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Saturday, October 14, 2006

bright day,busy with adding webcam

in the afternoon i can't help eagering to register my baby an google account.i really enjoy google.the night busy with adding wildlife webcam to my google homepage,but hard to find available webcam of bear or leopard.qrrs,my once working place, set a party for the young staff in the dorm,with floating polar near the gate,and cracks and fireworks.i ate my dinner silently in a temporary room.today i spent 4 hour in the morning,3 hours in the afternoon and 2 hour in the night in cafes.i rearranged my google's homepage so as to let the contents categoried.now its likely almost settled.dogs biting,and my fix time ran out soon.
bye.i love u.kiss u.

soft bright morning sunshine

i woke up at 7:23 am and got up at 7:53 am.last night i went to bed on time but likely in dream i felt keeping awake while don't fatigued.i first dreamed in a attic with glass roof,we couple,with my wife in pregnance,with other 2 families shared the same room,all on bed while the pouring rain leaking in stream from the roof on the floor.then i felt had to relieve the urine which made me sleepless.so i got up and found dawn paled the curtain.returned from the toilet i met a guy with a cap on his head peaking the tv room facing my door.i in fact now don't know my visiting toilet real or in dream.then on bed i continued dreaming the dorm administrators entered and left,and i just slept.then then interrupted me to let me know i shitted on the bed under my body and foul the whole building.and i know a crowd outside of the door peeking.i looked and really i shitted on bed.before these two dreams i dreamed another dream but it now evaded me.after woke up i missed jamie,who changed her picuture to show her maturity.these days i sometimes skimmed 'be friend with god' and so encouraged to trust god that i sometimes just had to lay it aside to let the feeling of plenty to stay.
last night i buzzed my baby's mother and she agree my visiting my baby tomorrow.he is the brightest star in my silver velvet sky.we r all son of god.he enchanted me so much,and enhenced me so good.now from the holy message from 'be friend with god',i know the best trust is trust needless,to let urself absolutely independent.i indeed trust my baby in deep heart,i just can't help loving him so smotheringly.
bye.dear.i now in a cafe far from starsea but within the zone of qrrs.i love u with settlement,with trust.kiss u with dear.

Friday, October 13, 2006

most of the day gloomy.

i arrived my baby's home after 11:00 am.he was not so eager for my caress.i kiss his leg first as usual.then he asked for haunting outside but i hindered him for its cold outside.then he played with the clock.soon his mother returned.she now seems not so spoilt by my presence.she holding baby to kick me and let my baby laugh a lot.after lunch i boast the convinience of google and suggested to register her an account.she admitted so i intended to leave with her together.but our baby cried upon our leave so i stayed at home to care my baby.later i held my baby outside.we visited the sportsyard,passing the grocery shops my baby didn't ask for juice.we passed a working team busy implimenting fiber wire underground and my baby interested in the hole to the underground.then we entered the south garden and chatted with the woman grocer.i bought my baby a cup of jelly.for the old woman urged not to let my baby eat anything to stain his thick clothings,i let my baby suck the straw instead of his prefered way to drink from the rim of the cup.he walked on the mall on the yellow leave for quite some time and find pleasure.when it started to sunshine weakly i brought him home and left when he cried for my leaving.i went to the nearby cafe to register an google account for his mother and finished all setting within her account.it cost me half and 2 hours.the cafe was almost full,and a cop attempted to sat aside me but i changed a seat immediately.after finished it in the cafe i returned to see if my baby's mother returned but was told she was due to have night lesson and would returned before 7:00 pm.so i wrote to let my baby's mother know the account detail and handed to the old woman.then my baby in sleet woke up and the old woman waved him to continue sleep.i waited he calmed down and left.
in the dorm canteen an female administrator talked about my baby and i attempted to show her my baby's photos but found my pda ran out of battary.but when i took it out of its suitcase it was turned on and showing screen even i didn't powered it.
heavily being bited here.a fat man aside me left half way.
bye.in the passed 2 days the cafe i m in now,starsea,charged me unfairly when i adopted the way to pay when leave.so i changed back to fix hour usage.i love u.kiss u with warm heart.

gloomy morning.

i woke up at 7:30 am and got up at 8:47 am.last night i slept on time and dreamed a lot.in a dream i likely in a rest room of traveling place like railway station or something likes,and worry my shoes.then in a room of VIPs,a man likely party secretary declared an bribery of a guy named zhu jiulong(nine dragon),or sounds alike,accounted to 1.9 billions.then some buy checked my radio and found 2 gold coins under its button worthed of 2 thousands.after getting up i head here,a cafe near my baby's mother's home immediately.the sky is pale and unclear,but on the corner turning to the path to my baby's mother's home i saw my shaddown on the ground on my bike.now it started to shine.i felt it will sunshine in the afternoon.
now i had 3 friends in gtalk to chat.even sometimes i doubting if i can afford it.
bye.my dear.i love u in beam.its now beams outside of the glass door of the cafe.kiss u with hot.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

in fact the sky is blue in daytime

in the afternoon i spent about an hour in the sunshine on the bench after returned from the cafe.then i returned to the cafe to modify my youtube account.in the rest of time i roamed in the garden till the sun fell down to the skyline of the reef of the opposing dorm.i worried my budget but i still think i m sufficed to do what in need and in want.after dinner here i tried gtalkprofile.com to find some firends to talk with with gtalk.now i settled and won 2 approvals.the road tends to be opener ahead.
i also subscribed some rss feed within google reader.i like science reports.i really enjoy the web.
u r likely under presure of finding a job duely.i bewith u the goodwill for our fortune in this land,in our kingdom to reclaim.i don't know where is my village to settle but u r my outpost.i endured in tunnel so far but i walked through so many death match mine and i doomed to see the opening space.god,god in grace see my tumble and my righteousness.
bye.i love u.today i spent whole day alone,abiding my baby's mother's asking.i hope i can hear his mother buzzing me tonight to let me know if i can see my baby tomorrow.kiss u with sole miss.

peaceful sunny morning.

last night i read the new borrowed computer magzines from qrrs lately and finished the three.the neighbor hooligans whistled and cracked to urge me laying myself down but i did according my own schedule after 0:30 am.god descended to me and i felt safe to rest in peace and i did indeed.i think god's leading me through after these days' being bited.i really have nothing to worry,my baby in shrine,my kingdom in thriving, my people in shiving, only the stealer in charge now shiveling.its dogs losing their paws, its spies dosing wilderings.they strived to break the links among my baby and his mother and me,but we all intact.we don't stay togather to love,but love togather to stay.its another milky late autumn morning, i was left freely to enjoy the free web service.i like it, and just need some time to familar with it.busy or free, times and times i saw god.
bye.i spent more than an hours here in the starsea cafe,customize my blog.hope u enjoy my home here.i love u.like the pure white in the sunshine.kiss u with whitewashed pale sky.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

sunny day

i let my baby played with water awhile indoor and felt the animosity of the old woman.at 11:00 am i brought my baby out to receive his mother.but he disliked the way to the school and we truned to the sports yard where some students likely from a school of survey and draw.they appeared yesterday.i chatted with a tall girl among them.they had 2 girl both tall.i also peeked the telescope.but my baby strongly refused to see through it.there r 2 aged playing roll(tuoluo).when we approached them a large black dog with its woman host passed over.my baby insisted to follow the dog but they entered a room aside the yard.when i again want to see clear the another tall girl of the school my baby refused and i also felt the hostility from the body.then we played swing near the basket ball yard where the school settled.my baby started to be irregular and they let him fall down with a long stick my baby picked from ground in his hand ,but my baby kept intact.then we left and after passed the narrow door in the steel grid seperating the yard from the residential building when i attempted to tighten my belt,my baby itched and fell topdown onto my back and i catched him with only a hand onto his only leg on my shoulder.that can be said the most dangerous situation i ever encountered when i broght my baby outside.my baby usually sat well on my neck with his hands touching me.so no doubt the sorrounding hostile beasts irritated him.i looked back but can't assure who threatened.my baby cried awhile and insisted returning through the door in the grid to the sportsyard and left the yard through its far side rolling door.i bought him a bag of candy in the grocer within the garden and missed his mother who left in advance.when we stood inside the door of the school,her mother returned from home and obviously angery.she demanded me to leave after lunch and angerer to my claims that dogs pested us.i also felt i'd better rest in the afternoon.so i left.my baby waved to me when i left.that let me more relieved.
on the bed in the dorm i soon felt into sleep,let my soul guarding my baby.dogs today likely crazy.but all what they can do is barking upon the wrong tree.
bye.an hour spent on adding music to my gmail.i love u,in heaven on earth.kiss u with bees and birds.

the autumn sunshine lingering.

i woke up at 6:55 am and got up at 7:13 am.last night i felt very hungery and being bited just after i went to bed heavily.i trenched them in the dustbin and i saw it uncovered in the morning in the corridor.its unusual in the passed days in which i got up late after 9:00 am is routine.i also had my breakfast so unusually that the administrator of the canteen claimed didn't seeing me for some time.then i went to the starsea cafe but most of it was cleaning and the clerks loathed to receive customers.what i can say is that dogs always bankrupt quality of service.then i picked my bike and heading here,a cafe entitled 'information supermarket',near my baby's mother's home.i had beeing trying google's video service and registered an account in youtube.com which was just claimed by google.i really enjoys the new stuff from the web.
bye.i m to see my baby.his mother asked me not to come yesterday but i think now that the weather so nice and so precious i should come with my baby.i love u,without any reservation.kiss u with budding.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

sunny in the afternoon

after lunch i stayed in the dorm and strode.till 1:30 pm i started to read and immediately encouraged to see my baby now that the sunshine so bright.when i arrived the old woman had held my baby out,so i copied the video i shot yesterday to my udisk intendingly to upload to myspace.com.then i went to fetch my bayb,and i found them in the south garden on the square.an chorus consisted mostly of aged women and frequently sang songs granting mothership singing there and 3 girl students in front of my baby and soon left after caught sight of me.my baby in a cap and very cute.i immediately caressed him and the old woman asked for leave.my baby played awhile on the tablet and asked for food.the grocer suggested chokolate at a price of 1 yuan.we bought.the woman started to tease my baby,so i suggested to pay back the juice another grocer lent us yesterday.my baby admitted and we bought an ice stick and a bottle of water there.my baby now understood a lot of talks we had and frequently hum to reply me in points.after played awhile on the sportsyard and the sunshine darkened we returned.at home he laughed a lot with hide and see behind the curtain of the balcony in sunshine.i accompanied him playing till 4:30 am and then we went outside to receive his mother returning from her school.the watch dog of the school approached us 2 or 3 times to hinder us entering the school and we left with disgusts.then we near again the grocery whose daughter familiar with us and now lured us to buy her fried sausage.i tried to block my baby's request for his mother not let me buing food on street but gave up upon my baby's cries.the we triple united and heading home.i ate dinner there and returned.
almost 2 hours spent on html grammar practise trying to customize my profile on myspace.com.its really troublesome on allowing html code.it frequently errored when the code works well in blogger.com.
bye.i love u in stary sky in late autumn night.hope u allowed me to enjoy my personal peace life with my old family when u still refused to lend me ur hands.
some more pictures shot yesterday.i don't want to waste them.

Get this video and more at MySpace.com

cloudy winter monring arrived.

its windy and cold.my sleep was broke by the entering of the dorm admin to install a new lamp to replace the illworking one.last night my baby's mother buzzed after 9:00 pm to let me know some person of the working place i once worked want to know if we divorced.their real aim was to urge our register of our divorce.my baby's mother lied,saying our id card not at hand.when i told her her needn't to lie,she lost her temper and demand me not to see my baby or a time a week.i know she suffered.

Monday, October 09, 2006

returns the autumn sunshine

i got up lately after 9:00 am.i waited my pda to charge till 11:33 am.then i headed to my baby's home.the wife and son of my kid brother,who himself had worked in guangdong prov.,southern china for months,scheduled to leave for their reunion tonight.the son left at home while the mother left.after lunch my baby's mother suggested to bring our baby outside.i doubting the son of my brother recently showing rebellion and likely hard to let him follow us so i agreed to leave him home with the old woman.my son's mother left to her school directly and left me with my baby.my baby now quite some times irrelevant to grocers nearby but he insisted haunting one with a steep ladder to its window after passed some grocers.just after i chose a bottle i found i didn't bring money with me for changing suit into working clothes.my baby cried to protest.then we passed again a grocer we haunted a lot except recently.we entered and found the daughter and the woman boss all there.the daughter teased a lot with us but they lent us a bottle of juice.my baby holding the cap in his hand as usual and drank 2 or 3 times.the rest was poured into the fountain of the south garden.we played on the tablet,and the sunshine lured me to shot and i did.most dwellers r aged except a girl with fit jean played with her nephew.i followed her some time and exchanged some words with her.then the disgusting old woman with her grand daughter in family name of liu,harrassed us many times,approached us and talked to us herself,letting me coughed 3 times and spoilt some candy the grocer in the garden lent us.after visiting the sports yard by the way we returned.i then busy with sorting shots but my baby asked for my caress for quite some times and even cried miserabely.the wife of my brother and the grandmom of my baby arrived soon.i then busy with searching for missing sd card of the camera.i konw my baby first played with it but usually he didn't hide it.so i blamed the son of my brother,who replied always 'mela(lost)' upon my asking if he caught sight of it.his mother didn't scorned him but i felt very anger to him.then the mother of my baby returned and got irritated with me as soon as i told the card missing.she kicked me and demanded me leaving.so i left.the kid sister of my baby's mother summoned a banquet before their leaving tonight.
so that our day in the sunshine.i was being bited since my beseat.after all i felt placated with my shottings.my son's mother condamned my publishing my baby's shot but i just can't help doing it.i just felt the pecular and precious of my baby's shot in his infantile.
bye.i love u,not matter how i was spilt by the naughty boy of a woman of the same family name of ur.kiss u with hot.
the Son review the autumn sunshine
Jan 2, 2005 - 10 Photos

Sunday, October 08, 2006

sunshined after we entered the sports yard.

the morning really a bit chill.so after i arrived my baby's mother's home i had to stay at home with him at first.but soon he insisted to outside.i first tried to console him by let him in the corridor of the 7th floor.but he gradully let me holding him outside of the building.i m with a shirt and he also wore thin.we moved to the sports yard and he insisted watching the tennis yard.then i felt we had to eat something to drive coldness away now that he refused my suggestion to back to fetch some clothings.we bought a package of peanuts.i fed him with mouth.then he liked to play the sliding board in a residential area.the a little boy and his father arrived.the boy directly wanted to partake the sliding, my baby then started to shiver and i holding him return quickly.after lunch,we brought our baby outside,his mother went to her school and i tried to capture my baby in the beginning of winter.by the way,today is the winter chill day according to lunar calendar.he let me bought him a bottle of juice and played with the cap immediately.we entered the garden and i started to shot.after shoting we played with the bottle for some time.after we moved to the sports yard he played with sand aside the yard awhile and asked to play with the camera.when we moved to the center of the sports yard it sunshined.i felt glad and shot more pictures onto my baby.then we returned.after the old woman returned from dispatching dustbin,i started to sort photos,with an ear listening my baby's crying upon his sleep the woman urged.i soon after my baby laid on bed sleeping finished my work and left after kissing him in dream.i really love him.
in the dorm i read awhile jixianlin's auatobiography till dinner.then here i dealt with friend invitation within myspace.com.
bye.today my pda quote love message needs rewarmth like oil needed to keep lamp.these days i busy with setting up my google account,and logging my days,i really don't know how i can talk to u,with ur heart in my heart.day by day, the life stream floating us apart and more apart,what i can do in my view is to let u know my life,let u know me,on the contrast to ur refusal to let me know u.i know i m likely burning into smoke,but what the meaning of striving to burn last now that what u interested is sidewatching and rating.
i love u.kiss u with windy bushes sheltering flower garden.
here is the shot of today.
the Son before the winter
Oct 5, 2006 - 12 Photos

first pale winter morning sticks out its head.

the sun can only be seen from open area and unclear without obvious clouds.after seeing it i more or less reliefed for i had thought it a cloudy day when i open my window.i got up at 7:56 am and immediately felt sorry for myself as well as for my baby son.last night i was heavily bited in dorm when i washing my feet and let it sank in hot water aside my bed.when i went out to spilt water,founding a tall pal stood in the door of tv room facing my door.biting dog not only from him but also from neighbor rooms and upstairs.i finished reading to the biography of jixianlin and skim the biography of german chancellor Angela Merkel.when the music from radio finished,i went to sleep.
on the way i doubting if i should see my baby first,but i really miss here the web to miss u,to share with u.and i think with my peace my baby can benefits.so i be here,with u in mind,with the world in front,with god in testimony.
bye.i m to see my baby,after i skimmed the news content i subscribed via google.i love u,in hard time and in soft time.kiss u with pale sky's pearl,the sun.