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Sunday, July 06, 2008

pale sunny day

yesterday when ema went out to fetch my trousers ordering manually sewing, she found the supermarket almost ran out of store of food goods. the reason as her students tutored here in ema's home laid that the municipal government alarm the coming storm and the possibility of cut down of water and gas and electricity supply. the panic infected quite some family and they bought lots of food against disaster. baby first time didn't appear online yesterday. we waited and played game "richerman 8" in which i lost to ema, resulting into my bankrupt for i mis-decision on investing stock market. these day with the summer vacation approaching, i here sometimes felt the time slow down and i more times bored into sleep with boundless of free time. i still felt addictive with stuff online that can be downloaded, and busy with them all time. but quite sometimes i had to wait it to finish, for the downloading soft occupied all bandwidth and i can't do anything else. the pc these days also quite unstable, frequently blue scree when in use. sometimes i really don't know God where had set me now, i just too boring with waiting and the slow process of my business online. i sometimes tried games, but i m mostly too serious to be absolved in gaming.

this's my life recent. i didn't figure out how to make it more meaningful. God seemingly leaving me and i had to cop with boring and endless doze. i don't know why i don't see my future clearer, with metal hard work. God guiding me steering out of chaos. i have a dream in peaceful mountains and lakes.

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