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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

morning light from the moon.


dream of my passed dad and his dying elder brother. ^ my uncle died 3 days after my grand dad passed by on Dec 18, 2006. the dark soul endured to see my dad to leave, likely in bitter war in his heart envious. he suffered unhappy marriage almost all his life. in the dawn dream my lifetime kind Father sat on left, facing me, talked to me smiling. his brother sat on the right, we likely around a fire for warmth. my sinful 2nd elder brother on my right side to prepare death of the uncle. Dad, God, I knew doubtless who is the loser before this dream. Dad, glory untouchable over u, testifies this dream and this sunny morning.


dreamed of romance in doze.^ in noon doze I covered my head with coat and dreamed lovely girl. an sweet lady editor came over to find why I, or my son, warrenzh 朱楚甲, entertained so much in digital world, by style in non-mainstream, and she found it and shifted to support us. It sunny since morning, but started to snow near lunch time. now it turns wonderfully sunny again. God, bring me sooner my girls u promised me, and my son in his future that incomparable weighted. God, my dream comes true, dad, world u makes cater to us, by value the Son valving, from undercover.


dream of secret association of my hometown. ^ in dawn dream, I in dash to get train ticket for lunar spring festival hometown tour while in sinking PRC train can be constantly scarce in the season. the Hubei, my hometown province, has secret geo-community around and I got contact with it. they lived in underground in deserted wasteland. they arranged me get the train even with their own car, among my anxiousness. then I closely watched their operation, their brain. also another young lady serves him. they made projects and had original ideas, say put their nest hanging on power line.
the past week I worked hard. less movement left my stomach inflated enough to hurt other parts in my body and let me uncomfortable. I finally decided to take over feazrland.co from my kid brother who paid the first 2 year's registry fee, after found he posed protectively upon my helping hand. he refused talk to me after I urged him to decide if adopt zoho enterprise suite associated with the domain. his dog behavior, threaten me by tighten mouth, refute by ignore, hurts me, so I exile him from the domain I concocted when I was in Holy Spirit adventure, in the asylum. now, I'd so glad I had a domain for my own first domain name, faezrland, with my son has another but direct, faezrland.me . God, dad, let's steer our Noah's ark out of bay now. God, bring me sooner my Royal China, to home my son, warrenzh, Hope of China, God of Universe, and to family my girls in praying for me so long.


dreamed of my kid brother & warrenzh, my son.^ yesterday is a busy while wonderful day. my son, warrenzh, made progress in video games with me, who prepared the reunion for days when he stayed in QRRS Dorms. my son invited me to watch 3-D movie with which he watched previously with his mom. we planed carefully and it turned out a great success. we ate toast buffet in Golden Hans, then we went to the cinema by taxi. we didn't wait too long before the movie running. even the outdated shabby chairs hurting, the movie is nice. half way I shift my son onto my laptops to save his bottom from the stiff chair. also luckily we took a taxi among over-crowd before chilled down outside after the movie, when a heavy snow on Saturday still heaped thick. this dawn I dreamed my kid brother, who hurt by my knowledge on Internet & tighten his mouth for resentment, visited me here. I encouraged him being more open, confident and he made improvement relaxed. after peed I dreamed I with my son visiting a display, cinema or museum, happily. the time I hanging in the dream with my son is long but the vivid evaded me as soon as I woke up & prepared to blog. God, bring sooner my Royal China so as to allow me home my son, who growing & need my greater responsibility. God, bring me sooner my Crowded Queen from Japan, Asoh Yukiko, and my girl Taiwan, who once so close me. God, dad, thx for the rich weekends.


dreamed of genius & password crisis. ^these days heat dropping indoor in QRRS Dorms, where benzrad 朱子卓 lingered for his new family. I had to cover my coat over quilt in night. these days also draining, for my kid brother in southern China exert terrorism upon my advantage technical and expressive, by ignore ruthless my query and helping hand. this morning I dreamed the sinful monitor in office tempted me to leave my usb stick his drawer. but I found my err first &protected my confidential due before he notice. then dreamed genius kid, say my son, warrenzh 朱楚甲. likely echoes of an American episode, "touch", which so convincing, I watched recently. this is a sunny early spring morning, I got my breakfast in dorm canteen, which so nice. God, cease fire between my kid brother and me. bring firm my Royal China to home my son and offspring arriving. God, dad, thx for time I enjoyed and seeking more funs.

From 2013 in gaze
From 2013 in gaze