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Monday, December 23, 2013

one shot kills three barrels


Dreamed works with a honorable lawyer. ^ At first covertly compete with my 2nd elder brother for wider social relationship. then worked as a teacher or coach for a camp whose most students are from rural.the leading mentor is a diligent lawyer with a small but reliable business. I closely watched his cases management, or file system. Later suggested him digitizing database, he admitted and working on it.I also handled a girl student who handed in her mother's application for her ailment absence. there is large bright full moon in the dawn sky when I blogging. God, grant me stable work and life space. free me of duty of academic. bring me sooner my Royal China which is my business. thx God dad.


Dream to compose music.^ my son learning music for years and mentored by his mom.in this dream his existence prevails. first I was an actor, young, tall,cool and developing. I learn from others songs and gradually starts to compose hot music.Likely kind of rap and rock, I dance with it on stage.lots of skills in composition found in dream, in visual form.then the protagonist wanted to re-furnish his audience hall,remove chinaware tilts on wall.that reminded me my passed dad,God in heaven now,and his work as an architects. the hall surface decoration is decent and historical, but we due renovated accordingly. Then likely dream a professional musician, or a career of music,likely of my son's, which evading my blogging now.when I wake up its a spectacular full moon night.God,I saw my mistake under my service to my son,and I got forgiveness from my son,warrenzh, Hope of China, God of Universe, in my latest phone call last night. Thanks, Dad God, bring me sooner Asoh Yukiko, my son's mother in Japan. and my girl LYu, girl Zhou, girl TW, bring me my Royal China to be fruitful.


a surprising week. ^ this week really satisfying: my 3 tasks done in a shot. on Monday my son's mom buzzed me motorola support department informed her my broken cellphone mainboard arrived. in the night yesterday my acer notebook abrupt shutdown for overheat turns severe and I decided to fix it in local computer market. I also tracked my first real credit card, which sent me via ChinaPost, arrived. next day I waited till 1:20 PM, to allow my once workplace parcel buddy bring me the credit card as he promised, but he didn't. so I visited QRRS post office on my own, and got my mail at once. on way I can't wait to open my mail to see what it looks like a credit card I dreamed of owing one for more than a decade. Its an overseas payment card, which really fits me. in waiting room of motorola support office, I activated my credit card via phone. repairing cellphone free of charge, I love my moto xt788 even more after the accident. on way home I visited computer market and paid a smart guy clean dust in my acer notebook. I thought it would work but it didn't, and even worse. in dorm in the night my computer can't last running a quarter, but I managed restore os, backup my log book, and so on successfully before quit of frustrations. I desperate want to update my moto's android os, but I had to download os patch via expensive 3G in 4am, Tuesday. fixing overheat video card by tech crew in computer market costs me near ¥200 for my notebook, with which I hope I can rely on for another half decade. Its time to reunite my son returning from computer market. He released by his mom in her office after I informed her and waited outside of her school some time. my son joined skating kids on the ice ground in sport field nearby. its his first skate training in winter 2013. I tried to persuade my son join my larger pc games, but he instead immersed in android games on his fonepad. then we dined out, with beef noodle. I told my son I had to prepare work environment on my phone and notebook, asked for leave earlier. soon I got all done in my dorm, but I felt sorry for I put my stuff before my son's concern. the mistakes turns obvious next day, and I took action to amend it: I shopping online on my own for him, mostly snack from Japan and Taiwan via taobao, a Chinese C2C market website. God, time to leave my son alone is closer, but I won't care if I should tentatively educate he independence. I will do my best to show him ur mercy and glory heavenly, notice no private space between humans. God, dad, grant me, and my Royal China anxious free. bring me sooner my girls into my new family, Royal China, to home my son, warrenzh 朱楚甲, Hope of China, God of Universe, and his siblings, my children arriving. God, I saw cold of aging. let me stay in growth warmth, and best of all, my son's sanity of one's. thx, God dad.


my 1st real credit card with CCB. ^ in my life I usually not allowed to spend casually. so long time I dreamed a credit card, esp. buy overseas goods like domains or google services. but my hard financial situation shies me away from Chinese banks so long. after those 2 months with improved, 2700 rmb salary, I felt the need and courage to equip myself a credit card to spend cozier. so I remembered once my colleague helped us batch claimed somewhat card from China Construction Bank. I thought apply credit card from its credit database in an old card, which never used for I then too poor, would be easier. but CCB staff told me the old card expired and nothing. however she suggested her colleague, a beautiful young lady likely newly enrolled, help me apply via CCB website. I had to cheat on estate, admitted I own house of my son's mom's while we divorced in 2008. that's last Saturday. next Monday when I surfing online in dorm, I suddenly stroked by panic. In the seconds then CCB called in informing they sending a credit card to me, to my once work place in QRRS. its such an inspiration in the day! the night blessing dreams boiling long time in my shallow sleep. in dream my 2nd brother and 2nd sister, both evils in my life, in my hometown tried to flatter me upon my good news. then in university 2 alumni, YangJin and Huang Junyi, talked to me on way from canteen to dorm. Yang claimed I owed him ¥50 while I remembered before I returned from hometown I was clear of debt. but I promised to check it, or grant the debt. between the conflict of money I needed to poo but all slots in the WC in dark, I can't see any one and afraid of shits stain my shoes, an usual embarrass in my years ago dreams. God, thx for the facility, for the convenience affordable in my life now and ahead. God, dad, guide us toward peace and satisfaction. bring me sooner my Royal, Asoh Yukiko, to clear doubts on emerging Empire of China.


Dream of circus.^ Its a warm winter night. I dreamed in my hometown watching a visiting circus. I was attracted by some beautiful female acrobats and bravo in English. that caused a neighbor girl among audience talked to me. we then had nice English talk and didn't notice end of the performance. returned home I found the circus holding another event near our house. my sinful cousin's family competed with me to host them. yesterday we glad to see completing video game "how to survive", all missions in the game done. my son emphasized he ushered to the end. we also tried new games lately near 1pm to dine out and shower. my son ordered his favorite food in Dico's on his own. in the public bathroom I told him my year end bonus plan and informed him uncertainty of new dining out. returned to his mom's house, I waited for half and 2 hours before my son finished homework under his mom's monitor and joined me into digital entertainment, this time is comics online. Its so beautiful the day that I hardly complain. God, dad, pl guarantee our new dinner out plan, in happy year end. bring me sooner my Royal China to home my children in coming near year.

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Friday, November 29, 2013

morning star shines over house of peace.


nap dream. ^ these days a bit boring while GFW blocking my news feeds. in the morning I napped again after breakfast. first I saw old thesis, competition between my dad's family and his eldest brother's, esp my eldest cousin's 3 sons, desperate chasers behind us. then in old nightmare, academic life, haunted me again. In Nankai University, I toddled among classrooms lonely, doubting if I should join to study there, till I found a building on a hill where a foreign teacher's family lives there. their kid, open door for me and likely includes my son, introduced us beautiful orchid his dad planted. the rest of dream evades me when I blogging. Its a sunny morning now. my son, warrenzh 朱楚甲, recently adopted tool software, say, task management, besides pc games. I hope its a good start to improve his habit with digital gears, cast more light upon software development. God, its time to bid farewell for new month, the last of 2013. bring me sooner my Royal China, my girl LYu, Asoh Yukiko, girl TW, girl Zhou. bring my children on the way to this earth and world. God, dad, see me pleasure earthly in the rest of my life. thx dad.


being software engineer. ^ dreamed in dawn my alumnus, WangXionghui, entrusted me to develop a system for something like hotel management. I burned brain for structure of its database. then the IT director of QRRS, my once employer and a SOE, ZhouLaisheng, appeared, with his crew. they mostly major in computer science while I likely self-taught. that likely let me at a loss, among their party or team. then in a rich family, I likely was their child. I also develop something alone in my bedroom. then came a visitor, and talked about me. I then left the family through the lounge, bid farewell to the loving mom. then on seashore or mountain, I saw a kid girl played swing. when she swung to the highest, the rope broke and left her out in sky. the sudden accident is terrifying, but the girl landed safe onto the swamp, which thrills us.
today is a wonderful day. curious but anxious weekends passed in golden memories. I successfully persuaded my son, warrenzh 朱楚甲, Hope of China, God of Universe, bought some ebook he likes online. by the way I attempted to demonstrate him free market, and wonder of free wish and purchase power. I also bought him a toy we didn't mean much in it, just show my son the ample of God's bliss. In public bathroom, my son lost more or less his comfort and confidence. but in outside way to return his mom's house, he resumed. I waited half hour before he complete his composition as homework, then we join video game, "how to survive", with which we walk-through before we headed to lunch out and shower. he want to expand his joys and glory in the compliment of the game, ie. feeding all side tasks in the game. now I shared online in my dorm with him on the other side the moment and speed of cyberspace. God, dad, let it grows and meaningful forever.


1st snow in 2013 winter. ^ last week witnesses another anxious but safe reunion with my dearest son, warrenzh 朱楚甲, Hope of China, God of Universe. geese hotpot, he ordered several weeks ago, delayed so long for the restaurant underwent realignment, arrived, replaced with beef hotpot finally. we enjoyed it very much, even we had to ask a waiter to mix cuisine among its buffet style hotpot. even my salary increased 300 RMB and more last month, my purse left nothing this morning and I had to borrow ¥20 from dorm canteen operator for buying raisin from street paddler on way my lunch before I visit my son this dusk. this week I also napped a lot, likely bored by constrain surrounds me. this dawn I dreamed a lot. in last scene I with my son or person I concerned passing a stadium where an International teenage football game ongoing. I crossed the fence alone and watched closely outside of the realm, luckily kicked twice the ball toward me.dad, God, recently every night I went to bed I felt so lucky and meaningful when call it a day. God, bring me sooner my girls, my girl LYu, Asoh Yukiko, gilr Taiwan, girl Zhou, to enrich my life earthly. blessing my son's gaming experience in video game with me. thx dad God.


dreamt of my passed mother and aunt. ^ those days I reviewed a lot my sexual history. previously I was anxious about my sexual excellence, but in review I found I always been succeeded. thx God, I don't jealous anyone now. this dawn I dreamed first building house among my university alumni, under surveillance of the mentor we tried all to be diligent. I immersed among them, help they get mud and final touch to the project. then dreamed in my hometown, ie. in my passed aunt's house, I trying to switch radio to a digital or video or 3g channel, other from traditional radio channels. when I tried to plug into the socket, the notorious bad temper aunt entered the room, so I had to try to explain what I doing on her property to the selfish woman. then my passed mother and my 2nd elder sister also appear. my sister told me my eldest brother also has a newer radio has the additional function. I replied my less brilliant brother would miss the merit out, from a traditional radio for his favorite radios as a work companion. he is a builder. Its likely another great morning, with golden sunshine over the top of trees in the dorm garden. God, dad, bring me sooner my girls, my private harmonious life. God, these days I saw a lot my girl TW, we are ready for a new family. thx, dad God.
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From 2013 in gaze
From 2013 in gaze
From 2013 in gaze
From 2013 in gaze
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Thursday, October 31, 2013

gold leads.


dreamed of Hongkong movie stars.^ last week full of anxious about broken download and harsher Internet censorship under sinking PRC. this dawn dreamed lengthy about 2 Hongkong movies stars and once couple, Zhang baizi and Xie Tingfeng. their broken marriage, their 2 kids, their mafia parents behind the curtain as backbone, the dark Chinese culture under closest management of English on the tiny island before 1987, history and future of Chinese society, etc. Chinese problem long time is my concern, I tried to find a solution for cheap mob of Chinese. in the dream I closed watched the 2 movie stars' living, trying figure out metaphor of the living, but clueless. God, lead me in cleansed faith of change in bliss. bring me sooner my Royal China to sustain my work here and there. Golden morning now, God dad, inspire me in ur holy presence.


complacent in warm indoor late autumn.^ last week totally awesome. my salary reached ¥2700, renders me in wilder joys. with it I finished improving my son and myself living budget to 650 RMB per month. I also increased payment for son's mom washing my clothes to 150 monthly. I also offered the woman 50 in cash in her doubt, but buying not appreciation but resent: harsher curse upon my happy time with my son in video games, tentatively buy me a woman soap while I asked her twice to replace my worn soap with Safeguard which includes anti-virus ingredient for my sometimes itchy skin, and already with her promise in previous contacts. men in our contacts also got hurts. the fruits vendor with which I handed in ¥50 and so much each coming month for subscribe weekly ¥10 goods from the shop ran smoothly with the vendor herself, except her husband hurt and likely plotted to defied our kind proposal. the barber's service also deteriorating or boycotts, in his clueless over self-proud likely boasted by lingering local mafia in the public bathroom. God, here is my prayer this pale dawn, nothing hurts me, in the light of glory bounded with my ancestor, with my vested Empire of China. God, dad, save my people from sinking PRC. bring me sooner my Royal China to attest presence of holy history and grace inside. thx God, dad.


dreamed of workplace. ^ Dreamed closely watching Li yanhong, founder of Baidu.com and an once oversea student. Dreamed I just released from restrained and picked my kid daughter and trying making a living. I visited my high school alumni for help. One of them, a Chao in surname, doing post-graduate research and likely operating a advertising company, ignored my situation in his office where a research paper on the desk and woman staff gathered upon advertisement design. Then dreamed in Li's company, a search engine, interact with the founder, his recruiting, his personlity shows in his doing things. It's a moisture and foggy morning, in which I saw bliss and gracious joy. God, dad, grant me sustainable workspace to enjoy growth or progress. improve my son, warrenzh 朱楚甲, his common sense base on solid world experience. thx, dad, pl budget my new plan for living standard in coming years, in my salary due to release today.


a bluntly sunny day. ^ I'm enough thankful after the dorm's water warming system satisfying, for chill in night still a clear memory a week ago. this dawn dreamt living in a Brazil middle school where including quite some Chinese kids. They compete with Spanish students. Then in a team to rescue hostage, likely a VIP-elect, I with 2 girl students thrown bombs to clear blockage. we tried it several times and I insisted save our tactics as a configuration file. after got up I visited my son, who recently a bit loose on video games we immersed so many time before. all the morning he tried his new favorite game from his favorite Japanese comics' influence, card game, ie. "Magic: The Gathering 2014". I watched some time then busy preparing his pad with new andriod games. the Asus fonepad quite tricky, frequent hangs during copying files. we barely tried twice co-op missions in video game "foul play", before we headed to lunch out in dico's franchise in nearby railway station. my son want sooner to watch 3D cinema with his mom so he reluctant to shower with me as usual. I insisted our routine till I mistakenly handled a paper cup of hot juice and spilt half onto my son's pants. my son still gamed quite some time on his pad in the restaurant before we returned to his mom's house. I prepaid fruit vendor ¥50 to subscribe weekly supply against my leaking and usually pinching purse on way, as planned recently after my salary last month arrived ¥2300. I prepared my son a fresh persimmon before went to shower alone. all day the sun is faultless but smoky air shadows. my mood is gloomy for I sensed my joyful reunion with my son weekends hurts demon eyes, which trying hurt us back. I also in dark of economic situation in this eccentric corner of sinking PRC. God, Asoh Yukiko, bring me sooner my Royal China to host my son, and my children to arrive. dad, God, in the smoky day I pray inspires on skyline from ur holy spirit. thx, dad.


Dream of computer exam.^ dreamt watching Zhou Hongwei, founder of 360.com, a notorious IT company in sinful PRC, and his work. he talked about his work and vision. then in computer exam he turned every question into lengthy exclaim, while I in my second thought only explained simply within the answer. the dorm got heat yesterday, much better staying indoor now. but tap water out of service for 2 days, so foul smell all over the building. beasts in the dorm frequently revengefully left their shits un-flushed after poo, so it might be a lesson for their shameless behavior. last afternoon I buzzed my 3rd elder sister in hometown, talked about family and my missing our last vacation so gleefully with my son there. God, pl allow me sooner host my guests, including my sister and our relatives. bring me sooner my Royal China to home my children. God, common sense is my only weapon against dark ahead. God, shine over my Royal China in the coming darkest night before dawn in PRC. thx God dad!

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From 2013 in gaze
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Monday, October 14, 2013

shepherd pays.


an Autumn night drizzle. ^ yesterday full of joys with my son, warrenzh 朱楚甲. I visited him on time in sunny morning, after the annoying drill noise waked me up when the dorm recently under refurnish. we played video games and made proud progress. we dined in Dico's franchinse original from Taiwan. we showered. we bought dates, oranges and plums and enjoyed them very much. I also offered my son's mom a favor by enabled wifi access point for her students get tutorials there. I also saw beautiful females I concerned. I first time in this Autumn put on a long johns and felt comfortable at once against chill. when I roamed outside of dorm, I saw pale half round moon in sky. after I settled in front of my notebook in dorm, it started to drizzle in dusk. most of the night I rambled in dorm and reviewed the wonderful day with my son, in the rain rhythm. God, u know why lucky my life with girl LYu, my love for rain and raining. God,bring sooner my girls to allow me satisfy them, enrich my life with love with my girls. God, dad, in bizarre and humming drizzle, my Royal China under ur shine. thx, dad.


my birthday. ^ Dreamed living in a Japanese home, in surname Koda 倖田. I was likely the son, talking with mom who in kitchen while I watching in waiting room. I found an undisclosed sex book or tape of a celebrity, who in a trade for convenience. When I tried to copy those erotic photos the book gone. But after some time or years the copy reappears. The dream likely related with Asoh Yukiko, I sensed my longing and dependence on her more and more stronger this years. Then dreamed in our hometown my brother-in-law's nephew competed smartness with my son, warrenzh, Hope of China, God of Universe. Then dreamed with my cousin leading kids in village on our Hill, search gravestone to break. It's about 4 am. I tried to blog & memorize to blog. 2 later lofty dreams evade me. one haunts again but finally evaporated. my son and my grand father appears in the dream. my son likely unsatisfied with our current situation but my dad inspired us with steady hope. its my birthday today, I will bring my son ate toast buffet for dinner. God, recent weeks it got colder, my heart also weighted with old clothes and insufficient heat in dorm. while I enjoyed so much video games with my son, God, dad, please allow me more time to accompany my son's game play, not inverse. God, so splendid our life has been, please don't spoil our expectation ahead. bring me sooner my Royal China, my girl LYu, Asoh Yukiko, my girl Zhou, my girl TW, bring me home to attend my son and my children arriving. God, dad, thx for this hopeful sunny morning.


Busy days. ^ these days busy fixing son's notebook which recently virus infected. This dawn dreamed I try to invent 3 something. One for my work, the 3rd for the dorm canteen operator, a woman with her son first appeared in my dream. In crowd of a hall she invited me demonstrate the selling machine I invent. I also likely dreamed my Tibet friend, Bianbaqiongda. It's getting cold, esp in coming national holiday for most residents left the dorms and canteen out of service, let me starve or spent more in restaurant. The bitch, son's mom, accuses more and scorned harsher, a shame over my Royal China. The insane the little woman brought not insult me but my family. God, you know my situation and its history. You know what's for all these cheap persons in my life. Bring sooner my girls into my new family, God, let my life easier with beauties! ThX God.


prepared. ^ Yesterday is blessing, my salary reach ¥2327,which allows lifestyles we planned. When I handed in deposit for canteen dinners & lunches, I felt healthy relation between those operators & me. I also treated myself fruits I always liked. This dawn I dreamed on heel of a professor who tried to design a teaching building in camps alone while his ability too green-handed for the task. he burned brain to copy others blueprint and I in the dream finally got insight on originality stems from knowledge. Then dreamed with my son, warrenzh, Hope of China, God of Universe, learning something together. It's a due post & in days I prepared it. God, such a bright mooring during my blogging, ThX dad, bring me sooner my Royal China, esp Asoh Yukiko, my Crowned Queen from Japan. Last night I reviewed our days in Nankai University in 2000,God, since first encounter we belong to each other. God, these days gays surround me, block my sight of beautiful. Dad, save me from insanity, home me with my girls praying me so long like I did so long in my blog. Today I will be with my son, who in break on Tuesday afternoon. Grant us holy spirit in gathering, in video games we enjoy so much. ThX God dad.


strange dream. ^ in dawn a lengthy dream till I got up to pee. I saw the dream protagonist with his large relatives married Ma yun, founder of Ali group (www.alibaba.com) and a billionaire now, the wedding ceremony is very luxury, Mr Ma also spent lots of attention to make it a special spectacle and gorgeous. Then dreamed of my campus friend, Bianbaqiongda, a Tibetan and graduated from Tianjin fine art college where we got familiar with zealous on western fine art. I dreamed we enjoy staying, while actually we did not contact each other for more than 20 years, soon after I worked for QRRS, thousands miles from Tianjin. Yesterday was great, I talked with my son effective as usual. We spent more time in Dico's franchise in railway station before went to shower. There among travels he played video games on his pad. I asked a neighbor girl shot a photo for us. Before I left his mom's house, I persuade the woman leave our son alone to do his homework, for her companion & monitory is ineffective. It is so nice a day. Thanks God dad!
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From 2013 in gaze
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Saturday, September 14, 2013

homeless from past to now, to passed.


stay with son.^ son's mom, a mean woman, now more and more turned depending on our son, and even worse, poised girl's charm in front of my son instead of a mother's. recently she also invited me to eat watermelon in her house, showing ill will that we reunite from the broken marriage since 2006 when she insisted then. God, permit my freedom far from any plots of the small woman. last night when I settled in dorm after visited my son and invited him tried new games, including "plants vs zombies 2" for android which just released yesterday, when I watching American episode "Carrie's diary" and seeking insight coincident in my son's growth, it rained outside. in the night I roamed and reviewed my son's situation quite awhile, before went to bed. I knew no one can predict my son, warrenzh 朱楚甲, his future, his rebellion youth, his independent world view, but God's will guides, and I will stay near him for parenthood. in dawn dream, I clearly with my son experienced challenge in life. we held together to face uncertainty. God, thx for so long I can offer my service to my son, Hope of China, God of Universe, rid me anxious upon his growth, also his zeal upon future social perspective. dad, bring me sooner my Royal China, esp. Asoh Yukiko, warrenzh's mother from Japan, attends properly our son with love of mother. God, thx for the peaceful morning sunshine now.


Dream of befriending a cat.^yesterday a bit busy :patch my Window os. I in dawn dreamed play with a tiger or panther in front of my pals. I believe I can communicate with its soul, so I just laid and show my back to it on its usual appearing road. It works: we play together and corporate in hunting. It's also my first time try SwiftKey, so nice as a input tool. God, thanks for beast soul. Dad, sooner bring my Royal China for my wider audience, for closer my task here. God, guide me talk to my son more effective, lead him into holy spiritual sooner, once and forever. ThX God dad!


normal life shared with son starts.^ last week a bit busy. my son and me enjoyed new video game very much. he immersed in "castle storm" with great interest, while I relentlessly trying various new games from stock. yesterday I dreamed in dawn my senior middle school alumnus, Wanglewen, who buzzed me once when my alumni from Huanggang middle school collectively trying to help me out of my current shabby financial situation, led me and shown how hard he with his wife finding job and making livings. we meet aside Yangtze river and I in dream felt better clinching to my current status, leisure even low currency. this dawn I dreamed closely watched a Taiwan woman entrepreneur, likely HTC founder Miss Wang, operating her business. God, thx for recent exciting new video games. bring me sooner my Royal China to show my son and myself the difference between real world and digital virtual world. dad, thank u for perfection vein in our blood.


a spectacular day. ^ yesterday is marvelous. I ate breakfast in canteen in dawn. dorm is cool & uncomfortable when window is open. then my QRRS office informed me to fetch a shirt they dispatched, likely for annual sports game event. afternoon sunshine arrived. I dozed in warm sunshine and dreamed educating my nephew, Zhaikang, spiritual wakeup. the dream interrupted by 2nd buzz from office. this time I got a bonus of ¥400. visiting son with those gifts before dusk and we immersed in video games after his dinner and homeworks, till near 8pm I returned to dorm. this dawn I dreamed lots of erotic scenes, including a girl I concerned ported in my passed dad's house. her clothes missing and I insisted half-naked to enter room to see her. the only store in the village refused to sell us clothes to put up the girl who accompanied by my 2n elder sister in the room. there once a girl ported in my old family a night, when I studied in Huanggang middle school, a mightily academic smart girl, a LYu, now a professor in virus, invited my host in the summer vacation but never back to me in the rest of my senior middle school. Its a sunny morning. God, thx for these beautiful days. bring me sooner my Royal China and closer to my dreams. dad, God, please allow my son, warrenzh 朱楚甲, make full use of his digital gears, ie. his fonepad, kindle. let me pave way for his virtual world tours.


Dream of shooting movie.^ In deep dawn dream I told Wang Xionghui, my high school and campus aluminum, my plan to direct a youth movie from our elite senior middle school life,our passionate classroom plots. he listened carefully on dorm bed, shared memory of classmates and teachers. yesterday busy with blogging and now saw the light. God, thx warmth in people heart around me. affirm me in new adventure ahead.

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From 2013 in gaze
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From 2013 in gaze

Thursday, August 29, 2013

raining hard in northeastern China, while we in our first flight vacation in central China.


Reunion soon after settled. ^ So again my Dorm life started,since I returned from impressive hometown tour.my son asked to dine toast Buffet and we did last night. the night the small bed let me uncomfortable, and likely so was warrenzh. in dawn I dreamed 3 metaphors and adopted them to avoid tangle with my son in dream. then dream another 3 metaphors about ants or something. then my sinful cousin, long time bureaucrat, led his sons cutting tree.2 of his sons clinched to a branch and broke it, and fell to ground together. I with my son escaped from been hit, and found herds of ants leaving the branch. God, thx the night of reunite, thx the travel so beautiful. engage me with meaningful life, dad God, bring me new family, Royal China.


tour ending. ^ dreamed first ants attacked an amateur performance team or workers contest. I with colleagues research ants behavior, trying distracting it but ant teams moving rapid. then dream I admired a hero trophy, rather than collective medal. I dreamed during I left my previous job in TV or media, a guy self-learned and won a honor in his field. when my previous workmates invited me to return, I at a loss,comparing with self-made success.
yesterday especially remarkable: I with my son visited Yangtze river, closely on her bank. its after we barbered. then we visited my passed eldest sister's missing village along the river while the local mountains boosts stone products, inc cement and fertilizer. they are so meaningful. it started to drizzle after we returned to my 3rd elder sister's house, our hometown tour lodges. it's a beautiful day!
God, time to farewell. thank you for the journey, bring us safe home. bring me sooner my Royal China to allow me busy or engaged. thx, dad.


dreamed of colleagues. ^dreamed an once QRRS colleague,a fake hooligan kidnapped me. yesterday we survived Internet down a day. we paid to use a neighbor's Wi-Fi,but the narrow headed neighbor more and more lost in jealous,tentatively drew Internet out. so I brought my son and his nephew hanging out,play volleyball and basketball with kids in the community.we had good time. in dusk warrenzh made debut demonstration of large 3D video game on his pad,an Asus fonepad. we made friends there,including girls. God, bring us Internet!


warrenzh's hometown friends. ^ son, warrenzh these days experience strong love and friendship. I hope he emotionally grows in this hometown tour. this dawn dreamed I was in campus trying bring my dad wines. on way I and my son stopped and inspected in police office.they checked our parcel, took out memory card from my camera. fortunately they later compensate us a harder micro storage block for camera. it's morning now, God, bless us sound and meaningful progress.


dreamed of once workspace. ^ dreamed of my passed dad,God in Heaven now, smiling and encourages me with my work.then in QRRS, my previous work space, the youth league preparing a contest. I took the multimedia design as my job for granted, for we coordinated several times events familiar, but the young man in charge told me among crowd in his office contemptuously that they only need me typing title. then I in a panic for my camera missing, till my dearest son, warrenzh 朱楚甲, was found rip it from me in advance wisely. God, dad, u always sustain me in innocence. bring us peaceful to place u assigned me, bring sooner my Royal China to enrich me and people I deeply concerned. thank U, God.


dreamed of American workmate. ^ half of planned hometown tour passed. this dawn dreamed trusted by government to inspect 3 parcel express companies in China, shentong, yuanfeng, shunfeng, with a tall and thin white instructor from US. i can requisition any computer in the office during report, and office staff there Co-operative, even sometimes reluctant. yesterday i visit dad's old house in Zhudajiu, with my son. my brother-in-law carried us with his motor.most villagers welcome us heartedly. at noon we returned to Tianzhen, my beloved sister's house. an old woman died in dusk. due to Chinese mourning day, lots of crackers lightened and paper of fake money burned, in a custom hoping to transmit to their passed ancestors, a rather ugly Chinese culture. it didn't rain for weeks, until the day before yesterday a sudden and short rainstorm. God, now we grateful for the journey, bring us sooner to our normal life,bring sooner my royal China and my sons and daughters.


dreamed of wedding. ^ its our first week in my hometown tour. so far so good. this dawn dreamed a lot. on way to Zhudajiu for a wedding I battled with a monster blocking us under a car.then dreamed in a classroom I with my son waiting dispatched dumplings to eat. God, bless us a wonderful journey before we missing old life. bring me sooner my Royal China in peace.


dreamed of life among soldiers of US and Taiwan. ^ its 3rd day i with my son live in my sister's house during our hometown tour. this dawn dreamed lived among American and Taiwan soldiers, witness their training, entertainment. i also join to study in Taiwan, wrote to their president, Mr Ma, all under PRC's surveillance. its a peaceful morning, dad God, bless us a wonderful journey!


before the hometown tour, elations ^ this week too busy, for I eventually equipped my son a tablet, Asus Fonepad Me371, and he admits his new smartphone, a moto xt788, shift to my usage. in this way he can play more android games on the tablet which has 16 gb storage while moto smartphone only has 2 gb. I love my moto very much, for with apps I can do many transactions on it, like web shopping, blogging, reading, etc. my son reserved upon the great gift, but I know he is excited. this morning I dreamed of my old workmate in QRRS cable TV. we was trusted to make a promotive video for a celebrity. a famous voice actor, a girl in family name Gao, invited to co-operate with us. the celebrity's team leaving via train, while my once monitor, a guy in family name Sun and several years older than me, gossip about the VIP during farewell. recently I enjoyed dusks more in QRRS Dorms, and that invited many hatred against my leisure from residents in the community mostly workers or local hooligans. God, my task here means much, including dangers, savage and save. God, dad, glory of my Royal China untouchable in ur shine. God, grant us a successful hometown tour in this weekend. bring my son, warrenzh 朱楚甲, Hope of China, God of Universe, immerses in peace and complacent of home.
From warrenzh's bear eyes upon hometown, Zhudajiu, Hubei Prov
From warrenzh's bear eyes upon hometown, Zhudajiu, Hubei Prov
From warrenzh's bear eyes upon hometown, Zhudajiu, Hubei Prov
From warrenzh's bear eyes upon hometown, Zhudajiu, Hubei Prov
From warrenzh's bear eyes upon hometown, Zhudajiu, Hubei Prov

Monday, July 22, 2013

new shiny being.


dreamed of flying. ^ my passed mother appeared in dawn dream. she likely welcomes my son. then we hanged in a library, where warrenzh tried to hide his shoes among books. then he, the hero, the protagonist in dream flying over river styx with a branch of tree. he had to constantly cut off creatures attempting attach to the branch traveling high speed. he is legendary hero in the dream, like Titan or Apollo. last dusk I didn't visit my son, but rested a long time in QRRS Dorms' garden. I enjoyed the breeze and sky and trees on the bench. I reviewed experience when I trapped in asylum, where some kind woman doctor and nurses treated me well. I saw environment for mental patients decaying and more and more mental disordered patients canned in highly condensed space, worsen their recovery process. last Sunday my son enjoyed video game, "Heavy Fire Afghanistan", with company of 2, including me and visiting girl relative there for his mom's English tutorial. we broke 3 levels, or completed 3 missions. God, hometown tour is near, grant us a successful journey as planed and budgeted. bring me sooner my Royal China, my family life after near 8 years' singling out. thx Dad, God, in thise sunny morning.


dreamed of divorced with gay. ^ last night I again exploded with the bitch, my son's mother, a cheap soul with bad tempers, when I tried to play video game with my son while his mom forced him to practice e-piano with which he always reluctant. the night is blessing, for new clothes for our hometown tour prepared by my nephew, who operates a shop online, arrived. we enjoyed short pants, son additional with his T-shirts, in great joys. after we put on, son suggested hangout, we caught in drizzle outside. I asked my son, Hope of China, God of Universe, his forgiveness if I misunderstood his ordain, and he allows it. the rain since then till this dawn. I dreamed in dawn I was engaged with a dog soul, my son's uncle who once joined PRC's army, and threaten me when I quarreled with his cousin, my son's mom, when we just in engagement, for she disrespected my wedding ring for her. his family prepared quite some fortune to bind his marriage, but I, in the dream protagonist, dissolved the engagement before wedding. the dog family all at a loss in their failure to cheat to maintain a relation. after woke up in dawn rain, I saw clear time to ditch my son's Chinese mother turning riper and riper. my nephew's help is a good start and an icon of change. my son asked to sleep when his mom monitored practice ended, just before I invited him to play game again but refused by the bitch woman. God, save my son from incompatible in his parents' marriage, keep him united from conflicts &apart. bring me sooner my Royal China, esp. Asoh Yukiko, my Taiwan girl, my girl LYu, my girl Zhou, to home my princes and princesses. God, dad, haul sooner the dirty house off my son and I was set in for more than 10 years. thx dad, in this beautiful raining morning.
napped again after breakfast in rain rhythm, dreamed my parents, esp. my mother as hostess, welcomed a world election of pongtiff among kids. I busy with something and later curious our kids, ie. my kid brother, my nephew, or my son, their luck in the election. the chosen is a kid of my other relative. when I teased my kid in my dream, he upset and throws steel lamp plate at me, which let me laugh till my sides split. I saw my hope in my son, warrenzh, Hope of China, God of Universe, in the end before I woke up. that's my faith unshakable. God, thx the plenty rain of baptism. grant us a smooth hometown tour in next month.


dreamed of being prodigy. ^ recently busy with setup my son's new smartphone and rarely nap. in this noon nap I felt loneliness as a prodigy, or my son's, being incomparable gifted son. my grandfather saw us when I or my son experiences being genius and the huge sadness of loneliness singled him out. the protagonist learned to sew with the grandma, his great findings in math, his unable to be recognized by peers. he was constrained in loneliness within his family. fortunately his dad and grandpa both sees the situation of the son and helps with his best. Its a brilliant afternoon. I'm recently so happy with our first smartphone, a moto xt778, that constantly in high mood. my son, equipped with his first gear and second cellphone, spent lots of time tried video games on the andorid smartphone. God, u see our passionate and merry in the world ahead of our pinched situation, esp financially. God, dad, grant us peaceful mind with elated emotional life, esp. in coming hometown tour, my son's first since his bare open eyes. dad, God, bring me sooner my Royal China to home my son, warrenzh 朱楚甲, hope of China, God of Universe, and my children arriving. God, thx.


dreamed of preparing a wedding. ^ in dawn dream I programed automatic broadcast of a living wedding in a TV station, like I once did. the wedding is very important and I want it perfect. but before the firework session the transition was unsuccessful. I tried to make it work correct but my workmate gave up for their clumsiness, and switched manually to let it runs. I hate manual operation but admit chance of testing run out. yesterday I first time thought about how to make use of remnant of fund for coming hometown journey with my son, warrenzh 朱楚甲, as after familiar with travel portal online like ctrip.com or qunar.com, I found in time bidding can save lots from flight order. cheap flight cost only ¥1100, comparing regular price 1600 RMB. and my another senior middle school alumnus promised offer us flight of return for free. I researched tablet, smartphone and finally attracted by motorola XT778, with which I bought online soon and prompt. then I visited son with the good news, also hoping our new xbox wireless gamepad bought earlier online arrived. but it didn't. my son peacefully accepted my gift for him, but he reveal his first consideration of wishlist is a tablet, among smartphone, digital camera and tablet I promised him in his youth. I beat him in video game "Might & Magic: clash of heroes" and he cried miserable, before his mom forced us to hangout, and glad to allow my leave after triumph over me when we returned his mom's house and retried the pc game. I offered 2 homeless men some small changes on way. it drizzled when I on way returned to QRRS Dorms. God, this week full of hopes. pl allow feast of us reaches us sooner. thx God, dad, surely u grant us a smooth and graceful hometown tour.

From 2013 in gaze
From 2013 in gaze
From 2013 in gaze
From 2013 in gaze

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

gorgeous season.


dreamed of bastard cousin.^ due to the coming hometown tour, this dawn I dreamed of my cousin, a long time bureaucracy after being dean of local elemental school for years. he is very sinful, cheating &coward in front of VIPs while bully the common, and made fortune in the poor village. I dreamed he want spoil my hometown plan with all means he has access. later he summoned his 3rd son and his only hope, to block our journey. the young beast did many bad things trying ruin our happy tour. last dusk I visited my son, who was brought by his mom to dine steaks. the rain started since I waited outside of her house and it kept me an hour watching the feast of nature before I reunited with my son. there I first time scrutinized price of our flights: more expensive than my impression before. my son's mom queried the loan supporting the tour and at a loss in her bitter competition with me for gifted. my son played alone video game while I studied online. after returned to dorm, my anxious on uncertainty or failure in tour turns clear: we only need 2 hotel nights in Harbin, capital of our province, then we wouldn't miss any plane either Harbin nor Wuhan, ie. we need another ¥1000 until we enjoy the travel graceful and enjoyable. God, dad, grant us a smooth tour to allow my son familiar with his old father family. bring me sooner my Royal China to homeland my relatives. thx God.


dreamed of hero's sadness. ^ in dawn dream, I was a lonely hero, trying to protect his son and concerned. there r many brutal enemies hunting after him, fought me with herds of gangsters. a short bad guy leading them, his weapon is a short sting or dagger. the sadness of the hero, his love to his baby son, his kind to the world around him, is immortally large. but conspiracy of dark personnel was so huge that drove the hero in bloody &savage exiles. its all like a movie, so doomed that woke me up and see God's saves in every lives that's true and meaningful. I pray God's mercy upon heroic people in sinking PRC, among sinful small Chinese. pray God that life is gorgeous after all hardness and harshness and intact in exists or survives.
this week meaningful for me. I finally got loan aids my hometown tour with my son, warrenzh 朱楚甲, hope of China, God of Universe. he will 2nd time visit his grandpa's house after 5 years, &his dad's relatives in Hubei, central China. its really nice to see helping hands among my alumni, elite people in wellbeing and kind heart listening necessary of other ones of less fortunate. God, thx for I was allowed live with u, in faith and settled, with thoughtfulness and hopes. God, thx for ample rains in this summer, which revitalized my memories of hometown weather in central China. God, thx ur affirmative. gospels in birds' song so chimes clear that Heaven more subtle and glamorous. God, dad, see us in coming journey homestay and anxious free.


dreamed of hell academy again.^ last night first time in summer 2013 slept without covering quilt. dreamed in dawn in campus near term end exam. while all pals busy with preparing exam, I updated my son's and mine 2 dell notebooks, IE. video drivers, network interface card drivers. the mentor warned me but seemingly tentatively allow my loosing upon the tightened reign, in bad will or good one's. I hated universal reign, like exams, so determined that I was separated by it from my pals. the nightmare must be put down. yesterday one of my alumni, of both senior middle school and university, buzzed me and we talked about our shared history and current situation. I first time reviewed my falling into asylum in my broken heart love in NanKai Univ back to 1999. God, I felt more secured with bond with my pals. my son sensed my high mood and refused to accompany me but played video game "monopoly" with his mom, who soon brought him haunt dusk market elsewhere and let me empty hand in return. in dorm garden I rambled more time than usual, echoes of my utterance in my heart allow me watch God's mercy in my fate, inc moments I distressed. God, dad, bring me sooner my Royal China to home my children. uphold my son's linkage with his saint mother in Japan. God, Asoh Yukiko, address me to break curses upon my love and my girls. thx God, in this brilliant sunshine.


dreamed of flying again.^ in dawn dream with some kids in my hometown village, Zhudajiu. they reluctant to offer title I deserved and upset me, so I launched to surf the air, like swimming in the water but in air. my nephews and neighbor kids played together and sometimes makes me smile. Its a busy week and so grateful. my once and long time employer, QRRS again paid me low, only ¥1900, I had to ask help from my alumni in Hubei Province. its a meaningful chat before I got loan from those senior middle school alumni, I disclosed my life style, my family, my viewpoint and prospect. in the end, they not only loaned me amount I begged, but additional 500RMB, total ¥1500! its really a big gift, even I spent all in next day. we got our game gears replacement, treated together monthly in toast buffet, fruits &dico's dinner I promised my son, and so on till we exhausted in elation of meeting end of plans. its also meaningful in coincidence in my hometown, where a sinful woman, my aunt, died on Friday. she and my uncle had so long in bitter jealous to my old family, my heroic father, God in Heaven now. my son's mom, the cheap dwarf, still pompously desperately challenged me in front of my son, stupid like a mule. yesterday she cheated, claiming they will travel to hot spring spa, but in fact the bitch bastard let her dirty and sinful mother bring my son went to journey while she stayed at home. she never deserves mother of my son, nor anyone. she is so cheap! only testifies God places parents on my own over my son, warrenzh 朱楚甲, hope of China, God of Universe. thx, God, dad, so nice this morning sunshine. grant us smooth tour to my kid brother in southern China in August, bring me sooner my Royal China to home my son and children arriving.

From 2013 in gaze
From 2013 in gaze
From 2013 in gaze
From 2013 in gaze

Monday, June 17, 2013

as glorious as early summer 2013.


dreamed of missing warrenzh. ^ last weekend really marvelous. we first time ate lunch at dico's, for the fake franchise, California beef noodle, 2nd time made strange food for my son as my son smelled last weekend. I knew my usual open mind hurt the stupid restaurant operator, a small man from Shichuan, southwestern China. these weeks my budget pinching us a lot, for last month I spent more than my poor salary affords, left ¥600 debt to dorm canteen. QRRS canteen also felt hurt and tentatively ruined my ordered dishes, so I will have to find alternative lunch elsewhere. we also made proud progress among our beloved video games. warrenzh 朱楚甲, dearest son, even attracted by shooting game I learning to master and asked for trying together. the weather turning brilliant, after almost a week's rains. I alo got a bonus for past dragon boat holiday, 200 RMB even strangely handed over by the sinful departmental monitor lately and didn't show me the sheet nor my signature. last night I watched English episode, Downton Abbey, which tells coincidence between lovers upon life threat by sudden chill. this dawn I first time dreamed a chill and found my son missing in public spa, where yesterday we showered together. my son lost one of our reserving box's key and let me panic. even the barber helped me find out, I scorned my son for his clumsiness. God, I know threats and hostiles against my Royal China. God, dad, proves the untouchable glory and grace of my Royal China. bring me sooner my girls to welcome my new children. God, thx for the morning sunshine peaceful outside.


longest rain in my 22 years' Qiqihar life. ^ sinful PRC again in 3 days' dragon boat holiday. the canteen out of service again, and I had to be starve without extra budget for dinner. my son, warrenzh 朱楚甲, Hope of China, God of Universe, again brought by his thief mom to Longsha park even quite boring there. I waited half hour outside of her house before I reunited with my son. warrenzh likely affected by his evil mom a lot, reluctant to play video game and against my disclose of his mom's sins. in the night I alone fought 3 hours a pc game "Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit", which I reckoned very suit my son, but he refused to try new adventure in it, till my sinful 2rd elder sister called in arranging my son's visit in coming summer vacation to my kid brother in southern China, with free flight my brother pays. after gave up the pc game, my wrath gathered and gradually poured out. I scorn my son's laziness, coward in front responsibility, his dependence to his dark mother who is so cheap and bitch, and a thief constantly begging vicious in dark to continue to destruct my son and me, my Royal China. I told my son he will benefit a lot from video games, and my accompanying him in video games, while his mom's assignments, like e-piano, such a chore bored my son so long, and endless homeworks under falling PRC's higher education, wouldn't offer opportunity but doom. the dirty small woman first laid together with my son when I immersed in game, then listened my scorn in her bedroom when I summoned my son in the room has computer, but not for my son, rather just for the devil grandma's guests. I previously revealed to my son his mom's house don't prepare his space, but for the grandma's. he never has his bed, nor his desk, reading space. when I referred piano, the dwarf can't afford and rushed in, fetched my son away, proved secret linkage the lesbian woman with son's piano tutor, a woman I once met when I fetched my son from his mom's office. I more and more sensed a sin circle the dwarf woman, a desperate stupid junior middle school teacher, gathering around. every moment she sucks dark power from dirty and poisonous cheap novels from Chinese online community, in her lazy life supported by her pompous mother frequent here, or even when she tutored pupils home. God, I don't want list all sins the bitch adopted, I just want keeping sanity of my Royal China, including my son, warrenzh. God, Islamic enemies just in house, in the dirty woman once womb of my son. the pervert in desperate defense of her manure piles.
when I left to avoid the woman who caught my son to wash to sleep defying my teaching over my son, and her fraud accusations, It drizzled outside. in dorm I watched "downton abbey" which so nice and demonstrate faulty woman's curse, then it rained harder. all night it rained and turns torrent in dawn when I lingered on bed in dreams. I dreamed in campus I returned and found my pants and shoes shared by other roommates. XiaoJindong, a guy from my hometown province Hubei and committed suicide years ago after graduated from Nankai Univ then in long time jobless, took away my shoes. 2 black woman in charge of the dorm. and we have International students among us in dorm. I likely dreamed of my son, also my love and girls in dawn dream. God, rid my son sin of his mom, with her old family, a long time drawback of my grace. God, u know untouchable glory of ur son on the earth. God, bring me sooner my Royal China to home my son, my kids arriving. thx for the plenty of rain in seasons changing.


a most outraged rainstorm in my 22 years in Qiqihar. ^ last night full of peace even in the toughest rainstorm. I visited my son as usual, but he was fetched away by his mom. the dark grandma open the door and I read history of bible on my son's kindle till he returned. we enjoyed video games so much till his mom scorned us for late around 9pm. it rained since we immersed in pc games. but when I returned to my QRRS dorm by bus, the after rain sky full of fresh air. when I settled to watch English episode "downton Abbey" the rain resumed and cats and dogs. the thunders and rain rhythm covered my notebook's speaker and ignited my children era's dread in face of nature power. I busy online till near 11am. I dreamed a lot about my girl LYu, with whom we survived together. the dream so vivid that I wanted to get up to blog, but the after rain dawn too sweet to leave dream. then I dreamed with my kid brother or another close concerned person in Nankai Univ canteen, we starved and had to play tricks to survive. God, dad, so beautiful this morning is! bring me sooner my first wife in my Royal China, girl LYu, so now should be a graduate and I admire so much, bring me my Royal China to cater to my son and offspring arriving. grant us video game equipment update this month! thx, dad God.


dreamed of lots of old contacts, and loan. ^ in dawn dream my passed parents appeared. I stroked by huge demonstration that good fortune brings in constants, IE. as long as within fix total, three members can be fraction, smaller fraction to keep other members larger, which means lives, resources and so on, than expected. that's God's reveal to me, and how lucky I am in bliss. then dreamed my campus friends, like my Tibetan friend from Tianjian fine art college and his classmates, I asked them to cooperate with me to resolve my difficulty. we planned together in a house in a town and asked them to trust me and act prompt in order. then in hot summer in my once workplace, the TV studio of QRRS, I bought a Chinese folding fan with my fortune referred above, the monitor and anchorwoman admired and asked for information. last night I contacted again my kid brother in southern China to borrow money to replace our pc game gears, including gamepad and wireless keyboard/mouse pack. he refused to answer me. that's suck for he is online in QQ, a Chinese mainstream IM but kept mute. I saw failure and dark taste in him. God, grant us to upgrade our video game equipment, let us stay in life enjoyable in the drifting and sinking sinful PRC before ending tragedy of the doomed monster. bring me sooner my Royal China to home my son and offspring arriving. thx God, dad.

From 2013 in gaze
From 2013 in gaze
From 2013 in gaze
From 2013 in gaze

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

sheering light


blue days. ^ yesterday I was blue. it started with brilliant sunshine, drizzled at noon, pale sunshine afternoon, drizzled again when I returned from visiting my son in his mom's house. in the day QRRS canteen shown ugly teeth upon its service to me: 3rd times or 4th times to tentatively cooked tasteless food, ie fishes I ordered. I knew enemies of my Empire of China plots it, summon all cadres or bureaucracy against me. when I reviewed the hostile my Royal China was set among, I felt deep sorrow for my son, Hope of China, God of Universe. his mom, I recently first time noticed how tiny she is bodily, almost a dwarf, a puppet of her vicious mother, a pair hardcore lesbians, more and more desperately occupied my son's time by gossips to separate him from me, when we played video games. last Friday she brought sheerly him to watch a free movie in cinema during our routine reunion in weekends and my son got vomiting, likely insanity of his mom's emotion hurt him. on Sunday night when I played a shooting pc game with my son, she stepped in and gossip with my son aside, trying intimacy that's dirty over my son. I quit game soon and escaped to waiting room, where I rambled and looked back my once marriage with her and saw more sure I never and will not like her, such a poor qualified woman. during break after her usual accusation of my history of asylum, I told my son love is the most private affair and I have so far not such thing to teach him live. I urged him pursue love in his life ahead, and educate his children more sound and fruitfully. I told my son why his mom's house doesn't prepare him a space, the only 2 beds none for him in youth, but for guest or couples, both deep concern of the dark and pompous grandma's. this dawn I dreamed I was in a formation between 2 contesting groups. Its hard to be standing above. God, dad, save my Royal China from poison and pollution. bring me sooner my girls to home my son warrenzh 朱楚甲, and my children arriving. thx God, in this blessing morning light.


dreamed of paying a visit to my hometown.^ those days I usually sticked my feet out of quilt to sleep, and sometimes mid night cold filled my bladder more frequent. in this dawn dreamed I returning to my hometown village, Zhudajiu. I dwelt a lot on the dam, where nearby a cult temple attracted more visitors passing the bank. then under the dam some villager got a large lobster or something strange. then on way near the village, 2 women, one is my uncle, one is a wife of her neighbor, told me the loneliness of my parents and ate food I brought till the remnant of bread found sandy. likely my siblings adopted a boy soon died drove more usual friends of my parents away, left my parents suffer loneliness more severely. I soon woke up and got see how my parents looked forward me and I failed them in time. I saw enemies of my family constantly plots against the glory of my old family. God, dad, u see I was on way to accomplish this since years I fought for my love, for my due life's satisfying story. dad, God, grant me more freedom in the forging new Empire of China of 1109 years. promise me sanity of my Royal China. thx dad God.


busy weeks. ^ past week too busy to review. I finally got oversea payment method via tenpay, and renewed family domains twice, with borrowed ¥500 from the dorm canteen operator. then immersed in old game, 'heroes: clash of heroes', with my son. I told him about war, defense and strategy. my salary in the month arrived later, under expectation, only ¥2100 while last month its 2700 RMB. I had to manage to cope with all loans shabbily. however, my son still enjoy the Friday night with me in dorm. we ate KFC, warrenzh got a toy, a windmill. KFC doesn't sell birthday pack upset him, but he soon cheered up after weeping. he again reluctant to join me bathing in public spa, where we had haircut. my kid brother who managed a small business of pins product in southern China. he let our sister invited me with my son visit him in coming summer vacation. God, we mean it, a tour includes flight and train highway. God, equip us with adequate travel preparation. God, bring me sooner my girls, my Royal China sooner to complete us. dad, I owe u in ur promise of peace and glory in coming 1109 years of China Empire reset ahead.
in afternoon nap dreamed of corporate and community media war among my colleagues and my old family's foes in Zhudajiu Village. I witnessed merciless competition inside and outside of my social circle as well as tribal neighbors. Its a windy afternoon. God, dirty family of my son's mom, as in visiting guests, pests now my son, guard my Royal China, God dad.


safety of son.^ yesterday really busy. my backup index damaged again. it cost me rescan near 50 dvds till find backup, in my son's mom's house. the woman more and more revengeful in jealous and brought my son alone defying my reunion with my son. the afternoon I replaced av software on warrenzh's dell notebook after previous license expired. I also immersed in assassination video game, Mark of Ninja, made proud progress till son returned outside and joined to resolve the problem in the game. we late played his recent favorite game, Sacred Citadel. returned to dorm, frequent abused children cases in sinking PRC lawless reminded me possible danger my son encountered. he recently already shown reluctance under my guide to ride his new bike. now it time to let go my severe coach once made my son cried last Monday over his new adventure with bike. God, now a sunny morning outside. I just dreamed stayed with my son longest for his real concern, for his sake. God, u know my concerns. bring me sooner my Royal China, my Empire of China to make it more hospitable. God, save my Royal China, people I concerned from murdering sea on PRC breaking apart.


most beautiful dream, and soul soup.^ recently a bit busy with trying oversea payment. this dawn a special dream warms me a lot. dreamed my kid brother and my old parents sustained in adversity. in year end I returned to my hometown village, where my old parents lived through tough challenges, esp from my uncle's family. their 1st son, a teacher then turned bureaucrat, lived well among sinful Chinese government, and his 3 sons brought quite some beautiful girlfriends and enjoyed the lunar holiday. I passed their house and congratulated them even bitter. but then I heard my parents worried severely about if my kid brother committed suicide, for his poor academic score and beat our elder sister, a cheap messy woman. I also felt anxious. then I found my kid brother returned from another road my grand father prepared on other side of the village to our house. he brought some soldiers to celebrate lunar new year together. I teared and swore to my parents we brothers will bring a legion of friends includes girlfriends when we realize ourselves in future. in that our family bond forges again. Its sunny now. God, dad, bless my Royal China, bring sooner my new family to home my son, warrenzh and his sisters and brothers to come.

From 2013 in gaze
From 2013 in gaze
From 2013 in gaze
From 2013 in gaze
From baby's works update
From 2013 in gaze

Monday, May 06, 2013

fine weather except sands in spring wind.


dreamed joined politics. ^ in dawn dream my passed mother urged me, saying she will leave the world in 3 or 5 years and that hurts me almost woke up. I then campaigned for congressman till being a senate and my brother in congress. then in an office a woman in QRRS, my once long time employer, also a girl from Hunan, southern China, holding a higher rank and meeting with me and some other guys included another graduate from Xinjiang, western China, we same year enrolled by QRRS in 1991. I felt bitter in the office for I once refuted possible intimacy with the Hunan girl. God, so many precious moments U granted me with my son, so many settlements U shown me the grace of my Royal China. but still recently I felt upset by falling black society under PRC, sinful explosive dog state. mafias everywhere among civilian. brutal and depressing reality filing hope of common Chinese. God, refill me with confidence in ur presence, testifies glory of throne under my title in Zhu's. God, dad, future in this loveable sunshine outside tells. God, thx dad.


dreamed as an educator. ^ dreamed first worked among professors, encouraged them to be ready for liberation. then close lived with the Court, taught them self-reliance. then as a tutor with a prince and his 2 wives, prepared them transit to common people. Its a sunny morning. QRRS, my once long time employer, still in holiday and I had to find myself meals. last afternoon I visit my son even his mom ordered should not. I prepared him new video games before he returned for his school, while the dirty grandma allowed me enter her daughter's house. but his mom desperately ruined our happy time in game together. the cheap bitch claimed I ruin my son, and I never replied her as usual against her countless accusations. when she forced my son leave me again after homeworks and piano practices, I told my son what is important is he watch and learn in his own justice eyes between devil and goodness. I also told my son I was happy in my life and urged him being happy. God, see through my son in the insanity of his mom's family, among brutal PRC nowadays where mafias thick like lice. God, dad, preserve my longing for girls, for natural beauty.


dreamed as babysitter. ^ PRC adopted western holiday while maintain lunar calendar, IE. most of its holiday present in fixed monthly date rather than week. that hurt me much for canteen then out of service. I had to spend more on meals, quite some cased I had to starve. I blamed this due lazy Chinese and their obsession with end day's escape of their private circle. but not so miserable this labor day holiday. QRRS, my once long time employer, sent me a holiday bonus of ¥300, which lets us enjoy the leisure time together with delicious food and meaningful activities. my son previously suggested to watch again 3d movie, so we did. warrenzh 朱楚甲 also suggested to dine after cinema, even I seriously concerned security in late night, but we did catch last dinner in Golden Hans toast buffet around 8pm and enjoyed rich food there very much. we almost didn't wait 2 taxi when usually taxi in Qiqihar too busy to catch. whole night I rearranged quilt for son once lest he extend body out of cover in risk of cold, and we slept sound. I had to nap again after woke up and setup to allow my son played game on my notebook alone. my son first time lingered in my dorm later than 10am. on way we dined in KFC which so satisfying. his mom forced me to retreat after we gamed awhile in her house. I visited my son again near 4pm. his mom had visiting guests and dined together but didn't invite me under same roof. I rendered that's sinful. returned to dorm, I treated myself instant noodle and bread. this dawn I dreamed worked in a big house with another servant and a woman servant. the boy baby asked me to pick a lobster for him when we explored a seashore. there some elders watched us and gabbled. God, dad, please bring me sooner my Royal China, to home my son. bring me new family to enrich life on the earth.


dreamed of talent. ^ so we are in Labor Day holiday now. I had to find my meals out of canteen in coming 3 day in sinful PRC labor day holiday. this dawn dreamed of a talent musician, likely the composer of PRC's anthem. I tried to research his talent. after released bladder I dreamed something about my usual academic nightmare. then dream a family in my hometown village, Zhudajiu. the family is a close kin related to us, and their house close to my dad's. the parents even lately operated worship for villagers, after my passed dad's spiritual wakeup, but they r cheap. I dreamed in their house the guy, a pal when I grew there 3 decades ago, trying to chess me. I asked to keep the chessboard waiting my free later. the mother of the family bragged her grandson's smart while I busy with dealing something. Its a cloudy morning. Godfather, my son grows in a stage in need of friends. God, blesses him with friends and challenges that training or meaningful. God, u see our reunion this dusk, even our original plan ruined by his revengeful cheap Chinese mother, grant us happy moment now and then. God, dad, bring me sooner my Royal China to cater my son's need of home. thx dad.

From 2013 in gaze
From 2013 in gaze
From 2013 in gaze