotton pots,his mother’s once students’ presents,as my baby’s pastime.he also tried to play with knife but later the kid sister took it away.the kid sister laid herself on bed reading.when we felt boring we went to outside.on the skate place in the sports yard,i first laid my baby on the ice ground and started to take out the camera but my baby cried miserablely.so i let him play,push him skating on the ice with his feet projecting forward.he enjoyed silently,and sincerely watched the people aound skating.i later shot some pictures and movies.his mother loathed to shot picture outside recently,refuted me sometimes,including my suggestion at noon.dog aound let me tired when i pust my baby half coutched,but i tried to arrived the other end of the yard and sat on a bench among 2 little girls.we then moved to the south garden.my baby asked for food but the grocer absent.my baby kept solemn all time outside.on the way returning home he asked for icecream.we ated it at once.and he urgent to return,and later i know he was urgent to make water or chill hurt his hands without gloves.after arrived home and finished the ice cream i went to urine with him,he made a abount water after me.and his hands and feet really cold.he enjoyed my holding him out and i love him so.when time near to receive his mother,he disliked to leave so we stayed.the kid son of the kid sister arrived and teased my baby to laugh a lot.when dishes ready,he asked me to feed him with potato and carrot slice.then the mother and the kid son also started to eat.then his mother returned.i explained his son first asked to eat dinner.she cared my baby to eat till my baby didn’t eat.i drank wine.after dinner she told me cafes nowadays insecure,there were incidence of criminal in cafes,including murders.after dinner i started to sort my downloads on the sd card on her notebook and the neighbor monitored me via wireless.my baby was milked and soon slept.so did his mother.i left after finished my work swiftily.i kissed my baby and his mother with sorrow for the challenges around i brought.the dorm room,challenges let me doze.till 8:55 pm i agile and decided to surf the net.on the way i decided to spent overnight in the cafe about 1 mile apart from the dorm zone.in the cafe i was asked to change computer 2 times.so far,i enjoyed my surfing.
bye.i love u.in this pure white world,i recently even eagerer to females,i don’t know which road
leading to u,i just skating in my fate to my destiny.kiss u with fear.i in fact sensed the snow last night.god knows the distance between us.i love u.kiss u again.