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Thursday, June 12, 2008

brillant sunshine, real summer

these day were bright sunny days since the Chinese traditional Dragon Boat Day. i slept a lot in office, esp. in the morning. i don't know what frequent doze meant to me, but i decided to let it go, as God's setting. baby these days liked to try a painting software, refused frequently my request to play large game in which he can't master those keyboard shortcuts. last night i again dreamed of God's way and baby moved from his bed aside our bed to sleep aside me. i know God sees. in office the guy who previously a blue collar worker, stayed on his seat reading and frequently challenged me. i sometimes had to defend and blocked his prevailing. the environment was united against me, all local hooligans. they sometimes aiming my baby and tried to threatened me via my baby, but i determined to trust God.

its a nice dusk. i wondering if i play some large game alone, or do some task ahead, and finally i chose latter. i really want to game, but just too busy with normal stuff.

ok , that my day. i will try some games alone, with free time. attached photo was baby in dusk.

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Sunday, June 08, 2008

bright holiday

its likely the first Chinese traditional holiday the China authority adopted to return to its culture essence. its dragon boat Day according Chinese calendar and said in the day we remember the passed patriot of Chu country, located in my home town Hubei Prov., central China, in about 300 BC. in this aspect i can assert that China history if not stemmed from then at least including history and culture of Changjiang river territory. i m proud of being an ancestor of Chu tribe and nation. my baby's mid name also exactly Chu, to memorize our ancestor who love war and war machine. ema bought some zongzi, rice wrapped by leave. she then brought baby haunting her mother's house recently just finished redecoration. i busy with sorting and catalog picture assets newly got from the p2p networks. pc hanged several times since i launched catalog. and now i had to manually adding folder by folder.

its a nice holiday. we enjoyed 3 days vacation. what i can afford for holiday is suffering online. any activities can correlate with expense, which limited me. i tried to chatted with home town folks via qq, a Chinese im, but these days they seemingly hated me and i only got cold shoulders. but i love this holiday. in the morning after ema left with baby i felt boring and dozed. that let me wondering if i was alone after baby and ema left me aside if i would bond with endless sleep. i in fact sometimes review my retired life, for i was left to be idle so many years under China surveillance. i might enjoyed more time to be free, but i also might be too lonely to make fun and concerned.
baby returned from outside with his mother. so nice to see him. that's my world so bright so far. i love my God and his setting on me. song to heaven. bye.

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