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Friday, February 15, 2008

bright days, warm early spring.

these days dawn enlightened the sky earlier,let me peer the brilliant face of the sun on my way to office,and let me see clear the pale sunset on the way home after working day.

these days i found lots of fun on my cellphone for i found it can browse wap pages.i previously thought it would be long and troublesome process to register wireless data service for my cellphone but the service available to me automatically.and i previously thought wap pages likely only ugly text,but as an astonish, i found wap pages full of colors with pictures.i then busy with adding my frequent websites to bookmark on my cellphone.but what's disappointed me was with quite some sites i can't kept logon.each time i submit my logon information it again returned a login page,likely my cellphone didn't allow a cookie or live session.and more disappointed, the wireless data charges too high a burden for me:in two days with occasional test i was charged almost 7 rmb,a most percent of my telecom budget.i love internet,and computing everywhere,but in China i just had to wait for the day common people benefited.

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