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Friday, April 08, 2016

dim while persistent hope of better finance in sinking PRC.

Apr 8, 2016

So I napped again after a sandstorm noon. I dreamt using water as fuel and a pair of light wings. I flied over a slop and carefully calculated fuel consuming. on the hill of my hometown, I finally ran out of water fuel and woke up. in the past week banks called me several times but now less burning. I hope my business outruns the ever accumulating profit in addition principal in a decade. this week financial hardness embarrassed me so miserable that sometimes humbled me to bite, esp occasionally an old cop near retired age ate his rich lunch in dorm canteen with his pal in canteen. after restored hope of life, my dinners in canteen even delicious since then, from complain of loan from its operating woman. this week my restoring dynamic sites also makes proud progress. backup partially imported to new database, and fresh web apps targeting new domains tried and satisfying. our new site gathers thin traffic but God, plenty of holy world, let me feel capable of the online presence now and then. my own especially glad to see these beautiful huts of interactive, of hospitality, of service, regardless sunshine nor turbulence. they will be history and morality, will be testimony of holy commitment. previously I tried hard to build them on google infrastructure, but now financial situation hardly support it, and compatibility with php less satisfying. now I found cheaper hosting at godaddy. and free hosting at byet.host. God, dad, let the freedom of cyberspace persistent, let the internet affordable forever. above all of them, I gladful upon hardware upgrade last year I pushed recklessly. dad God, bring me sooner my Royal China to foster good world closing the sinking PRC, bring me sooner my children, my girls with whom I prayed so long online. in coming salary pl allow me to alleviate more or less my credit overdraw burden. grant us purchase power among my dear credit cards. thx, dad, in this chill afternoon.
Photo Description: woz, Hope of China, has painting lesson arranged by his mom. here his talent artwork in early stage.

Apr 5, 2016

dreamt first time of youth friend, Qiuxiaolin. yesterday I napped several times but still today felt exhausted. after canteen breakfast I satisfied and napped. I dreamt Qiu xiaolin, my Nankai alumnus and close friend of literature, visited me in my hometown. some neighbor kids, Zhudehua, Zhuhongying, etc, played our pingpang ball. sometimes they asked my judge for who can play. I told them there are several balls and enough for them. Qiu must discuss our favorite literature and also relaxed with kids and fun. I had 2 friends in campus. one is Qiu, another is BianbaQingda, Tibetan artist I never contacted soon after I stepped into my empirical career in QRRS. that's nearly 20 years ago. Qiu is now likely a professor in his hometown, southwestern China. Bianba's paintings getting gallery public and must also return to his hometown, Lasha. and that's all I knew. they have my best wishes. yesterday is lunar mourning day, dorm canteen out of service again. I ate KFC breakfast and a cheap but consolidate lunch. the additional cost made my reserve for reunite son in weekends in April turns even poorer. God dad, grant me freedom of living dignity. empower me rent hosting service online for my business on the earth in holy affirmative. bring me sooner my Royal China to enlighten the eastern sky. thx for peaceful moment of nap and crisp air after last dusk drizzle.

Apr 4, 2016

dreamt of my Nankai schoolmates visited my house in their study. last Saturday I worked overnight to install ubuntu on my son's computer which frequently hacked by China surveillance. so this morning I napped. in dream when I returned to my house likely also my woz's mom's, to my surprise, all my Nankai alumni there resting, playing card, chatting, etc in their travel, just like when we studied in campus. they likely in their 2nd field practice except without me who is old and trying hard to make a living. I saw Chenxinjian, Chengfeng I recently contacted for help, also saw Muyunhe, Wangyanping, alumna whose comment is acid and sharp, saying I getting old. they all settled in my house at home. this month my salary in serial was around ¥2000 while my living cost for my son and my own is that amount and additionally bank charges ¥1000 for my credit overdrawal. in frequent banks calls, I felt more or less burnout. I contacted some of my senior middle school alumni for help. most of them evade me, but a promising guy, our once unbeatable academic score champion and financial institution crew since graduation, acquainted my hardness. last Sunday reunite woz, my dearest son, Hope of China, is quite warm memory now. we dined rich, played games heartedly, chatted on profound far sighted topics. upon my shortage I offered him 2 options, less visit or dine cheaper, he chose the latter, which made me prouder. its sunny spring now, fine weather these 2 days encourages me putting on my best clothes. God's mercy, my nephew, elder son of my dearest youngest elder sister, who operates an online clothes shop, prepared me some alternatives. God, dad, my life so far is enjoyable. pl don't deprive our leisure and pleasure in the moulding of our Empire of China of 1109 years ahead. only living happy deserves our vested kingdom. pl help me step by step relieve my burden of bank loan, and grant us of purchasing power continuous. thx dad, bring me sooner my girls when we matter each other. enliven me by my children I breed and attend full heart. thx for this silent morning after KFC breakfast.

Mar 21, 2016

dreamt of international cargo. in dawn dream, I prepared my packages to Sweden where I will study. on half way I found my packages missing. then found I mispelled and hijacked by malware. on half way where there is crowd watching soccer world champion, I miserable search all hijacked packages' label and corrected them to my designated destiny while maintained hijacked address untouched but move it to lower propriety for forensic and wouldn't executed for trial and test. then in remote country I possibly waiting for the only missing package uncorrected, and doubting if its a serial compression in which missing a member package will ruin all others, or all independent compressed packages in which missing one will only affect itself content. the dream likely an echo of what I saw last night I returned from visiting my son. on the bus stop I noticed railway station setup its cargo handling office where previously rented to 3rd party business likely small hotel, etc. its likely now has their business booming and office restored. I saw 2 young couples leaving from the office and likely they fetched their cargo. I enjoyed online shopping last year so much. now the PRC government installed higher tariff trying smoother overseas purchases booming among Chinese middle class. its a whole pack aiming prevent Chinese better informed shifting from poor Chinese quality to world including political, life, society, ethic all aspects. dictative PRC attempting stop losing customers inland by monopolize their poor official offer like north Korea where people lame generations and generations of prey. how I cherish overseas purchases last year and cozy of online shoppings which now almost impossible under my current hard financial situation. God dad, PRC sinking dictation want harness domestic consuming boost economy and employment while never afford losing control on market, the most important role in industrialized production chain, and through which American people and world economy help China in past decades so much to allow diligent Chinese labors, mostly peasants engaged full fledged and improved their lives nonstop in more than 40 years. the ccp is a bitch, grace never sheds light in its stoned heart, and relentlessly sinking China with it when times ditching them with their poor quality and means of troublemaking. dad God, bring me sooner my Royal China and my beloved children, my queens for peace and pleasure of now. please ease my credit deficit and allow me shopping online as usual. in the coming salary allow me make use to alleviate my debt burden more or less.