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Sunday, December 31, 2006

ordinary sunny day

ordinary sunny day.these days dog energetic to show their utilities.www.youtube.com,previously seldom blocked,these days also banned my access.my backup of blogging tool and firefox portable on google error-prone after downloaded.dog now even modified my working on my desktop at the same time i working with.the ftp addons within firefox lost its configuration just after i finished setting passwords for my ftp accounts.their play just evil as they sensed it.
last night i spent 3 hour in the cafe far than starsee cafe,heavily hacked,just to finished posting to my blogs.i left there after 0:30 am and still a man waited on the way near the dorm talking with his cell phone.the neighbors of my room all turned off light this time,for i turned off light before i left there after 10 pm and intending spent overnight in cafe.before went to cafe i also read awhile an ebook about intelligence work in vietnam and 9.11.the night before yesterday also wasted 2 hours additionally to post being hacked heavily in the cafe i with a member card.dog just need some taste to its blood and corpse.
last night i went to bed after 1 am and till 1 pm i woke up and got up after 2 pm.i dreamed luyongxiang,the former dean of china academy association,visited qiqihar as the vice president of china,to collect survey and criticism on government works.i also dreamed witnessing a consulting company’s operation process.after getting up,i washed my bedthrob and went to computer market to buy a sd card for my baby’s mother’s camera as planned.i haunted the workshop i dealt with for quite sometimes but the clerkwoman seemingly unhappily with me.after returned to my baby’s mother’s home i also found newly pasted vendor token half ripped and can’t identify the date it sell to me,so its 5 years warranty will had problem to satisfied.its speed claimed 60x,when i tried on the pc within the workshop,coping 125 MB files costed 4 or 5 minutes and copy a single file of 940MB costed 8 minutes at home computer.it casted me 115 yuan.i really doubting if i should buy another sd card for myself for download.
my baby’s mother glad to see the new sd card.her kid sister again there watching movie on her notebook wrapped herself in the quilt.i really disgusting her.and my baby slept on bed,likely threatened by the evil kid sister of his mother.in a moment i strongly felt my disappointment to my baby’s mother for her being as lazy and mediocre as her kid sister or her family.she never knew how to make good use of her notebook or computer,except watching movie and find courseware for her teaching demonstration.chinese education doomed to lose,and the teachers doomed to meanless.
my baby’s mother again sneered my delaying there for dinner.and she prepared my baby to shop with her mother and her kid sister.she complained my baby suffering cold now,and asscrible that to my holding my baby outside without enough clothes.but i know its just the evil and cold the nasty her kid sister brought.after they left,i busy with customized settings for blog tool and firefox settings.and till 6 pm i left to dorm and ate dinner at the pub i seldom visited.its boss was a middle aged man from hunan prov. neighbor prov. to my hometown.thats the only meal i had today.then i visited the cafe i enjoyed surfing without serious hacking in the 2 overnight and got know it charged 7 yuan for overnight as usual,even on its reception desk there is a notice saying the cop demanded increase its fee to 10 yuan an overnight in weekends,and 2 yuan for an hour in weekends.then i returned to dorm to rest,to ready for overnight surfing.
bye.i love u,in near and far.i just can’t see the direction u working.holiday near,and i don’t know if u care my loneliness.kiss u with tear.

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