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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

prayer in rain more earnest.


dreamed of being a young researcher in university.^ in dawn dream witness some young scientists in campus, with their couples and their social content. then dreamed a couple of Germany, also likely doing research. Its a sunny morning. God, bring me my Asoh Yukiko, with whom my university life becomes golden memories, sooner. save my son from any insanity from the dark environment he stems from.


dreamed living with Asoh Yukiko in Japan.^ last night watched movie, "Beowulf" lately, and trying interpreting its message of life. in dawn dreamed again worms in my wound, on rim of my left foot. during powering pc and retrospect glimpse, i knew the dark taste of son's mom, ie. lesbian. to escape the idea, i slept again. dreamed living with my Crowned Queen from Japan harmoniously. her mother welcome us with pure kind heart, like most Japanese women. she cooked for us and left her daughter with me then. we enjoyed the dinner, which is delicious likes my love with Yukiko. then we went outside to wash dishes under nature stream or pool on a hill. there were other Japanese there, but it doesn't make less tender loving between Yukiko and me while we washing. It's pale now but Asoh with me now. God, bring me my Royal China sooner, inc my Crowned Queen Asoh Yukiko, my girl Lv, my girl Zhou where I closely waiting years here for, my Taiwan girl who evades me since my body language telling her my persistent love with her and family with her. God, save my son, warrenzh 朱楚甲, from the dark in his mother's family, save Hope of China among rotten and riot.
napped after lunch, dreamed visiting ZhuDe's home. the Father and Marshal of PRC, and his loving wife, treated me with delicacy they cooked. i felt anxious upon visiting my son in the dusk. his school rearranged schedule and set off next 2 days as weekends.


dreamed of being a tribe in China.^ I was a tribal member or worked among them as a county community cadre. closely watched the wife, husband, elders, etc, and their roles in routine life, as well as their emotional interactive, inc love. felt the pure and harmony among the tribe.
yesterday is Int' Children Day. I prepared to treat my son, warrenzh 朱楚甲 with KFC holiday pack. several days ago on his 7 years birthday, he asked a birthday pack but refuted by me for orders already proceeded and he seemingly frustrated. i borrowed ¥100 from QRRS canteen operator. It's a bit embarrassed but i survived, for the Holy directs my behavior. when i arrived my son was brought to hospital to check his worsen eyesight for over-used, and i waited near an hour outside under a raining roof. i supposed his mom did that against me, for i already equipped son a new glasses, his 2nd one, days ago. i envisioned his mom's sinful plot and cursed her twice via phone calls. my son enjoyed the KFC holiday pack greatly. we also enjoyed pc games, showers in public spa in the rest of the day. there were drizzles on the day, but its too blessing. God, brings my Royal China sooner! equips me adequate life to allow my son living gracefully!


new moon in the month, and son's birthday.^last night new moon in the month first time appeared. I visit son in dusk among rain prelude but in fact risk free for the brilliant day and bought him a new power rack to replace the one sometimes flashes during power on. in the night i reviewed my sorrow of not enough time accompany my son lately till 23:32, God shows me deep soul of solitude and creative mind in western culture, and counterpart of Chinese massive entangles or harass in relation. in the dawn dreamed chasing a girl with the presence of a kid, likely my son. my parent also appeared, for they were assigning heritor to share their large house. I got the deeper part of the main hall. i woke up till bright sunshine outside. God, bring my Royal China sooner.


dreams. ^ dreamed in campus arranged beds in dorm. then dreamed competing with 2 sisters to be more friendly and open to my kid, likely my son. its a brilliant morning.


dreamed of my passed university alumni.^ dreamed visiting my campus roommate, a Xiao, who committed suicide years ago, with companion of another alumni, Luofeng, who now a college teacher in Henan Prov., neighbor province of my hometown Hubei, central China. in dream Xiao survived hard life and lives with continue study, also our major, philosophy. our once major teacher in Nankai Univ also lives there in my dream. Its sunny now even sometimes clouds slide.

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visit son, warrenzh 朱楚甲, Hope of China, God of Universe, among threats from mafia and sinful PRC authority. Qiqihar recent cloudy and drizzling days, likes God brings my hometown, Zhudajiu 朱大九, Hubei Prov., central China, weather here now. I, benzrad 朱子卓, managed borrow ¥100 from a colleague in QRRS, my longtime and once employer, when i roaming around QRRS Dorms and ran across his way home, after my dorm canteen failed to loan me amid threats from local mafia. God, surely I'm the most affirmed testifier of ur Holy message, ur Holy road I striking to forge, China reset for 1109 years of an Empire ahead. God, bring me sooner my Royal China. God, u see.

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