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Saturday, December 09, 2006

sunny afternoon

after posted in starsea cafe i meandered in the sunshine for about
half of an hour.the air is warm.after returned to the dorm i read
awhile 'thinking on the web' then dozed.the family of my baby's
mother's mother,likely had a prone of strong feminism,exposed its
intention in my mind.dog let me felt cold and my radio finally turned
it off automatively.after getting up i went to make water and the room
facing the lavatory leaks out blow of laughs,including girls'.i knew
some of them felt lonely and boring even in crowd and gathering.i
review my solitude in which i missed u solely,i tasted joy and pure
and saint and plenty.love in its simplest form is just losing urself
in ur admire to ur beloved.i love u and pray for u,for our bright
future.the radio was elaborating on fable when i secondly turned it
on,and then on narcism,but nothing can distract my faith in god,in my
parents,in my son.i took u as my partner,with sometimes mindless
ignorance or leting ur being,i took u as my own,with pride and
criticism,with boring and with immersed,just as the bible claimed,u r
from my body and shaped by the creator to accomplish me.i don't bother
to attend u every minute,but we r always one together anytime any
place.in every smile between us we r assurrenced; in every word
outspoken we echo soul's harmony from heaven.god let his road spiteful
and as a compensation he let u accompany me,like fountain in
desert,and like lamb in bushes.
for the reception girl at starsea dispised me by the excuse of no
charges,i haunted a farer cafe and was told its fee lowered to 1 yuan
an hour again.last time the cafes increased their charges absurd in
compliance with cop's demand.what's business with cop with cafe's
service in market place?but in china they do charged every
things,every price.that's china's promise in wto.
bye.i love u.i first time since cafe's increased charge surfed more
than an hour tonight.i hope i can enjoy web more freely.kiss u with
bright and blight.

sunny morning,turns even thick at noon

i woke up at 9:50 am and got up at 11:20 am.last night i read
'thinking on the web' till its 1:39 am.dog got repentting after
fighted a war near around 0 am when i usually went to sleep at that
time,to urge me rest.some of them were hard core gays,some of them
wanted to finish their task to monitor me,some of them were tomb
sleeper and demanded seeing all living slept when they can dance with
evil in the dark after.i slept sound but being attacted after woke
up.i stayed in bed wondering,my baby 1 or 2 times cried in my ears but
that's his way to defend.the liu,in his early 30s' or late 20s' ,slept
with his mother on the same bed in different quilts.he born with
falling sickness but that can't be his mother's cause to sleep with
her mature son.they constantly challenge us,likes the lius in nowaday
china challenge people of china,and that's their due to walk out their
track of failure to testfy god's choice.god's glory manifests itself
through the rebellion of sins,through the doomed of those refuse
conversion,the doomed of those refuse the truth.
bye.i love u.kiss u with bright.

Friday, December 08, 2006

sunny day

last night i read 'thinking on the web' till 0:17 am.dog's biting
lately but under holy spirit i forgave and smoothly fell into sleep.i
got up 10:29 am and went to see my baby at once.when i arrived my baby
was sobbing and i was told he pointed to the clock when i due to
appear to the kid sister of his mother's mother and when the sister
said to him his dad he started to cry and demand open the door.how i
was touched.soon we went to receive his mother.i bought him an
icecream and a bag of soft candy.at noon he was settled to sleep by
his mother and i stayed wandering in the bedroom where he slept.after
he woke up i held him playing tapwater and teeth stick.the sister and
her son slept in the room for my son lately after 3 pm .when my baby
cried for i not to let him play with the grid frame of window,with
which he played for some time and attempting to lock it on his own the
mother got up and see.we had some unease time to concentrate to play
while they locked the room sleeping or pretend to sleep.the liu then
ate his lunch lately and his mother let him feed my baby with some
rice and my baby received it.then they watched tv and later the mother
started to cook.we waited and waited for the time to went out.his
mother due to have her night class and will leave her school after
6:30 pm.when its time to leave the mother insisted feeding my baby
with rice and pumpkin and i sensed her feeling of lose to seeing i
cared my baby well and enough and testing me if i can afford her
leaving.my baby let me wait to eat her feeding,but she threat my baby
to eat frequently and my baby finally didn't eat the last mouth she
and me suggested.the school open its door and we entered.his mother
left lately till we arrived half way to the teaching building.my baby
insisted walking on the dusty track of the sport yard.after dinner his
mother watched tv even my baby wanted to play.he finally sent to sleep
by his mother and i left.
its a nice day again for me and my baby.hope u enjoy ur everyday.
bye.i love u.kiss u with cool.

btw,last post there is a line reads 'since yesterday the idea
haunted me its time to testify if god chooses from his creators or
infinite turns around,suffers to exalt and wellbeings to
fell.technologically operating on some human species not a problem,but
the ethic of human kinship troubled god's chosen so much so far.'here
'creators' should be 'creatures'.then dog attacted me aside and let me
didn't check online dictioanry.the online dictioanry was responded
slowly by dog's hacking.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

sunny afternoon.

after lunch i rest on bed.bitings around let me dozing.after woke up i
meandered awhile in the tree yard for about a quarter,after the shadow
of the tree casted on the rim of the flower garden.then i went to
renew my pc magzines.after fetched 2 copies i read newspaper in the
newspaper room of qrrs.when i sat there i was alone in the sunshine
facing the window.soon dogs arrived and one of them,a middle aged,kept
facing me and challenged me.i read 'world reference
digest'(cankaoxiaoxi) and read quite reports on illegal children labor
and migrates in abnormally dengerous labor situations risked and
resulted into body hurts.and america suffering too much responsibility
to correct the world in distort.bushes suffering shortsighted demand
of profits from us' operation on world.since yesterday the idea
haunted me its time to testify if god chooses from his creators or
infinite turns around,suffers to exalt and wellbeings to fell.mankind
sees quite some fates of animals and now its turn to see that of quite
some tribe of human.technologically operating on some human species
not a problem,but the ethic of human kinship troubled god's chosen so
much so far.nearer and nearer people will be confronted with the way
of god's,the way to choose and extinguished the bitchery,the evil.
www.google.com was blocked for 3 days.gfan of goolgegroup was banned
for access.that's china,a place rebut thinking while the web of the
world innovating everyday.the place being shitted all around,the place
gays and tomb sleeper rampant and attact in daytime.
bye.i love u , like steering star in deepest black sky. kiss u with
tear and bear,pity and cleanse.

brightest sunshine in early winter

so i got god's promission in double: the snow and the sun.the snow was
neatily cleaned by workers and letting me doubting if they r remnant
of previous snow,but the pour white scattered everywhere proved it
faultlessly.the sun was tiny round and demands more time before u can
see clear its burning round.i got up at 10:10 am and being bited at
once.last night i read the ebook 'thinking on the web' from
www.33367.com after 0:15 am.demons in neighbor rooms and in the tv
room near my room stayed there. in the dawn i dreamed i was told to
care my baby or the baby of my third elder sister.but i was told my
alumni gathering held in a place.i busy with something,like practising
handwriting or other,and when i held the baby left to attend the
gathering its raining.then i found the gathering just in the room on
the higher floor of the same building of our home and i returned the
left the baby at home and left.but i likely didn't find the gathering
but found my wife or my third elder sister at home complaining i
ditched the baby and let him cried into chill and soundless.my heart
was broken by sorrow and i kneeled down aside the cradle to kiss
him.but he was well after all.i was startled almost as his
encountering with silence and without cares.no matter how i sometimes
absent from my beloved,god assures us with the brilliant sun on
time.that's our being blessed.our pledge in one.
bye.i love u.like sunshine and snow white.kiss u with tear.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

thin sunshine morning, gloomy afternoon

last night i got about 200mb ebooks from www.33367.com,let me really
in wilder.even downloading speedy my google service and blogs pages
responded slowly.in the dorm after returned i read awhile my blog on
my pda then worry about my baby and i buzzed my baby's mother,she
refuted my suggestion to visit my baby in the night.then i read the 3
pc magzines to 0:47 am.neighbor hooligans got irritated and bited
heavily.they likely totally got mad and evil.after going to bed,my
beloved blond within myspace.com,jamie,haunted my mind for about an
hour.however,i slept sound.i got up at 9:24 am then i went to see my
baby.when i arrived there my baby just stood behind the liu who is
busy with his parcel against the wall of waiting room and curious.then
he played tapwater in most time of the morning.challenge from the liu
and his mother let me sang and recited a lot.i held my baby went out
to receive his mother at 11 am.my baby loathe to leave and the liu's
mother also tended to retard us.the bike repairer ,who is small man
liked a crone always burning ditched tyre to warm his chamber aside
the road,let the air smelly and poluting.my baby soon slept on my
shoulders,which let quite some persons alarmed me,in good or ill
will.his mother left the school early among her colleagues and fetch
us.after lunch my baby was milked by his mother and slept.so did his
mother.i felt dozed but cold without any quilt.then his mother left
for her school and gave me 2 quilts of my baby.each time i felt dozed
but agiled again by challenge around.my baby slept for about an
hour,and woke up when i just thought about wangbin,my alumni i refered
last time in my blog,a guy also from northeast of china.then we
started to play.we ate pine nuts.my baby played with tapwater and let
the basin full.later a ball candy let him pacified for some time when
i just worried about boring will letting him irritated.the mother
started to cook toast pie and fed my baby with some.its time to went
out but my baby refused to leave.i beated him on his bottom 2 flaps
and he cried.when we arrived on the ground we found 3 girls after
their class and attending another class in the building conjoined with
our building and used as the office of street branch of the municipal
gov. .we played with the little girls awhile.then his mother returned
and found us.i then busy with back ebooks downloaded last night to my
pda and his mother busy with milking him.the liu urged to dinner
loudly.he cooked the dishes and cleaned the table and bowls.that let
us obliged.the mother and the son then watched tv silently and let us
couple distressed for our adopting their labor.the rule of religion
let me stadleless and let me lingered more time to wait my decisive
spirit.when i left my baby asked to go to the corridor to watch and he
watched my leaving.the moon was dim in the dark blue sky.i think it
would be blessing if tonight snows.
bye.i love u.kiss u with fright of the balance among the created.i
love like the serenading moon.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

sunny all day

after posted i roamed in the tree yard of the dorm zone for some
time.then i went to qrrs' libray to borrow some mags.then went to read
newspaper with the 3 pc magzines i borrowed.there i also read some
mags.after returned to dorm i read a mag titled 'computer application
digest'(dianniao yingyong wenzai) till dinnr time.i was offered some
meats and i ate with pleasure and full fiilled.in the cafe i
downloaded some ebooks from a website at http://www.33367.com .i liked
it very much.its contents were from 0day,but i was blocked from access
to 0day staff for quite some time.o,that's really a pastime long time
bye.i love u.kiss u with bright.and with coming snow i love u in deep freeze.

bright sun,cloudless sky

i woke up at 8:21 am and got up at 11:23 am.last night spying eyes
trapped me for quite some time and continued even before i woke up.the
radio elaborating oil paintings collecting when i just turned it
on.that's my pastime when i was young.i love fine art and ready a day
i can pick it up again with u,with our children on we had time to
breathe freely.i some time ago had quite some collective works gallery
of famous impressionists and post impressionists,but i ditched them
when i broke my heart with the girl fang(square) when i prepared my
master degree entrance exam there in nankai.unv.,yes,i also collected
them at tianjin when i studied therre as a collegian.the morning i
fighted with spying with new and maybe higher level of skill,the spies
likely now stronger and trained.their broken web tried to trap me onto
it and smoother me.breath among men always poluted and i sometimes had
to breathe other ways.birds of the air sure nearer to god,but i had to
learn to launch now on the rock and earth.
today is a nice day,with the large and brilliant sun and clear sky.i
needn't any more warrent.the air is warm,likely brought chiller snow
days coming later.i however enjoy its warmth,now that i can partly
enjoy ur body temperature now.i look forward to u,to the wave and wind
of ur hairs,the wind and blow of ur sweat breath from ur warm armpit.i
love u,like round golden moon in these night sky.i love u like the
round cheek of the most lovable baby in the world.i love to kiss
u,kiss u red watery lips,ur kitty nosetip,i love u and kiss u now.kiss
u with sunflower brilliances ur brilliant cheek and beam.
bye.i love u.kiss u.

Monday, December 04, 2006

gloomy morning,almost sunny afternoon

last night after posted and roamed in the room i suddently decided to see my baby.i arrived there about 7:30 and left there after 9:08 pm.we couple played with our baby and let him laugh a lot.the liu locked himself in the room for our baby for some time later went to waiting room to watch tv.the sisters watched there silently all time.the eldest always chose cop soup and the night they watch it.i read my blog lately to 0:43 am in the dorm.i got up at 9:42 am this morning and went to see my baby.when i arrived my baby just watching the liu and his mother and the old woman curiously and after i told him he started to play with me.he played tapwater,salt and cooking utensil.we went outside to receive his mother after 11 am.her mother watched us meeting her outside the door but i mindedly didn't speed up my step with my baby sleeping on my shoulders and she really got angered and left us behind while she returned home directly.then my baby woke up when we encountered a crowd near the elemental school aside the middle school.i bought him a toast tomato and he ate some.lunch was consisted of 2 dishs,one is fried fishes.i ate 2 bowl of rice and 2 fishes.at noon the sisters slept on the bed for our baby and my baby and his mother later slept on our bedroom.i sat on the floor enjoyed the model of a house,which is an attachment of a raiway toy of my baby.the liu watched tv aside me in the waiting room.we competed each concentration.after his mother left, my baby again played tapwater for quite some time while the sister chatted in his room.the liu later haunted outside awhile.i sang and recited chinese traditional poems till my baby boring into sleep on my shoulders.he slept about 40 minutes.at this time i peacefully thought the way of god and religion,and more parts likely echoes buddism's but i decided to let it be.then the grandmom arrived.i left my baby her awhile and started trying to shift my blog updates to my pda but soon my baby arrived and played with monitor and the pc.later i turned on speaker and let its tremble to its largest volumn.my baby was shocked for a bit and i held him in my arms to let him familiar with it.for my ears recently losing some part of its hearing,the volumn let the sisters close the door.then my baby' s mother returned.dinner is dumplines which i always disliked.i held awhile after i first intended to leave after dinner.then they ate water melon which is small and its inner meat colors yellow.my baby ate quite some with his mother.i ate 2 or 3 slices later.then i left.the two sons of the kid sister stayed in waiting room when i ate while the sisters entered my baby's room.i didn't lay any comments and left.i kissed my baby heavily. that's our happy day today.i love my baby and the life so much,even i know our future with u would be more splend. bye.i love u.kiss u with the round large golden moon.on the way to the dorm she let me being blessed so much. 2 heading works when i worked in the field of heading design.just a stamp and a memory of pastime

my old heading work for my website.

my old heading work for my son's mother's class gathering.

btw,posted on Nov. 24 titled 'weak sunny day' there is a line 'the swallowing freak and monster itself can't live in itself peace.its consuming more and more living
spirits and living spices in peace.' here 'spices' should be 'species'.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

sunny afternoon

i roamed in the garden of the dorm zone for about half and an hour in
sunshine.doubting my family,my kingdom,my god.qrrser constantly left
from the door behind me.last night i read luke of gospel lately and
much refreshed after leaving it aside.after returned to dorm i
listened radio music on bed.dog's biting.i dozed after the radio was
shut aftter 3 pm.even felt cold i still rested.and in it i knew my
baby's mother's family's intension on me and my son.but nothing can
left any dent on our free will.the royal of my family irrelavant with
nobody but god and it exists for a thousand and a hundred and nine
years.that's the rule.the rule from heaven.
my baby,this winter especially warm.but no warmth better than ur
warmth shadded in my heart and on my body.i look forward to ur red
lips and scarlet scarf near around the new year.my family warmly
welcome ur return,my long time thirst.
bye.i love u.kiss u with snow white.

sunny morning

i woke up at 8:37 am and got up at 10 am.after posted 2 threads in
google group more than half of an hour passed and i now in a rush to
write my blog and that hamper my smooth thinking.i know i can stayed
here longer but i hesitated about my independence.
bye.i had to leave now for my time out.i love u.kiss u with bright.