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Friday, February 02, 2007

cloudy day as i saw

last night i spent 3 hour and spent 3 rmb in the cafe near the dorm zone.a chinese girl within facebook.com blacklisted me let me at a loss.i registered my account with www.digg.com and found its attraction mainly on the news voted,not handy tool for personal posts management.returning to the dorm i read my blog on my pda till after 2 am.in the nightmare i dream something crept onto my bed from what it hide under the bed and i can’t speak or scream even startled.then in a building likely in a campus,there r some bed berth only with a layer of straw and some shit on it.i was in a corner and felt threatened heavily.later i found a group of young muslim in a near building snipper me through the large window of the building i stayed.an alumnus of my senior middle school,raojiawang(family prosperous), appeared and slept on the bed adjoin mine.then i was in the campus of the senior middle school,huanggang middle school,where i stayed temporarily in a small cabin used as the radio station of the school.my elder brother appeared in the campus.and the building where i was taught when i was a student there was ditched and its ground floor was supported by wood.i woke up at 2:58 pm and got up at 3:02 pm.then i traveled through the open space in front of qrrs.after returned to the dorm i listened to the radio till getting up for dinner.qrrs now hosting a birthday ceremony for its graduate employees tonight and set up a huge balloon outside of the canteen.i ate 4 rmb food without any meat as my only meal today.then i jogged some time in the room.then i buzzed my baby’s mother,less her buzzed in when i was in the cafe later.when the qrrsers leaving for the party,i arrived the cafe i had been charged favorably to surf.ftp again was set to unable to download even its connection with servers succeeded.some pests around me bit heavily,including an by appearance boyish person just aside me murmuring all time,but i just wondering if he is normal.
the atmosphere of celebrating lunar new year turning thicker now,but i still beset in the misery of missing u.i need u,in every meaning it can bear.love u like a cheese in the cold basement.i love u.kiss u with beer and feel.

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