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Saturday, January 20, 2007

sunny day

last night i spent 4.5 rmb to blog and download a bit broken warez.when i arrived the dorm the rat of neighbor just met me in the corridor,again an covert scene to inform me dog's surveillance.i read "from vietnam to 9.11:front line of terrorism" after washed till 2 am.then i skimmed awhile the chinese version of "Hundejahre",by Günter Wilhelm Grass.i rested after 3:17 am.rotten rat attacked first when i started to read,let my wrest painful and cold.however,i slept sound and woke up lately till phone call from my baby's mother arrived.she let me know her notebook finished downloading the warez she helped me to get from the internet access of her school.i continued to sleep till after 3 pm i got up.i intended to borrow pc magz but the librarian told me in the phone no new issues available.i then visited my baby.his mother leaving,met me in the entrance of the residential building.i then found the ftp download list finished but only a little warez left on the hard disk while the 2 os i needed all gone with wind,deleted by invading hand into the notebook or modified the download list not to let the ftp client to download at all.my baby messed a heap of changes his mother piled on the bed and later bumped on the notebook and tear the cdrom.the grandma watched aside and babbled.i finally lost temper and beat his bottom and he cried seriously and soon slept in the arms of the grandma.then his mother returned and shifted our baby to bed.she dumbfound the trick dog played on her notebook but can't bare my scorns onto dog and let me stop.then she tutored 2 girl students while i laid myself aside my baby dozed.after my baby woke up i held him played.at dinner i ate 3 bowl of rice.we lingered in the room the kid sister occupied then i watched tv news.then we shifted to our bedroom and my baby was milked by his mother and calmed down.but the kid sister and her son turned tv and watched.my baby turned agile and played lately.he drove his bike,fed with seedings,laughed with his mother's tease.i later started to doubting where to download the warez i want.i left after 9:30 pm without my bike and gloves.i intended to spend overnight in a nearby cafe but i was told the usb was unavailable.so i walked to the newly open cafe in the mid between the dorm and the house of my baby's mother's.lcd was not available.a neighbor challenged me then left.my download started.my browser,firefox with some addons,modified unauthorizedly within compression archive on the notebook of my baby's mother even i always finished my operation as swift as possible.
bye.i love u.my baby's mother dragged me to force me to leave when i started to sing after dinner and warned me of file for divorce,but i didn't reply.i don't hesitate to live with u.kiss u with beer.

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Thursday, January 18, 2007

2007.1.17:snow last night,bright sunny day.today full sunny

the night i tried to find free internet fax failed in the cafe i now again blogging.after returned to dorm i felt i can try more,so i headed to the newly open cafe near 12 pm.there is only a vacant seat who front usb disabled.i waited for some time till a guy wandered around and suggested my played awhile on his pc upon my asking for change seat with him.later he changed seat with me and soon the neighbor seat changed a guy and i under strongest attack i ever experienced.till 4 am they lost their energy and i enjoyed more on my work.i finally find a site offering email to fax and whose service covering china.i tried to fax with a picture twice.i also adding some ftp servers to my ftp client and found one of them very handy.when i left i felt glad with stuffed warez.after breakfast i decided to see my baby,by the way to sort warez on my pc.on the way i haunted the cafe again to finish a pirate os half downloaded.i faxed again but when i arrived my baby’s mother’s home i was told by the kid sister her relatives didn’t receive any fax so far.the reason likely the fax number i filled in not correct,and i will tried tonight,even the kid sister needn’t it any more for she had resolved her problem by other way.the morning i sang a lot and my baby slept in my songs.we didn’t go out to receive his mother.after lunch his mother tutored the 2 girl students and i dozed awhile.after i woke up i cared my baby and exchanged some words with the girl students.all went like usual but near 8 pm when i intended to left,i felt strong faint and can’t leave.i rest on bed for some time but still can’t feel sure to return to the dorm independently.so i slept the night in my baby’s mother’s home.the night was not so peace for me.i felt the the spy of neighbor and had to fight against it.my baby woke up with his mother in early morning and i got up to care him after his mother left to attend teachers’ exam.later the kid sister got up with her son.breakfast was porridge with pie and i enjoyed it very much.my baby ate a lot of pickles.then again i sang a lot and my baby slept in my songs for about 45 minutes.then we went out to receive his mother.we ate an ice cream and entered the school yard.we ventured the teaching building.then his mother found us.she in fact didn’t take exam in the school.she returned home and fetch us .lunch i ate less,for still disconfortable.i dozed again at noon while my baby was cared by his mother.after i woke up his mother tutoring the son of her colleague.then we held our baby outside to deposit for him.my baby insisted walking his own and fell sometimes.later the grandma arrived when my baby’s mother tutored 2 girl students.my baby cried a lot in front of the girl students and later was sent to sleep by his mother.dinner i talked about web service and cyberspace with my baby’s mother a lot on the table,let the rest dumbfound.my baby’s mother more or less persuaded by me,but later we triple went to the room the kid sister and her son occupied and watched Korean movie on the notebook.i held my baby returning to the bedroom to play,and till my baby’s nose bumped on the rim of the window and cried,his mother returned to bedroom and played with my baby.my baby was especially agile after enough sleep.i left on 9 pm and ported on the way to blog.
these days not too bad for me.i m in the pursuit of u and even more eager to know ur scent.kiss u with tear.i love u.in every restless moment.bye.

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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

extroadinary sunny day.

last night i spent 4.5 yuan to post to blog.dog hacked heavily hampering me from getting my blog backup with blogwriter.when i left the cafe its already near 12 am.i then enjoying reading my family album on my pda.then i read autobiography of germany chancerllor Angela Merkel till 3:33 am.i got up at 11:21 am and went to see my baby at once.his mother had returned from her school and be free in the afternoon.i played with my baby awhile then started to sort my pda,shifting my backups to pc and tried again to restore orneta reader mobile from mobile disk to my pda.an ebook entitled "terrorism on front line: from vietnam war to 9.11" losing its words break in teamone reader while yesterday i found a fresh copy working without any problem,so i tried to restore it but dog’s close monitor infected and destroyed my operation.i also sort my all downloading to backup disk.my baby’s mother almost lost her temper,complaining my busy with pc these days there.i then cared my baby,feeding him with juice and sang a lot.time swift,then his mother tried to sleep.so i held my baby haunted outside.we first visited the sports yard.my baby watched awhile basketball players.then we passed the skate ground to a supermarket titled "kang le fu(health merry wellbeing)",as i refered once in my blog.the saleswoman asked to hold my baby and my baby accepted but later he cried for me.i bought him candy,jelly,seeding,ice cream.on the way home he asked to visit a grocer market and i bought some pine nuts.the 2 pork vendors talked with me.when we arrived the kid sister of my baby’s mother there.i let my baby eat the food we just bought.my baby asked to play with the cell phone of the kid sister of his mother and his aunt want to take it back.his mother want to let him give it up but he refused.i beat my baby on his right leg for he wrongly attracted by the evil.he cried and his mother held him into bedroom and i went there again beat him on his bottom.he cried again but soon he asked for my caress with peace.there r 2 girl students there tutored,with the kid brother of my baby’s mother’s aunt.my baby started to play happily around the waiting room,sometimes around the 2 girl students.the kid sister of his mother started to eat at waiting room with a stool,then soon left after answered a call.dinner was remnants of yesterday’s,they called me yesterday in the afternoon to go over to attend a ceremony for the birthday of the kid sister of my baby’s mother and the kid son of his mother’s aunt but i didn’t received.after dinner we played with my baby.then the kid sister asked to fax her national id card to her home.so i suggested send via web and we busy with capture and processed it on the notebook.the kid sister urged her son to learn pc.my baby slept in the mid.his mother glad to let me demonstrate my skill on pc. that’s my happy day today.free fax online mostly only support text message and i likely had to spend more time to find a solution to fax photo.i love u.kiss u with beer.bye.
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Monday, January 15, 2007

bright sunny day

last night i spent 3.5 rmb just to post to my blogs.in the dorm i played with my pda for some time.later skimmed some ebooks.i went to bed after 2:40 am.i got up at 2:07 pm and immediately found the sunshine too bright to miss.i went to the library at once,there i read some mags not to lend.the librarian treated me a bit colder,and refused to let me know when she will fetch mags newly arrived.when i almost finished reading,2 guys arrived.i then went to newspaper reading room.but the performance of beijing opera in nearby room too appealing to miss,so i went there first.but an old man sang in female role again just after i sat and prepared my ears.after the man finished another old man sang,then the rehearsal finished.there r 3 or 4 men there reading newspaper.i only read some picturials.returned to dorm,i listened music radio on bed.the live topic was "ongoing love" and i felt i was sharing the moment with u.dinner i asked for additional food,for its my only meal today.the cook at service to sell food,but on the other side of the stool the administrator of family name sun(grandson) in chinese actively directed the cook what to offer to me and i had to refuse the nasty belly of what the sun claimed of sheep.i enjoyed my dinner.after dinner i on bed sorting my sd card of my pda.last night i forgot to lock it from write and dog nearby immediately found it and modified files on it,esp. let the ebook titled "terrorism on front line from vietnam to 9.11" or about so ill layouted in teamone reader.they recently aimed to the ebook and modified it for several times after i restored it again and again.their secret was just narrow in a tiny box,shortly preventing common people knowing.their dirty trick just like dirty snow melt quick in sunshine in day time.i backup my pda os for 3 times,and finished it at 8:21 pm.then i here the cafe i with a member card to blog.my last time deposit,as i can remember,should be 14 rmb while the clerk woman told me its now left 9 rmb. i knew my pda more or less infected by virus or spywares,however,the warez i needed working,so i felt glad to finish a new backup after all.i found a lot of interesting ebooks from western authors but quite sometimes can’t linger on them too much time. bye.i love u.in these days of search and wait.i love u,like snow cap of the everest mount,hard to live with the heat from our structural contacts and twist.kiss u with beer.i love u.
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Sunday, January 14, 2007

grand sunn day

last night i spent 3.5 rmb just to post.after returned to dorm its already after 0 am.i tried teamone reader and enjoyed its versatile documents support.i read "a confession",of an christian classic,after 3 am.in the dawn i dreamed a lot about if i should adopting a software entitled ’power shadow’,which functioned as a temporary os while the real os kept intact after reboot,detailedly.that echoes last night i got a view of dog’s plot to join the kid sister of my baby’s mother to try to capsule our raising into their obligation of their gangsters’ protect.they,dog,rightly the just cause of threats my family encountered,but they tried to guise it with their faked divided gangsters’ interest.my kingdom of 1109 years exists with no relation with any men,my royal under god’s care takes no one deal with anyone.
i got up at 11:47 am,and i ate my lunch at once.then doubting if i should visit my baby.i lingered awhile on bed skimmed my pda,then dozed.i went to see my baby about 1:30 pm.when i upstairs i heard my baby’s cries in the corridor and found he was in the arms of the kid sister outside of his mother’s home.my baby in my arms asked to return home.then we played around.his mother tutoring a girl student with the kid brother of the kid sister.we ate the remnent of the huge orange.when his mother asked to care my baby,i started to finally touched my pda in the aim to backup it after last time backup had being relied for several months and this time with some new warez.the grandma soon arrived and chatted with her kid sister privately.my operation on the pc in the room obviously inconvenienced them.my baby bumped my pda two times onto floor.after dinner the kid son likely felt gloomy and slept early.her mother asked me how to let some multimedia copied directly from cd to hard disk correctly run.i tried first to modify its page source then suggested rebuild its iso from copied contents.my baby had bored into sleep in advance.when i shifted to bedroom to watch my baby while his mother trying the ultraiso,my baby woke up and asked to play with the notebook.his mother tried to pacify him.i had an idea to shift stuff from my old sd card whose write-proof button tending to break,to the new sd card.it cost me about half an hour and my baby’s energetic let his mother anger with me.i later held my baby play around while his mother annoyed and slept alone.we ate orange and haunted the room where the kid brother learning.his mother got up and throw my coat outside of the door and demanded my leaving.my baby turned peacefully played with my udisks and some utilities i always brought with me.when his mother again milked him and i thought maybe my absence help my baby less agile,i left.
its a nice day.the sunshine at noon so beautiful that let me felt guilty not to shine my baby outside.but i really didn’t find any interesting activities outdoors.the backup of my pda was splendidly successful.i likely will enjoy more reading in the night hence after.
bye.i love u.no more no less.kiss u with bright.kiss u like in the flavor of hot pepper.i love u.

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