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Tuesday, March 05, 2013

shiny love in air for blessing.


falling bitch. ^ last night visit my son. his mother cursed me &threaten banning me reuniting son in her house. the night we didn't play video games as usual. I just waited while his trifle mom accompany him doing homeworks. when roaming alone in waiting room, I felt so lucky to dump her, the cheap messy bitch. I pray God shows me my choice so righteous, praying my son witness the end of evil in the woman. later his mom allow him watching animation online, he pushed me out of his screen as usual. but I notice many half naked woman in the Japanese animation, so I warned my son's danger of porn. on way leaving the house, God assured me intact of my son's sanity among the bitch woman's dirty environment. this dawn I slept deep, dreamed a lot about my campus life in Nankai Univ. on way back from check-in QRRS card reading system, I still felt the shame and dirty being cursed by the bitch, my son's mom, who nowadays more and more frequently called me freak. God, dirty in her mouth has to be swallowed by the spiller. save my happy time with my son in our weekly reunion. God, bring sooner my Royal China to allow me housing my son, warrenzh 朱楚甲, Hope of China, God of Universe. God, dad, thx for the peace after shames of being cursed by falling demon.


family got 7th domain, faezrland.me. ^ God don't let us anxious about things definite. after help my kid brother get his new domain, faezrland.co, I felt its time to claim my family a domain for my father, who bring out the domain spiritually, faezrland, back when I was trapped in asylum while my kid brother visiting us from southern China he hard earned for several years, in my adversity to battle evils against my son &my vested glory on the earth. the reason I so late to claim faezrland for my grand dad, God in Heaven now, is that I had urgent domains to serve, like what we had, be21zh.org for our 1109 years' Empire of China rebirth, zhuson.com for US and China under God's shine, benzrad.us for myself, warozhu.com/wozon.net/woz.fm for my son, warrenzh 朱楚甲, Hope of China, God of Universe, in his title explicit gracious. at that time I felt faezrland is a far dream for my dad in Heaven. but in the process of register faezrland.co for my kid brother, I felt the urgency to claim my own faezrland, for due protection, for the holy presence. the next days I tried to contact people in my social circle for fund. refuted twice, the 3rd one I reached out, my senior middle school and also my Nankai Univ alumnus, offer hand within seconds' exchange of words. God, I saw the sunshine since the day U promised me. God, help us grasp firmly our web property. bring me sooner my Royal China, bring my offspring prosperous!


dreamed wounded by iron wire. ^ this days very busy with setup my kid brother's new domain, faezrland.co. I felt its a great triumph to explore great product like zoho standard suite for enterprise. yesterday afternoon I visit my son with elation. he was proud of his progress in video games &gabbled a lot. this morning I felt sleepy for check-in QRRS, my once and long time employer. in doze I dreamed my foot hurt by iron wire. after checked carefully, I pull out the uneven wires in flesh and pains gone. God, my time is ripe for Royal China. bring my girls, esp. Asoh Yukiko, my Crowed Queen from Japan, my Taiwan girl who once so near to me, into my life in praying sooner. God, grant me a new domain for my passed grand dad, God in Heaven now, and my vested land promising. thx God.


Chinese mafia gathering beyond me. ^ yesterday visited my son as usual &made proud progress in video game "borderlands 2". told my son I more and more upset by Chinese, esp. insane PRC. for recently I saw local mafia shown more recklessly to prey. one of my Nankai Univ alumnus also invited to meet me when his train journey porting Qiqihar. he lived hell &trying influencing my life's choice with humiliation. I more and more felt the ruling party, like its tyranny, was in flame and gaining speed spinning around, begging Chinese society in PRC help putting off its burning fur, as well as fat under skin after eras of indulged power, robbery &whoredom . It doomed to die in fire baptism, and new China Empire under my title emerging as freedom of Chinese under God's shine. this dawn dreamed of my kid brother in southern China, who operating a small business & recently helped me twice, paid a year registration of my son's 3rd domain, woz.fm, paid my order to replace my 2 wrecked shoes online. I dreamed the sinful cousin, eldest son of my dad's eldest brother, a fell bureaucracy preyed his patriots, like most cases in Chinese history the way northwestern dominator did upon whole China, and my parents and his villagers suffered. when I was busy with fixing my gears, my mother came and told me my kid brother dying after suffering. I let her shut up, for I don't believe. God, this is my prayer today, rid my kid brother zombie hanging around him, stop sinful blood thieves, due to my brother's weak will to live up, on him. God, dad, u see our fate of family, lighten up our road toward ever grace. God, bring me sooner my Royal China, glorifies my son's life with honey and pleasure. God, peace in my praying in this morning sunshine!


dreamed of designing active books. ^ in dawn dream I started a small business. then transfered into printing industry. my kid brother or I wrote 3 very original books. I designed interactive form to display it. one is display on different parts of a panel. another is feeding with string, like tape recorder. I almost succeeded on it before woke up. yesterday a bit busy till near 7 pm. I guessed my son should return from his mom's hometown tour. so I buzzed, my son gave me a healthy welcome on air. I visited him with his dell notebook I fetched before his tour against thief. he played a turn of video game, "dungeonland". returned to dorm, I watched a sci-fiction episode about kids with super-power. the evil neighbor hit the thin wall again. I felt the chill &went to bed after 11 pm. God, Its so nice normal life resumes ahead, and so gracious morning light outside now. bring me my Royal China sooner to allow my honeymoon with my girls in time. God, grant us saintly life and family along life time.


dreamed of my parents &academy. ^ in dawn dream my parents appeared. I too liked to lingering at home and forgot when the winter vacation ends. so I buzzed Nankai Univ. and informed I should return to campus no later than Feb 6. but the date was Feb 6 or later. so I asked my parents, esp. my dad, help me find excuses. my parents granted. nightmare of academy rewinds.
my son told me he losing fancy upon video games. God, I hope the day he leaving me alone to video game later. God, I can't afford him more pleasure currently. God, show us the clear and bright road to achievement, glory, and peace. now his mom will soon bring him on board to visit her relatives in other city. God, bring him a shiny way to enjoy life on the earth.

From 2013 in gaze
From 2013 in gaze
From 2013 in gaze